Thursday, April 16, 2009

American Tea Parties

I went to two Tax Day Tea Parties yesterday. Tea Parties are based on the Boston Tea Party in 1773, an event in American history where taxes from Great Britain on Americans were protested. I attended one Tea party in Moriarty, NM and one in Albuquerque, NM. The turnout in both was higher than expected. In the morning, as I was as my desk waiting on the Father, He said that the movement is from Him. He showed me the example of what happened when the film THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST came out in theaters. No one expected the response that followed. Millions upon millions of people saw that film. It was not a Christan response, nor a Catholic response, but a far greater and widespread response that came from the spirits of people, moved by the Holy Spirit, as this message of salvation was put out in the world, as promised in Scripture. (Matthew 24:14) In the same way, the protest to the government's actions that is rising up through the Tea Parties was not orchestrated by one person or one group (it is not Republican or Democrats based, but just Americans gathering) but it comes through many, many Americans as they feel their God-given rights being threatened.

In Moriarty we met briefly at the middle of the park and then lined the street on two sides of the park so people could see our signs. Many, many people driving by honked and waved or cheered. Some stopped and joined us, holding signs with us.

The turnout in Albquerque was phenomenal and was estimated to be between 7000-10,000. Protesters with signs lined Montgomery Street for miles on both sides of the street, from I-25 to Tramway. Many people driving by responded enthusiastically.

The most powerful sign to me (after the one with the picture of Jesus and the words, "THE REAL MESSIAH") was one that said, "NEXT TIME, READ THE BILL". Can you imagine a people who make bills and laws for a country and then pass them without reading them, as Congress did with the stimulus bill?! The arrogance and incompetence in that action is staggering! but it is typical of the group that is in power now, led by a president who wants to institute his socialistic ideas on this nation. We MUST protest and the Father will support us as we resist this overthrow from within of America. We pray for all the Tea Parties (another is planned for July 4th) and for America to wake up and join this peaceful resistance.