Wednesday, August 16, 2006

hostile takeover of Hollywood

Here is an email I received tonight:
On June 22, 2006 Char made a post about a hostile takeover of Hollywood: I wanted to make sure she saw this. No reply necessary.
Kidman condemns terrorists
By Peter Mitchell
August 17, 2006 12:00am
NICOLE Kidman has made a public stand against terrorism.The actress, joined by 84 other high-profile Hollywood stars, directors,studio bosses and media moguls, including News Corporation chairmanRupert Murdoch, has taken out a powerfully-worded full pageadvertisement in the Los Angeles Times newspaper.
It specifically targets "terrorist organisations" such as Hezbollah inLebanon and Hamas in Palestine.
"We the undersigned are pained and devastated by the civilian casualtiesin Israel and Lebanon caused by terrorist actions initiated by terroristorganisations such as Hezbollah and Hamas," the ad reads.
"If we do not succeed in stopping terrorism around the world, chaos willrule and innocent people will continue to die."
"We need to support democratic societies and stop terrorism at allcosts."
A who's who of Hollywood heavyweights joined Kidman and Murdoch in the ad.
The actors listed included: Michael Douglas, Dennis Hopper, SylvesterStallone, Bruce Willis, Danny De Vito, Don Johnson, James Woods, KellyPreston, Patricia Heaton and William Hurt.
Directors Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Michael Mann, Dick Donner and SamRaimi also signed their names.
Other Hollywood powerplayers supporting the ad included Sumner Redstone,the chairman and majority owner of Paramount Pictures, and billionairemogul, Haim Saban.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Notes from my daily writings


Pray for President Bush and have respect for his noble stand for freedom for the whole world, and see how often he is acting as the Holy Spirit leads. Don't use your head to judge what he should do or not do, but let the Holy Spirit be the Judge of what is done and said. We are in a terrible war - World War III - and it takes wisdom to carefully go forward with such dangers all around. God bless our president. We remember in the past how the Father said that Condoleezza Rice was born for this day and hour. President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dr. Condi Rice, and Vice President Cheney are all a fulfillment of the Father saying (through Silvana) in 1994 that godly men would come to power in the government. The Father is using these godly people to lead the stand in these perilous times leading up to Jesus' return.


Today we put up the flag of Israel with the American flag. Our hearts are full as we pray for Israel.

One thing I saw today by the Holy Spirit is that one result of America's war with China will be the fall of communism in China. I never thought about that before, with all the times I have considered the war. What will the people of China think about going to war with the USA? Surely many will not agree, and what sort of pressure will be brought onto their government because of it. The war will be the Father's instrument to bring judgment to the selfish and deaf church, who do not seek Him, who do not do His will, and it will be His instrument to bring an end to the stronghold of tyranny in China. When we were in California at the Pacific Ocean, from Jan 9th to Jan 11th, 2002, (the Holy Spirit said of staying by the sea, "Go in on the ninth and come out on the eleventh) I saw the Holy Spirit shout to the strongman of China, "Let your people go".


I dreamt about people from the church in America having sex outside of marriage. When I woke up I saw how unhappy the Father is with this sin. The beginning of wisdom is fear of God, and they are foolish in their disobedience and lack of respect for what He wants. They are a terrible witness to the world, and to the realms of the enemy. The Father will bring judgment. He asks us (tells us) not to have sex outside marriage and He is serious. He created this world, He created us all, and He knows what is right and good and loving for us to do. The church should be a light to the world but they are not. Jesus will stand for everything that the Father wants, for the truth in all things.


Jordan is nine today. God bless him. The Father had said that we should all support Israel in every way, and especially with money. There is an organization, the International Fellowship of Jews and Christians ( that gives aid to Israel. They are running ads on FoxNews. I just glanced up as I am typing this and their toll free number is listed: 1-800-225-1119. If you can do anything to help them, please do.


Today Silvana and I were sitting on the sofa by the windows in the front room and looking out at the beauty of the flowers and the green grass. It was so lovely. We could feel the presence of the Father with us as we looked out. Suddenly a little hummingbird landed on the shepherd's hook that holds the hummingbird feeder. What a little beauty he was! We watched him with pleasure. He stayed for awhile and when he flew off another bird came and landed on the hook; a beautiful bird with a yellow chest. I felt the Father's heart for the world. It was as though we looked out on Eden. This is what He created and this is what He wanted for mankind. He never wanted us to have the unfortunate maturity that the prophet Silvana described, but it became necessary. Just as the Father reminds us to "remember heaven" when we witness death and suffering, so we must remember Eden and eternity and that Jesus is returning and that the heart of the Father is deep and loving and giving. The sight out the window was refreshing to our spirits. Someday soon the weapons of war will be beaten into plowshares and the knowledge of God will cover the earth like the waters covers the sea.


I saw the Father today. It looked as though He was "Father Time". I saw Him going around, waking up people, and as He lifted them off the ground He would say to them firmly, "It's time". It is time. There is war. Time to wake up. Time to stand up. Time to speak up. Time to rally together, all who will stand for good in the earth today.

We are remaking the web site. The Father said to do so and He said to Silvana said that it is like a new phase. The first was BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION, which occurred after the forty day fast to which the Father called us beginning on November 10, 1989. That phase included the Warning to the Church. (As expressed in the set of prophecies found in "Blow The Trumpet in Zion".) The second phase was THE TABLE OF THE REMNANT. This phase was characterized by prophecies and teachings to the remnant from the Holy Spirit. This new phase is called OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES.

Here is yesterday's "daily manna" that we receive in our inbox once a day:

Daily Manna from the 'Net - Tuesday, August 8, 2006 So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Ephesians 4:11+ TNIV Bible

When I read this, Jesus emphasized the words that I have underlined. He wants works of service: He wants His Father's will to be done. He wants us - the whole body of Christ - to give out to the world the anointed pictures of Jesus. How few do His will! How few ask Him. So many assume they know what He wants by reading His words from 2000 years ago because this is what they have been taught, as though the Father would be mute today in the face of the many terrors in the world, and the great needs of so many that surround us. To read His words from two thousand years ago or four thousand years ago, changes lives and brings great good. But to expect to please Him without hearing Him is foolishness. You must know His will for this day and hour, and if you wish to be considered the bride of Jesus, you must hear His voice and do His will. This is why we encourage people always to step outside once a day and talk to the Father. HE WILL ANSWER.

The Holy Spirit has been talking of repentance. As this phase begins, the Father wants believers to take stock of themselves. He wants them to see how often they did not hear His voice, how often they did not do His will. He wants them to repent for this, and to earnestly seek Him in humility and repentance. He wants them to see the times that they did not believe the truths and admonishments to hear Him that were given to them. See and repent. The Father will move on those who do repent, who seek Him, who are willing to change, and He will give to them supernatural help to do His will. His presence will surround them and He will be pleased.

Two hurricane forces

The other day I saw the Father and Satan, face to face, and they were pushing against each other. It was as though there was an invisible force field that each generated. Inside the force field was wind. It looked as though two hurricanes were striving to push each other backwards as the wind within them roared and swirled.

There is a great struggle over the earth and the war in Israel and Lebanon and the threatened attacks in England are all a part of a fight for mankind and civilization. As I watched the events unfolding, I saw something from the Holy Spirit. There is war in Israel and the war is really against terrorism just as is the war that America is waging in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere . The threats of the downing of several planes was a terrorist threat.

I saw that the beginning of the conflict in Lebanon is because of the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers. Palestinians members of Hamas tunneled under the wall surrounding Israel and kidnapped a soldier and then Hezballah from inside Lebanon kidnapped two others. Israel reacted, by waging war to try and rescue the soldiers and protect the lives of all their Israeli citizens. As Israel targets Hezballah, Hezballah responds by hiding among Lebanese civilians, yet continuing to attack. Men, women, and children become human shields for the attackers. In Iraq, mosques are blown up, by Muslims, as the terrorist element within uses terrorist tactics to try to get the populace to turn from the path of democracy.

Israel fights for three kidnapped soldiers. On their northern border (with Lebanon) many flee but some are not able to afford to do so. Israel offers to pay to have any citizen evacuated to relative safety in the south, regardless of whether they are Jewish or Arab. Care is taken for the individual, and this is what I saw by the Holy Spirit: it is almost as though the war is being waged by many nations over the fate of each of us as individuals. America cares about the individual. Democracy is offered so that each individual might have the right to freedom and protection from dictatorship. Israel cares about the individual, while that which is arrayed against us does not care about the individual. Suicide attackers kill themselves while their people rejoice, with no care for that person who is now dead. Children are placed in the path of harm so soldiers can use their bodies without care of the death that will come to them when deadly retaliation comes. The nations within the U.N. see Israel destroyed by terrorist attacks but many do not care. Arab nations refuse to stand by the obvious acknowledgement that the innocent were attacked. A cruel dictator (Saddam Hussein) is taken from power, thereby freeing millions of individuals from threat of murder, rape rooms, and aggression towards their families, but people do not care. America faces the ready to explode confrontation with communism, a system by which the individual does not matter but only the whole. Within radical Islam, the individual does not matter, but rather the death of an individual is encouraged for the sake of terror against others.

So, as the Father and Satan face one another, one has human forces allied behind Him who believe in individual rights, and one has forces allied behind him who do not value the individual. We all like sheep have gone astray. It was for each of us, it was for all of us, that Jesus made the sacrifice that was required to bring the atonement for sin. It is finished and all are free, though they don't know it. Now, comes a fierce battle for the whole earth, for each person, for all. And that is what the pushing with hurricane force was about, between the Father and Satan.

America beware. You are about to be betrayed. And when you are, Israel will lose her strongest and necessary ally, and fear and threat of annihilation will flood her people and her cities. Without supernatural intervention, all would be lost. But each of us matters, and all of us matter. And so the Father, the One who breathed and we became living souls, the Defender of the individual, and the Defender of America and Israel, will stand up and fight for us, and all of mankind will be delivered once again. Many will die in the struggle. Many hearts will fail from fear, but the end is sure. America will be delivered. Israel will be delivered, and the tide will turn and terrorism will become a thing of the past upon this earth. So take heart in the days to come. As Abraham called out to the Father and heard His voice in reply, do the same. Make a habit of going outside, alone, every day to talk to the Father and He will meet with you. Set aside the Sabbath for Him alone, and seek His peace and presence.