Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A warning and more

I saw a vision the other day and I did not understand what I was seeing, but today the Holy Spirit showed what was meant by the vision. The vision was of a piece of flesh and the enemy was pounding against it.

I was standing in the Spirit, and then I saw the enemy and he was full of fury. I saw that he was furious about health coming to our physical bodies. Silvana and Therese and I are going to start low carb in September, which is a way of eating that helps you to lose weight. We have been on low carb before and liked it very much and we were much heathier while on it. The Father told us to start low carb again in Sept so we have been waiting with anticipation for the time to arrive.

However, there is a deeper significance to starting this diet than our health personally. It will make an enormous difference for Silvana, Therese, and me to be healthy, because our energy levels will go up and we will be able to accomplish more for the Father. That is good news and the enemy would oppose that automatically. However, the Father is also speaking of health to the body of Christ, to all of us who love Jesus, who do His will.

With good health, with healing and provision, we can do anything that the Father calls us to do. And the Father will do mighty things, as the enemy knows full well and deeply abhors. Strength and help from the Father is just around the corner through healing and good health. So, the enemy is furious and a sign of his fury is the fact that he is coming against people around us who want to help Jesus with OJP. Our friend and sister, Dana was almost in an accident twice in one day. Jesus protected her. Rick's daughter and her boyfriend (who have helped us) were in an accident that same night, and Jesus protected and them. Emily got sick, Felicia's daughter got sick, and many others. This will pass and healing will come, but be wise.

Be careful! Look to Jesus because there is this season of opposition. The healing is coming. The help is near, but in the meantime the enemy will try to cause harm, try to sideline anyone he can who is looking to Jesus to hear His voice and carry out His good will, especially with OJP.

Silvana was saying today that people need to be very careful as they get into their cars. Be aware of what is around you. Trust Jesus but show wisdom and care in your actions. Watch where you step, where you walk. Be alert on the freeway or the roads as you drive. Notice what the people around you are doing and be prepared to act accordingly.

The season of opposition will pass, and the power from the Holy Spirit will come. The enemy cannot stop the Father from what He has planned, but he wants to cause as much havoc and suffering among us as he can, so take the warning from the Holy Spirit and be careful and if you get sick, or your family gets sick, look to Jesus for help. Pray for the doctors who help you. Pray for one another. If someone gets sick, let us know and we will join you in praying for that person.

Have you seen this picture of Jordan praying for someone who was autistic? What a beautiful picture of faith and trust in Jesus. And Jesus answers! Join us in praying for others.

Today I saw Jesus and He was in the heavenlies or in heaven. (He was above the earth.) He was in a kitchen and there was a large pot of food cooking. A little later He sat down at a kitchen table there. He said to me, "Something good is coming." I told Silvana about it and she said, "the kitchen indicates food; provision".