Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sharpened teeth against a bar of lead

Silvana saw people sharpening their teeth, ready to attack. Then she saw a bar of lead - it was John Roberts, the nominee for Supreme Court Justice. Lead is a soft metal. It was hard, but pliable. Finally, she saw the democrats with sharpened teeth try to sink their teeth into the bar of lead, but their teeth broke.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Note added on Sept 8: Katrina means pure. He will purify the earth for His Son, Jesus.
Greetings in Jesus' name,

The Father has been showing us about the dire flood in the gulf coast states. He talked about New Orleans and the disaster there, His involvement and His help, and what New Orleans was like before the disaster hit.

The Father said that New Orleans has been a staging ground, like a malevolent spiritual port, for demons to come and gather from all over the world, and then go down paths into America. These demons have caused harm and despair, suicide and murder. This ongoing entry from the enemy into New Orleans has existed for a very long time, since before the United States acquired the city from France, which we did in 1803 with the Louisiana Purchase. Before this, New Orleans was populated by Native Americans, then claimed by France in the 1600s, briefly given to Spain in the 1700s, then retaken by France, and sold to America by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1803.

The Father said that foreign demons have had access to America through these last few centuries, and they have run rampant with lawlessness and violence. In recent years, the murder rate in New Orleans was ten times the national average. In 2004, researchers had police fire 700 rounds of blanks in a city neighborhood. Not one person reported the gunfire. New Orleans had a high violent crime rate, high unemployment rate, a significant suicide rate, and 55 of the states worst 78 schools are in New Orleans. Dozens of school employees, politicians, judges, and police are under indictment for crimes or have been caught in corruption, not to mention the determined decadence of Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street. Truly, this was a wicked city.

With Hurricane Katrina, the Father brought judgment and dispersed the people and the demons. The Father said that never again will New Orleans be a place that gangs of violent demons and violent people walk with confidence, looking ahead at what harm they may do to our people. The Father is repairing a hole in America's side. Thank you, Father!

America was shocked as the first week passed following the storm, as we saw the widespread looting, sniper fire at hospitals, at policemen, at rescue helicopters, at construction workers, and the alleged shootings and rapes within the superdome in New Orleans, which housed thousands of people for the first few days following the disaster. This is evidence of the presence and anger of the multitude of demons who were stirred up to action after the Father came against their city. After 9/11, and as He prepares the world for His Son, Jesus, the Father is not willing that there be a place in His nation under God, America, where such a concentration of evil should imperil its citizens.

Nevertheless, there are many children and elderly and sick who suffered because of the storm. The Father has compassion for them all and will help them. He spoke to us of the suffering that has come, and of the deaths that have occurred, and of the help He has given so far, and will continue to give.

He spoke of the suffering and death: He said that some who should have left the area did not evacuate because they did not want to leave their wealth, their possession. Others did not leave because they had drugs and a power base they were not willing to leave behind. Some were physically unable to go, and the Father said that local authorities should have had a better plan with many buses and vehicles to evacuate those who were in such helpless conditions.

The Father said that although He brought judgment, He showed compassion as He acted. He pointed out that He could have brought a flood during the storm's fury. If the levees had broken during Katrina's roaring, then many people who tried to get onto their rooftops would have been blown away and killed. Instead, they were given some time that saved many lives.

The Father also said that because of the dispersion, the people, especially the children, will be better off. They will receive better teaching, they will receive help, and the lawless element will have the eyes of the police on them no matter where they go, so their violent anarchy will be curtailed.

This is war between the Father and Satan. Wicked networks have been and will be shattered in spirit and in flesh. Last week our sister in Jesus, Felicia Dennis, saw the Father with battle plans laid out before Him. Then, He rolled up the plans and put them in His pocket for safekeeping. The first battle is here in America, as the Father brought judgment in New Orleans, yet helped with a tender hand, while Satan moved to cause violence through wicked men, and scurrilous accusations through many mouths that are given over to him. The Holy Spirit says that now is the time to ask God for help in tribulation. Our brother, Robert Harrover, was in New Orleans three or four years ago, and He said by the Holy Spirit, "When the judgement begins, New Orleans, you will be the first to go". Now has that prophecy come true.

There is another battle in the Father's plans that looms ahead. It is over the Supreme Court of America. There are two vacancies for the Court and President Bush has already nominated one good person, John Roberts, who will not play politics, and now he will nominate another. There will be a fight, and the enemy will pour out vitriol and stabbing accusations against whomever GW Bush chooses, but the Father will help us to stay steady and to put a nonpartisan judge in place. The Father's prophet in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, said on August 30, "The Judge of judges is sitting in judgement on the judges, and justice will be the result." This battleground is of the Father's choosing, and you can help Him by praying for President Bush and the nominees, and by speaking up against the wicked outcries that will surely come.

These are serious times. We are at war, and no one should be political at such a time. The mark of evil in mankind is to not be changed, to not care, when catastrophe happens. Those who are political in the face of widespread suffering, who do not care though disaster has come, are evil. Evil is to not care, and the Father sees this wickedness. The Judge of the earth will continue to call mankind to account, and to confront Satan, until the end is near and then Jesus returns to take the government upon His own shoulders. In the meantime, the Father said that He will help us, with the economy, with any disasters and their affect on us all. The world is at war and the Father is leading. Victory over evil will come.

In Jesus, who loves the whole world,

Char Tierney
Apostle and Administrator
Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
The Table of the Remnant
September 5, 2005