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LOVE THEM WITH ME - the meaning of Christmas

Greetings in Jesus' name, and Merry Christmas to each of you.

Today the Father was speaking about a cat that came to us recently, out of the world, out of the cold. The kitty was starving when we brought her in. She was a beautiful Siamese cat, but so starving that she was only skin and bones. Although she was hungry, she was the friendliest and most trusting cat. We fed her and loved her, and nursed her when she bore several stillborn kittens. We named her Princess. She had been in a fight which caused a trauma, and she was too young and malnourished to survive, so today, Christmas day, she died.

The Father showed that we were a haven for this little creature that He brought to us. This is what the Church, which is His Body, is meant to be: a haven, loving and caring for the lonely, the fearful, the sick, the despairing, and the suicidal.

The Father said, "This is the Church. My people who care as I care". The Church is to rescue the perishing. The Church is to care. The little cat, Princess, was a sign from the Father. She represents us. Lost, yet loved and accepted by the King of kings.

The Father cares. He cares for every sparrow that falls, He cares for the animals on earth. He is a God of love and He is love. This is what the heart of the Father is like. He feels this way about every creature and every human being He made.

If we care, Jesus will move through us, because we are His Body, we are His Church. He cannot have a Body without love. He cannot have a Church who does not care, for He has many people that He wants to save. He wants to save each of them from their painful places on earth, as they live in separation from Him. He wants to bring them to safety, as He did that beautiful little cat.

The Father knew He could bring that starving creature to us, because He knew we would bring her in and help her. As He looks across the landscape of earth, He searches for those who will bring the lost to the shelter of His arms, where they will find hope and help and love without measure. "As I love them," He says, "Love them with Me."

This is the meaning of Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Jesus. May we rescue many people, as we do Your will, which is to share your anointed picture, and THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST with as many people as possible, to open our doors, feed the hungry, and love one another. Father, in Jesus' name, as Your body, as Your church, we accept this charge.

Moving forward with His will,

Char Tierney
Apostle and Administrator
Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
The Table of the Remnant
December 25, 2005

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Letter from Ghana and other matters

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus,

Greetings in Jesus' lovely name. Yesterday we received the following email from our dear Brother Joseph in Ghana, West Africa. If you remember from earlier posts, there are about 30 or so in their group of believers, who were forced to leave Togo when there was political unrest, and soldiers were going door to door and attacking people. One of the believers was killed. We have been praying for all of them, and helping them when we can. Recently the Father provided the money for them through Operation: Jesus Pictures to start a business in Ghana, since it is so hard to get work as a foreigner. We wanted to share this email with you so you can join us in praying for their soap making business.

Hello sister Char, Greetings to you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ who loves us all! We embrace you and all he brethren there in this precious name of Jesus Christ! By God's grace, we are doing fine here, and we continue to see the hands of God on us. As usual, we were so glad to received your warm message.

We are well and attempting to preach the word as best we can. God is opening opportunities for us to fellowship with other brethren, and also for us to minister to others in various places. It is amazing, we met and fellowship with a pastor from a church in Accra. He invited me to their meeting, which I share the gospel with them. It was so pleasing and inspiring! The main goal of their ministry is to share the gospel especially to those in the villages and remote areas that have little or no access to the gospel. We have already partnered in this effort. We gave them some of the tracts and the pictures. You can write or send pictures of Jesus to them through the below address:

Grace Home Church,
P.O. Box 1701
Osu - Accra

I wonder that the cold and snow can be quite bitter this time. With the world oil prices getting higher, I wonder that the cost of heat for many homes there in your country this winter will be more than ever before. The Lord is at hand! We are in the last days,and end of the age I should say, so things will only get worse. The bible tells us so; Matt chapter 24, Luke chapter 21, Mark chapter 13. However the Lord is doing a great thing these days as many world wide are waking up to the true gospel of our Lord Jesus.That's the good news!

Thank you very much for your prayers for every of us. We will try to send the ages of the children. We have start selling the soap, and we hope that with time it will move and will yield profits. We are blessed to own a business! Generally, things are not quite well at this moment, we still have some difficulties. Please, continue to pray that the Lord will continue to provide graciously for us.

Our greetings, love and thanks to everyone there at OperationJesusPictures. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Your brother,
Joseph & the brethren here

As you can see by the email, they are still having difficulties. They are refugees in a foreign country, with many needs, such as the basic necessities like food. They are lifting up Jesus in the darkness as all who love Him must do. We are praying for all their difficulties. They need our prayers. We sent a packet to the Grace Home Church in Ghana yesterday, with 200 JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME tracts in their language, 200 strung pictures, an 8x10 picture of Jesus, and 5 DVDs of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.

As the Father continues to speak of Satan, and his origins and his fears and his choices for evil, and as the Father continues to show us more about evil in its nature, the enemy is angrily opposing us. If you look into what the Father is revealing about Satan's fears and about Satan's fall, you too will likely experience his attacks. (See Silvana's sketch of Satan's fears below.) He will attack your feelings particularly, to make you feel worthless and to make your situations feel hopeless. This is war, and one of the end results will be the capture of this wicked being, and in the meantime we stand with the Father and continue to look at all that He reveals. Satan is also attacking our supplies, to keep us from moving forward with Jesus' will for this day and hour. The fields are ripe for harvest; the pictures and the Passion of the Christ are like rare gold in the hands of the receiver, and any way that the enemy can interfere, he is. Please pray also for us, and if you can help Jesus by helping us in any way, please do. We want to say thank you to those who do support us, who have donated to us on an ongoing basis. Thank you and God bless you. Together we are loving our Bridegroom Jesus and doing the will of the Father.

We also wanted to let you know that on the last three shows on our local cable tv show we discussed the latest posts to our mailing list: Hurricane Katrina and judgment in New Orleans, the nature of evil, and Israel and the withdrawal from Gaza. We now have a DVD available with these three shows (minus the music) with Char Tierney speaking. We would be happy to send a copy to anyone who is interested. As always, there is no charge for the DVD, however, we would appreciate any help with postage that you can give to us as we mail it to you.

In Jesus, our powerful King, who is on His way to earth,
Will you serve Him?

Char Tierney
Apostle and Administrator
Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
The Table of the Remnant
October 4, 2005

Satan's three fears

This is a drawing of Satan's fear, drawn by Silvana Lupetti. The Father is continuing to reveal on a daily basis more about Satan and about evil. He showed Silvana three fears that Satan has: fear of discovery: that it will be shown that he is not equal in power to God, that the reason he left the Father is selfish and petty, that he has fears at all, and that he is no longer a perfect being. Another fear is that of being bound. If he can be bound, then it means that someone is more powerful than he is. His pride fears being bound, like a common criminal - being taken to face the sentence pronounced on him. His third fear is that of being undone. He has relied on the mercy of the Father, and not allowed himself to look at the fact that he will face death without resurrection. Over the millenia, he has seen many die, yet they are eternal. He has banked on this, but it is being forced on him that he will face extinction if he does not turn. And as we all can see, he is continuing his raging war against the Father and the earth, so death - the second death - lies ahead for him. The lake of fire consumes entirely, and unmakes what has been made. Satan's most powerful fear is that of being undone.

Monday, September 12, 2005

More Comments about John Roberts/ The Father with a weapon

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John Roberts Hearing and John Roberts opening remarks

Here is a drawing from Silvana Lupetti about what she saw from the Father today as she watched the opening of the Congressional Hearing for the confirmation of John Roberts, who is President Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court, and to be the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. She saw THE CONSTITUTION over John Robert's head, and A RULE OF LAW. This is what our nation was founded on: the rule of law, through the Constitution. We can hardly believe the greatness of the Father to return us to our roots, as He is doing. Thank you, Father! In the audio post, I read some of John Roberts' opening statement, which is beautiful and right. You can watch the hearings on C-Span3, if you wish to see them without commentary or interruption.

The left would like to make this about abortion, but the bigger picture is about the rule of law. They want to focus on one small item, (small according to the big picture) so they can oppose Roberts, for abortion's sake and simply to oppose anything that comes from President Bush. It was about this that I saw the Father say, "Bring them on". He will win every fight that comes His way. I saw Him a few moments ago and I saw Him facing the enemy, pushing the enemy's words back into his face. The lies will be reversed; the truth will come out. How great is our God!!!

Silvana Lupetti's sketch of the John Roberts Hearing

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sharpened teeth against a bar of lead

Silvana saw people sharpening their teeth, ready to attack. Then she saw a bar of lead - it was John Roberts, the nominee for Supreme Court Justice. Lead is a soft metal. It was hard, but pliable. Finally, she saw the democrats with sharpened teeth try to sink their teeth into the bar of lead, but their teeth broke.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Note added on Sept 8: Katrina means pure. He will purify the earth for His Son, Jesus.
Greetings in Jesus' name,

The Father has been showing us about the dire flood in the gulf coast states. He talked about New Orleans and the disaster there, His involvement and His help, and what New Orleans was like before the disaster hit.

The Father said that New Orleans has been a staging ground, like a malevolent spiritual port, for demons to come and gather from all over the world, and then go down paths into America. These demons have caused harm and despair, suicide and murder. This ongoing entry from the enemy into New Orleans has existed for a very long time, since before the United States acquired the city from France, which we did in 1803 with the Louisiana Purchase. Before this, New Orleans was populated by Native Americans, then claimed by France in the 1600s, briefly given to Spain in the 1700s, then retaken by France, and sold to America by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1803.

The Father said that foreign demons have had access to America through these last few centuries, and they have run rampant with lawlessness and violence. In recent years, the murder rate in New Orleans was ten times the national average. In 2004, researchers had police fire 700 rounds of blanks in a city neighborhood. Not one person reported the gunfire. New Orleans had a high violent crime rate, high unemployment rate, a significant suicide rate, and 55 of the states worst 78 schools are in New Orleans. Dozens of school employees, politicians, judges, and police are under indictment for crimes or have been caught in corruption, not to mention the determined decadence of Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street. Truly, this was a wicked city.

With Hurricane Katrina, the Father brought judgment and dispersed the people and the demons. The Father said that never again will New Orleans be a place that gangs of violent demons and violent people walk with confidence, looking ahead at what harm they may do to our people. The Father is repairing a hole in America's side. Thank you, Father!

America was shocked as the first week passed following the storm, as we saw the widespread looting, sniper fire at hospitals, at policemen, at rescue helicopters, at construction workers, and the alleged shootings and rapes within the superdome in New Orleans, which housed thousands of people for the first few days following the disaster. This is evidence of the presence and anger of the multitude of demons who were stirred up to action after the Father came against their city. After 9/11, and as He prepares the world for His Son, Jesus, the Father is not willing that there be a place in His nation under God, America, where such a concentration of evil should imperil its citizens.

Nevertheless, there are many children and elderly and sick who suffered because of the storm. The Father has compassion for them all and will help them. He spoke to us of the suffering that has come, and of the deaths that have occurred, and of the help He has given so far, and will continue to give.

He spoke of the suffering and death: He said that some who should have left the area did not evacuate because they did not want to leave their wealth, their possession. Others did not leave because they had drugs and a power base they were not willing to leave behind. Some were physically unable to go, and the Father said that local authorities should have had a better plan with many buses and vehicles to evacuate those who were in such helpless conditions.

The Father said that although He brought judgment, He showed compassion as He acted. He pointed out that He could have brought a flood during the storm's fury. If the levees had broken during Katrina's roaring, then many people who tried to get onto their rooftops would have been blown away and killed. Instead, they were given some time that saved many lives.

The Father also said that because of the dispersion, the people, especially the children, will be better off. They will receive better teaching, they will receive help, and the lawless element will have the eyes of the police on them no matter where they go, so their violent anarchy will be curtailed.

This is war between the Father and Satan. Wicked networks have been and will be shattered in spirit and in flesh. Last week our sister in Jesus, Felicia Dennis, saw the Father with battle plans laid out before Him. Then, He rolled up the plans and put them in His pocket for safekeeping. The first battle is here in America, as the Father brought judgment in New Orleans, yet helped with a tender hand, while Satan moved to cause violence through wicked men, and scurrilous accusations through many mouths that are given over to him. The Holy Spirit says that now is the time to ask God for help in tribulation. Our brother, Robert Harrover, was in New Orleans three or four years ago, and He said by the Holy Spirit, "When the judgement begins, New Orleans, you will be the first to go". Now has that prophecy come true.

There is another battle in the Father's plans that looms ahead. It is over the Supreme Court of America. There are two vacancies for the Court and President Bush has already nominated one good person, John Roberts, who will not play politics, and now he will nominate another. There will be a fight, and the enemy will pour out vitriol and stabbing accusations against whomever GW Bush chooses, but the Father will help us to stay steady and to put a nonpartisan judge in place. The Father's prophet in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, said on August 30, "The Judge of judges is sitting in judgement on the judges, and justice will be the result." This battleground is of the Father's choosing, and you can help Him by praying for President Bush and the nominees, and by speaking up against the wicked outcries that will surely come.

These are serious times. We are at war, and no one should be political at such a time. The mark of evil in mankind is to not be changed, to not care, when catastrophe happens. Those who are political in the face of widespread suffering, who do not care though disaster has come, are evil. Evil is to not care, and the Father sees this wickedness. The Judge of the earth will continue to call mankind to account, and to confront Satan, until the end is near and then Jesus returns to take the government upon His own shoulders. In the meantime, the Father said that He will help us, with the economy, with any disasters and their affect on us all. The world is at war and the Father is leading. Victory over evil will come.

In Jesus, who loves the whole world,

Char Tierney
Apostle and Administrator
Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
The Table of the Remnant
September 5, 2005

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Exchange with Brother Joseph in Ghana and a note from Felicia

Here is an email exchange with Brother Joseph with the Believers in Ghana. Ask Jesus if you should join in and help them to set up a business for themselves.
Hello sister Char,
Warmest greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The package you sent several days ago finally gets to us yesterday. We rejoice for its arrival! And we are so thankful for the pictures, Tracts, Bible and the DVD's. Moreso, we do appreciate the gift of $20 you sent alongside with the pictures. Thanks too for the hand written letter from you all there at the table. How precious it is that you wrote part in our vernacular! May God bless you all for always remembering us! All these items that you provided for us will be great blessing to us and for those we will reach with the gospel. And it shall bear fruit, the darkness will be defeated and the victory will be ours! Extend our greetings, love and thanks to Silvana, Jordan, Therese, Felicia, Emily, Doug, and the rest of the brethren there at the OperationJesusPictures. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Your brother,Joseph & the brethren here

Dear Brother Joseph,

We were so glad to hear that the package arrived safely. We prayed for it every day. We are going to send another packet when we can, with more Ewe tracts. Actually, we made some changes in the tract that we think explain sin a little better. How would you feel about making the changes in your language, so I could make the change in the Ewe tract before sending more to you? I will send another email with the changes so you can take a look at it and see what you think about it.

Also, Brother, the Holy Spirit told me to send you a handkerchief that Jordan Cooper and I lay hands on with oil and pray over, so you can pray for people's healing with it. He has been healing many people when we asked Him, out of His great love for all of us, so we want to be obedient to Him and send the handkerchief to you, if you are willing, so that He will have even more opportunity to help you by healing many people there.

Joseph, we want to pray for your provision, and we would like to know how much it would cost for you to open your own business, or to get some land so you can farm for yourselves, or whatever would be the most useful for you to provide for your needs. We do not have any money, but we know that our God can provide, and we especially want to pray for the provision for all of you. If you could talk to each other, and to Jesus, and let us know what type of business would be good for you, and how much it might cost in American dollars, we will go to the Father with that figure to see if He will provide it for you. We are very concerned for all of you, because we know that you are hungry and you have children with you, and we love you all very much.

Have you had a chance to listen to some of the audio blogs I have been making lately? I had not made any for a few months, but I have started to talk the things that the Father has been saying to us. He is teaching so much, that I want others to hear so they can talk to Him about these many important topics, and see the world through His loving eyes, and be encouraged that the end is certain: our Father will bring the victory for us, for the sake of His beautiful Son, Jesus, whom we all love.

Greet all the brothers and sisters with you in Jesus' name, and tell the children that we love them. Are any of your children going to school? Please let us know if they need paper and pencils to do schoolwork, for we could send some to them.

Jesus, please bless Joseph and all the Believers with him. Provide food for this week, Jesus, and keep them all safe. Let people help them, and let the pictures and tracts be a blessing to many. And Jesus, above all, let the people come to know You. Let them hear Your voice, as Abraham did, and love You. Bless the entire village, for the sake of the believers who live there.

Love in Yesu,

Dear sister Char,
Greetings to you in the name of our precious Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We are so grateful to received your letter, and we are more grateful to hear that you will send another packet when you are able. I have read the tract and noticed the changes, we will make the changes in Ewe and send it to you. Thank you very much for the gift you have sent through iKobo, it will be very helpful to us. May God continue to bless you all.
Please, as the Lord leads, go ahead and send the blessed handkerchief to me! That idea had been in my mind for the past few days, even before you told me this. I know that Jesus wants to do great things here in Ghana. We are so pleased that He has choosen us as His vessel. I have listened few times to the audio blogs in your website, including the audio prayers for us. We are so thankful that the Father is passing great messages through you to the world. whenever you are able, we will appreciate if you can be able to make a cassatte tape with prayers and words from the Father and send to us. Because of our present situation, we are unable to afford sending our kids to school. But we are certain that Jesus will soon provide for us so that we can try our best to educate our children. There are other children here that don't have sufficient writing materials, they need paper and pencils to do schoolwork, meanwhile, we can pass such gift along to them.
Thank you very much for praying for the Lord to provide for us to open a business to help us. Some of us have experience in producing washing soap locally using available raw materials (like lye-water, animal fat, etc). Washing soap that is being produced locally is affordable by the population here, and it have good market for the producers and profitable. To setup this business venture, including the capital and raw materials, will cost approximately US$400. The profit from this business will be enough for our food, and to apply for other needs. Please, pray that the Lord Jesus will bless us with resources to start this business soon.
Please, pray that we shall continue to Keep in mind to aim for His glory and honor above all things, to walk together in love and unity, and to always strive to be instruments of righteousness in the hands of our God. Everyone here sends greetings, love and thanks to you and to all the brethren there at the OperationJesusPictures. We look forward to hear from you soon.
Your brother,Joseph & the brethren here
Dear Char,
I read the letter from Joseph, so glad to know Jesus is helping them. I asked Jesus if He would give them the $400 they need to start their business, and He said He would. God bless you, Char. I just heard the audio posts - and I am about to listen to them again. Glad you have been able to post. Praying for you, and everyone there.
Love, Felicia

What Satan saw in the river

Here is a sketch that Silvana drew of what Satan saw as he looked into the river of evil, as described in the earlier audio blog. He desired the power he saw, so he drank. Like a serial killer, he lusted after the power to take life or not take life. Each evil does have power: fear brings power to those who wield it as a weapon, and hate brings power to those who endulge in it. It is power, but it is not an eternal power; only God has eternal power.
The following drawing is from Lydia, the four year old daughter of Felicia. Lydia is the girl who asked her mommy if she could fill her backpack with pictures of Jesus so she could give one to everyone at preschool. It is a self-portrait of Lydia with Jesus. See how loving Jesus is as He holds her hand. He loves us just the same as He loves little Lydia. Jesus, please bless Lydia, and all who love you. Thank you, for holding our hands. Help us to stand in the whirlwind of war which surrounds us - to stand for you and with you.

Power over life/power of fear/power of hate

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Branches without fruit will be burned

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When Sunday School is commended/the beginning of natural disasters on mighty scale

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The Burning Bush: a return to our roots

The Father told us to plant a bush today. He has been showing roots recently. He said that the roots represent the roots in America, a nation that is under God, which stands for freedom. Char saw Him in an underground room, and there were roots coming down from the ceiling. Silvana saw Him with a sickle. He said He would use the sickle to cut down those who oppose the war on terror. He said, "their (our soldiers) sacrifice will not be in vain". In World War II, America stood behind her troops. Women went to work, families made victory gardens, and Hollywood produced films to support our soldiers and the cause of freedom. The Father is bringing us back to our roots, so this bush represents roots. He said to take a copy of the Constitution of the United States and put it in plastic and bury it with the bush, at the roots of the bush. Silvana said to get a bush like the one across the street, so Therese took a cutting off of it to show them at the nursery, so we could get the exact one. When we got there, they told us that the name of the plant is 'BURNING BUSH'! The Father said that this represents His speaking and His presence. The first picture is the new bush on our walkway by our house. The second picture is the Constitution in plastic, the third is Therese widening the hole to plant it, the fourth is the Constitution resting at the base of the plant, and the fifth picture is the bush planted. Father, bless this nation as it returns to You, and to its roots. Bless the people who speak up for freedom, who stand against those who do not love this country and the freedom that You are establishing all over the world. Bless the families of the soldiers, and bless our soldiers. Thank you, Father, for Your help.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

HE WILL CONSUME THE RIVER ENTIRE: The prophet Silvana speaks of evil

I saw myself as though I were walking toward a wall. I looked back and I saw where I was coming from. I was coming from the Father, where I was at His side when He began to show me evil. I saw as He showed why He put a guardian at the tree of the knowledge of evil (and good) so that we would not be destroyed by it. The Father wanted to show us evil Himself from the safety of His side. The guardian of the tree was named Lucifer. Then I came a farther distance, and He showed me a river flowing outside the gates of Heaven. The river was dark and powerful and deep. I looked at the river and I saw that it existed as a shadow exists. The tree is there made by God. The shadow is there, because the tree is there. God made the tree and the sun, but the shadow exists without being made. The river is made of shadows. It is powerful, and it calls from the opposite of the Father. The river is evil itself.

Then I saw Satan, clothed in white, walking the pathways of Heaven. He is a spiritual being, with great power, who was created to help the Father by being a coordinator over the earth, just as the angels were created to help the Father with mankind. I saw his head bowed, his brow furrowed, thinking and thinking. I saw that he was dissatisfied with the Father. I saw that he was thinking thoughts that were coming from self. Heaven is pure. His thoughts were not pure but he was free to think whatever he would think, he had not done anything wrong. I saw Satan quicken his steps and walk toward the edges of Heaven. He was listening to a call he heard from the distance; the sound of a river flowing. The sound of a power he had never heard before, power outside the presence of the Father.

Then I was taken back to the shore of the river. I saw Satan coming over the bank. He came to the shore and he stood looking at the dark waters flowing. What was in his heart was in the river before him, but was unformed in his mind. I couldn't tell in time reference how long he stayed there, staring into the river, but I know that he returned to the river many times. He who is a free being, made by God, able to leave Heaven to see beyond, came and sat by the water, very still, staring into it.

The more he went there, the harder he became, for the presence of evil leaves a mark, and the angrier he became at supposed wrongs done to him. Self rose like a mountain out of the river. Many times Satan came and contemplated there, and never did he leave that shore unchanged. And then he drank from the river. His journeys to the river were complete.

Evil is what the Father is showing. Evil transforms; it is the polar opposite of good. There is nothing to stand in the way of evil, but good. Once a choice is made for evil, damage is done, great damage is done. So Satan left the river to go to the tree where he knew great secrets resided. The tree guarded by Lucifer, set by the Father to help mankind understand that evil exists, and that good exists, and to teach us that we have the freedom to make the choice between the two. Evil is too powerful for man to battle alone. Satan walked paths of light and beauty, he looked in the eyes of the One who made him, and then his thoughts led him away from the light, and evil helped him hate the light. So then he was transformed from what he once was, what he was created to be. So, he went to the tree to talk with the one who was there to obey God and guard the tree.

What was specifically said between the two was not shown to me, but as the Father reveals, Lucifer was persuaded that evil was good, and that power is the most important thing. Satan reasoned with Lucifer: "God is powerful, we are powerful, and evil is powerful. There is another power equal to God".

The aftermath we know. Lucifer was full of high opinions of himself because he was beautiful and shining like the morning light. Lucifer was one of a brotherhood of three: Gabriel, Michael, and himself. He listened to Satan, who had drunk from the river, and Satan spoke against the Father. Satan persuaded Lucifer to resent being a servant to man, and then to resent the Father for placing him in such a "lowly" (repugnant) position.The Father, who created them and loved them, was grieved that their freedom had led them away from the light and away from His heart. All who were with Lucifer were persuaded by him that Satan was right and they themselves were not appreciated, and so a third of the angels fell. Angels were created and divided into thirds: a third with Gabriel, a third with Michael, and a third with Lucifer. Thus happened the first and last war in Heaven, and the light prevailed. Heaven is without darkness and without evil and will always be so.

So I came away from the tree, along the road the Father was taking me, and I came away from the falling away in Heaven. What is evil? What happens to man in the grip of it? With evil, self and sin combine, such as happened with Lucifer, and then evil flows towards the darkness in man where he is, away from the Father. Satan and Lucifer, thrown down on the earth, are still warring with the Father. Along the road of time, I saw acts from Lucifer and Satan, acts of evil, acts from man, all horrifying. The Father showed me evil, death, murder, suicide, and there are not enough tears to match the grief they cause in the earth.

The Father and I continued to move along time, watching the river flow, until the Father brought me to another river that was flowing from Heaven to earth; a river to stand against evil. The river was blood and the blood was from Jesus, who is the highest good of all. There is a powerful, unstoppable river of blood which will defeat evil. And now the whole earth is gripped in a war against evil itself, as we see evil rage across the world, intent on the bloodshed of the innocent.

So I saw myself come up to the wall, with my nose pressed against it. And then I felt myself stepping sideways to the right until I was seeing a path in front of me. It seems that the path is foggy, I can't see ahead yet. But the Father spoke to me then, and He said that it was time to look the enemy in the face, time to see what is there. Time to face the fear he inspires, which he loves to inflict on mankind. Time to see what his power is, this enemy of the Father. Time to look into the eyes of Satan, the one who was not himself deceived into falling, but who made his choice for evil freely. Fallen man chooses self over everything, as Satan and Lucifer and all who are with them did. Man is the reason a river of blood flowed from the heart of the Father. And now it is mankind who must face evil, with blood covering them, and make the choice between good and evil, and take a stand against evil forever.

At the end of this journey that I am on with the Father, I know that there is a destination, which is the shores of the lake of fire. I know that the evil river will flow there, and I know there is an altar on that shore, made by God. The Father Himself will take His place there, when all the choices have been made, and He will allow the river to flow over Him. And He, our God, will consume the river entire.

Thank You, Father. All our love is for You.

Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
August 20th, 2005

Monday, August 15, 2005


The Father was speaking of Israel today, and we are praying for them, as we know you must be also. He showed that it is His will for them to withdraw from Gaza, because one day there will be a dual state there, but this is very hard for many Jews to accept or believe. They cannot understand how the Father could possibly have them give up their land, and they do not believe that He wants them to do so. They should ask Him, because He will tell them that they need to do so. He said today that it is like it was in Jeremiah's day, when that prophet spoke for Him and said that the Jews should surrender to Nebuchadnezzar's forces. They did not believe him. The Father told Jeremiah to take a deed to his land and safeguard it, to show the people that they would indeed return to their land, but the only way to get there was to surrender. (Jeremiah 32) Those who did not surrender would be killed and those who did surrender would be carried off in captivity, but they would be watched over by the Father and eventually return, which is exactly what happened.

The Father said also that this is also as it was in Jesus' day, when many Jews were zealots. Zealots believed that Rome should not be in Israel and that the Father wanted to rescue them from this situation. They looked for a Messiah to save them from Rome's occupation of Israel. However, this was not the plan of the Father. Zealots at that time did not know His will, but they assumed that they did and they believed with all their hearts that God would not want the cruelty of foreign Rome to have power over them.

The exact same situation exists today, where the Father shows that the settlers should withdraw from Gaza. Many Jews and Christians do not realize what the will of the Father is in concerning the withdrawal. The Rose Garden vision that President GW Bush laid out in 2002 is from the Holy Spirit. At the end there will be two states in Israel: Jewish and Palestinian. There will eventually be war between Israel and the Palestinians and their supporters, and the survival of the Jews will depend upon the wall, which the Father wants Israel to finish building. Some people assume that God would not want nor allow the Palestinians to establish themselves in Israel, but they are mistaken. One time in speaking of the Palestinians, Jesus said, "My cousins". These descendants of Abraham, through Isaac and through Ishmael, will one day have peace between them, as the Father sees. In Jeremiah's day the people did not understand the will of the Father. They should have believed the prophet Jeremiah when he told them what the Father showed him, or they should have asked the Father themselves. Because what was being said to them was contrary to what they wanted, and contrary to what they thought the Father wanted, they refused to believe it.

It is hard to blame the settlers for their strong feelings. They lived and worked and established themselves in the midst of terrorist threat. Benjamin Netanyahu wrote a strong article in which he outlines the reasons why he resigned in protest from Prime Minister Sharon's government because of the withdrawal. He warned that in the past there have been "peace for land" deals, but that this is a "land for nothing" agreement. The Palestinians get the land, but what does Israel get? He also pointed out that the wall is not finished and that the Gaza Strip offers access to a port on the Mediterranean Sea, which will give the Palestinians the ability to receive weapons unnoticed from foreign nations, such as Syria. His arguments are powerful and well thought out, and in the natural realm they make great sense. However, the Father sees the future and He knows what is coming. It is He who is at war with Satan, the enemy of the whole world, and the war over Israel is the final one that will lead to Jesus' return. The Father knows best what needs to be done, and one thing that must be done is the completion of the wall, and the withdrawal of Israelis behind it. It will save their lives in the end, if they persevere in standing against the onslaught that comes against them, and if they repent of their long rejection of God's Son, and ask God for help in Jesus' name, the Messiah who truly can save them. (And has already saved them from their sin, though they do not yet acknowledge it.)

Of course the enemy is pushing strongly for violence and unrest among the Jews. It is like a tinderbox in the region, with the potential for fire all around. Satan is particularly eager for Israeli on Israeli violence. We are praying earnestly for the Jews to resist this, and for the Holy Spirit to pour oil on the troubled waters. He can help them, if they will respond. The demons that we saw in Israel earlier this year, those strongmen who are low to the ground, are moving among the people, inciting to anger and violence, but the people should resist the feelings and anger which is stirred up, and not raise violent hands one to another.

After watching the news, and seeing in the Spirit about Israel and about Satan's plans and movements, I felt greatly concerned about the whole situation, and I went to the Father. I said to Him, "I am worried", He reached out, in the Spirit, and He put His hand gently on my face and cradled my cheek. "Don't worry", He said.

Then He showed me more from His perspective on the situation: He pointed out that the number 17 (August 17: the legal deadline for the withdrawal) signifies a beginning. The Father said, "It is the beginning of the end". This is the beginning of the Father's final fight with Satan that will lead to Satan's capture and confinement for the thousand years that has been foretold by the Holy Spirit by the Holy Scriptures.

In the Spirit, I saw a hook to ensnare Satan, which will lead him on the path that leads to the eventual end. The bait on the hook (which opens doors) was the Gaza territory. The hook led to Jerusalem and the battle for that city. Satan has said "Jerusalem is mine", but the Holy Spirit answers firmly, "Jerusalem is eternal". (He adds that it is Mecca which will be no more.) Jerusalem is eternal for it is above, as the Scriptures show, yet Jesus will return with that heavenly city when He comes to deliver Israel and the world from Satan's hand. The natural city may be destroyed, but the eternal city cannot be harmed by Satan and his forces, whether spiritual or deceived ranks of mankind.

The Father also showed the following: Why have Jews universally refused to return to their Father, who is their God? Why does He not speak to them as He spoke to Abraham and Moses and the prophets? Why have they placed themselves in the camp of Satan, who is the god of their enemies? Because of their ongoing, determined rejection of Jesus. They teach their children to reject Jesus, just as those of Islam teach against Jesus and raise their children to reject Him. How can the Father get them out of the camp of Satan and cause them to return to Him, who is their Creator and who views them as the Apple of His Eye?

What is dear to the heart of the Jew and what more than anything in existence could reach them? What is sacred and dear to the heart of every Jew is the city of Jerusalem, the city of David. When that city is struck, as eventually it will be, then will they be pierced, even as Jesus was pierced. The veil over their eyes will be ripped, from top to bottom, like the veil in the temple when Jesus died, and if they respond by crying out to God, He will help them. He will say to them, "I will deliver you from your enemies, but you must no longer reject My Son, your Messiah." When they call out to Him in Jesus' name, Jesus will return to the earth and Satan will be bound.

The Father said that it has become like it was in the time of Jesus' ministry on earth. The Father and Satan are engaged in a great war over mankind, over good and evil, and over Israel. The war will not end until Satan is captured and mankind at last has freedom from that malevolent power who became the god of this world and filled this world with his evil actions. The Father will not draw back. He is with us and will remain to help us until the very end. In a sense, it is the Father's ministry in the earth today. A suggestion to you from an apostle: re-read THE FATHER SPEAKS OF THE WAR ON TERROR AND EVIL. Reading this will remind you of the heart of the Father, and put you on the same page as He is. Then, talk to Him about what is in those powerful prophecies, which came through His prophet in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, and get accustomed to hearing His voice to you. Then, talk to Him of the powerful events on the earth, so you can see that He is active on our behalf, though Satan is determined to kill and destroy and deceive. The great calling away will not come until Jerusalem and Rome have been struck, and those who are taken will be those who hear Jesus voice, and love Him and obey His will. They are those who are acting as a Bride to the Groom who always heard the Father and did His will, even to the point of death.

Father, we come to You in Jesus' name. Please do not let there be terrible bloodshed on the 17th and as the withdrawal continues. Send your powerful Holy Spirit to help the settlers, who feel so deeply the injustice in being forced to move. Do not let the enemy have the death that he desires. Please send swiftly to Israel the prophet with the spirit of Stephen who will speak strong and true words from You. Help the settlers. Show them the wisdom in withdrawal and in two states, and help them with their legitimate feelings of dismay. We know that You honor their courage and fortitude, yet now is the time to be led by You and what You see is right. God bless Israel, and God bless all who love Your Son, our beloved Bridegroom, Jesus.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Packet sent to Brother Udeme and Brother Joseph in Ghana

Here are two more pictures from Brother Joseph and the Believers with him. Brother Udeme is in the first picture.

We sent a packet of pictures to them last week. We sent them 350 Ewe Tracts of JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME and some English ones, plus 350 stringed pictures, and 650 smaller wallet sized pictures, plus some 8x10s and DVDs of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, and a copy of the TNIV (Today's New International Version). Here is a picture of the packet we sent:

Here is the letter we sent to them with the packet. I know you all must join us with love for these brothers and sisters who love Jesus and desire to please Him with their lives. They have suffered, in Togo and now in Ghana, and we ask Jesus daily for provision for them.
As we were preparing to mail the packet, the Father said to Felicia that there will be a harvest for Him from this mailing to Ghana. Thank you, Father.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

More writings from the trip to Raton, NM


In the night, Jesus was showing Himself coming against Lucifer.

Today we felt the warfare in the spiritual realm continuing. We drove towards the warfare and went up to the lake. We sat by the lake to string pictures of Jesus. We saw a sign saying we were at the Colorado border, we did not know we were so close to the border. While there, the Father was talking about a liberal strongman from Colorado. By the Holy Spirit, we took two pictures of Jesus and put them on the ground on each side of the road at the Colorado, New Mexico border, and poured a line of oil between the two states. The oil has a dual purpose: one is to rebuke the liberal strongman and the other is to be a call to the people of the state - it is a chance to see what harm liberalism brings to your people and reject it.

Then, we went into Raton, NM to give out packets of pictures of Jesus. I saw the Father looking left and right, and Silvana was saying, "over there...this one...that one". We put a packet of pictures at any house to which the Father directed us. We gave some pictures to four men and some children that were sitting in a driveway. One man took a stack of about 20 pictures, saying that he had many people that he wanted to give a picture. We also gave him a copy of the dvd THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, and he said that when his friends come back from working in the coal mines, that he will watch the movie with them and give them each a picture. The children all put the picture of Jesus around their necks.

The Father sent us to "a blue house" and then, "a yellow house" and then said to put pictures into some mailboxes. We gave five men copies of THE PASSION. They each wanted it. We left a package with 50 pictures, 10 JESUS IS ALIVE tracts, and a PASSION OF THE CHRIST movie, at a church. Outside the church was a fruit tree. The Father said that this represents the fruit of the earth, the people that we are reaching, and the harvest that will come to Him. The last stop we made was at a house where the Father said to go inside and give pictures. We stopped and Therese went inside and asked the woman if she would like to have some pictures of Jesus. She said she did, and then she said that she has cancer and has been traveling into Albuquerque for treatment. We gave her an 8x10 picture of Jesus and prayed for her. We also called Jordan so he could pray for her also, which he did. Her name is Irma. Please pray for Irma, who Jesus loved so much, that He sent us right to her door.

The Father said that He is "raring to go" out again to reach the people with pictures of Jesus. He knows exactly where they are. I saw Him looking around as He did when we were driving and He was showing Silvana to "turn right, turn left, go over there..." He will lead us to them.

Jesus showed us to make more pictures today, so we set up on the picnic table and laminated about 500 more pictures. While working on them, He said that while making the pictures is a good time to put the sign out because people will be watching us and interested in what we are doing. So, we went in and got the sign and put it out. Less than five mintes later three people came by who work for the forest service. One of them, named Sam, came over as though he was drawn by a magnet. He stood looking into Jesus' face in the sign. I asked him if he wanted pictures and he said, "Oh yes". He especially wanted an 8x10, so we gave him an 8x10 and a 4x6, and since he said he wanted to give them to others we gave him a packet of 25 tracts with 50 stringed pictures, and we gave to him the movie, THE PASSION. He said that he had seen the movie but did not own it. He said that anyone who could watch that movie and not have tears in their eyes has something wrong with them. He said he would pray for us, and we pray for him and for all who love Jesus as he does. The other two people who were with him wanted pictures too and also the movie.

I see more of the Father opposing Lucifer. I saw the Father rush past Lucifer and snatch something away. I saw something like a sledgehammer/drill crash into the ground on top of a mountain, causing a crater to be there. I heard the top of this mountain called, "the little crest". I saw a steep mountain right next to this mountain. The steep and tall mountain represents Satan and the smaller mountain represents Lucifer. The Father is overcoming Lucifer and his lies and his works. This will cause there to be a powerful action against liberalism, against religiosity, against all the actions and lies of Lucifer. Thank you, Father!

The Father said to Silvana, "here is the definition of a theologian: someone who is looking for ways to not believe".


I woke up this morning in the Spirit. I saw the two mountains and then I saw the Father looking from a high place between the two mountains towards a town on the plains below. The city was waking up down below. The Father was looking at them and seeing them and hearing them and feeling them and loving them. I saw that He has plans to move over them and help them. He is sending us to them with pictures of Jesus and His Spirit is ready to move over them and change their feelings, their thoughts, their lives, and bring them hope and help.

Suddenly I remember an experience from the past: I remembered being in a Salvation Army help center, where there is a picture of Jesus and people can come for help. In this particular Salvation Army Center, there was a sign on the wall saying that no one can use their bathroom. They did not want the homeless to use their bathroom. While I was waiting to talk to them, a man came in for help, but they turned him away. After he left, the woman who was the receptionist came out from behind the counter with a spray and sprayed the air, as though to remove his scent. When I told them that Jesus would not tell the homeless that they could not use His bathroom, they threatened to call the police on me. In the Spirit, I saw this whole situation again, then I saw the Father and He followed the man outside and helped him. He went to the man's neighborhood, the man's background, and He began to help him and show him that He loves him. Then, I saw again the city with many people, and I saw the Father's Holy Spirit moving over them and among them, helping them with love. Hope and help are coming to Raton, to America, to the world.
Later in the day I went to Raton to do a load of laundry. At the laundry, I saw a woman with two children. I gave her daughter a picture of Jesus and then Jesus said to get an 8x10 to give to the woman. I went out to the car and got a large picture to give her. I asked the daughter to ask her mother if she wanted the picture so she did and the woman said, "Yes". As I was preparing to leave, the girl came out and told me that her mother had asked if I could pray for her since her husband had just died. As the girl and I were talking, I saw the woman, shyly peeking around the corner to see if the girl was talking to me. I went back inside and asked her if I could pray for her right then and she said I could, so I laid hands on her and asked Jesus to help her with her children, with everything in her life. How much Jesus loves her! He told us later that her husband was a covering for her since she is very shy. She needs Jesus' help and Jesus loves her. He took me to town specifically to give her His picture, so He can draw near to her and help her.
Then I went to a street called "Verde", which is the Spanish word for "green". Before we left Moriarty, Jesus told us to go to Verde Street in Raton. At the time we didn't realize that Raton is largely a hispanic city. The green (verde) is a sign of the Father and His plans. He will move among people to help them in every way and turn their thoughts towards Jesus, towards love, towards eternity and helping each other.
Near Verde Street, I passed a field with a large American flag in the middle of it. Jesus told me to give a packet of pictures to the people who have the field. I though their house was right behind the field and I started up the road to their house. The building I thought was a house was a shed, so I kept going on the road which wound higher and higher. I got to the very top of the road to a house and left a packet of pictures there. As I turned back to the car, I was surprised to see that the view was exactly what I was seeing earlier in the vision from the Father of looking down on a city. Click on the link to our pictures from the trip to see the view that I saw.

Writings from our travels


We left today for the Sugarite Canyon Campground where we have reservations for four days. (We ended up staying for six days) Earlier we had the idea of getting totally ready to go on Saturday. We were packed and ready to leave when we discovered a propane leak in the stove. We were able to get the advice and the parts to repair it because it was Saturday. If we had not had the warning to get ready on Saturday, we would have had to wait until Monday to go, giving up one of our days of rest. Thank you, Father. We fixed the leak on Saturday and left on Sunday. On the way we felt the opposition of the enemy, and the Father told us to resist and overcome him.

In Las Vegas, NM, we gave 25 packets of pictures (one JESUS IS ALIVE tract and two pictures in each packet) to the Good Samaritan Thrift Store to share with others and we gave a packet to someone who had Jesus' name written on their car.

At Raton, NM, just before our turnoff to the campsite, Silvana saw angels who are with us, greeting angels who are here. Char saw them too. It was as though it were a family reunion - friendly greetings all around. Silvana said that they see what the angels here go through. They respect them and love them.

Therese saw Jesus as though he was covering the Geo. She said at first she thought it was an angel and then she saw that it was Jesus, and angels were with Him and with us and all around us.

On the way, Char saw a vision of the Father inside a grave. She recognized the grave as one that was in her dreams the last time that we were traveling. The Father was filling in the grave. At first He was inside the grave and then He jumped out and finished filling it in and then patted it down.

Silvana: Evil is louder than good. Good is like a deep, clear river that flows with strength. Evil is like a crashing current that smashes against the rocks.

As we approached the campsite, Char saw the Father rush ahead of us, and then she saw Him by a picnic table spreading things out. When we arrived, we saw our site, which is by some trees and a picnic table.

The Father said for us to continue to stand as the enemy opposes us and to resist and overcome him. (This is how it felt when we met up with the strongman of Montana, and strongmen of other states, as we traveled in the past.)

Char dreamt in the night that Therese was going to become the Prime Minister of Canada. She was helping the people and giving packets of pictures to citizens who needed help. The packet of pictures that she was giving had two pictures of Jesus and around six pictures of scenes from nature. The current PM and his aide were opposing Therese and trying to bribe her not to become the new PM. People in the nation were being helped by her. At a public function that was coming up in the near future, Therese was planning to publicly ask God for help for the nation of Canada. There was a report on tv in the dream about us and some pictures of Jesus but it was not the picture that we make. It was a different internet group. (This is the third dream of Canada in the last month. Anthony and Felicia also dreamt of Canada.) Later, the Holy Spirit said to pray for Canada everyday and when we get home to put out a rock before Jesus for Canada.

The Father said to Silvana, "I don't just oppose evil, I answer it".

Our camp site (#11) is under some trees between two roads, by the gates to the campground. The Holy Spirit spoke of the significance of the roads: one is a road to the whole world and the other is the road to communities. The gates represents gates opening up and the Father coming through. He is moving with power to return this world to Himself!

The Holy Spirit showed Silvana that Angels are now placed at the entrance of the campground and are not going to leave when we go. They also will remain in the cities after we leave. The demons are not going to be able to walk right in like they have been doing, oppressing people and moving on them in their sin to get them to hurt others. Now if they want in they will have to try to sneak past the Angels. The Father said to Silvana that once the ground is taken it will not be given back, it is permanant. That goes for ground taken in communities and taken in individuals.

Silvana saw combat in the spirit this morning. The angels who are with us are attacking demons in this area. The angels are forcing the demons out. The angels from this area knew exactly where the demons congregate, and led the way. During the fight, Char heard the Father tell His angels to "show them no mercy". Why should they have mercy, when they have been oppressing mankind for centuries? This is a takeover by the Father.

We gave ten packets of pictures to five bikers so they will have the picture of Jesus with them as they travel. What a joy to give out the pictures of Jesus. The Father said that the changes in people's lives after receiving the pictures are deep and profound. The Holy Spirit is the One who brings the changes and forever changes their lives.

The Father was showing what He meant in the vision by rushing ahead and filling the grave. The enemy seeks to drag the suicidal and the despairing towards death, towards the grave. The Father rushes ahead to fill the grave, so people despair, but then He is able to bring them to hope and save their lives. He is about life as the enemy is about death.

The Father was showing Silvana that just one drop of hope in their spirit is enough to bring them away from the despair that leads to sucide, which the enemy has been pushing on them. Hope, that they are loved, hope that someone cares for them. Silvana was describing prison and how cold and fearful it is. She described also a prisoner in a cell with cement walls and no window, reading "Jesus is alive and knows your name", and feeling the hope afer reading, "Jesus is watching you read this now, and loving you". Jesus bring hope to this person, hope to all who hear this truth.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Traveling with the pictures of Jesus

We are staying at a campsite in northern New Mexico and giving out the picture of Jesus to everyone we meet. I have been keeping a written blog in the laptop and when we get home we will enter it so you can read about all the Father has been saying and doing as we are traveling.
The other day He told us to go into Raton, a city near the border of Colorado/New Mexico. We gave pictures of Jesus to people we saw on the street, plus to some houses along the way. I saw the Father looking left, looking right, and then telling us where to go. Silvana was seeing everywhere He wanted us to go. He took us to one house and we went up with a large picture of Jesus. The woman who lives there was very glad to get it. She said that she has cancer and has been going into Albuquerque for treatment. Today, I came in to do some laundry. At the laundrymat, Jesus said to give an 8x10 to one woman, so I took one to her. Then, the woman sent her daughter to ask us to pray for her, because her husband had just died. The Father sees where the hurting people are and He loves them deeply. This morning when I woke up the Father said that He is "raring to go" to send us out with more pictures to people whom He loves.
This morning I saw a vision of the Father looking down on a town and the people. The town was just waking up and people were beginning to move around as they woke up and prepared for their day. The Father hears them, He sees them, He loves them. He is preparing to move on their behalf. He told us that He is going to give a powerful breath out from all the pictures of Jesus spread out over the world, on August 5, 2005. We are so honored to be a part of this marvelous work that He is doing.
Keep praying for us as we travel. God bless OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES.

Sunday, July 31, 2005


Here is a link to a page on our web site: UNDER THE TREE OF THE PROPHETS, which shows some of what the Father has been showing to Silvana Lupetti, prophet of the Father in the United States. We will continue to post to that page. As always, there is more being poured out by the Father then we ever get a chance to post. Keep talking to Him about everything that He shows, so you can be on the same page as He is, as you look at the world today.
We are leaving today to go out again the RV. We have reservations for four days at a campsite by a lake, and then we will be going out wherever the Father takes us. Pray for us and support OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES: in the Spirit, and with our travel expenses, as you are able.
Write to us for information about the ikobo account for Brother Joseph and the refugees in Ghana, and Felicia will get back to you with the information you need to send them money for food and their needs. Pray for jobs for the men and women who are with them, so their needs can be met in an ongoing way. God bless them and keep them safe.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Tract for Brother Joseph in Africa

Click on the picture above to see a copy of the tract made for Brother Joseph in Ghana. The language of the tract is Ewe, which is spoken in Togo, Benin, and Ghana. (The picture above cut off the bottom of Jesus' face, but the tract does not. Our scanner did not scan the tract in properly, but you can get an idea of what it looks like.) Pray for the people who receive these words. The Father wants people to know the truth about Jesus; who He is, why He came to earth and that you can know Him, and above all, that He truly does love us. Each person on earth is made by Him and loved by Him, and it is our task to help the Holy Spirit let them know it.
It is war - between Satan and God, over the people of the earth, and the Father looks around to see who is joining Him to fight. He said, "There are no bystanders in My army". If we love Jesus, then we must join Him, because the fight is on and what are our individual lives in the face of the war against all mankind? There is war in the spirit and war in the natural realm. The Father said to Silvana Lupetti recently, "There is a season of breaking back" and we can see it is so. There were the attacks in London, and Egypt, for which we grieve, but there is a push from the Father to help mankind to stand and reject and fiercely come against this evil of terror. We can see mind's changing world-wide and people standing up who would not speak up before. There is a uniting against evil, as the Holy Spirit moves all over the earth. As Silvana says by His wisdom, "Now is the time for mankind to ASK GOD for help, and to ask God what we should do." There is no way to be totally safe from terrorist attacks, such as those from suicide bombers. The Father has supernaturally been helping us, and He will continue to do so, but men and women need to realize that they need His help and to ask Him for it. The prophets say, "Ask God for help".
Continue to pray for Brother Joseph and the Brethren with him. They need the basic provisions, even food. I was very happy today when Therese's daughter Emily said she will be able to send them a little money in a few days.

Letter from Brother Joseph in Ghana

Here is an email that we received today from Brother Joseph in Ghana:

Hello sister Char, Warmest greetings to you and to all the rest of the brethren there at OperationJesusPictures. It was a blessing to have the opportunity once again to call and talk with you there. The prayers always bring break through to us in many ways. I am attaching to this email, the transation of "Jesus is alive and knows your name". We have translated it into the language widely spoken here called "EWE". That is the same vernacular used by many people in Ghana, Togo and Republic of Benin. We pray that Lord Jesus will provide resources so that you can be able to print and send some copies to us, so that we can share to the people here, that will want to speak to Jesus, and listen to Him.
Please, continue to keep us in your prayers, things are very difficult with us at this time. As of this week, we hardly get food and other necessities. But we keep trusting in the Lord for He has never forgotten nor forsake us, our living God has never failed to make true the scriptures in Psalm 34:19, "many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them ALL." The circumstances we are now rhymes with what I am sharing with the brethren here. I am sharing 'Endtime" message with the brethren here. The conditions in the world we live in, right here and now, are described in II Timothy 3:1,12-13: "But know this, that in the last days, perilous times shall come.....yes, and all who desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.....evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse."
We continue to pray for your ministry and the great work you are doing for the Lord Jesus. We are more grateful to know that you are sending pictures of Jesus to the people in Iraq. Jesus speak to them, let them know that you are alive, and will help them in everything they need from you.Amen Extend our greetings, love and thanks to everyone there. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your brother,
Joseph & the brethren here

Friday, July 29, 2005

Photos of the RV after we finished painting

The RV after we finished painting it. Therese did a wonderful job with the paint job. She painted the white, and touched up the stripes, and painted the awnings. She also painted the fender and the hubcaps on the Geo. We are set and ready to go out with the Father with our packets of pictures of Jesus. Pray for us as we travel. The enemy is standing before us to oppose us, but we know the Father will help us. If you are able to do so, please help us with gas and travel expenses, as we travel as OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES.


Greetings in Jesus' name. We are getting ready to go out again in the RV. We have prepared 1000 packets of pictures (each packet has one tract of JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME and two of the stringed pictures) to take with us and to give out as the Father says to give. As we posted on one of our blog sites, the Father said recently that the giving of the packets and the pictures will bring fruit. He said to us, "Cast your bread upon the waters and it will return to you" and since He said that we are already seeing evidence that it is so. Here are four different phone calls that we received this week:

We received one phone call from a man in Nova Scotia, Canada, whose wife had received some pictures of Jesus from us. He told us about talking to a woman who was very depressed. He walked two and a half miles (he said he did not have money for the bus) to give her one of the pictures of Jesus that we had sent to him and his wife. He told us that the woman cried when he arrived because he had gone so far out of his way to take her this picture. This is exactly what Jesus would have done! We know that Jesus will help her. Thank you, Father, for Your servant, Brent, who loves you and loves others in Your name.

We received another phone call from a woman who we had talked with on the phone in May. She lives in Arizona on an Indian Reservation. She called for pictures in May after traveling through Albuquerque. She saw our television show, so she called to request some of the free laminated pictures of Jesus that we make. While on the phone with her, we asked her what we could pray about for her and she told us that her 26 year old daughter had just been diagnosed with lung cancer in both lungs. We all prayed for her daughter and Jordan laid hands on his model and asked Jesus to heal her. The woman was calling us this week to tell us that her daughter had gone back to the doctor and the cancer had entirely disappeared! She was calling to thank Jesus for what He did for her and her family. Thank you, Jesus!

We received a call from Sandy, who lives less than ten miles from us. She told us that she had gotten eight pictures from a service station where we left a basket of pictures. She has twin sons in the armed forces: one in Iraq and one on the carrier, Kitty Hawk, stationed near Japan. She sent four pictures to each son. Both boys photocopied the picture and gave it out to other servicemen. The son in Iraq was injured in a tank accident, and he said that he was so glad to have Jesus' picture with him at that time. The other son on the Kitty Hawk gave a picture of Jesus to a soldier who had lost his leg who was very glad to receive the picture. Sandy's son is home for two months on leave and then is going back to Iraq so she wondered if we could give them some more pictures. With joy we made up another packet of pictures to give to her for him. Recently we sent over 2000 pictures to Reverend Joe in Iraq (a soldier/minister) and today we put together a packet with over 800 pictures for Sandy's son. Thank you, Father, for this wonderful report of Your pictures being spread abroad!

We also received a call this week from Brother Joseph in Africa. He and his people (Believer's Ministries) are refugees from Togo, living in Ghana. They are translating JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME into two different African languages: one that is widely spoken in Ghana and one that is spoken in Togo. He said they will send the translation soon by email, and then we can print some tracts for them to give out to the people around them. Thank you, Father, and help them as they translate Your words for the sake of the people. Bless them and keep them safe and provide jobs and food for all of them.

Brother Joseph has opened an i-kobo account. You can send him $60 for only a $3 transfer fee, (far cheaper than Western Union) so if you are able to help these brothers and sisters, contact us and we will give you the information that you need.

As always, we would welcome your help with gas and travel expenses. We are not sure exactly where all we will go as we go out with the RV, but we do know that the Father will lead us. To make a donation through PayPal, click here.

God bless you. Keep praying for and supporting OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES, because fruit for Jesus lies ahead. In the midst of the war, there is joy, because of His love and His presence.

Char Tierney
Apostle and Administrator
Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
The Table of the Remnant
Doug and Therese Cooper
Felicia Dennis
July 28, 2005

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Felicia and baby Lily Anne

Here is a picture of Felicia and baby Lily Anne in the hospital, and one of Lily after she came home. She came into this world, greatly loved by all of us and by her wonderful Creator, on July 5, 2005. Notice the picture of Jesus around Felicia's neck: Felicia worked on making pictures of Jesus while she was in labor. What a beautiful way to honor Jesus. God bless you, Lily, and God bless all your family as they stand with Jesus, whom they love, just as He loves them, in the war against evil.
If you would like to listen to a few audio blogs that Char Tierney made for the tv show, then go over to another blog site that we have opened specifically for working on the show. (as always, start at the bottom and work your way up - then the blogs will be in order of how they were given)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Cast your bread upon the waters

Today spoke to Silvana concerning the packets we give out, which contain one tract: JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME, and two pictures of Jesus, "Cast your bread upon the waters, for it will return to you."

Friday, July 15, 2005

Photo of patio after London Bombings

After the bombings in London, the Father said to take a rock to represent the people of London, and to put it into a bowl of red wine. (We used port, which is a deep red wine.) He said to put the rock out before Jesus when the sun when down. So, we got a rock and put it on our table in a bowl of port wine. All day we prayed for the people of London and of England. At sundown, we took the rock out and put it before Jesus. Then, the Father said to sprinkle the wine from the bowl all around the patio. We sprinkled the wine on the patio and the path leading to it, and on the flowers. The Father said it looked like one of the sin offerings that were done in the Old Testament. It also looked like it looked in London, where blood was spattered on the walls.
When I (Char Tierney) started to sprinkle the wine, I saw the Father and He was weeping. As I continued to sprinkle the wine until it was all gone, I saw the angels who are always around us, always with the Father. They stood stock still. They were silent and somber. When I finished, I saw the angels going over to a big bowl (almost as big as an angel) that was somewhere out in the spiritual realm. They looked inside. It had liquid in it and was almost full. I believe that this bowl into which they looked represents (or is) one off the bowls which the Father pours out, when He returns to the people their own actions. Therese took the picture of the wine on the patio so you could see how it looked. Father, bring an end to terrorism.