Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This morning I woke up and I was in the Spirit. Suddenly, I saw in the Spirit as though I was in the ground and I came bursting up, resurrecting up out of the ground. I thought, "What does this mean?" Immediately an answer came back, "It means what Therese Cooper said it means: it means POWER".

(Yesterday I told Therese more details about the dream in which I was working in a garden field and how the person came back to life and I had opened the mound they were buried in and they came out. More details included people in the dream, such as Silvana and Antonio and Anthony and Therese and others here at OJP. The person in the mound in the dream was a man, but I don't know who he is. In the dream I only knew that he was a part of OJP and that as his body was changing - getting well and getting stronger and stronger until death couldn't hold him - that the bodies of all of us at OJP were the same. I said to her after relating the dream, "I don't know what it means." She replied,"it means power".)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Father wants a relationship with you like He had with Abraham

I woke up this morning (after dreaming that we were being resurrected - I opened a mound that was a grave to move it since it was in the midst of a garden field where I was working, and the person inside, who was with OJP, was alive) thinking about Lowell (a man who is gifted from the Holy Spirit with wisdom about numbers) saying that the number 11 is representative of Abraham. Since this is so, then the number 9/11 is the Father bringing man - fruitful man - to a relationship with Him. To America first - FREEDOM - and also to the whole world.

This fits perfectly into what the Holy Spirit has shown us. Mankind coming to nine, to fruit, has been an ongoing theme from Him. And the message, "The Father wants a relationship with you like He had with Abraham" is one that He has shown me personally to share with others, over and over.

In fact, recently the Father said something of this while I was talking to a friend about the Father and doing His will and living for Him. (Which is the only way to live!) The angels go wherever the Father goes, or wherever the Father sends them, and their lives are full as they live for others and for the will of God. They know Him, they love Him, and they are happy in what they are doing. And how we are the same: our lives are to revolve totally around the Father and what He is doing and what He wants us to do to reach others, and to teach others to know Him. Whether we have a family or not makes no difference when it comes to knowing the Father. Abraham had a wife and a household and I am sure he was very busy, but he was friends with the Father. The same is true for us: knowing Him is what matters. What is He thinking? What does He want us to do? What is happening in the world and in the Spirit around us? These are the questions on which we lay a foundation of relationship and service to Jesus our Savior and our friend.

As I was talking to this friend, we stepped outside. When we did, it was as though the Father filled the whole sky, as though the throne room opened and now our sky was part of the throne room, in the presence of the Father. My friend also felt His presence. He said, "Jesus is here". I walked home in the presence of the Father and He spoke. He said, "I am the God who called Abraham".

What an honor. What exciting times, to be called to come to the Creator, to the God of history, to the Father who sent His Son to die for us, to friendship with Abraham's God. Yes, there is terrible war in the spirit. The enemy, who is cruel, is bent on destroying many and the world is being prepared for deception of great depth, but the Father is in control. On a personal level, He wants each of us to come to friendship with Him. This means hearing His voice, following His Spirit, depth with Jesus, and answers to the problems in our own lives. On a wider scale, this means wisdom as to what the Father is doing in the world, leaving our lives that center around ourselves and what is happening to us, guaranteed opposition from Satan who is the enemy of our great Friend and of the whole world, and a call to action, so our wallet and our time match what is on our lips and in our heart. Our lives are eternal. Our relationship with God is real. Eternity starts now. What difference does it make to us whether we are in heaven, in service to Him, or still on earth? The angels don't care and nor should we. To those who seek the Father, to those who leave self for Him, He will send the Holy Spirit to pour over them, to lift them up to do His will, and He will draw near so their relationship with Him will deepen and develop over time. Thank you, Father. Nothing is more fulfilling, nothing can be better, than our relationship with You.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The power comes from Jesus

This morning when I woke up I saw Jesus right by me so I reached out to Him in the spirit and I put my arms around Him. I said, "Jesus, help me today to do what will please the Father. Help me to do something to help Him." As Jesus put His arms around me, I suddenly thought, "Oh, the Holy Spirit promised that power is coming. He will help me to do the Father's will".
Suddenly, I saw an electrical cord. It looked like a Christmas electrical cord that can be attached to another so the lights run end to end. Then I saw Jesus, and He was the Master Cord. I could plug myself into Him and He would be the power source that I was relying on.
What a wonderful analogy from Jesus. We don't need to rely on ourselves, on our own power. He is here, ready to help us when we need Him. Thank you Jesus.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving message

The first thing I want to comment about was the fact that I saw in the Spirit and I saw a tree (like our cottonwoods) and it had white Christmas lights on it as ours do. Suddenly I saw the lights turned on. The tree glowed with white light and I felt power go out and the enemy pushed back. Then on Thanksgiving Day the Father spoke of that vision. He said that the lights on the tree represent power. Power from the Holy Spirit.

So then the Holy Spirit asked the question: What would power mean to you personally? I knew He meant this question to each of us. To Nikki, power will mean that she never withdraws. To Char it will be the ability to carry out what He shows: to blog, to organize, to act. To Felicia it will be the power to stand firm in the face of opposition. To OJP power will be the ability to give more to Jesus worldwide, through pictures, through obedience etc. So the promise of power is accompanied with the desire of the Holy Spirit that we submit to Him - move towards Him in areas of weakness in our life, so He can direct His power as He sees we need individually, for the greater purpose of power for OJP - power for Jesus. Wonderful promise. Yes, Holy Spirit.

The second thing the Father said to me was about Thanksgiving itself. The Father spoke of gratitude and thanksgiving. We all owe Jesus an enormous debt that we can never fully repay. His sacrifice was too deep. But out of love, we can try. Then the Father said, "Would they be thankful for what I asked them to be thankful for? Would they dedicate themselves to be thankful to what I would ask them to be thankful for?" Would you? Whatever the Father asks you to be thankful about, will you?

This is what the Father asks you to be thankful for this year: be thankful for Therese Cooper. Take a moment before the Father and consider her. Therese gives her all to OJP - all to Jesus. Be thankful for all she does. She supports Char and Silvana as they serve the Father, as they serve OJP, leading as He leads them. So take this time, the Father says, and set your heart for gratitude, and then follow your gratitude with action. Do everything you can to support Therese, in any way you can, this year, from this Thanksgiving Day.

So that is the message that the Father gave me for you on Thanksgiving Day. God bless you all. If you set your heart to please the Father in this way, power will come to you and the Father will be pleased. May Jesus be lifted high before all until the day He returns to bring the final victory over our mortal enemy whose middle name is brutality. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I dreamt that Jordan and I were on a bike together. We were on our way home, and passed through the middle of a park. I was pedaling on the bicycle and Jordan was behind me. On the right side of the park was a cemetery with crosses and gravestones.

On the left were some woods. There were many people seated on blankets, each having a picnic. We passed through the middle of the park. As we neared the end, the road we were on narrowed to a path. It swung towards the right and skirted by the edge of the cemetery. At the end, it was so narrow that you had to go on the path in single file.

As we approached the final path home, we came to a steep cliff which brought an abrupt end to the park, The path went by the right side of the cliff to reach our home. Jordan and I rode up to the edge of the cliff and swung around to look over. Down below we could see Satan, standing on a ledge, waiting for people to fall over. Twice we drove up to the edge and both times we swung our bike around, parallel to the edge, and looked down.

end of dream

I told Silvana about the dream and she described it perfectly. She drew a sketch of the dream, and she was accurate in every detail including many things that I had not yet mentioned. Then, she spoke of what the things in the dream symbolized. The cemetery represents the reality of death. She said that "home" represents heaven. The path is narrow to arrive there. She said that the picnickers on the blankets are the oblivious, and among them is the church. The cliff lies ahead, the cemetery is filling, yet they remain oblivious. She went on to say that Jordan and I were swinging by the cliff to point it out to the people.

After I woke up, I saw a hand sweep through the picnickers and many of them were swept off the cliff. The Father is giving a warning. The times are serious and they will get more so.

11-14-07 Today I saw Satan talking to the strongman of China. They were sitting together (they were sort of squatting down) and plotting. I didn't know what to say to the Father, except to ask Him to come against their plans. The strongman of China was dressed entirely in armor and he had many weapons. The armor covered him from head to toe. The armor looked like a robe that an ancient Chinese man might wear. It looked like off white cloth but I knew it was armor. He wore a helmet that covered his whole head. The cloth (armor) was in horizontal rows, and in each row he had many different weapons.

The Holy Spirit said that He will come to anyone who seeks Him, anyone who does His will. All the power we need to do His will is with Him.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

"The way things are right now in the spirit"

On Sunday, October 27, 2007, Silvana and I were in her studio. Silvana was in the Spirit and we were looking at a map of the world that is on the wall in there and she spoke of a mystery, and then she said that an unexpected nation would do something, but we did not see what it is that they will do. We look forward to the Holy Spirit revealing more about this as we know He will.

As we looked at the map, suddenly I saw by the Holy Spirit, as though I were looking at a frozen moment in time. I saw the world and it was as though Satan's face was at the right side of Russia looking towards North America. (towards Alaska) Facing Satan (as though a face in the west coast of Alaska) was the Holy Spirit. Behind the Holy Spirit was the USA and Canada. Behind Satan was Russia and China. So Satan and his forces seemed to be facing the Holy Spirit and His forces. It was almost west versus east. Time seemed frozen momentarily, as though a great battle was about to commence.

Then my eye fell on the continents below. I saw South America, Africa, and Australia and the area just above Australia. As I looked, I saw by the Holy Spirit, as though each place had been prepared. We mentioned in an earlier blog how we have been sending pictures to South America. In one day recently we sent 48 packets of pictures of Jesus to Argentina, plus packets to other nations of the world. As you know, we have been sending many pictures of Jesus to Africa, especially to Rwanda. It was as though the Holy Spirit was showing that those two continents are prepared. They are prepared to stand and pray because Jesus is there and He will lead them to support the Holy Spirit, while the battle is being fought out by the nations directly involved. So they are prepared to stand behind the USA and pray. My eye turned to Australia and Indonesia and the Holy Spirit showed me that they are also prepared. He said that the tsunami was a preparation for this coming battle because it brought a blow to Satan's forces there, to the many, many Muslim extremists within Indonesia. Then He showed me a recent event in Australia, and that was the death of Australian Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, who was deeply loved and admired in Australia, and all over the world. When Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray (and the Holy Spirit showed the involvement of Satan at the time. It was a time of warning in the Spirit about accidents; that Satan will cause harm and death through accidents and Jesus warned us to be very, very careful) Australians took the blow personally and they have not yet responded. Several stingrays were killed by Australians, but they realize that this could never be an appropriate response to what they feel, nor to the death of a human being. So, the Holy Spirit showed them as though they are primed to act, ready to respond to Him, to fight back against what is being done to Steve, to the West, to humanity.

In the background, in the tail of the two forces, I saw Europe. Lucifer will try to hit Europe as hard as possible to keep her from coming to the aid of the USA. Europe heart may be to come to the aid of the USA but it will face deception and many attacks from within and without.

The end of the war between Satan and the Holy Spirit will be the capture of Satan and the return of Jesus. The Hope of Mankind will come to the earth. So, this is what I saw and the Holy Spirit said of it, "the way things are right now in the spirit". I don't want to jump to any conclusions, nor to guess what this all means. It is easy to be mistaken about what the Holy Spirit means by what He shows, as anyone knows who reads the Holy Scriptures. Look and see what the Holy Spirit is showing and ask Him about it. It will come, the war will commence, and afterwards we will look back and see that what was shown was perfectly accurate.
Be prepared to act. Recently, I have seen many, many angels, and always as I see them, their hands are busy. I had a dream in which the hands of the people with OJP were busy. We all should be acting, as the Holy Spirit leads us. Put oil on the corners of your property, the corners of your house, saying ALL FOR JESUS, IN JESUS' NAME and then be prepared to give pictures, to support the pictures of Jesus, to act as the Holy Spirit leads. Today I saw the angels and their hands were still but in their hands they held tamborines.
Yesterday, I saw a great sword. First I saw a sword as though it came from us (from OJP) and it was pointed towards the enemy. Then, as I looked, another sword came up behind it and took its place. The second sword was the size of the whole world and was the sword of the Father. It was aimed directly at Satan and it was close to him and Satan's underbelly was exposed. Then I heard a voice say to Satan, "Your end is near".
Pray for OJP and support us if you can. We face many obstacles as we try to go forward in Jesus' name. Our main obstacle right now in OJP in the USA and OJP in Rwanda is financial. We have many bills and printing and mailing costs. We also have rising costs in Rwanda as the school prepares to open on January 11, 2008. The Father said today that He wants people to help us.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Holy Spirit was singing

Yesterday Therese and Anthony and Nikki and I went to clean a house for a local landlord so we could earn the money to give our printer a down payment on the Supertract. In fact, we agreed to do the job for the price of the down payment. While we were there cleaning, I heard the Holy Spirit singing. Suddenly, I saw into the throne room and the Holy Spirit sang a song, and then another. I knew the songs, but had not heard them for years, when we sang them at church when was a child.

The first song He sang said, "Give of your strength to the Master. Give of the strength of your youth..." The first song really was about willingness to work for Jesus' sake. The second song was about the Supertract. Here are the words I heard Him sing:

We’ve a story to tell to the nations,
That shall turn their hearts to the right,
A story of truth and mercy,A story of peace and light,
A story of peace and light.

For the darkness shall turn to dawning,
And the dawning to noonday bright;
And Christ’s great kingdom shall come on earth,
The kingdom of love and light.

We have been so opposed lately, as the enemy comes against us because of Jesus, because of the Supertract. This good news, this story (Jesus is the story!) Satan does not want to get out. The war against evil, the war against Satan, continues to rage around us all. What can we do for Jesus? What can we do to help? We have a story to tell to the nations. Help us Holy Spirit, to spread this story, far and wide, in Jesus' name.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Standing for the SuperTract

I was standing in the Spirit at the end of September and twice I saw the enemy near where we are at OJP. Both times, in the Spirit, I jumped over a little table to my left to lunge at him. The second time it happened, I saw more in the spirit. I saw a row of desks in the shape of a square in front of us. The little table I jumped over was part of a square of tables. The Father was sitting to my right and He and I and where we sat formed the front of the square. Then there were a row of tables on each side of us and a row on the back, directly across from us. Together, we and the individual tables (they looked like school desks) seemed to form a larger table. The lunging at the enemy was really the Holy Spirit, pushing him back from the people at the desks. After the enemy was pushed back, then each person at a desk had a walk-space behind them so they could get up and move around freely. It is a time to serve the Father together and to learn. The Holy Spirit is eager to teach us to follow Him better. He moves like the wind. How quickly can we move to follow Him? To serve the Holy Spirit, you must be able to run.

There has been intense warfare in the spirit lately. I woke in the night last night and the enemy and I were standing at the top of a precipice at the top of the world. (over the world) We had something in both our hands and we were wrestling over it, both trying to take it from the other. It was flat and square, shaped like our paper cutter that we use to cut the tracts and trim some pictures of Jesus. What I was seeing represents the fight over the SuperTracts.

We got a quote from our printers for the SuperTract, which is the picture of Jesus, plus WHERE LIFE BEGINS and JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME, printed in black and white. Here are the prices we received for front and back printing:

5,000 $495.00
10,000 $720.00
50,000 $1770.00

Will you ask Jesus with us for the money to make and send these Supertracts into all the world? The enemy is opposing. Will you help us go forward in Jesus' name?

Jesus, please help us to move forward to all the world with your picture and with these writings from the Holy Spirit. Do not let the enemy interfere but help us to send out these truths, so people can come to you, and hear your voice and get to know you as they were created to do. Bless all who join you in this endeavor. Let the Holy Spirit move, and your people respond.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A life of contentment and joy and help

Here is an email we received from Jean this morning and my reply, minus personal sections:
I am praising Lord because persons continue to receive Jesus pictures and to lift Him up. Yesterday i spread 186 Jesus pictures together with 22 big ones and 84 JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME tracts with some dvds of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. Some children (about 15) also were requesting Jesus pictures when I arrived at home last evening and Beathy was giving to them Jesus pictures, they were glad for that. Today we shared also the JESUS IS ALIVE tracts at the church sunday gathering (we shared those ones corrected in Kinyarwanda) and those who were interested received more than 50 tracts there. See you soon.
In Jesus,
son Jean
Dear Jean,
That is wonderful news. Thank you for telling us. And to each person who receives a picture, Jesus will come. How near He will be to them! When they talk to Him, He will be right there to talk to them. If they have trouble, He will be there to help them. If they see another in need, He will be there to help them to help the person in need and to listen as they pray for them. Not only are you spreading Jesus' pictures, but you are spreading Jesus Himself. God bless everyone who received a picture of Jesus from you. God bless you and Beathy for spreading Jesus to many people.

This morning the Holy Spirit was speaking to me of the church. He talked about churches who never help anyone. They have their sermons and their Sunday School lessons but they never lift their eyes to what is around and help those who are around. He said, "When do they say to their congregation: these are the calls we got for help this week. Who can help? This is what we saw on the news this week, who can take them food and help them. Who can give money? Who can baby-sit the children of the one who is hurt? Who can give them a picture of Jesus?" The church has many sermons to themselves and they listen and then they leave the church. The Holy Spirit went on to say that this is like a body that just lays there. It never moves. It takes food in but it does not act.

Then, the Holy Spirit showed me your church. It is up on its feet now and it is moving and it is starting to act. It is moving to help the children for Jesus' sake. There is a school coming and they are doing it, by Jesus' leading, with Jesus' help, and with our help and with your help. THIS is a Body of Jesus. This is a Body of Christ, just as He wants. A Body that moves, that acts, that goes where He wants us to go. And we do it together. And the God we serve does miracles! He heals, He helps, He listens, He cares, He responds! Yes, what joy to serve this loving God. And how deep is His love for us. He sees our wounds, He tenderly heals us. He sees our past, our pain, He soothes with love.

THANK YOU, JESUS! From service to Jesus, service with Jesus, comes joy. There is excitement, there is joy, there is satisfaction, to partake in what the Father does, because everything He does is from love and everything He does helps. The deepest answer to our spirit is to know Him. We hear His voice, we feel His Spirit, we love His Son. And then, we serve Him. This is a happy life, no matter the problems that arise. No matter the troubles facing, this life is happy because this person is united with God, our Creator.

So, God bless you, Jean. God bless your church. Now they are on their feet, they are awake, and Jesus is among them. Yes, they still have problems, but Jesus will help them. Yes, they are poor, but Jesus has plans for their future. (Learning English is one thing that will lead to help in the future.) The children are poor too, but together let's teach them, and we will see what Jesus will do for them as they grow. Not only will they be learning to read and write and the countries of the world, but they will be learning to care, to help one another, to trust in Jesus, who is near to them and loves them so.
Love in Jesus,
end of email
I had a dream this last week and in the dream I was inside a large house (like a manor house in England or a mansion in America) and there was a table there and people were sitting at the table and their hands were busy and they were all working together. After I woke up, the Holy Spirit said that the house was OJP. The table is the Father's Table and the people inside were those of us who have gathered in Jesus' name to do His will and our hands are busy as we do whatever it is that He leads us to do. Together we are always praying for people. We go out to pray for people whenever we have the opportunity. We have a connection through text messaging to pass on messages to pray for people and we all join together to pray for many things. (If you would like to receive text messages whenever we are praying for something or sharing something that the Father has said, please contact us with your mobile phone number. If you join us in praying for people, we want a response when we send out a text. If you receive the message, we want you to send back what you are saying to Jesus so we can join each other in support of what is said to Him. Texts are sent out and responses monitored and passed on by Silvana Lupetti.) We string the pictures of Jesus, we give out the pictures of Jesus. Our hands are busy for Him. This is what makes the house large and like a mansion. It is the Father's place (OJP) and there is room for many.
In the last few weeks, the Father said to me that no one can be happy if they live only for self. Man was not created to live for self. We were created to be like Him, and like the angels. We were created to love one another, and to love Him and to join Him in what He does, helping one another (one another being the whole world, as Jesus leads, because the whole world are our brothers and sisters) and helping Him. Living for self is a very tiny place to be. The only thing you can see is that which involves yourself or affects yourself. How narrow and unhappy and unfulfilling is this tiny place! It seems big to those within it. It seems tremendously important, that which is happening to you, and around you, but there is no lasting joy, no lasting happiness, no lasting contentment because self is like the grave, always demanding more, while nothing lasts. But true joy is found in a relationship with God, who created you and who has good work for you to join Him in carrying out. Read the supertract and see where life begins and how Jesus comes into the picture, and then go from there and you will be beginning a life of contentment and joy and help and eternal rewards and fellowship with God, as you have only dreamed of and longed for from your spirit.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Our printer, Mark, is putting together a brochure for us which will have WHERE LIFE BEGINS and JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME and a picture of Jesus. We can give them out everywhere we go in the RV and send them to everyone who requests a picture of Jesus from us. The Father showed His prophet, Silvana, the two writings together as though they were two sticks of dynamite in the form of a cross. I saw Jesus standing by the dynamite cross with a lighter, lighting the fuses. They will have a powerful effect on people's spirit. Together they lay a foundation for a relationship with the Father and then the picture of Jesus brings His presence. What a powerful weapon for Jesus!

The other day someone came and asked me for a "word" from God. I was going to say, "I don't know about "words" from God. I can only say if I see something from Jesus." But before I could say this, I saw the Father. And He said, "Jesus is the Word. Jesus is the word that is always on My mind." And I saw, as though I could see into the Father's head, into His mind, and He was thinking of Jesus. And He always is. In everything He does, He thinks of Jesus. He loves Him so.

So, as Silvana said, we have this opportunity with this powerful weapon added to our arsenal for the cross, in our arsenal for Jesus. Silvana also talked about the Father sending us out in the RV. She said that He could show us something on the news and then He could send us there with the pictures of Jesus. Last night on the news we saw a story about a security guard at a car lot. Someone came to steal tires off a mustang there and beat her viciously. She is now in a coma. We are taking pictures of Jesus to the family and asking Jesus to heal her.

What a horrific attack! She did not deserve that. The people who did this deed did it only for violence's sake. They did not need to go so far. Our only hope is Jesus. He sees. He cares. He would rush to help, if only His feet would move, His arms would reach out with His pictures. As the Body of Jesus, we reach out to poor beaten Susan, whom Jesus loves. We can trust Jesus to heal. Can He trust us to act? Yes, in Jesus' name, yes. Yes a thousand times, yes. The war gets bloody. The enemy holds nothing back.

Thank you Jesus for this Supertract, to reach out to the hurting, the suicidal, the grieving, the lost, the hopeless, the drug addicts, the angry, the families of those wounded. Thank you for this weapon of truth. May many, many people receive them soon, all over the world and may they hear Your voice and see You. And then, may they respond to Your Spirit, as the Church would not, and reach out to others as well.

We planted the second of two new trees in the back of our house this week. The first one the Father called, "Advance". The second He called "Forward". Advance is the movement of the Father in the whole spiritual realm. Forward is the army of Jesus, the Body of Jesus, moving forward with the Father and with His advance. These two tracts, combined into one brochure with Jesus' picture, will help take forward the advance of the Father. Thank you, Father.
This supertract is the good thing that Jesus said was coming after I saw Him in a kitchen preparing food on August 29th. The food is provision, the wisdom in these tracts.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A warning and more

I saw a vision the other day and I did not understand what I was seeing, but today the Holy Spirit showed what was meant by the vision. The vision was of a piece of flesh and the enemy was pounding against it.

I was standing in the Spirit, and then I saw the enemy and he was full of fury. I saw that he was furious about health coming to our physical bodies. Silvana and Therese and I are going to start low carb in September, which is a way of eating that helps you to lose weight. We have been on low carb before and liked it very much and we were much heathier while on it. The Father told us to start low carb again in Sept so we have been waiting with anticipation for the time to arrive.

However, there is a deeper significance to starting this diet than our health personally. It will make an enormous difference for Silvana, Therese, and me to be healthy, because our energy levels will go up and we will be able to accomplish more for the Father. That is good news and the enemy would oppose that automatically. However, the Father is also speaking of health to the body of Christ, to all of us who love Jesus, who do His will.

With good health, with healing and provision, we can do anything that the Father calls us to do. And the Father will do mighty things, as the enemy knows full well and deeply abhors. Strength and help from the Father is just around the corner through healing and good health. So, the enemy is furious and a sign of his fury is the fact that he is coming against people around us who want to help Jesus with OJP. Our friend and sister, Dana was almost in an accident twice in one day. Jesus protected her. Rick's daughter and her boyfriend (who have helped us) were in an accident that same night, and Jesus protected and them. Emily got sick, Felicia's daughter got sick, and many others. This will pass and healing will come, but be wise.

Be careful! Look to Jesus because there is this season of opposition. The healing is coming. The help is near, but in the meantime the enemy will try to cause harm, try to sideline anyone he can who is looking to Jesus to hear His voice and carry out His good will, especially with OJP.

Silvana was saying today that people need to be very careful as they get into their cars. Be aware of what is around you. Trust Jesus but show wisdom and care in your actions. Watch where you step, where you walk. Be alert on the freeway or the roads as you drive. Notice what the people around you are doing and be prepared to act accordingly.

The season of opposition will pass, and the power from the Holy Spirit will come. The enemy cannot stop the Father from what He has planned, but he wants to cause as much havoc and suffering among us as he can, so take the warning from the Holy Spirit and be careful and if you get sick, or your family gets sick, look to Jesus for help. Pray for the doctors who help you. Pray for one another. If someone gets sick, let us know and we will join you in praying for that person.

Have you seen this picture of Jordan praying for someone who was autistic? What a beautiful picture of faith and trust in Jesus. And Jesus answers! Join us in praying for others.

Today I saw Jesus and He was in the heavenlies or in heaven. (He was above the earth.) He was in a kitchen and there was a large pot of food cooking. A little later He sat down at a kitchen table there. He said to me, "Something good is coming." I told Silvana about it and she said, "the kitchen indicates food; provision".

Letter from Pastor Jean

Here is a beautiful letter from our brother, Pastor Jean, in Kigali, Rwanda, to Mary, one of the wonderful supporters of what Jesus has been doing with OJP. Pray for Rwanda. Pray for the new school. Pray for Pastor Jean personally. He is the pastor of a church of around 300 people and he also passes out the free pictures of Jesus as the head of OJP in Rwanda. He is very busy, with limited funds. God bless you, Brother Jean.

Hi Mary, This is brother Jean in Rwanda. I am with Operation Jesus Pictures in Rwanda and I serve Jesus here. My wife is Beathy and we have 4 children. Among them the eldest is 7 years old. I am a pastor in a Methodist church. Char, Silvana, Nikki, Therese, Antonio, Doug, Felicia, Robert, Catherine and so many others are our parents, sisters and brothers in Jesus throught OJP.
Here are many non-schooled children and many of them were in risk of becoming alcoholics if they stayed street children or non-schooled children. It was a big burden to us. We tried to pray for them, but finally we realised that it could not heal until we thought it could help if they learn some few things, but we missed the means. Our local church accepted to use the building of the church for classes (it is a rented house which is paid monthly, it can bear 3 classes.) So now about 65 children may begin learning in January.
They will learn writing, reading and counting, songs, rhythms, shading, modeling, languages...and they will learn especially in english. We have not capacity but we trusted in Jesus. We praise the lord because our sisters and brothers of OJP USA are praying for us and some accepted to help for a few materials. We will need some materials, as we were chatting about this with sisters and brothers of OJP USA last Monday. We will be using the dry erase markers board. We hope God will provide, We also will need markers, books for children, exercise-books, pens, pencils, crayons and other materials for children. We have nothing today, but we hope Jesus will provide.
We know that you are one among our sisters and brothers in Jesus there in USA and we know you are one who helps so much in OJP and we know that you always stand with us to pray for that schooling. This is our request to pray for those children, orphans of genocide or AIDS. We hope that Jesus may make a way for the school. We are very grateful and our thankfulness is so high to every one of OJP USA.
Brother in Jesus,

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Video for Rwanda and more

Please make a bookmark to our prayer forum page so you can check regularly on the prayer requests that are posted there and join us in bringing people before Jesus. Jesus has proven Himself eager to heal and to help. Also, please post a request for anyone that you know who needs help from Jesus just now, whether it be for healing or for any other situation. Together let's take the people to Jesus. They need Him and He wants us to care about that.

We made a dvd for Rwanda, with the things that have been said to us in the last few years by the Holy Spirit concerning Rwanda. Here is a link to the 55 minute long video:

The Holy Spirit has been giving dreams in the last few days. I dreamt last night that Donald Rumsfeld and a local government official come to have dinner with me and we ate it upstairs in a third story building. This dream is warning of war in the spirit. We must look to the Holy Spirit constantly to lead us because the enemy is intent to come against the Father and His will.

Nikki dreamt that Silvana and I were in one of her childhood houses with her. This dream has to do with healing and the truth about situations that caused deep wounds from her childhood. The Father is healing us with love from what we have suffered in this world so we can serve Him with joy and without hindrance.

Felicia dreamt that she and Silvana and I were moving to Rwanda to a large house there. She was assisting us in this large house. This dream shows the movements of the Holy Spirit in Rwanda. He is building for Himself a house there, bringing the people to Him to be healed in their spirit and then to live their lives knowing Him and loving Him, as He loves them. Felicia has been a faithful helper to everything that OJP has been doing. She passes out the pictures of Jesus, including taking them to the bad parts of town in Honolulu as Jesus asks us to do. God bless Felicia and all who join us with Jesus to reach out with Him to the world. Click here to see photos of pics of Jesus in needy areas of town.

Jordan dreamt that he was college age and he was going to go to school for ten years to become a surgeon. Then, the dream fast forwarded and he was a forty years old surgeon, standing by a patient who was in a hospital bed. He was going to do heart surgery so he had just given the patient some medicine to prepare them when he awakened from the dream. Silvana and I both had the same reaction when we heard the dream: the number forty is significant. Forty is the number of fasting, the number the Israelis went through the desert: forty is the number of preparation. In the natural realm, Jordan wants to be a surgeon when he grows up. He has the gift of healing and he has been interested in our bodies and our health since he was a small child. I want to ask Jesus more about it, but I think that it may not be a literal dream (although it could easily literally come true) but that it is showing healing in general and also the healing of a heart from the perspective of the Holy Spirit. This is what the world needs today: a heart. The bride of Jesus needs a heart (or she is not the Bride of Jesus) and the world needs a heart. Satan's murderous intentions will bring great harm to the world. A lack of heart on our part causes us to deserve it. A lack of heart to the bride of Jesus, makes her worthy of judgement as well. By Jesus' stripes we are healed. He cared. So must we.

This reminds me of something Jesus said to me yesterday. I had asked Felicia via email if she would type up the transcript to the video that we made for Rwanda. I told her that this will help Pastor Jean as he translates it into Kinyarwandan for the people who see it with him. And since the video contains what the Holy Spirit has been saying to us of Rwanda it is important that Jean is able to translate it accurately, so the transcript will be a valuable asset for Jesus in Rwanda. Well, Felicia sent me a text message saying, "Yes, Jesus". Then she sent another text message saying she would gladly transcribe it. After she said this, Jesus commented to me.

Jesus said, "These are the most beautiful words I can hear from My people. Someone can say to me, 'I love you Jesus' but that is just words. The most beautiful thing I hear from anyone is 'Yes Jesus' because it shows that they are going to do what I want them to do."

Help us with the new school in Rwanda

We are all praying for the school in Kigali, Rwanda which will start in January. The school is for children who cannot afford to attend public school. Pastor Jean's church has agreed to allow them to meet in the school building, which is a rental house. They believe they can have classes for 60 children. On August 19th, there will be a feast and gathering for the children and families of those who plan to attend.
Right now the school building does not have electricity. For about $70 (USD) more a month they could meet in a building that does have electricity. We are asking Jesus for the money to buy them a computer for use in the schooling. If you would like to help by paying the extra price for electricity, we would value your help. If you have any school supplies you can donate, they would be welcomed with joy. Mail school supplies to

Pastor Miruho Jean de Dieu
PO Box 1957
Kigali, Rwanda

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rwandan Ambassador in New Mexico

Rwandan Ambassador to the USA
speaks at Anderson University in NM

Antonio Jaramillo, Ambassador Kimonyo, Nicole Jaramillo

First Secretary Doreen Kagarama, Nicole and Antonio Jaramillo of OJP

Antonio and Nikki Jaramillo, representing OJP, had the opportunity to meet with Ambassador James Kimonyo and First Secretary Doreen Kagarama in Albuquerque on July 27, 2007 when he spoke at the UNM business school, (Anderson University) about the crucial need for education in the world today. Antonio and Nikki were able to give them our fond greetings to Rwanda and tell them about the work of OJP in Rwanda.
Therese also had the opportunity to talk to Secretary Kagarama on the phone and tell her details about Pastor Jean and his wife Beathy and the difficulties they have faced and the faithfulness they have exhibited in lifting up Jesus in that nation. Secretary Kagarama promised the help of the Rwandan Embassy if Pastor Jean faces legal problems again as he did recently when false charges were brought against him by those who opposed Jesus. May God bless Rwanda.

Monday, July 23, 2007


As the Father shows the prophet Silvana about Satan and his nature and his plans, she has been talking about the antichrist and what he will be like. One thing that the Holy Spirit said as we were talking about this topic, "Don't think of the anti-christ. Think of what it really is: the anti-Jesus". Of course anti-christ is another way to say anti-Jesus but it makes a difference in your understanding if you realize that what is coming is personal and against Jesus.

As Silvana spoke of Satan rallying different religions around himself, pretending to be for peace, for good, we could see how many are eager for anything but Jesus. At first the anti-Jesus will pretend to be for the religions, for peace, for unity. Christians will be blamed if they do not want to join into this coalition for peace, realizing that there is no peace without the resolution of the evil that brought about the war. The world will be deceived because they want to be deceived. They did not love the truth when it was said to them, so the Father will allow them to be deceived by the great deception. How many refuse now to view the war on terror or the war in Iraq as a good thing. However, even this deception will come to an end, and Jesus will return, and the earth will be chastised for their love of evil, their rejection of the Father and His ways, and their rejection of Jesus, who has never done anything but good. The Jews are eager for a Messiah who is not Jesus.

Silvana said that Hitler is almost like a trial run of the anti-christ because Hitler was persuasive with what he said. The antichrist will be charismatic and believable as well, but Satan will be with him, with lying words and brutal heart. To see the true nature of Satan, to see his heart, look to Stalin and Saddam Hussein. Murder of millions lies behind their apparent civility as they meet with leaders of the world. As Satan maneuvers mankind by claiming to want peace, death will come. As the Scriptures say, "Peace and safety, and then comes sudden destruction". Israel will never be in greater danger than at this time. Her very existence as a nation is at stake. And unless she repents of rejecting Jesus, and receives Him, the nation Israel will be no more. (Although Jewish people will remain, for they live all over the world. Millions are in America.)

Praying for Amy

We were praying for Amy who had tried to take her own life. The enemy loves to bring despair to mankind. As we were praying for her, we saw a demon pressing against her the whole length of her body. No wonder she feels depressed! Demons are masters at affecting our emotions, our thoughts, in any negative way that they can. We called out to Jesus to come against this demon and he was forced up and away from Amy, whom Jesus loves so deeply. Later we heard from people around Amy that she was doing much better that day than she had been in some time. When we despair, Jesus can help us. When we despair, and demons are present, it is very hard to bear what we feel, and the lies that come pouring to us from the spiritual realm. Thank you, Jesus, for what you are doing for Amy.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


What a complete and wonderful victory for Pastor Jean as the enemy tried to cause harm to him for giving out the free pictures of Jesus in Reanda. We have been rejoicing since Jean came home safely from his hearing before the authorities. Thank you, Father!

Good news also from Maria, who came over to Tonio and Nikki's house yesterday. Maria said she had been to the doctors for a MRI and that the drs looked at the MRI and told her that there is no cancer in her body! Jesus, you are so great! Click here to read about going to pray for Maria on March 12, 2007

We are hoping Jesus will do as spectacular a healing for Sandra. Silvana said we should go over and pray for Sandra (Silvana also sent us to Maria's) after Sandra's granddaughter called us asking for pictures of Jesus so Therese and Jordan and Char went over there on Friday night and met Sandra and her family and talked with them about Jesus and prayed for Sandra, who has had open heart surgery. One of her arms has been very sore since the surgery and she was not able to lift it without deep pain so she has not been using it much. Sandra told us that after we laid hands on her with oil to pray for her, "My arm feels good. My whole arm feels warm. I have been having pain in my upper arm and it is gone". Thank you, Jesus! We will keep you updated as we hear more from Sandra in the future.

Pray for Amy who feels despair and wishes she was no longer on this earth. She is hospitalized just now. We know that despair kills, and the enemy presses despair and hopelessness without mercy. Jesus, please help Amy.

Pray for Herb and Weema who are homeless in Hawaii. They have three children and Weema is pregnant with their fourth child.
We just picked up the new printing from Mark and Natasha. 105,000 pictures of Jesus, to which we will add string so people can wear them around their neck or hang them in their cars. We also got 2000 8x10 pictures of Jesus on waterproof paper so they can be put outside in the dark alleys and bad areas of towns, so people who need Jesus can see Jesus. If you are interested in putting pictures up in bad areas of your town, contact us for waterproof 8x10s. We also ordered another batch of 2000 waterproof 8x10s, which should be ready in the next week or so.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Great news from Pastor Jean!

Today was the day that Jean was scheduled to appear before the authorities. This monring I woke up and the first thing that the Father said was, "a great victory". All day we fasted, and stood, and prayed for Jean and waited for the victory.

Text from Jean at 11:07 PM, our time:

Hi Char!!! This Wed is for joy! God's great victory since last night. Me and Beathy arrived at home at 21:30. The final verdict was proclaimed victorious for me!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Fast with us on Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tomorrow Pastor Jean has to go back before the authorities to hear their decision about passing out the free pictures of Jesus in certain areas in Rwanda. Some have threatened that they will put him in jail. Others have listened to him and his explanation of why he passes out the free pictures of Jesus and they are more sympathetic, recognizing him for what he is: an honest man. Tomorrow we are all going to fast and stand with Jean as he goes before this assembled group of authorities. We met with Jean in Yahoo Conference the other day and while there the Father promised to bring a victory at that meeting, so we have full confidence that Jesus will work this for good.
Join us in fasting tomorrow for Rwanda's sake. They have suffered so greatly at the hands of the mortal enemy of all mankind. Stand for them and pray for them now, as the Father is moving to restore them to a place of healing in their spirits. He loves Rwanda, and so do we.
The Rwandan Ambassador to the USA is coming to New Mexico to speak at the University of New Mexico Business School later this month. We have tickets to his speech at the main table so we can talk to him afterwards of all that OJP is doing in Rwanda, and of our plans and hopes for the school for the street children. We want to acquaint him with all that Jesus has been doing for Rwanda, and also of the opposition that has arisen to challenge Pastor Jean. We look forward to hearing his comments about education, which is the focus of this gathering.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Schooling in Rwanda

We have told you about Pastor Jean and his wife Beathy and their children moving into the midst of widows of the genocide. Their landlady is a widow from that time. Jean and Beathy have been reaching out to their new neighbors, giving them free pictures of Jesus, showing THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST in their home, and listening together with them to FAITH COMES BY HEARING, which is the audio Bible in English. We sent them about five NIV Bibles so they can improve their English skills by following along in the Scriptures as they are read aloud. If any of you have any spare NIV Bibles, they would love to have more. Contact us for a mailing address for Pastor Jean.

We asked Jean what we could pray for for the widows. What kind of problems did they have? He said that one big problem just now is that many cannot afford to send their children to school since it costs $100 per child per year. They have to wear a uniform to school, which is part of the cost. This is a large expense and now there are many who cannot afford to send their children to school. Jean said that if the children do not go to school that they become street children. He also said that when the kids are on the street that they tend to become alcoholics. He told me that he gave these street children pictures of Jesus and they said they love Jesus but they wish they could go to school. So I asked him, isn't there anyone who could take them in and help to teach them? Is there a building - a church, for instance, that could let the children come there to learn? Are there any volunteers who will help with the children?

Jean said he would check on this, and later he came back and told us that he had identified about 60 kids who need to go to school, and his church said they could use their building. He also said he had one person so far - his sister in law - who would volunteer to help. So, now we are looking to the Holy Spirit about this situation. Would you please pray for this with us? After the tragedy in Rwanda in the past, we must help them to get back on their feet, and to help the Father as He reaches out to bless them in many ways.

Father, help us with this school situation in Kigali. Please provide the supplies that we need to teach the children. Move in Rwanda with a sense of unity and purpose, with neighbor helping neighbor. Erase the memories of the past with the loving ones of today.

I asked Jean about Godfrey (the man that Silvana saw lying on his bed in pain, whose wife sent a child to fetch Jean to pray for him) and Jean said he was totally healed. Jesus, all we do is for you! Thank you for your love for dear Godfrey, our brother in Rwanda.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


This last week Pastor Jean in Rwanda was called before the authorites from some towns in Rwanda because he has been passing out the pictures of Jesus. False accusations were brought against him and he had to stand before a gathering of authorities and answer questions about giving out the free pictures of Jesus. He sent us a text messge as he was on the way to meet with them. When we received the message, Silvana saw a huge gathering of demons, there to oppose Jean for what he is doing for Jesus, and to oppose the free pictures of Jesus. Therese and I both saw many angels with swords drawn surrounding Jean, so we knew a battle was brewing over Jean and the pictures of Jesus, but we did not know the details until Jean and Char were able to meet in Yahoo Messenger the next day. We put their Yahoo conversation here so you can read Jean's comments and pray for him this coming Tuesday when he has to go back before the committee again. The notes in green were added later to clarify.
Isn't this how the apostles and the early servants of Jesus were opposed? The enemy has not changed. He is still determined to come against Jesus and to cause harm to anyone who is doing the will of our loving God. God bless Jean and his wife Beathy for their service to Jesus in Rwanda. Pray for them, and pray for all of Rwanda, where the Father wants to move to heal their wounds and lead them gently into relationships with His Son, Jesus.

Char Tierney and Pastor Miruho Jean de Dieu
Meeting in Yahoo Messenger
July 4, 2007

Pastor Jean: I am sorry to be late like this
the ceremony of liberation day was so long and i am coming from there right now
after stadium pastors were invited to feast the day somewhere so i spent a long time there
the persons who would listen to Faith Comes By Hearing (Note: Faith Comes By Hearing is the NIV Bible on audio tapes, which OJP

sent to Pastor Jean to share with his neighbors and others in Rwanda)
are invited to come back tomorrow because for today it was not possible and some of them were there too.
Char Tierney: now you have your fan?
Pastor Jean: yes fan and fridge now we have them
Char Tierney: that is good
(OJP provided a fridge and a fan for Pastor Jean and OJP in Rwanda to help with the hospitality of those who come to Jean's house for pictures of Jesus or to watch THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, or to listen to the Bible Audio Tapes

we hope they work well and are good tools for the Father
and for you
Pastor Jean: yes
Pastor Jean: For yesterday char, it was a hard day for me
Char Tierney: yes, we could see that
Pastor Jean: persons of bad will had accused me falsely
Char Tierney: there is a reaction to being attacked, very hard
Char Tierney: what did they say?
Pastor Jean: that i spread jesus pictures in their area without permission
Pastor Jean: but normally when someone requests for jesus pictures i must give to him without asking permission
Char Tierney: yes
Pastor Jean: and it was for good intentions not bad
Char Tierney: were they the leaders in a village? is that why they said you must get their permission?
Pastor Jean: not pushing people to sins but to salvation
Char Tierney: Jean, did you receive our text message?
Pastor Jean: i could give my opinions authorities listened to me
Char Tierney: where Silvana said that the enemy had a big gathering against you?
Char Tierney: that is good that the authorities listened
Pastor Jean: yes i saw it when i was on the road
Char Tierney: did you receive that sms?
Pastor Jean: yes I saw it, and it was a hard obligation for me to go there
because i was called by authorities to give explainations to them
Char Tierney: so you were only going to face the authorities
because you had to do so
Pastor Jean: here in Africa it is not easy when authorities call you not to go there is considered as a crime
Char Tierney: I see, Jean
we understand
tell us more who called you and why and where it was
Pastor Jean: it was in Rubingo near my native village
and i was called by the local authorities
because they had received false information that something strange come in their area
so they wanted ask me how Jesus picture works
the authorities who called me are Gahire, Beli,Gasangwa and Gatambiye
Char Tierney: oh, so those towns gathered together - all in one meeting?
Pastor Jean: those who asked me many questions
Pastor Jean: yes
Char Tierney: God bless you, Jean
Char Tierney: go on
Pastor Jean: but at the end i saw God presence they began to say contradiction ideas
even they had well planned for me for a jail
some were saying it is not a fault..
others saying they never seen me there spreading so the fault is for some one who bring there Jesus pictures himself
but i continued explain how that picture they are regreting
that Jesus made many miracles through it
some were well convinced, others continued to resist
and they told me i must go there again next tuesday
so now i see no matter because Jesus stand with me
Char Tierney: yes, the purpose of the pictures is for people to see Jesus' picture and to start having a relationship with Him and to comfort them
Pastor Jean: yes i explained
in general it was a great attack from satan
Char Tierney: yes, it was
Pastor Jean: but Jesus stood with me
Char Tierney: do you see how powerful Jesus is with the pictures that Satan tried to stop you like this?
it is like Bible times
the real thing with God, being opposed
thank you, Jesus for helping Jean
Pastor Jean: yes
Char Tierney: Silvana saw exactly what was happening - with many demons there
Char Tierney: to try and cause you harm and many angels with Jesus and you
Pastor Jean: i thank Jesus so much
Char Tierney: to help you
Char Tierney: we do too
Char Tierney: we are so grateful to Jesus
Pastor Jean: as you pray pray for me for next tuesday as they call me again there
Char Tierney: were these village officials?
who are bringing the accusations
did they think it was a scam or magic of some kind or what?? what did they think about the free pictures of Jesus?
Char Tierney: we will be praying for you
Char Tierney: and asking others to pray too
Pastor Jean: the accusations came from those persons i said up and few others
but they are also officials some how they are chiefs in villages
so they complain against OJP to thei superiors
Char Tierney: some are wicked ones, Satan trying to oppose
Pastor Jean: yes
Char Tierney: OJP helps and prays for people
we have been talking about you being alone,
not having help
Pastor Jean: they were thinking that it was the own pictures of mine
made by me
and they attacked me because they know me
as the bible say there is no prophet in his own town
Char Tierney: yes
Char Tierney: we understand that
Pastor Jean: i showed them that OJP is from USA
Char Tierney: yes, we send them all over the world
Char Tierney: over 80 nations we have given pictures of Jesus
Pastor Jean: they accepted but continued to resist asking me if it may be a Church or not
Char Tierney: we have a pastor in Pakistan and we printed 30,000 JEUSS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME in Urdu with Jesus pictures on it
and he gave it away
(they printed it in Pakistan so we did not have to mail it)
Pastor Jean: i said it is not a church but a ministry of good will persons who love Rwanda and who love its people
Char Tierney: we are not a church, but we fellowship in Jesus with anyone who loves Him
Char Tierney: that was a good and true thing to say, Jean
Char Tierney: that is right
Char Tierney: we love Rwanda and Rwandans
Pastor Jean: yes
Pastor Jean: i think they will accept
Char Tierney: the ambassador to the USA from Rwanda is coming to New Mexico this month to speak at the UNM (business school - on July 27th) because we talked about Rwanda to people at that university
Char Tierney: so they invited him to come and talk to the students who want to come hear him
Char Tierney: at the University of New Mexico
Char Tierney: that was because we talk to people of Rwanda
Char Tierney: when we had the sale of clothes we said, "to support in Rwanda - for pastor there who lives among genocide widows"
Pastor Jean: it is only satan who wanted to resist
but satan will fail its plans i know
Char Tierney: yes
Pastor Jean: Jesus is powerful
Char Tierney: yes, Jesus, please work this for good
let great good come out of this, Jesus
Pastor Jean: yes pray for me especially on that tuesday satan will fail completely
Char Tierney: absolutely we will
Pastor Jean: i can not fear as i know that Jesus stand with me
Char Tierney: yes, dear Jean, we will be with you in spirit - all of us
Char Tierney: I told Anthony on the phone just now (Therese's son - he is 19) and he said he will pray for you and he thanked me for telling him about you
Pastor Jean: bless stood with me
Char Tierney: yes, we did
Char Tierney: and the Holy Spirit showed
Char Tierney: both Therese and I saw the angels around you
Char Tierney: and they had swords drawn
Char Tierney: and it was clear you were going to be attacked
Char Tierney: as you were
Pastor Jean: yes
Char Tierney: and Silvana saw the huge cloud of demons gathered, because they hope to stop Jesus
Char Tierney: on Tuesday do you have to go and answer more questions?
Pastor Jean: not more questions but to hear for difinitive resolution
Char Tierney: to give permission on whether or not you have give out the free pictures?
Pastor Jean: if we continue spreading there or if they stop OJP or if they saw any fault to me
so it will be a final decision
but i think those who wanted me down will be ashamed as Jesus still stand with me
Char Tierney: yes
Char Tierney: Silvana is here
she saw many angels with you - she said there are so many angels that they make the demons look like only a few
the angels surround totally
the Father will be there as well
Jesus will support you
Pastor Jean: thank you Jesusj

Pastor Jean: as you did yesterday
Char Tierney: Rwanda does not belong to the enemy, it belongs to the Creator of the world
beautiful lakes and mountains, they came from the Creator, not from demons
and the Creator is with You,
loving you
loving Rwanda
thank you, Jesus, for your great support for Jean
Pastor Jean: yes
Char Tierney: be with Him in power on Tuesday
and let them want the pictures themselves
Pastor Jean: i always witness his love
Char Tierney: yes, His love never ends
Pastor Jean: true

Char Tierney: we all love you
have more good food if Beathy can cook it
Pastor Jean: and yesterday i stand there all the day being bombarded of question
Char Tierney: I could feel you afterwards
and you were so drained and exhausted in spirit from the attack
Pastor Jean: but Jesus always was giving me what to say
Char Tierney: yes, Jesus
thank you Jesus
God bless you

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fund raiser for Rwanda

Someone very kindly donated several bags of very good condition women's clothes to us. Our first plan was to send them to Pastor Jean in Rwanda so he could share them with the genocide widows among whom he is living and to share the remainder with the orphans that his friend Augustin supports. We were making some calls about the cost of mailing the clothes and we discovered that the US Post Office has discontinued economy mail overseas! It would be thousands and thousands of dollars to mail the clothes (I called one company and they suggested the price of $600 per box - we have approximately 20 boxes - even the post office could beat that price at about $260 per box) so we asked Jesus what to do and He told us have a garage sale. So, we wondered how we could go about doing this since we live in the country (the boondocks!) and then our friend and neighbor Rick told us that his daughter is having a garage sale this very weekend and said we could sell the clothes there. THANK YOU, JESUS! And thank you Rick and Ashley.

So, we are going to the yard sale with the clothes. Jean and his family need a refridgerator. Can you imagine hosting a gathering of neighboring widows and their children without a fridge? Can you imagine living with your wife and four children without a fridge? Father, bless Jean for his faithful heart and his willing service for You. Please provide everything he needs to carry out Your will. Please provide the money for the fridge and other needs he has, and above all, Father, we ask You to bring healing to our brothers and sisters in Rwanda.

Another situation that is arising in Rwanda concerns the children of the genocide widows. Many of them cannot afford to go to school. I told someone today that it was $100 per child to go to school and they said that to the Rwandans this is as though it were $1000 per child for us in America. The reason the school charges this price is for the children's uniforms and books, which are required for school. Jean said that the children become street children when they do not go to school. He told us that he shared pictures of Jesus with many of them and they told him that they love Jesus, but they wish they could go to school.

What tragedy is this! Their parents have suffered the horror that came among them, and now the children must suffer because they cannot receive a basic education? Jean said that the tendancy of the street children is to grow up and become alcoholics. Of course we have been asking the Father every day since we heard this to intervene. What can we do to help? We will see how many of Jean's immediate neighbors have children out of school, and see if we can help them, and then we will continue to pray for all the children in Kigali, and all of Rwanda, that they be allowed to get an education. We know that the Father is tender in His love towards them, and that He is determined to help them, to heal them, to bring Jesus to them, because He loves them and He grieves as they grieve because of the pain and wounds they still have in their spirits. So, please join us in lifting up all of Rwanda to their Creator, who is our Friend, and our God. Pray for schooling. Are there any volunteers in Rwanda who could help? Is there a church who would offer their building for children to gather to learn the basics of reading and writing and math?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Miraculous sign in Rwanda

Last week on Monday, at the end of the meeting with Pastor Jean in Yahoo Messenger, Silvana saw something from the Holy Spirit. She said, "Pastor Jean, I see a man who is in Kigali, laying on a bed or mat in pain. He is near you, and Jesus will show you where he is so you can go and give him pictures of Jesus and pray for him." Jean said he would be watching for him and waiting to see what Jesus showed him.

Then, this week, on Monday when we normally meet with Pastor Jean in Yahoo to talk about OJP and the week in Rwanda, Jean did not come. On Tuesday he came into Yahoo briefly to tell us that the reason he had not come the day before was because a woman had sent her child to his house to get him to come and pray for her husband, Godfrey, who was sick at home, lying on his bed in pain. Jean went there with the child, taking pictures of Jesus, and the writing JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME, and he prayed for Godfrey, who had severe stomach pain and head pain and who was not able to get up off of his bed because of the pain. Their house is in Kigali, near Jean's church. Jean told him that the leaders of OJP had described him by the Holy Spirit the week before and Jean said that the man "was astonished" but Godfrey's wife said, "God does these kinds of things". Jean said that Godfrey has faith in the Father, even concerning his sickness. The Holy Spirit showed that this is why He acted miraculously to show Godfrey and his sufferings to us, because Godfrey trusts Him, and the Father wanted to let Godfrey know that He loves him.

We talked to Jean later in the week and he said that Godfrey is doing much better, that he is up and walking again. Father, thank you for your great love for Godfrey and for his wife and family and for all who live in Rwanda, and for all who live everywhere in this world you created.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sharing pictures as seeds

I wanted to share with you what was being said in Yahoo Messenger yesterday (May 21, 2007) as Nikki and I met with Pastor Jean, because I was describing what the Holy Spirit had been showing in the last few days. First, I will post two dreams that were given from the Holy Spirit the night before, and what the Holy Spirit showed about them, because they are mentioned in my comments and they relevant to what the Holy Spirit is showing.

I dreamt that people were building a larger church for OJP. In the dream, I looked back at the church we had, which was the size of a house, and then I looked at the beautiful new structure that was much larger, that was being constructed out of pink/red brick. It seemed to be an open church. There were walls but the front and back were open so many people could come in and out. It was an elegant structure, roomy and beautiful.

In actuality, OJP does not have a church building. The Holy Spirit is showing the Church, the body of Jesus, who are doing His will. The pink/red bricks show healing and the blood of Jesus. This new Church is one that is being established by the Holy Spirit, and it will he powerful to reach people and to help the Holy Spirit as many lives are being changed.

I dreamt that Char Tierney and I were standing outside on a corner in the street. There was a man there and his shoes were sitting on the side of the road. Char told me, "Take those shoes". I replied, "Oh, but he will be angry". Char said, "Just trust Jesus and take the shoes". So, I did, and then the dream shifted. Suddenly we were outside a car with the back up, giving out pictures of Jesus from the back of our vehicle. We took the shoes that had come from the man and put them into a bag with some pictures of Jesus and gave them to someone.

Nikki and Char are out on the street - out in the world - reaching out to people where they are, just as the Body of Jesus should be doing. The shoes represent going out with the good news of Jesus. "How lovely on the mountain are the feet of those who bring good news". The shoes had belonged to the traditional church, but they are being taken from this unresponsive church (unresponsive to the Holy Spirit) and given to those who will use them. The pictures of Jesus are being given out to people and as the people receive the pictures of Jesus, they pass them on to others, thus reaching out to the world with Jesus, as the Holy Spirit wants us all to do, as the shoes were given to do.

Yahoo Messenger: May 21, 2007
Char Tierney: I told you about the dream that I had, where I saw a new larger church building
and Nikki dreamt about shoes, and about giving shoes with the pictures of Jesus
shoes represent going out for Jesus, "how lovely on the mountains are the feet of them who bring good news" said the prophet Isaiah
they represent going out... acting... and what we have to go out with is Jesus - and in the dream
the shoes were given with the pictures
in other words, go out and share the pictures of Jesus, share Jesus
and yesterday I was working out in my yard
pulling weeds from around the flowers
and suddenly I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit
and I saw a plant that has little white fluffy seeds
that blow away when the wind comes and each little bit of fluff is a seed
and I saw how easily and how far the plant could spread as the wind blows
each plant is capable of making many more seeds
and the seeds blow away and each seed can grow a plant
so from one seed
will come many, many seeds
and each of those many seeds will grow more and more seeds can spread
and by the Holy SpiritI saw the field next to ours
and that the seeds that grow in our yard will blow next door
and there they will grow also
and then, the seeds that grow from that yard will blow to the next and so on and so on
and I looked at a plant
with only one flower - it has many seeds
and then the Holy Spirit showed me -sharing the picture of Jesus
and each one we share the picture with
is like another plantand we do not know where the wind will blow on that person
or where they will share Jesus
but each one is capable of sharing with many, just as each plant is capable
of producing many seeds and that the person with whom they share the picture, will be a plant as well
growing seeds and the wind will come to them as well (the wind is the Holy Spirit)
and they will spread their seeds as the wind blows
and so the seeds will go further and further from the original field
and this is what the Father has planned
for people to share the pictures - and to share Jesus - really Jesus
not just a belief in Jesus, but to really know Him
as we describe
just as Abraham did
and each one who really knows Him, who hears His voice, who sees Him
each one will share with others - the same Jesus
that He can be known
that people can talk to Him
that people can hear His voice
a true returning to our Creator
and our Creator will spread this good news - this wonderful message, for which Jesus died
through us - by all who hear Him, who see Him, who love Him
and so the Holy Spirit was showing something real
which is in His mind
as the dream I had, and the dream that Nikki had
so this is what the Holy Spirit is saying to us
it is good news!
as Silvana has prophetically said, "advancement"
into the fields where the enemy has held sway
now, comes Jesus through our reaching out
and we are so glad, Jean, that you moved into the field where you have
where there are the wounded, who have suffered so greatly,
so you can present Jesus simply,
with a picture and a smile
and the good news that Jesus will speak to them
and will help them
which He will prove to be true - by acting by His Holy Spirit with miracles
as we see so often, as He answers our prayers when we ask Him to help people -
and they know it is Jesus
so that is what He showed me, and that is what I see by the Holy Spirit

Note: Jean and Beathy have recently (May 17th) moved into a new house in Kigali. They are now renting from a widow from the genocide in Rwanda and they now live among other widows and orphans of that terrible time. The Father has moved them directly into the midst of those suffering people. The cruel field of Satan has become the Father's neighborhood, as He moves through Pastor Jean and Beathy to reach out with love and with Jesus, as they give out pictures of Jesus as representatives of OJP in Rwanda.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

More good news about Abe!

More good news about Abe!

Abe is a friend of our friend Rick. He was in a motorcycle accident recently so we had asked people to pray for him via our FRIENDS OF OJP section on the web site home page. Abe's arm was severely injured in this accident. Earlier this week, the Father told Silvana for us to take some oil and put it on a plate and to have Jordan put his hand in the oil and then place his hand on a cloth and pray for Abe's arm. We did this and Doug and Therese (Jordan's parents) and Silvana and I all prayed with Jordan for Abe, and we posted the prayer request on the site. The next day, Rick took the cloth to Abe and placed it on his arm. Immediately, Abe said, "Did you feel that?" Rick said, "No, but I guess you did". Abe said, "My whole arm got warm when you put the cloth on it". (When Jordan prayed with us for Maria, who had been given three months to live, she said that when Jordan placed his hand on her - ours were already on her - that warmth came into her body. Later, x-rays revealed that a bone in her leg that had deteriorated from cancer supernaturally grew back!)

The next morning, after having the cloth placed on him, for the first time since the accident, Abe was able to feel his fingers and even to move them a little. We rejoiced when we heard the news! We also heard that Abe had put the pictures of Jesus around the room that Rick brought to him. Jesus, our loving Friend, who is our healer. At one point, the team of physicians at the hospital where Abe was located did not feel that surgery would benefit Abe because the injury to his arm was so severe. Finally, they planned to place a rod in his arm, so it could hang by his side. However, after the cloth was placed on him, the chief surgeon came to see Abe and he suddenly decided that he would be able to try surgery. (We know what it is like to have the Holy Spirit present (invisible but powerful) and to "see" how you can do something that He wants you to do. Thank you so much, Father, for what you have done and are doing for Abe.)

After surgery, the doctors said that Abe's arm went back together well and that no nerve damage was found! Of course there was nerve damage - Jesus took it away as He is healing him! God bless you Abe, and may Jesus and you develop a wonderful relationship and deep, deep friendship that lasts from now to forever. He knows you, He loves you, and He is the Friend and Brother who never leaves, who always helps, and who knows us better than anyone else does.

A season of advance

"A season of advance" is what the Father said to His prophet, Silvana about the days ahead and we look to Him with joy over all He is accomplishing in the Spirit and what He has planned. So often the Holy Spirit speaks through numbers and recently He was showing the number 33. We looked to Him about what He was showing. Of course 33 is the age that Jesus was when He was killed and 33 is the age that He was when He rose from the dead. The Holy Spirit showed us the power and the victory of resurrection in the number 33, tempered by the seriousness of death, and not any death, which is serious enough, but the death of the Son of God. So 33 represents powerful victory, purchased at great price, at great suffering. What can be more powerful than Jesus, risen from the grave, with total victory over sin and death? In Jesus' name, by Jesus' death, comes resurrection power in this season before us. It is a number of warfare with Satan (Jesus laid down his life in Satan's presence, and overcame him by rising again, and Satan could do nothing to stop Him) and it is a number of great victory.

The Holy Spirit showed the number thirty-three in the following manner: first, as we told you in an earlier blog, Antonio and Nikki went in obedience to Jesus to a motel in Albuquerque to give the pictures of Jesus there so they could put the pictures in each of the rooms. The motel had 33 rooms and they had with them 33 pictures. Second, when we mailed the packages of pictures during our push to send out pictures to every request we had received, which were starting to back up because of the cost of postage, we mailed 33 packets the first day, which just happened to be how many we had ready in time to reach the post office before it closed that day, and we mailed 33 packets the second day, which also was how many we had ready to send at day's end. (We have mailed another 70 or so since then.) In the tragedy in Virginia Tech University, when Satan moved on the man to kill 32 students and staff, and then himself, 33 were dead that day. On April 28, 2007, it was 33 years to the day since the prophet of the Father in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, was baptized in Jesus' name, and baptism is the exact thing to represent the power that the Holy Spirit is speaking of: going down to death in Jesus' name and rising up in His resurrection power.

As we pray for people, we remember the power of Jesus in overcoming death. What if Jesus had not ascended to heaven but had stayed on the earth. How many would have been healed? What great miracles would have been done by Him on earth?

Doors are opening from the Spirit of God to the city of Gatumba in Rwanda. Pastor Jean has a friend who is from that town, who will take Jean there and allow him to stay with his family while he shows THE PASSION and distributes the pictures of Jesus. The Father showed a plan for Gatumba, and really for every one of the cities in the four corners of Rwanda: first, find a pastor who will allow OJP to come and show THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST in their church. Then, at the church meetings, the Father said to act in the following order: 1) Present the Message to Rwanda From the Father, 2) Show the film, 3) Pray for people in Jesus' name and lay hands on them with oil, and 4) give out the free pictures of Jesus. The Father promises He will move with power.

We sent Pastor Jean more pictures for Gatumba, including 200 8x10s and 5000 small strung pictures of Jesus. We also took a vial of oil and we all laid hands on it and each of us prayed for the people in Gatumba, and the people in all of Rwanda. We prayed with Jordan for healing for the sick. The Holy Spirit showed Himself as the Lifter of our Heads: He said that the spirit in the atmosphere in Gatumba has kept the people bowed down, feeling sad, feeling without hope, but when He comes to move, as Pastor Jean shows the film and gives the pictures, that the very air over the town will change. The Holy Spirit will be there, to lift the heads and the spirits of the people. We know what it is to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit with power. Your courage and your faith and trust and understanding is strong because of His help and it will be the same in Gatumba.

We put some of the oil on our hands as we prayed over the vial of oil that we were sending to Jean. While Silvana and I were praying for the people in Gatumba, I saw the Father, and it was as though He had His hands on the vial of oil too. Then He lifted His hands from the vial to place them on the people of Gatumba. When He did, I saw that His hands were wet with the oil, as ours were. But as I looked, the liquid on His hands became blood: the blood of His Son, Jesus. The Father said to us that the answer to our prayers over the oil is yes, "Yes, because we ask in Jesus' name". With such a noble and powerful sacrifice as Jesus made for us, as illustrated in THE PASSION film, how can the Father say no? His heart for Jesus, His heart for the people, leads Him to heal, to help, to answer our prayers. Another sister in Jesus, who was also praying for Gatumba, said that she saw many Rwandans, who have left this earth, and they were gathered together watching as we prayed over the oil. These are the Rwandans who want the people left behind on earth to know that they are healed now, as was described earlier by the prophet, Silvana in THE FATHER'S MESSAGE TO RWANDA.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Commentary on "JOIN WITH HEAVEN" blog post

Click link to read "JOIN WITH HEAVEN" on Silvana Lupetti's blog site.

I saw something about the group of people who were walking towards the Cloud of Witnesses, to stand with them, as Silvana was shown by the Holy Spirit earlier today. The people who Jesus brought out of hell are those who were there from Noah's day, to whom Jesus preached when He descended to hell after dying on the cross, and then ascended on high "with captives in His train". The captives were the prisoners in hell, who had been there since Noah's day because of the widespread violence on the earth.

The Father has been showing us about the current warfare in the spiritual realm with a demon strongman, who is a powerful henchman of Satan. He is violent in every way. It is because of this demon and his powerful actions, leading to murder and cruelty and destruction, that Jesus was so serious as He was showing me about seeking the 100th lost sheep the other day. This demon strongman has affected millions and millions of people over time, moving on whole cultures to lead them towards murder and violent actions.

Therese and Mabel and Silvana and I were praying about this demon strongman as the Holy Spirit was showing him to us last week and we asked others to pray with us concerning him. Since then, we see the deaths at Virginia Tech University and we know by the Holy Spirit that the demon is planning to bring more death. He wants copycat crimes. He will move on the weak-minded, who will not resist his evil, but who will join him in the killing of the innocent. His aim is death and sorrow and grief and loss through violence.

It is powerful that those who went to hell because of violence are coming to join the Cloud of Witnesses (and we who stand on earth for love and for our God) during this time of warfare against this strongman, and this season of standing on earth. Silvana said that as they walked she saw their humility. Thank you, Father, for helping us.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Due to a mistake on the part of our printer's assistant, the color for the 8x10 pictures of Jesus that we ordered recently was put into the printing machine wrong. As a result, there are greens and pinks and other shades around Jesus' face. Mark, our printer, came back to his shop and discovered the mistake and immediately ordered another printing with the correct color settings. When we went in (on Good Friday) to pick up our printing of 4000 8x10s, we saw the pictures with extra color and we thought they were beautiful so we got them too. (This is how we ended up with 7000 of the larger pictures of Jesus.)

When I first saw the colored picture, I thought of the verse in the book of Revelation which speaks of a rainbow around the Father on His throne: Revelation 4: 2 At once I was in the Spirit, and there before me was a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it. 3 And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and carnelian. A rainbow, resembling an emerald, encircled the throne. We loved the picture, and Mark graciously gave them to us and trimmed them for us. (Send us an email to request a free 8x10, or a free 8x10 with extra color.)

Some of the pictures had been put in a trash pile so we retrieved them. This week I was trimming the extra pictures we retrieved and I counted them. There were 99 pictures. This made me think of the parable of the lost sheep, in which there are one hundred sheep and one wanders off so the shepherd goes to retrieve that one. As I was thinking about this, I saw Jesus looking at me. His face was deadly serious and grieved. I saw, by the Holy Spirit, that this is absolutely serious. It is not a sermon, not a cute teaching, but in reality there are people all over the earth who are lost, who are in despair, who are tormented in their lives by their feelings, by their circumstances, by the wickedness of the enemy, and Jesus wants us to reach them.

Silvana, prophet of the Father in the United States, speaks of Satan at times and one thing she has prophetically said of Satan is that he wants Jesus to return to an earth piled high with corpses. Satan wants to maim and murder and torment and destroy human after human, causing deep suffering wherever he can. When he can move to cause men to murder, he does. Where he can move to cause mankind to cause pain to others or to themselves, he does. We can see the grief and anguish and pain caused to 32 families by the murders at Virginia Tech University in the last few days for an example of Satan's work. Jesus grieves. He wants us to share His pictures, to show THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST and to give out the writing called JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME, which presents the truth about Jesus and the way to have a relationship with Him. (Which is simplicity itself: just talk to Jesus and listen. You will feel His presence and He will talk to you. This is how you become restored to your Creator. For our restoration with Himself, our restoration with the Father, Jesus came and paid the ultimate price on the cross. Suffering exists all over the earth and Jesus entered personally into that realm and there purchased our freedom. Let us honor Jesus' sacrifice by developing our own relationship with the Father, and by reaching others with the same simple message of redemption. The pictures and the film are powerful tools in the hands of the Holy Spirit, which He has continually told us.)

The Holy Spirit showed: this is not a game, this is not a joke, this is not a sermon. This is a serious war with an invisible enemy who has mayhem and murder on his mind. The Father is great and will do great things to rescue people: healings and miracles and signs and wonders, to draw people to His Son, who is His heart. But we must join Him. We must respond when He tells us to share pictures, we must act and show THE PASSION, we must look to the Holy Spirit to lead us, because He knows the paths to every person on earth, and every person is the lost sheep, every person is the one He wants to rescue.

In the past, the Father showed me a view of the earth, and the view was like a satellite map. It showed blocks and areas and in each block, in each area, there were dark, black blots and this is a true reflection of how it looks on earth. There are demons world-wide, bringing darkness and causing great suffering with their deceptions and lies, as they move always to keep men and women in pain and despair and to separate them from their God who loves them. Recently the Father told Silvana that we should take some of the pictures of Jesus with color that He gave to us and to put them up in alleyways, on fences, in dark places, so the people who go there can see Jesus' loving face and feel hope. Some drink too much, and it has been long since they felt hope. Some use drugs to change their reality, some are in despair, but all are loved by God. He sees their pain, He sees their needs, and with all His heart He wants to reach them. He knows the plans of Satan, and He will act to counter them, and we must join Him.

This message is to you too. Together we are the Church, and together we are called to share the good news (Jesus Himself!) that will save lives, that will bring an end to despair, that will turn people from the persistant lies of our vicious enemy. The Father grieves. Do we care? Is the most important thing to us that we ourselves be blessed by God, that we ourselves are healed? He loves us. Our eternity is secure. It was bought with the blood of God, so how could it not be? Since we are loved, since we are secure, let us follow the example of Jesus and turn our attention and our efforts to the world, and let the Holy Spirit lead us to reach them: our neighbors, our towns, and the people of the nations of the world. Contact us for free pictures of Jesus.