Monday, December 21, 2009


The government is hiring now for the 2010 census. Call 800-923-8282 to find out about jobs in your area. Many conservatives are aware that ACORN was involved with the census, until Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe III exposed them via the pimp/prostitute sting, and the government fired them. However, we can anticipate that the current government would willingly (if they can get away with it) quietly hire them again or hire groups of like ilk under various names to carry out the census.

Now is the time for conservatives to rise to the challenge. Get a census job. Be present from the inside to monitor what happens and to stop anything that is inappropriate or dangerous to this nation. At the polls, we need conservative poll watchers to balance the liberal poll watchers. This is understood and acted on by conservatives nation-wide. The same must happen here. Conservatives need to get themselves in place to observe and obstruct if necessary. We cannot leave this to the liberal left, who will follow the pattern of ACORN. How many false reports could they file? How many could be added to the voter registration if this is left in their hands? Conservatives must get involved now.

Spread the word and take action. If you are retired, if you have college aged children, if you have spare time, apply for a census job. They are hiring now. The test for a census job in my local area is January 8, 2009. Find out when it is in your community and act now. Together, let us support and defend America.