Friday, July 15, 2005

Photo of patio after London Bombings

After the bombings in London, the Father said to take a rock to represent the people of London, and to put it into a bowl of red wine. (We used port, which is a deep red wine.) He said to put the rock out before Jesus when the sun when down. So, we got a rock and put it on our table in a bowl of port wine. All day we prayed for the people of London and of England. At sundown, we took the rock out and put it before Jesus. Then, the Father said to sprinkle the wine from the bowl all around the patio. We sprinkled the wine on the patio and the path leading to it, and on the flowers. The Father said it looked like one of the sin offerings that were done in the Old Testament. It also looked like it looked in London, where blood was spattered on the walls.
When I (Char Tierney) started to sprinkle the wine, I saw the Father and He was weeping. As I continued to sprinkle the wine until it was all gone, I saw the angels who are always around us, always with the Father. They stood stock still. They were silent and somber. When I finished, I saw the angels going over to a big bowl (almost as big as an angel) that was somewhere out in the spiritual realm. They looked inside. It had liquid in it and was almost full. I believe that this bowl into which they looked represents (or is) one off the bowls which the Father pours out, when He returns to the people their own actions. Therese took the picture of the wine on the patio so you could see how it looked. Father, bring an end to terrorism.

Some pictures to show what has been happening around here

Doug reading instruction on installing heat reflective pad for the
engine cover. (To help us keep cool as we travel in the RV)
The RV is back from the service center and ready to go.
We have a trip planned at the end of the month.
Therese (left) and Nikki working on making pictures of Jesus to mail out

Packet of pictures going to our soldiers in Iraq
(the video is of Char Tierney speaking on the local
There are 500 stringed pictures, 1000 small contact
cards (as shown) and 500 "LOOK TO ME" cards
various sized packets being mailed out all over the world

Jordan's letter to Soldier/Minister Joe in package
(at the end Jordan says, "Joe, thank
you for fighting for freedom
" and so say we all)


Greetings in Jesus' name. We have been so busy, that we have not had time to make an audio blog and keep you all up to speed as to what is happening. We are painting the RV! We are leaving the blue and red stripes and painting the rest of the RV white. It will look spectacular when it is finished, and we will be ready to go out with the packets of Jesus pictures (each packet has one tract: JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME, and two of the stringed pictures of Jesus) wherever the Father takes us.

In the meantime, the Father continues to speak of the war, speak of the state of human hearts, speak of His will for reaching out in Jesus' name. We are all still very excited about sending the pictures to our soldiers in Iraq. Thank you, thank you, Father!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

A letter from a soldier/minister in Iraq

Here is a letter that OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES received from a soldier/minister in Iraq, and our reply.