Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pictures of maps

Here is a link to some maps to show what I saw in the vision concerning Satan and Lucifer as they faced the USA, full of anger and determination to kill.
You can read the transcript of this vision at
or listen to the audio post at
(The post is titled Praying for and speaking of Terri Schiavo)

The Father said He will act

Less than an hour ago, Silvana and I were both talking to Jesus about Terri Schiavo separately, and we each said the exact same thing: "Jesus, please make a way where there seems no way." We know from experience that when it seems impossible, Jesus can make a way.
A little later, the Father said something to me as I was walking to my room. He said, "I am going to do something". I don't know what it relates to, or what He has planned, but I am so glad to see Him acting in this world today. What does He say to you about it?

Pictures from March 2005

We put some pictures online so you could see the rock for Terri Schiavo before Jesus, and the larger rock with honey, and also some pictures of our new gravel for the driveway.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The conscience of man/ two audio posts

Two new audio posts from today have been posted to the audio site on angelfire:
One concerns Satan/ and Tracts to Pakistan and one is about the Conscience
being brought back to life by the Father. The honey on the rock is love.

A picture drawn by Silvana Lupetti on 3-27 about what the Father
was showing to her about the conscience and common sense.
The conscience of man has been seared. The Father is acting to restore
mans' conscience. For more details, listen to the audio post.

Monday, March 28, 2005