Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pray for EG in Venezuela (and help him if you can)

Here is a link to the OJP IN RWANDA blog page with two new exciting reports about distribution of the pictures of Jesus within Rwanda:

The following is an email that we received from Venezuela this week:
Hello. I have given out all tracts, pictures and copies dvd from "The Passion of Christ" by Mel Gibson, you sent me. I need even more!. I have distributed it to spiritualists, catholics, atheists in communist political party here in Venezuela. But send only mail-bags or packets no exceeding to 4 pounds (American measurements) or 2 kilograms (Worldwide Measurements) in weight. Pray for me, I need funds for buying a computer, because my access to internet is only through cybercafe, and for payments to custom office, taxes in Venezuela are high, and religious material is no exempt. I am extremely poor. Tell on me to somebody in your country or in your mailing list, with wishes to help in evangelize to Communist Venezuela. - EG

This week also we mailed out twelve packages of pictures of Jesus, DVD's of the Passion of the Christ and the writing Jesus is Alive and Knows Your Name. Three of these packages went to other countries: Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The other nine went to various states in the United States: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan. We still have approximately sixty packets to mail out and about four boxes of clothes (and pictures of Jesus) to go to an orphanage in Rwanda for children whose parents died from AIDS.

We received a request for more pictures from an inmate in a NM prison. Steve wrote to thank us for sending THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST to his brother, and now requests us to send a dvd to his sister, and some pictures of Jesus to other family members. What a wonderful opportunity the Holy Spirit gives to each of us to be evangelists, no matter where we are.

This last week, our friend Anthony was helping his sister move. While he was loading his truck with some of her furniture. a man from the same apartments that his sister lives in came up to him and said, "Do you need some help? If you have to move out of your apartment, you can come and stay at my house." Anthony replied, "No, thank you, I am okay." When he toook the next load down to the truck, the man approached him again to say, "Are you sure you are okay? If you need food, you are welcome to come over and we will feed you." At this point, Anthony was thinking to himself, "I need to give the man some of the free pictures of Jesus" so he went back into the house and got some of his sister's pictures of Jesus to share with the man and his family. He gladly received them and said he wants them to share with others. Later, the Father told me that He moved by His Holy Spirit on the man, with a strong desire to reach out to and help Anthony. The Father went on to say that He will move on many people all over the world to get the pictures out, both on those giving the pictures and those receiving them. There will be divine appointments as the Holy Spirit puts us in the right place at the right time, all to the purpose of sharing Jesus with a world that He loves. Whether we are in prison, or going to Uganda and the Sudan, or in the bank or the grocery store in America, the Holy Spirit will open doors to share Jesus, by giving the pictures and sharing THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.