Saturday, July 30, 2005

Tract for Brother Joseph in Africa

Click on the picture above to see a copy of the tract made for Brother Joseph in Ghana. The language of the tract is Ewe, which is spoken in Togo, Benin, and Ghana. (The picture above cut off the bottom of Jesus' face, but the tract does not. Our scanner did not scan the tract in properly, but you can get an idea of what it looks like.) Pray for the people who receive these words. The Father wants people to know the truth about Jesus; who He is, why He came to earth and that you can know Him, and above all, that He truly does love us. Each person on earth is made by Him and loved by Him, and it is our task to help the Holy Spirit let them know it.
It is war - between Satan and God, over the people of the earth, and the Father looks around to see who is joining Him to fight. He said, "There are no bystanders in My army". If we love Jesus, then we must join Him, because the fight is on and what are our individual lives in the face of the war against all mankind? There is war in the spirit and war in the natural realm. The Father said to Silvana Lupetti recently, "There is a season of breaking back" and we can see it is so. There were the attacks in London, and Egypt, for which we grieve, but there is a push from the Father to help mankind to stand and reject and fiercely come against this evil of terror. We can see mind's changing world-wide and people standing up who would not speak up before. There is a uniting against evil, as the Holy Spirit moves all over the earth. As Silvana says by His wisdom, "Now is the time for mankind to ASK GOD for help, and to ask God what we should do." There is no way to be totally safe from terrorist attacks, such as those from suicide bombers. The Father has supernaturally been helping us, and He will continue to do so, but men and women need to realize that they need His help and to ask Him for it. The prophets say, "Ask God for help".
Continue to pray for Brother Joseph and the Brethren with him. They need the basic provisions, even food. I was very happy today when Therese's daughter Emily said she will be able to send them a little money in a few days.

Letter from Brother Joseph in Ghana

Here is an email that we received today from Brother Joseph in Ghana:

Hello sister Char, Warmest greetings to you and to all the rest of the brethren there at OperationJesusPictures. It was a blessing to have the opportunity once again to call and talk with you there. The prayers always bring break through to us in many ways. I am attaching to this email, the transation of "Jesus is alive and knows your name". We have translated it into the language widely spoken here called "EWE". That is the same vernacular used by many people in Ghana, Togo and Republic of Benin. We pray that Lord Jesus will provide resources so that you can be able to print and send some copies to us, so that we can share to the people here, that will want to speak to Jesus, and listen to Him.
Please, continue to keep us in your prayers, things are very difficult with us at this time. As of this week, we hardly get food and other necessities. But we keep trusting in the Lord for He has never forgotten nor forsake us, our living God has never failed to make true the scriptures in Psalm 34:19, "many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them ALL." The circumstances we are now rhymes with what I am sharing with the brethren here. I am sharing 'Endtime" message with the brethren here. The conditions in the world we live in, right here and now, are described in II Timothy 3:1,12-13: "But know this, that in the last days, perilous times shall come.....yes, and all who desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.....evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse."
We continue to pray for your ministry and the great work you are doing for the Lord Jesus. We are more grateful to know that you are sending pictures of Jesus to the people in Iraq. Jesus speak to them, let them know that you are alive, and will help them in everything they need from you.Amen Extend our greetings, love and thanks to everyone there. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your brother,
Joseph & the brethren here

Friday, July 29, 2005

Photos of the RV after we finished painting

The RV after we finished painting it. Therese did a wonderful job with the paint job. She painted the white, and touched up the stripes, and painted the awnings. She also painted the fender and the hubcaps on the Geo. We are set and ready to go out with the Father with our packets of pictures of Jesus. Pray for us as we travel. The enemy is standing before us to oppose us, but we know the Father will help us. If you are able to do so, please help us with gas and travel expenses, as we travel as OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES.


Greetings in Jesus' name. We are getting ready to go out again in the RV. We have prepared 1000 packets of pictures (each packet has one tract of JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME and two of the stringed pictures) to take with us and to give out as the Father says to give. As we posted on one of our blog sites, the Father said recently that the giving of the packets and the pictures will bring fruit. He said to us, "Cast your bread upon the waters and it will return to you" and since He said that we are already seeing evidence that it is so. Here are four different phone calls that we received this week:

We received one phone call from a man in Nova Scotia, Canada, whose wife had received some pictures of Jesus from us. He told us about talking to a woman who was very depressed. He walked two and a half miles (he said he did not have money for the bus) to give her one of the pictures of Jesus that we had sent to him and his wife. He told us that the woman cried when he arrived because he had gone so far out of his way to take her this picture. This is exactly what Jesus would have done! We know that Jesus will help her. Thank you, Father, for Your servant, Brent, who loves you and loves others in Your name.

We received another phone call from a woman who we had talked with on the phone in May. She lives in Arizona on an Indian Reservation. She called for pictures in May after traveling through Albuquerque. She saw our television show, so she called to request some of the free laminated pictures of Jesus that we make. While on the phone with her, we asked her what we could pray about for her and she told us that her 26 year old daughter had just been diagnosed with lung cancer in both lungs. We all prayed for her daughter and Jordan laid hands on his model and asked Jesus to heal her. The woman was calling us this week to tell us that her daughter had gone back to the doctor and the cancer had entirely disappeared! She was calling to thank Jesus for what He did for her and her family. Thank you, Jesus!

We received a call from Sandy, who lives less than ten miles from us. She told us that she had gotten eight pictures from a service station where we left a basket of pictures. She has twin sons in the armed forces: one in Iraq and one on the carrier, Kitty Hawk, stationed near Japan. She sent four pictures to each son. Both boys photocopied the picture and gave it out to other servicemen. The son in Iraq was injured in a tank accident, and he said that he was so glad to have Jesus' picture with him at that time. The other son on the Kitty Hawk gave a picture of Jesus to a soldier who had lost his leg who was very glad to receive the picture. Sandy's son is home for two months on leave and then is going back to Iraq so she wondered if we could give them some more pictures. With joy we made up another packet of pictures to give to her for him. Recently we sent over 2000 pictures to Reverend Joe in Iraq (a soldier/minister) and today we put together a packet with over 800 pictures for Sandy's son. Thank you, Father, for this wonderful report of Your pictures being spread abroad!

We also received a call this week from Brother Joseph in Africa. He and his people (Believer's Ministries) are refugees from Togo, living in Ghana. They are translating JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME into two different African languages: one that is widely spoken in Ghana and one that is spoken in Togo. He said they will send the translation soon by email, and then we can print some tracts for them to give out to the people around them. Thank you, Father, and help them as they translate Your words for the sake of the people. Bless them and keep them safe and provide jobs and food for all of them.

Brother Joseph has opened an i-kobo account. You can send him $60 for only a $3 transfer fee, (far cheaper than Western Union) so if you are able to help these brothers and sisters, contact us and we will give you the information that you need.

As always, we would welcome your help with gas and travel expenses. We are not sure exactly where all we will go as we go out with the RV, but we do know that the Father will lead us. To make a donation through PayPal, click here.

God bless you. Keep praying for and supporting OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES, because fruit for Jesus lies ahead. In the midst of the war, there is joy, because of His love and His presence.

Char Tierney
Apostle and Administrator
Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
The Table of the Remnant
Doug and Therese Cooper
Felicia Dennis
July 28, 2005

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Felicia and baby Lily Anne

Here is a picture of Felicia and baby Lily Anne in the hospital, and one of Lily after she came home. She came into this world, greatly loved by all of us and by her wonderful Creator, on July 5, 2005. Notice the picture of Jesus around Felicia's neck: Felicia worked on making pictures of Jesus while she was in labor. What a beautiful way to honor Jesus. God bless you, Lily, and God bless all your family as they stand with Jesus, whom they love, just as He loves them, in the war against evil.
If you would like to listen to a few audio blogs that Char Tierney made for the tv show, then go over to another blog site that we have opened specifically for working on the show. (as always, start at the bottom and work your way up - then the blogs will be in order of how they were given)