Monday, July 09, 2007

Schooling in Rwanda

We have told you about Pastor Jean and his wife Beathy and their children moving into the midst of widows of the genocide. Their landlady is a widow from that time. Jean and Beathy have been reaching out to their new neighbors, giving them free pictures of Jesus, showing THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST in their home, and listening together with them to FAITH COMES BY HEARING, which is the audio Bible in English. We sent them about five NIV Bibles so they can improve their English skills by following along in the Scriptures as they are read aloud. If any of you have any spare NIV Bibles, they would love to have more. Contact us for a mailing address for Pastor Jean.

We asked Jean what we could pray for for the widows. What kind of problems did they have? He said that one big problem just now is that many cannot afford to send their children to school since it costs $100 per child per year. They have to wear a uniform to school, which is part of the cost. This is a large expense and now there are many who cannot afford to send their children to school. Jean said that if the children do not go to school that they become street children. He also said that when the kids are on the street that they tend to become alcoholics. He told me that he gave these street children pictures of Jesus and they said they love Jesus but they wish they could go to school. So I asked him, isn't there anyone who could take them in and help to teach them? Is there a building - a church, for instance, that could let the children come there to learn? Are there any volunteers who will help with the children?

Jean said he would check on this, and later he came back and told us that he had identified about 60 kids who need to go to school, and his church said they could use their building. He also said he had one person so far - his sister in law - who would volunteer to help. So, now we are looking to the Holy Spirit about this situation. Would you please pray for this with us? After the tragedy in Rwanda in the past, we must help them to get back on their feet, and to help the Father as He reaches out to bless them in many ways.

Father, help us with this school situation in Kigali. Please provide the supplies that we need to teach the children. Move in Rwanda with a sense of unity and purpose, with neighbor helping neighbor. Erase the memories of the past with the loving ones of today.

I asked Jean about Godfrey (the man that Silvana saw lying on his bed in pain, whose wife sent a child to fetch Jean to pray for him) and Jean said he was totally healed. Jesus, all we do is for you! Thank you for your love for dear Godfrey, our brother in Rwanda.