Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Father with a watering can in one hand and a sword on fire in the other

Yesterday, Silvana saw the Father. In one hand He was holding out a watering can, watering freedom in the world, and in the other hand He held a sword on fire.

We were praying for Israel and for the whole situation in the Middle East and we saw by the Holy Spirit that there is a bridge for those who desire freedom. If they will stand, the Father will help them, and they will need His help in the days ahead. Really, the choice before them is freedom or murder.

Silvana saw a raven and his beak was tied shut. He can peck at the seed but he cannot take it. The freedom that is in people's spirits cannot be taken away, it can only be come against.

As we are giving out the pictures of Jesus, we can see that not much is between us and them as we give the pictures and not much between them and Jesus. It is as though a wall has been removed. In the Spirit, we can see that we can speak freely of Jesus and people's spirits are open as never before.

We mailed pictures today to South Africa, France, India, Ghana, Russia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil, the Ukraine, and to several states in the USA. Anthony and Rusty gave us the money to pay for the postage. By their two donations, we had just enough to send out the packages. Dana gave us most of the money to pay off the printers (we supplied the rest) and we were able to order a new printing of another 105,000 pictures of Jesus! Thank you, Father, and thank you to each one who has helped us.

As Therese was leaving the Post Office today after mailing the packages, she met a woman and her grandson in the parking lot to whom she gave pictures of Jesus. The woman took the pictures of Jesus gladly and then she kissed it. She told Therese that she had lost her husband in April and that her son had died just before that. What an honor to bring a picture of Jesus to her, our grieving sister, whom Jesus loves so greatly.

Today Silvana was talking about Satan and what the Holy Spirit has been showing about him. The enemy is tired of hiding. He is tired of people being afraid and suffering and then not knowing that he is the one that caused such pain to them. He wants to be praised for his power. He wants them to know that it is he who caused their pain. He wants to be feared. He wishes he was in a body that could be seen. He has no control over being invisible. He doesn't realize that invisible or not, you still reap what you sow. He has brought terror and sorrow to people for generations. He wants it to culminate in something. He is sick of not being seen, of causing lifelong damage and it not being acknowledged that it was him. He does not consider himself to be God, but he does consider himself to be a god, and he wants to be seen, to be known. He wants to appear to people. He wants them to turn white and fall down; to go crazy.

She also spoke of the angels who have not fallen versus those who did fall, who are now demons. The angels that did not fall are full in their personalities, in themselves. They have humor and love and wisdom and loyalty and tender care for the Father. They will do anything to keep Him from being hurt. There is a lot of laughter and good humor around the Father. Demons, on the other hand, have lost the capacity for humor. It is no longer a part of themselves. They are consumed with destroying and how to bring more destruction. They are like shadows of what they once were. Although angels (not fallen) are more powerful then humans, they do not look down on us. They see that they were created as we were created. They admire us when we fight for good. Silvana said that as she was seeing this, she saw an angel, and she saw tears in his eyes. She saw his tears and heard him say that he admires the Father. They love and they care.

Friday, July 14, 2006


This is war, as the Holy Spirit has been saying since the first kidnapping of the Israeli soldier. On one hand, the Father said that He will "kill monsters" so we know that He will use this to come against the those who have been using terror as a tactic, and on the other hand He will use this to turn Israel to Himself. I saw the Father, several times the other day, standing as a warrior in the midst of Israel. They are going to need His help. The worst problem for them is not only the Islamic people rallying together to come against them, but the condemnation of the rest of the world, particularly European nations. Nations in Europe are already starting to condemn them. It breaks our hearts to see Israel at war. We pray for them day and night. Yesterday, while Therese and Jordan and I were in Albuquerque, we sat down for a moment to rest while at the entrance to a store. Just then, a woman came by and Jordan went to her and offered the picture of Jesus. She told him, "No, I am from Judaism. Give it to a Christian." Jordan said, "Oh, you don't have to be Christian to have this picture of Jesus" so she said, "Do you want me to wear it" and he answered, "Yes", so she said, "If you want me to wear it, I will". So we had the joy of seeing this Jewish woman putting Jesus' picture around her neck and wearing it into the store. In the Spirit, I saw Jesus wrap His arms around her and cling to her with love. I don't think we could have seen anything more comforting in the face of what we are having to see in Israel and the war there. This was a sign from the Holy Spirit, showing the reality of the bridge that He is building to restore Israel to Himself, and of course, no one can come to Him but through Jesus.

The group called Jews For Jesus have been in the news since they have been passing out literature in New York City. I saw a former leader of Jews For Jesus, named Susan Perlman, say on the TV news the other day, "Jews for Jesus are Jews who believe that Jesus is the Messiah". I saw the words go out in power from her by the Holy Spirit. The next day on the news, the present leader of Jews For Jesus said, "They cannot stop my heritage, or keep me from being Jewish, just because I believe in Jesus". There was power from the Holy Spirit with this too. And I realized, of course they cannot. The Holy Spirit has to say, He has to decide, no one can take on themselves the authority to reject another from being Jewish, and the Holy Spirit shows that they absolutely are Jewish, like their Brother and Savior, Jesus, was Jewish.

We mailed 1000 pictures to Uganda yesterday. We were so glad to mail them. We pray for each person who receives them, that they realize by feeling Jesus' presence, that they really can know Him. As they talk to Him, they will start to hear His voice, and His answers and His loving heart towards them. We also mailed pictures to Rwanda (5000 to a supervisor of schools who was planning to distribute them there) and 2000 to a Pastor in Botswana, and 500 to Doris in Tanzania, who translated JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME into Swahili. We also mailed some pictures to four different men in prisons in the USA.

It is a new generation being reached by the pictures. Not just churchgoers, or religious people, but people, every one of them created by Jesus with love. People who can know Him as Abraham did - hear His voice and enter into friendship with Him. The created being loved by the Creator, and loving Him back. And as people do this - talk to Him and hear from Him - then He will lead them to love others and to pray for others, and to share Himself with many. He will show them what is on His heart for the world, so they can see the events in the world and know what He feels about it and what He is doing. And then, soon - very soon, Jesus will return to the earth. I saw a quick thing in the Spirit the other day. I saw the events on earth that are coming and it was like a catfight, In a catfight there is movement with rowling and howling and hissing and scratching and rolling all around, with claws flashing. I saw the flurry of a catfight, but it was a panther rather than a kitty fighting. Already to look at the news is almost more than you can keep up with, so much is happening, but it will get more fast and furious as time goes by. All this is generated by Satan who is fighting against his capture, and striking out to destroy (prime target Israel, second prime target USA) and by the Father who is determined to restore this world to Himself, and prepare the world for His Son to return. We know the Victor, but can we bear the fight to the victory? Oh, we pray for Israel with all our hearts. GOD BLESS ISRAEL.

I am glad that for all who are watching what is happening in the world and praying about it all. Strive now to hear His voice, Brothers and Sisters. Have Abraham as your example. Don't seek the relationship without love that the self-centered church has with Him. Of course the foundation of the church is sound: Jesus is God, come to earth, who died for our sin and rose again and is coming again for us. This is so. But they have many teachings of man and traditions that cause them to be locked in a certain viewpoint of God and what He will or will not do, and most do not know Him as Abraham did. They don't have a one on one relationship where He speaks to them of things on earth and eternity and shares His heart. In the church the number one topic is themselves. SELF is the basis of sin in every human being. LOVE, on the other hand, is the antithesis of self, and is devoted to others; first of all to the One who loved us so, who created us in His image. Love will listen and hear Him. Love will seek Him and find Him. The Father said that anyone who wants to know Him, who seeks Him, is able to find Him, for the Father will respond to any who call out to Him, seeking to know Him. He doesn't need religiosity. He needs friends, and lovers of His Son. To them, He will reveal Himself. So be encouraged and persevere in seeking Him and trusting Him that He will make Himself known to you. The danger is not in the heart, but with the mind and what you will think. Through your thoughts - what you think He will say or do or won't say or do - you can limit Him, and not hear Him since it will not be what you expect.

Let me give you an example of the simplicity of loving Jesus. One of the errands that Therese and I did yesterday was to get some new glasses for Therese, since she has had headaches that we thought might be caused by a vision change. We went to a place that provides an eyecheck and makes the new lens in one day. So, we were standing by a rack of glasses in front of a mirror and Therese was trying on different pairs of frames to see which she liked. Of course she asked my opinion. To me, they all looked good on her. So, I asked Jesus to help us decide, since I liked everything on her. As she continued to try on pairs, leaning forward and peering into the mirror to see how they look, I saw Jesus. He was standing in front of her and He was leaning forward as she was and peering into her face. She didn't see Him, because she was intent on looking into the mirror. So, since she didn't see Him, Jesus started making funny faces at her. It was just a loving and humorous glimpse from Him.

He was with us all day as we traveled all over town (He showed Himself at other times too) and what a loving friend He is. He led us with perfect timing: we had just sat down to rest when the Jewish woman came, so we were able to get a picture of Jesus to her from Jordan. Later we suddenly decided we wanted ice cream, and an ice cream truck came by. Therese flagged him down. We bought ice cream and gave him pictures of Jesus and asked him if he had seen THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. He had not and he wanted one, and he had just got a DVD player last week, so we gave him the film on dvd. It is Jesus acting with love. Above all, we strive to teach people to develop a relationship with Him, and the pictures are a powerful and deep tool to turn their thoughts towards Him and to open doors to hearing His voice. Once they know Him, how can they help but love Him. And they - each one who seeks Him and loves Him - are our family; our brothers and sisters in Jesus, united by one Holy Spirit, serving one Father, betrothed to one Son, Jesus, our beloved.

We have been busy around here. There is joy in serving Jesus together. We work on the property, we make the pictures, we run errands, and we write when we can about all the things that the Father is showing, such as the powerful visions He has been giving to Silvana about the Bridge that He is building to Israel. We miss Felicia's presence, since she had to go back to Hawaii. But she is with us in spirit, praying for us and we for her.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Commentary on THE FOUR STONES

As Silvana was speaking about seeing the Father, gathering the stones and putting them toether to build a bridge, I saw something about the significance of the names that were shown to her. Silvana said that at first when she saw the names in the stones that she wondered if they might be made from gravestones, simply because of the way that the names looked as they were etched into the stone. She said each name was a beautiful carving. The names on the stones are names of people from the world, written in the Bible, in the record of the history of this earth and there is a particular reason, or reasons, why the Father picks each one.

The first name on a stone that Silvana saw is Esther, the Jewish queen who married the non-Jewish ruler. The book of Esther is the 17th book in the Old Testament. I saw a spirit associated with each of the first four names, as though it were a spirit from or of the Holy Spirit Himself. The spirit connected with Esther was the Spirit of Courage. Esther risked her life. The threat to her was real. She well knew that she may not survive, yet she acted. Would you speak out in defense of Israel if you knew that you might be killed? So, in the foundation of the bridge is courage.

The second name that Silvana saw is Malachi. Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament. There is a span of time between Malachi, the end of the Old, and Matthew, the beginning of the New, which is the accounting of Jesus and His life and death and resurrection, and those who believed in Him. So Malachi is a bridge representing bringing together what the Father did in the past with the Old Testament and what He did in the New Testament. I also saw a spirit associated with the name Malachi. Malachi speaks of the tithe. The spirit that I saw was a spirit of support of God's will and God's people. The Spirit of Tithing. The Father does not only want His people to talk a good story but He wants them to act - to put their resources where He Himself is acting. Jews all over the world need to support Israel. Christians must support Israel.

The third spirit I saw was associated with Stephen: the Spirit of Boldness. Stephen knew the truth and he spoke up, even though he was facing a crowd of angry Jews who had rejected Jesus as Messiah. Later, his words had great effect on the Apostle Paul, who was present with the crowd (holding their coats) who ended up murdering Stephen.

Courage under threat of death, tithe (support) for the war and the threat to Israel, and boldness to stand for the truth, no matter what the consequences are to self: these attributes are needed, and these attributes flow freely from the Holy Spirit. ... to be continued

Silvana Lupetti: THE FOUR STONES

The Father has shown some powerful things in the past few days. He wants me to share them with you.

I was in the Spirit standing by the Father, and He showed me something on the ground in the distance. I looked and saw stones, light colored, hewn by the hand of man. The Father and I walked the distance together and then we came to the stones. They were heavy and large and the Father picked up one of the stones and started back to the place that we had been standing. It seemed to me to be a far distance that the Father was traveling to get the stones, and He was carrying them one at a time. The Father reached the place and set the stone down. Four times in all He did this, four stones out of the many that were there. No one was helping the Father, this was His choice to do this by Himself. I looked closer and saw that there were names carved in the stones. He carved the names Himself and they were perfectly carved. He carried the four stones and set them down in this order. ESTHER, MALACHI, STEPHEN, PAUL.

Then I saw what the Father was doing. With these stones, He was going to build a bridge. I saw the bridge as if it were already made, in the future. It is a bridge shaped like a simple arc. He will build this bridge Himself, with none other with Him. Then He spoke to me. He said:

I am building a bridge between the Old Testament and the New Testament.

He is making a way for Israel to cross this bridge and see that Jesus is the Messiah who was foretold. Within the stones, I saw the book of Hebrews. I saw the Father lean down and pick up a bundle of herbs, hyssop. He dipped the hyssop into the blood of Jesus and sprinkled all the stones He would use to make the bridge.

And then I saw that the stones were once an edifice. That they were all once together forming the Temple. The stones of the Temple, red with the blood of the risen Messiah. The Passion of the Christ was seen by many, many Jewish people. They were drawn to see what the controversy was about, they were drawn as if by a strong magnet to go and see the film. The Father says that many of them asked Him a question after that powerful experience. The question was, "Is Jesus the Messiah?" And He says that any who ask Him this will be answered. Deep will call to deep and the answer is YES.

I saw more names that will go into the bridge on the stones. Char will be writing on the blog about the significance of the first four names and why they are first.

Then, tonight, just a few minutes ago, I heard a clear voice speaking.


Brothers and sisters who love Jesus above yourselves, pray for Israel. I called out to the Father to return the son of Israel, kidnapped and held in wicked brutal hands, to return him to his people. Your will be done, Father. You make the way, and You ARE the way.

Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
July 11, 2006

The prophet of the Father in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, wrote this yesterday, July 11, 2006, as the Father continues to show about Israel. Since then there have been two more Israeli soldiers kidnapped, by Hezbollah out of Lebanon, who are giving the same demand for the release of prisoners as the Palestinian group, Hamas, has given.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Today we are preparing more packets of pictures to mail out. Here are the nations to which we are sending pictures of Jesus: USA, BULGARIA, RWANDA, NIGERIA, MALTA, ENGLAND, INDIA (I will be sure to send extra because of the train bombings today), SRI LANKA, UKRAINE, BRAZIL, RUSSIA, GHANA, SOUTH AFRICA, THE NETHERLANDS, BELGIUM, and France. Thank you so much to Dana, Felica, and Suzanne S for making this mailing possible by providing the money for postage.

One of the places in France where we are sending pictures (I think we have about six requests from France) is the city of Dunkirk. We are also sending pictures today (larger ones) to Dog the Bounty Hunter in Hawaii, whom Felicia met up with on July 4th at Pearl Harbor. I find it interesting that the Father is sending pictures to two such significant places (Dunkirk, France and Pearl Harbor) from World War II. A door is opening to America to stand as our heroic fathers and grandfathers did when the world was threatened by Hitler and his allies in an earlier generation. Did you know that there was a protest yesterday with people and signs outside of the New York Times building; a rally held by people tired of their treasonous articles?

The Father has continued to show about the building of a bridge, from Old Testament to New, to Israel. The prophet of the Father in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, has been describing all that she sees and we will be posting that in the days ahead. It is so interesting and powerful. The Father is doing all the building Himself. Today on FoxNews I saw a segment that was about the fact that Jews for Jesus are being sued to remove their logo. I saw a woman, Susan Perlman, say the following: "Jews for Jesus are Jews who believe that Jesus is the Messiah". When she said it, I saw it go out in the spiritual realm by the Holy Spirit. Pray for Israel and for the whole world. JESUS IS THE MESSIAH.

Today Therese and I taking Jordan into Albuquerque to get his cast removed. We are so glad about that. For six weeks he had a green cast on his arm, (following ten days or so with a purple one) supported by a sling around his neck. Of course we are taking pictures of Jesus with us to pass out everywhere we can at the hospital.