Saturday, September 16, 2006

Be careful

The war is getting ratcheted up. As the war progresses in the arena of ideas, where Satan cannot win, it also is being pushed forward in the arena of murder and death. The Holy Spirit reminds again: BE CAREFUL. The possible penalty for not being careful is death. We know of several people who have family member who have been in car accidents lately. Jesus has helped the family member in each case and there has been little damage, except to the car. Therese's son was in an accident the day after a warning from the Holy Spirit and it is going to cost him between $7000-$9000 over the next three years. This is the type of consequence that you do not want for you or your family to face, but it is getting even more severe than that.

In Muslim countries the persecution will rise also, where death, torture, beheading may be the consequences. Each person, all over the world, needs to hear Jesus' voice so He can lead them to safety each day. We have warned and warned about hearing Jesus and now comes the reason why the warning was given. To talk to Jesus and hear from Him is a wonderful honor, one on which we base our relationship with Him. But it is also a practical necessity because there is war in the spirit and we have a raging enemy bent on our destruction.

I saw something very powerful yesterday. I was watching the news on FoxNews and there was a story of a suicide bombing in Baghdad. I stopped the tv (wonderful invention, the DVR. Get one if you can. It is a great tool for you and the Holy Spirit.) and I cried out in the spirit into Baghdad, "STOP IT". "Stop this violence. Remember that you are brothers". As I said this, I saw the Holy Spirit behind my words, and I saw Him move to the people, to move on their spirits to restore to them feelings of brotherhood. The violence in Iraq is Muslim on Muslim, Sunni on Shite. Then, I heard the enemy, who was listening to what was said. He said, "They won't feel it because I have never allowed them to feel it. They grew up without feeling of brotherhood." Immediately the Father spoke. He said, "They WILL feel it because they were created to feel it. They were created with feelings of brotherhood, one towards another." It doesn't matter how deeply that is buried, it is there.

The same is true of healing. No matter what kind of a family you grew up: no matter how dysfunctional or unloving, healing can come because that is not where you really came from. Each and every one of us was created by a loving Father. He is our family. He is the One who loves us, forever and ever without end, and we came from Him and are returning to Him. We are all related to each other, we are all children of the Father, and part of the creation of the earth. So no matter how wounded you are in your spirit, the Father is deeper still, and you can be healed.
The Pope's comments played into what is in the spirits of many Muslims right now. They want a goal, an aim, an end to the jihad they are waging. They have always had the goal of the destruction of Israel, and now they are beginning to focus on the conversion of the world. This is why they forced the two FoxNews reporters (one was a reporter, one was a freelance cameraman) to "convert to Islam" before they let them go. They see the Pope's comments as reason to attack Christians, whom they view as enemies to their goal.

Watch the war and pray for our soldiers, for our allies. Watch the news and pray for people in the world, and be sure and watch yourselves and your family, to keep safe. Early this morning I woke up and I saw the camp of Satan totally surrounding us. It was as though OJP was a small place with a huge army all around. It felt terrible. Therese came over and she commented to me, "The enemy is so close." Nikki called me and said, "I feel horrible, as though I don't know what I am doing, as though I don't know how to do Jesus' will". Yes, that is how the presence of the enemy feels: dark and morbid and despairing, with discouraging thoughts and feelings.

As I was pondering about being careful, the Father showed me that Steve Irwin's (the Crocodile Hunter) death was engineered by Satan as was the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son. I don't know the circumstances of Anna's son, but the Father said that Satan was involved. Steve was killed by a stingray, whose tail pierced his heart. The Father said that the enemy can move on animals, or people, or circumstances, and he has murder on his mind, all over the world. So, be careful.

A motor scooter for Pastor Jean

We are asking the Father about getting a motor scooter for Pastor Jean in Rwanda. Right now he walks wherever he goes, but with a motor scooter he would be able to take the pictures of Jesus and the dvds THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, all around in Rwanda and also in the Congo, where he has contacts. Pastor Jean said that there is one for sale for $500 US dollars, (and another for $625) so we asking Jesus to help us raise the money. It would be such a wonderful tool for Him.
There are a few other things in our prayers for provision right now. One is the land for Brother Joseph and the Believers Ministry in Ghana. (They are refugees from Togo.) They have an opportunity to get some land if they can put a down payment on it. The landlord has already offered to let them rent the place for two years for half price. We asked Jesus about it and He said to send them the down payment of $100, which we will do. However, the money is coming out of the mailing money, so we will have to wait to send the packages that we have ready for Rwanda. Ghana, and Pakistan. Well, Jesus will provide. We also need to make some payments to our printer on the next batch of pictures. Please join us in praying for provision for these needs. Every army needs provision, and that is how we view the needs that are before us now. It is provision to go out with Jesus, to all the world.

A warning coming true: persecution in Pakistan

This is something I have been warning about by the Holy Spirit for a few years, that persecution is going to increase in Pakistan, and also India and other nations especially where Muslims have power. When Pastor Nelson came to visit earlier this year I warned him about what the Holy Spirit said about persecution in his nation (Pakistan). I have written to others in Pakistan to warn them as well. It is like being in the lair of the enemy. I also remember the Holy Spirit saying of Pakistan and India, "I want to call a Bride from India, I want to call a Bride from Pakistan".

As I saw the people of India and the people of Pakistan from the eyes of the Holy Spirit, it was as though they were one people. (Later I realized that they do indeed share a common background. They used to be one nation, one people. They split into two nations; three eventually, with Bangladesh being the third, because some people were Muslim and some people were Hindu.)

The Holy Spirit said that He has a message to the two groups of people: to Muslims: the message to Muslims is that they can know the Father. Allah does not speak to them. It is not expected that they will get to know Allah, but they are expected to do what is written in the Koran, but they don't have nor are expected to have a relationship with him. The Holy Spirit said that their spirits yearn to hear from their Creator. So, this is what should be said to Muslims: talk to Jesus and He will talk to you. This message is true. Jesus is no respecter of persons. If they talk to Him, Jesus will answer. Remember, the Father talked to Adam, Abraham, Noah, Job, and to Cain both before and after he killed his brother. Allah is not the Father. Allah does not speak to people, but the Father does and so does Jesus. Pray for Muslims to come to this truth, by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The message to the Hindus is different. The Hindu religion teaches that man is reincarnated over and over until he reaches a higher state. Because each reincarnation is based on his or her actions in the last life, people believe that they should not interfere with another person's karma, or fate that determines their next life. So, people can be in dire straits, dying in the streets, and other Hindu will look away or step over the dying body. The effect on the spirit of the person being ignored is deep. From the depth of their spirit, from their heart, they feel unwanted and unloved and uncared for. The message from the Holy Spirit to Hindus is simple: Jesus loves you. He genuinely is interested in you and your life (He is alive and knows your name) and He loves you. His death was for you. Talk to Jesus, ask Him for help, and He will help you. Then, you can get to know Him, your loving Savior, who truly loves you.

Each person on earth needs to know the truth: Jesus is alive you can know Him. If you talk to Him, He will talk to you. He really loves you. You were created by Him to know Him, and He wants you to have a friendship with Him. Though this is true to all, yet the Holy Spirit has this particular and pointed message to the two individual groups. Pray for Hindus and Muslims. Ask the Father to get pictures of Jesus into their hands. Pray for those being persecuted.


Religious intolerance growing in Pakistan(News Report)
Sectarian and religious intolerance is growing in Pakistan, as is the number of complaints of minority people being forcibly converted to Islam and forced from their homes, a rights group said on 5 September 2006. The independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said division on the basis of religious belief only added to the dangers facing society. Most of Pakistan's 160 million people are Muslim but there are small Christian, Hindu, Sikh communities. "Sectarian and religious intolerance is growing. Non-Muslim citizens have faced numerous attacks," Iqbal Haider, the commission's secretary general said in a statement. "There have also been more and more complaints regarding the forced conversion of Hindu and Christian girls and in June, about 100 members of the minority Ahmadis sect were forced out of their villages near Daska in Sialkot district," he said.
Ahmadis are a break-away sect declared non-Muslims in Pakistan in 1974 because they believe the 19th-century founder of their sect was a Prophet. In another example of intolerance, in the southern city of Karachi, a Hindu temple has been encroached upon and is being used to slaughter cows. Hindus consider cows sacred animals. "This dangerous division in society based on the basis of belief and the official support given to discrimination, can only add to the dangers faced by society," Haider said. He did not elaborate on what he meant by official support. Government officials were not immediately available for comments but they have said in the past that religious minorities enjoy full rights in society and government takes appropriate measures to address any excesses against them. The rights group also expressed concern over what it described as the increasing Talibanisation in the North West Frontier Province, where followers of Afghanistan's hardline Taliban have been trying to impose their vision of society.
The group said attacks on girls' schools, video shops and barber shops had grown. "This situation is alarming," Haider said. The group also said the disappearance of dozens of people picked up by security agencies across the country was a disturbing new trend. "The HRCP has received complaints from all across the country and we are compiling details. The government should locate these people," Haider said.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

from last year: March 12, 2006

I am working on the new website. I was looking through the mail from last year and I found the following letter, which was sent to our maiing list on March 12, 2005 I think it is timely because of what the Holy Spirit has said about praying for current events.
Today we were watching the news about the man in Georgia, USA, who shot and killed a judge, a sheriff's deputy and a court clerk. As we watched, the man was in a hostage situation in an apartment building. By the Holy Spirit, we could see exactly how the man felt, and what was in his spirit, so we talked to him, directly to his spirit. We said, "Be calm. There is nowhere to go from here. Don't hurt anyone else, but just stop." As we spoke, we could feel his response. Minutes later, he surrendered.

The Holy Spirit said to us that the television is like a transmitter. It can transmit to you and you can transmit through it, by His Spirit. The news and other programs show what is happening in the world. As you watch, it is as though you are present, and by Him, you can speak to those you see, and in the spirit they will hear you. What a tool for His servants in this day and hour! Our God is acting with power. ...God bless you. Keep standing with the Father and praying for the world, and especially for freedom for all.... March 12, 2005

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mounting Evidence

Some news stories have come out lately that back up what the Father has been showing us. For instance, the Father said that He was going to do a "hostile takeover of Hollywood" so we have been waiting to see the changes in Hollywood. Now, there are three different news stories that show changes in Hollywood from their normal anti-American, anti-war stance. First is the article we mentioned in which Nicole Kidman and other A-list actors criticized the terrorists. Second is the film, THE PATH TO 9/11, which Bill Clinton and his supporters tried to stop from airing, or change it to more favorably reflect on them and their actions. With all the friends that the democrats have in Hollywood, they still were unable to stop the film from being shown. The third is where COSTNER BLASTS BUSH ASSASSINATION FILM " about the infamy of the snuff film "Death of a President" in which President Bush is assasinated. We know that what the Father says will indeed happen, so we watch and pray as He continues to act to bring Hollywood back to their senses, back to a place that supports America, as they should have been doing all along. A hostile takeover of Hollywood is just what we need.

The rain in New Mexico is continuing, especially in our neighborhood, just as Silvana asked the Father for rain. I was coming home from another nearby town recently where it had been sunny and clear all day, although I heard it was raining at home. As I approached our town, I saw a thick set of clouds in the middle of the sky. It literally looked as though they were parked over our neighborhood. You could look to the left and to the right, no clouds, just this gathering over us. We have had rain every day. I have lived here for 16 years and never have I seen anything like this.

I commented in an earlier blog that in the arena of ideas in the war on terror, that amongst Muslims the truth about the horror of murder in terrorism is percolating. I saw this by the Holy Spirit. Minds have changed and people are starting to see the truth. Since my comments, I have seen two separate editorials from Muslims in newspapers against terror and for freedom. One is ONE ARAB'S APOLOGY, and the other is called Kill us, too: We are also Americans.

Working on the website

I have been working today on posting more of the prophecies from Silvana Lupetti. I can't resist reading them as I work, and they are so powerful. I was in tears over some of what the Father said to Israel. (Right now the prophecies to Israel are mixed in with the other series, but I will separate them for the page about Israel that still needs to be constructed.)

Also, reading what the Father said of the war on terror is so right and true. He tells women, "I am delivering into freedom women all over the world out of the hand of tyranny." He speaks to fathers and tells them, "You are the one they need. Come back to them. Come back and cover your families. I will help you. I will protect you and I will lead you, just as a Father does."

We sent pictures of Jesus to Pamela in Washington State and when she opened the packet and saw the picture of Jesus, He spoke to her. He said, "You are healed". Silvana and I have been talking about this ever since Pamela wrote to us to tell us about it. It is true, and Jesus was not just speaking of her but of all of us. There is a healing in our spirits, as I will expound on later. Slvana said that next will come healing from what we think of ourselves.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The battle over ideas

On Saturday 9-9-06, I saw a huge army in the sky. It stretched from one side of the sky to the other. It was as though there was a huge battle, but I did not see fighting, only the enormous gathering of an army or armies.

The battle is being fought over the world, over the thoughts and beliefs of mankind, and in particular over America, at the fifth anniversary of the attack on 9/11. Silvana described the help that the Father is going to bring to us on her blog site. The Father is going to help us to stand, to see the truth, to feel what we felt five years ago, while Satan has been working to undermine America and the war on evil by accusation after accusation against the leaders of the war, and by a mindset to reject the necessity of the war.

Silvana was in the Spirit yesterday and she said that Satan has crossed a line, and made mistakes. 9/11 is a line. The very real threat to our country is a line. A proposed assassination of the president, as shown in a movie which just came out, is a line. Satan is trying to get his radical elements to stand, including his radical element in America and around the world, that blame America for the attacks on us. There is a new hardness - a steel - within many Americans, and Canadians, and Australians, and British, to stand against this, against the false blame, against the lies, against the undermining.

The plane bomb threats in Britain were a warning, which is resonating in our spirits. The Father is going to give us a spirit of remembrance to what we felt on 9/11/01, a spirit with a depth of seriousness. Winston Churchill was serious about the threat that England and the world faced and he galvanized his nation to stand. The Father will give us inspiration, like a breeze blowing; like one of the seeds filled with cool water that we saw about each picture of Jesus, as though it broke over us, refreshing and enlightening us from His Holy Spirit.

We are going to see something spectacular and supernatural by this help in the Spirit that the Father brings to us. The Father is waking people up to the truth, to see good and evil, and to see what is at stake. The Father leads the war, and especially the battles over ideas, over beliefs. As Silvana said, since Zarqawi there has been a turning point. People are coming to their senses and standing as never before and now the Father will strengthen us even more. The timing is powerful considering the coming elections. How dangerous it would be to put liberals, who are inspired by the enemy, back into power with so much at stake. It is Satan's voice that is behind their voices. The Father's voice is stronger, is more powerful, as we will see by the response to the movement of His Spirit.


The Father is looking at The enemy moves freely there among our youth. Sin abounds. Predators move there also, preying on the young. The Father is going to act to bring the youth to a greater sense of the gravity of the many difficult situations in the world today. Pray for our young people. The Father holds parents accountable. He said, "Train up a child in the way it should go and when it is old, it shall not depart from it".

Where is the training and the oversight over our children? The enemy has used liberalism to interfere with the loving laws of God. Keep praying about this situation. Don't be shallow and judge. Look at the situation from the eyes of the Father, who loves those millions, yet is the Judge of all. There are millions of youth with the attitudes that are rampant in MySpace. Whose fault is this? How can they be saved? Pray for them, pray about the attitudes, seek the Father about this.