Saturday, August 18, 2007

Video for Rwanda and more

Please make a bookmark to our prayer forum page so you can check regularly on the prayer requests that are posted there and join us in bringing people before Jesus. Jesus has proven Himself eager to heal and to help. Also, please post a request for anyone that you know who needs help from Jesus just now, whether it be for healing or for any other situation. Together let's take the people to Jesus. They need Him and He wants us to care about that.

We made a dvd for Rwanda, with the things that have been said to us in the last few years by the Holy Spirit concerning Rwanda. Here is a link to the 55 minute long video:

The Holy Spirit has been giving dreams in the last few days. I dreamt last night that Donald Rumsfeld and a local government official come to have dinner with me and we ate it upstairs in a third story building. This dream is warning of war in the spirit. We must look to the Holy Spirit constantly to lead us because the enemy is intent to come against the Father and His will.

Nikki dreamt that Silvana and I were in one of her childhood houses with her. This dream has to do with healing and the truth about situations that caused deep wounds from her childhood. The Father is healing us with love from what we have suffered in this world so we can serve Him with joy and without hindrance.

Felicia dreamt that she and Silvana and I were moving to Rwanda to a large house there. She was assisting us in this large house. This dream shows the movements of the Holy Spirit in Rwanda. He is building for Himself a house there, bringing the people to Him to be healed in their spirit and then to live their lives knowing Him and loving Him, as He loves them. Felicia has been a faithful helper to everything that OJP has been doing. She passes out the pictures of Jesus, including taking them to the bad parts of town in Honolulu as Jesus asks us to do. God bless Felicia and all who join us with Jesus to reach out with Him to the world. Click here to see photos of pics of Jesus in needy areas of town.

Jordan dreamt that he was college age and he was going to go to school for ten years to become a surgeon. Then, the dream fast forwarded and he was a forty years old surgeon, standing by a patient who was in a hospital bed. He was going to do heart surgery so he had just given the patient some medicine to prepare them when he awakened from the dream. Silvana and I both had the same reaction when we heard the dream: the number forty is significant. Forty is the number of fasting, the number the Israelis went through the desert: forty is the number of preparation. In the natural realm, Jordan wants to be a surgeon when he grows up. He has the gift of healing and he has been interested in our bodies and our health since he was a small child. I want to ask Jesus more about it, but I think that it may not be a literal dream (although it could easily literally come true) but that it is showing healing in general and also the healing of a heart from the perspective of the Holy Spirit. This is what the world needs today: a heart. The bride of Jesus needs a heart (or she is not the Bride of Jesus) and the world needs a heart. Satan's murderous intentions will bring great harm to the world. A lack of heart on our part causes us to deserve it. A lack of heart to the bride of Jesus, makes her worthy of judgement as well. By Jesus' stripes we are healed. He cared. So must we.

This reminds me of something Jesus said to me yesterday. I had asked Felicia via email if she would type up the transcript to the video that we made for Rwanda. I told her that this will help Pastor Jean as he translates it into Kinyarwandan for the people who see it with him. And since the video contains what the Holy Spirit has been saying to us of Rwanda it is important that Jean is able to translate it accurately, so the transcript will be a valuable asset for Jesus in Rwanda. Well, Felicia sent me a text message saying, "Yes, Jesus". Then she sent another text message saying she would gladly transcribe it. After she said this, Jesus commented to me.

Jesus said, "These are the most beautiful words I can hear from My people. Someone can say to me, 'I love you Jesus' but that is just words. The most beautiful thing I hear from anyone is 'Yes Jesus' because it shows that they are going to do what I want them to do."