Saturday, May 20, 2006

Doors opened - packages of Jesus' pictures prepared

The Father has opened many doors for us to send packages of Jesus all over the world, especially into Rwanda and the surrounding area where Rwandan Refugees fled during the horrific genocide of 1994. We are getting together 14 packages to mail out this week and next week: (We have six finished, one more we expect to finish today, and the other seven we will finish next week.)

1. Raton, New Mexico, USA - this is the town we visited in the RV last year when the Father showed the two roads: we are sending 2000 pictures of Jesus and 10 dvds THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, "Jesus is Alive and Knows Your Name" in English and Spanish.

2. Prison Chaplain in West Virginia, USA - 1300 pictures of Jesus, "Jesus is Alive and Knows Your Name".

3. Kenneth Ezra in Uganda - 5000 pictures of Jesus plus THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, Swahili copies of "Jesus is Alive and Knows Your Name".

4. Linda: Councilor at an upcoming Franklin Graham (Billy Graham's son) crusade: 2000 pictures of Jesus, "Jesus is Alive and Knows Your Name".

5. Brother Joseph in Ghana - Hooked on Phonics and Hooked on Math for their children who are not in school, 230 pictures of Jesus, Ewe (African language spoken in Ghana, Benin, and Togo) "Jesus is Alive and Knows Your Name".

6. 73 year old Marjorie in New Mexico who came across a copy of JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME and read it and wants to share it with many others. We sent her copies of the writing (tract form) and 250 pictures of Jesus.

7. Pastor Jean in Rwanda: he travels around in Rwanda and in neighboring Congo. 5000 pictures of Jesus, 10 PASSION OF THE CHRIST, Kinyarwandan and Swahili tracts: JESUS IS ALIVE. Pastor Jean is also translating JESUS IS ALIVE into French, which is widely spoken in the area.

8. Brother Arakelian in Armenia. 5000 pictures of Jesus. 10 THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. Armenia is the site of the first genocide in the 20th century. 1.5 million people were murdered. It was during WWI and it was widely ignored by the world, and is barely acknowledged to this day. God bless Armenia, our brothers and sisters who have suffered so greatly.

9. Brother Nelson in Pakistan: 5000 pictures of Jesus. 8x10 one color pictures of Jesus with Urdu writing on the back. I am hoping that Brother Nelson can send me the entire JESUS IS ALIVE translation in Urdu so I can put it on the back of each 8x10 picture.

10. Rwanda: the head of an organization which is over schools in Rwanda. 5000 pictures of Jesus and 10 THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. Kinyarwandan tracts.

11. Tanzania: 500 pictures of Jesus and Swahili tracts, plus THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.

12. Bulgaria: 500 pictures of Jesus and English JESUS IS ALIVE, plus THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.

13. Botswana: African pastor in Botswana: 2000 pictures of Jesus, Swahili tracts and THE PASSION.

14. Marie-Christine: 1000 pictures of Jesus, Swahili tracts. Marie-Christine is a Rwandan refugee living in London, England, who has contacts with other refugees. She is a survivor of the 1994 genocide. She and her (then) three year old daughter were able to escape to England after being rejected by four other nations.

- a request from Uzbekistan for more pictures. We want to send him 2500 to share with others in his nation. What an opportunity for Jesus!
- a request from a schoolboy in Ghana who wants to share "the gospel of God" with everyone, and has many other students asking for pictures. We would like to send him several hundreds and Ewe tracts, plus THE PASSION.
- other requests already in our inbox, plus calls, such as the sixteen year old girl from Ohio who wants pictures for herself and her mother, letters which come in the mail: we have some letters from prisoners in US jails, plus any new requests which come in during the week.

We work on these packages with joy! How lovely on the mountains are the feet of them who bring good news, and Jesus is the good news. Miracles have happened after people received these anointed pictures of Jesus, because He is present, to heal, to help, and above all, to love.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Letter from Pastor Francis in Rwanda

Hello Char T Praise God, we are very proud of you and
team you are working with to allow God to work in
you in this very wonder full ministry (operation free
Jesus pictures) it is very important here in Rwanda it
touches heart of people to have Intimacy with God and
people too, like David and Jonathan in Bible. in this
year God is visiting RWANDA differently way. we have
hundred days of hope making crusades, seminars, conferences.

All over the country organized by the Rwandan
Christian in friendship with Internationals like
Darien from Australia and Joyce Meyer from USA and
other International preachers who wanted to encourage
hopeless, genocide survivals of 1994 like wise
genocide was done within 100 days, it is from April
to July every year we do remember Genocide this is
days of mourning.

You can see attached photos for Joyce meyer in
national stadium and in church when we was showing
the passion of Christ. surely this is Gods time to
change and Rwandan people even our Government is
supporting those activities of 100 days of hope.

In Rwanda it was good to see your plan (FOUR CORNERS
) showing you showing in web site 17 cities
of Rwanda that we will be working in through showing
Passion of Christ and giving photos of Jesus. I sure
you that you have answered the call of God.

In 15 to 20 we will be in Mutara ,we have seminar of
showing Passion of Christ. We need your prayer it will
be in Easter province.
we have four province in four corners of Rwanda.
*eastern province.
*west province.
*Northern province .
*Southern province.and Kigali city.
This is needs to prayer for.
DVD Pray,
These are the material [equipment's]we have to ask
Jesus to give to us in order to do the work
effectively during our felled work.
Pastor Ntuyahera Francis
Kigali, Rwanda

Joyce Meyer in Rwanda

Watching THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST in Pastor Francis' church

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Father on a throne

Silvana saw the Father, seated on a throne, under a dark blue cross. The throne upon which He sat was gold, and there were billowing clouds all around. (like the Clouds of Witnesses) - there were stone steps leading up to the throne.

Last night Silvana and I watched a tv show we had taped that is called WAR DETECTIVES, which talked about two nuns in Rwanda who participated in the genocide in 1994. Thousands of people gathered at their Catholic Church for protection, but the Mother Superior turned them over to the interahamwe, the militia that was killing people. Two weeks after she had the militia come, and they slaughtered many people, the Mother Superior called on the police for help in getting rid of others who came to her for sanctuary. This time she gave them some gasoline and they burned a shed with 700 people locked inside. Everyone who tried to escape was killed by machete. Those who did not try to escape were burned to death. Later, they were brought to trial and convicted in Belgium.

As we watched the show, we both saw the Father with His arms open wide. He had His arms around every person in that building, and is still holding them. I saw the word "Jesus" as though it were a painful wound to them. As they screamed in pain and terror, how could they cry out to Jesus, since this was happening to them in His name, by nuns wearing a cross. I saw the Father holding them tight, as you would hold your children if you gathered them all in your arms. Silvana saw the stone (granite - it is stone with crystal in it) steps and those murdered were going up the steps to the Father's presence.

How grievous are the sights of murder that come before the eyes of the Father! This is why He destroyed the earth in Noah's day. One reason that the Father brought out the movie, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, is to prepare mankind for what He sees every day. He sees torture and bloodshed. He sees cruelty and injustice. He sees every horror that happens, and He weeps. How long until man takes the burden of mankind onto ourselves, and shares in the weeping, and shares in the seeing, and shares in the caring? His Son was murdered for our sakes. What more will it take? The last days of this battle between the one who was a murderer from the beginning, and the One who created and gave eternal life, will be more and more intense. As we looked at the piles of corpses, and the rows upon rows of skulls (most with slashes in them from machetes) that were shown in the tv show, Silvana talked about Satan's desire to have a whole earth filled with corpses: then, Jesus can return, Satan says. He wishes to present Jesus with a world of graves and bodies and suffering survivors.

We don't think we could bear to watch the horrors that have happened in Rwanda, if we did not have the free pictures of Jesus to give out to those who have survived. To see what the Father sees comes at a price, the price of grief and suffering. With each picture of Jesus that we give, comes healing, and love, and their eternal Creator, who is their Father who loves them, who has a place prepared for them, where they will be reunited forever with those they love, who have gone before.