Saturday, December 30, 2006

End of Saddam, coming end of Satan

On the day after Christmas, Silvana, Therese, Felicia, and I, took some of the Passion Fruit and waited before the Father. We prayed for the believers in the days ahead. All the spiritual realm was listening as we cried out that Jesus Christ is Lord. As we asked the Father to kill Satan, to capture him, I saw angels outside. I saw that they also want an end to this terrible being, who has brought such great harm. Suddenly, I saw the angels standing over a body bag, that was blood red. It was blood red because it holds the remains of one who has shed much blood.
When Saddam Hussein was captured by American forces, the Holy Spirit said that it was a forerunner of the capture of Satan. When I heard today that Saddam would be killed in a few hours, the Holy Spirit showed me that the body bag was for Saddam, but it is a warning to Satan, because his end is sure, and it is approaching swiftly.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gifts from Jesus at Christmas

Jesus did some wonderful things for us personally for Christmas. Since we were using our money, and the money from other believers who support OJP, for the feast in Rwanda and in Ghana, we decided not to buy presents for one another. However, Silvana said she regretted not being able to buy Doug some cigars for Christmas, since he always works so hard and so faithfully with Prestige Carpet Care. However, what was happening in Rwanda and Ghana is so great, that we were a little disappointed, but we rejoiced in Jesus. Christmas Day came and Doug received gifts from various people, and everyone gave him cigars! Jesus is kind!

The second thing that Jesus did for us was also personal. About three weeks ago, Silvana and I were talking about the fact that we would like to get something colorful to hang in our bay windows. We decided that we couldn't do it now, because of the Christmas feasts, but we said we would look for something after the Christmas season, when we might have a few dollars to spare. Our neighbor, Rick, and his wife Tammy, gave us two beautiful stained glass window hangers for Christmas! It is exactly what we wanted to get, and again, we know that Jesus provided them with love. Rick and Tammy said that they were in Bibles Plus looking for a present for us and they didn't know what to get, and then they saw the stained glass hummingbirds and they seemed perfect. Thank you, Jesus, and thank you Rick and Tammy, who have been good neighbors for many years.

The third thing that Jesus did was to give a present to us, that lifted our hearts. As we were providing for the feasts, and for the salary for Jean (we really need to help him with the fees that they charged him to pick up the boxes of presents and pictures of Jesus. $166 USD! Pastor Jean borrowed the money from another pastor, rather than use the money for the feast that he had already received. God bless him for his faithfulness.) I was concerned because we had not made a payment to Mark, our wonderful printer, for some time. He is patient and supportive in every way, but here it was Christmas and he needed money, just as we all do. But thank you to Robert and Rusty and Corinne and Mary! we were able to make a $300 payment to Mark, just in time for Christmas. I consider this a personal present to me from Jesus, and I am thankful to Him and to everyone who participated in caring for the needs of OJP.

Another thing that Jesus did: Therese's daughter, Emily, told people at her work about Brother Joseph and the Believers Ministry in Ghana and about helping the people in Rwanda (Emily faithfully strings pictures of Jesus for us) and her manager offered to give us clothes for them, especially for Joseph and those with them, who have been refugees from Togo, and are in need. She gave us about eight large bags of clothes! We opened some of the bags and sorted it, and later I was telling Therese, "if we can get some money, I would like to buy some underwear for the boys there. It is always nice to have a new supply". On Christmas Day I opened the rest of the bags and there is over 25 pairs of boys underwear in perfect condition! Thank you, Jesus! We love you and your kind heart. We hope to mail these clothes in January.
Jesus is like this all year long. He so often answers what is on our heart, things we have not even expressed to Him in words. What a wonderful Savior we have to offer to the world.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Birthday, Jesus

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Birthday to Jesus, our Bridegroom!
We thought we would give a reminder of what we are having for the King's Feast tomorrow on Christmas Day:

- beef
- macaroni
- rice
- desserts made from fruit
- fruit juice
- soda (we are having Sprite because that is Pastor Jean's favorite)
- Passion Fruit Juice

I was speaking with Pastor Jean in Messenger yesterday and he told me that they plan to have a juice called Maracuja to drink at their feast in Kigali, Rwanda. Jean said, "It is the king of juices". Well, of course we wanted the king of juices for the feast for the king, so Silvana looked it up on the internet. Another name for Maracuja is Passion Fruit, so we also bought some Passion Fruit Juice to have on Christmas, to honor Jesus and the Passion of the Christ, which is the gospel being illustrated all over the world, which Pastor Jean has been distributing throughout Rwanda.
Please join us by having at least one of the foods mentioned above on Christmas Day, and fellowship with us in Spirit, for the sake of Jesus. So far, we have people joining us from Rwanda, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, New Mexico, Hawaii, Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, and California. The Father has promised to come to the feast of each of us, by His powerful Holy Spirit. May Jesus be honored and lifted high this year!