Friday, July 04, 2008

The whole world needs to be told the truth

The Father often shows truths in the Spirit through symbolism. He has always done this, as you can see by reading the Scriptures where there are examples and representations shown through God's prophets. Jesus, who did what He saw from His Father in heaven, followed the same pattern with the parables he told. So, recently when the Father was showing an example about trouble with gums and teeth I asked the Father about the symbolism that it was showing and He said that it represented trouble with eating; trouble with eating the food from the Father, which is the truth from the Father. The Father created this world with wisdom and loves mankind. The rules He has made for us are wise and loving. Love one another. Treat your neighbor as yourself: do not murder, do not covet what he has, do not falsely accuse others. David saw the wisdom of the Father and he praised His law and its eternal beauty.

Yet, look at the struggle for mankind today to eat the truths from the Father. Some will not allow God to lay the rules for their own personal lives and what they should or should not do. Many crimes are committed as man lives selfishly, not obeying the laws of the day. Families are destroyed as adults live for self, rather than for one another and for their children. America, and the whole world, was attacked by people believing they should kill the innocent in the name of their religion, yet when America fought back, and war on terror was declared, the world chooses not to believe, declaring that "all war is bad". The truth from the Father is not received, not eaten, to defend the innocent, to stand for what is right and good and true. The strong meat of the Father will not be chewed and digested and believed by many.

Standing in the Spirit, looking at what the Father was showing, I saw the enemy opposing the Father, opposing His truth. This fallen being, this monstrous liar, deceives. Some are deceived to think that their murderous actions will bring reward from God, while others are deceived into believing that good is evil, that defending against evil is evil also. There is a great war in the spirit revolving around good versus evil raging over the earth today. As I looked at the deceiver, and his wicked plans and actions against the world, I saw the Father's plans for good, plans to bring mankind to being able to receive the truth (the food) from the Father, and to eat it, to act on it. It is a plan to bring mankind away from the great liar and the many falsehoods he has spread across the world, to bring mankind to a place of willingness to stand against evil and to stand for what is truly good, and to care about things that are eternal. This is the Father's plan as He prepares the world for Jesus' return.

What a powerful and amazing thing it is to be God, to have a world of people who need You, who need the truth, and to act with love to return them to You on a global scale, all the while opposing an invisible and cruel being who lies to them and oppresses them and moves among them with bloody hands with mayhem and murder in mind. Above all, the deceiver lies. Any truth from the Father is opposed or twisted or thrown to the ground. Selfishness and cruelty replace love. Shallowness and vanity replace truth and care. And this is what he spreads through a world of people who cannot discern his evil presence and who do not go to the Father about everything they see around them.

What a great price Jesus paid to return this world to the Father, and how little this message gets carried out by those who claim they love Him. With the complicity of the enemy, religion replaces relationship with God, doctrines replace every word that proceeds out of His mouth. Words that were written by Him thousands of years ago replace what He says to an individual now. That which He said in the past should never be rejected, never overlooked, but He is alive and what He says now is equally important, for He is leading the war against evil, leading the great stand against the enemy of mankind. The whole world needs to be told the truth: talk to the Father, your Creator. He is no respecter of persons, for He created all and He knows each of us and He loves each of us. And He who is Love can be known, as Abraham knew Him and talked to Him, as friends, one to one.

The many disasters happening in the natural realm are a part of this plan from the Father, as He allows them to bring mankind to seeing the eternal beyond the temporary. Life does not go on as before. Houses and possessions are swept away by floods, earthquakes cause great damage to this natural world. As foretold in Holy Scripture, more and more disasters will come just as birthpangs increase leading to the birth of a child. And we can see by the daily news that this is exactly what is happening in the world. But there is no reason to fear for the Father is in charge and everything from the Father is love. These disasters are to help us to come to a deeper place in our spirit, as we leave the shallow love of this world brought by the enemy, and as we act in love to help those who are harmed by the disasters.

Wars increase. Cruelty and abuses abound. The end approaches. What can you do? The war between the Father and the enemy has begun, it will not lessen. Evil seeks to destroy and Satan seeks to deceive, while the Father acts globally and looks locally to see who will stand with Him, who will seek Him, who cares.

What you can do begins simply. It starts with love, your love for Jesus and your love for others. Love takes us to the Father to seek Him, for it is He who gave His Son, it is He who saved the world from flood, so the billions unborn could have their chance at life too. It starts with going beyond the Bible, (the Holy Scriptures) to hearing God yourself, to your friendship with Him, upon which your relationship with Him and your actions will rest. From there, He will lead you, for He has a plan, one which leads to the highways and byways and alleyways, and to the whole world. Ask Him today for He loves you and He will be glad to hear from you and glad to show you what is on His mind and His heart.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fellowship with the Father

Early yesterday morning, I was working out in the yard, weeding behind my house. It was quiet and pleasant to work with the plants. Suddenly I felt the presence of the Father. He came up behind me and stayed with me for awhile. Then He told me, "This is what I had in mind when I created man." He wanted each person to have their own place in nature, something to tend as Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden, so He could come and fellowship with them on a regular basis. This is why we were created, and why Jesus came to die: to return us to the Father. If you have a favorite place in nature, go and be there with the Father.