Saturday, August 05, 2006

Char Tierney speaks by video of Israel

The videos of Char Tierney speaking by video in September of 2005 about what the Father said concerning Israel and the withdrawal from Gaza have been moved. Click on the following link to watch them:

Ask the Father about what is being shown by Him. We need to discern the times.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

CARPET from Afghanistan for President Bush

Have you seen this carpet that was made in Afghanistan?
It is beautiful and amazing:

Mel Gibson's apology & translation in Arabic

The last post was written yesterday, but not posted until today. Yesterday, we asked the Father to bring good out of this terrible situation with the anti-Semite remarks made by Mel Gibson as he was drunk. This morning as I was waiting on the Father, after first getting up, He showed me something. He said that He would bring good out of this sitution by bringing Mel to the truth. Mel Gibson was raised by a man who has anti-Semitic beliefs, as some European Catholics have had in the past. No matter that Mel doesn't want to be anti-Semitic, these thoughts have influenced him. The Father showed that He will bring Mel to the truth.

I was so glad that the Father said this and I rejoiced for Mel's sake. We all need freedom from where we are wrong in our thinking. However, now this report has come out:,2933,206572,00.html.
This is a report about Mel apologizing and asking for help, from the Jewish community! This will open doors to dialogue, that the Father can move through. "Come, let us reason together", He says to the Jews, to the world, to each person. This obviously is what He is talking about in bringing good out of the bad. THANK YOU, FATHER. We will keep praying for the Jews, for Mel, and for all to come to the truth.

Rusty, and Robert and his lovely wife Catherine, have given us the money to buy the latest translation of JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME -into Arabic! Thank you, Father. May many people read of Jesus and His love for them, and that He wants them to know Him, because of this translation. Please spread it all over the world, Father, right into the heart of the strongholds of Satan. In Jesus' name we ask. Amen.

Letter from a sister in Jesus and more on Mel Gibson

Dear Char and Silvana, Here it is 3:01 AM and I can't sleep but there is much to pray about. The other day I had such a day! Planned by our Father, When I stopped at the Post Office there was a lady sharing the gospel with two men. I went in picked up my mail and on my way out she was still there. I stopped to chat with her and to thank her for her words to the two men. She had just returned from Israel.

She told me that she had taken a cab to see (Benny Hinn) but that the man dropped her off and wanted ten dollars for the trip. She told him that she only had $ 5.00 so she would write him a check. He wanted cash. So he took the $5.00. He left her at the wrong place. She was out of money so she prayed. Two men came up to her and stuffed her pockets full of money. She thinks they were angels.

So then she got a cab and as the driver drove along he asked her why she was in Israel. She told him that she wanted to tell him about Jesus. He told her was a Jew and that Jesus did not care about him. She told him that God loves him so much that He sent His son to die for Him. The man turned around to her with tears running down his face and said no one had ever told him that before.

She told him about Jesus and asked him if he wanted to pray and ask Jesus into his heart. He did right then and there. Praise the sweet name of Jesus. She is 87 years old and on fire for the Lord. I gave her a hug and we laughed and talked awhile. She said there is a real hunger in Israel for God. We must keep praying. I am sending the money so two Jewish people can leave Russia and fly to Israel to freedom. Praise be to Jesus.


THANK YOU, FATHER. Father, please bring good out of the terrible thing that happened with Mel Gibson. Earlier today I was outside, before the Father. I had been thinking about and praying about the situation, and what was said, and how Satan will exploit it (after he brought it about) and I was thinking about the fact that the Father said He will come to the Jews who are seeking Him (on the Sabbaths) and that they will feel His presence. So, I was praying for them. Then, while before the Father, I suddenly saw some Jews in the spirit. They were what you might call Hollywood Jews. They were gathered in a circle together. One had a cigar. There was not a good feeling among them. They felt hard and cynical.

They reminded me of the time that the Father sent Silvana and I (with Doug and Therese backing us up) into the Christian chat rooms for three days to stand against Satan there. On the third day, we couldn't even type. Blood was pooling up in Silvana's hands and legs from being at one of the computers, and standing in the Spirit, as we were from morning to night for the three days. We went to Christian chat rooms. Some were Catholic, some were Protestant. The spirit there was terrible. Unbelievers, who said horrible things and had no love, no belief. It was the unbelief that reminded me of the cynicism of these particular Jews.

As I saw this cirle of Jews, the Father spoke. He said, "I didn't mean them". Then, in the spirit, I saw some Israeli soldiers. It was soldiers like this who took the Israeli settlers from their homes when there was the withdrawal from Gaza. They wept together with the settlers, and prayed together. Then, the Father showed me that He will move on Jews, any of them, who have softer hearts, who are not so hard and set against the truth and against Him.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Link to an interview

An interview with a film maker about suicide bombers and Hamas mentality:

More about Mel Gibson

I was thinking this morning of what I saw when I saw the Father the other day and His reaction to the news that Mel Gibson had made the anti-semite comments. I heard the Father groan in pain, and He threw His arms back. It looked almost as though He was being crucified. I thought at the time, "Is He showing that this is to re-crucify Christ?" I don't know, but I know He was clearly showing a connection with crucifixion, maybe just the pain and the scope of His own suffering. I also saw Satan gloating. This is war between God and Satan, and this is a blow that Satan inflicted.

It was Satan who personally pushed Mel into this situation. Mel has a problem with what he feels, and has always had this problem with deep feelings. This is why he drinks. Because Mel believes in Jesus, but doesn't talk to Him, he has not had these feelings answered, so he is not free, not healed. (This type of wounds will all be healed in paradise, in heaven. However, they can be healed on earth, especially as you talk to Jesus about what you feel. He will continue to show you the depths of yourself, and bring you towards the truth in all things. He really does love you. In the meantime, Satan moves easily on feeling and thoughts, and manipulates people through them.) Because of Mel's Catholic background, he leans towards believing in peace, sometimes at all costs. So, he faults Israel for not making peace, not putting a cease-fire into place. As Satan was on him, pushing him, he was in an angry, belligerent place, which caused him to make the disgraceful comments that he did, which was Satan's intent.

Last night Silvana came to my room and she was praying against the enemy because of this strike through Mel, and I saw the great power that accompanied her words in the Spirit. That the enemy smirks and gloats over this is offensive. Join her in praying for the Jews at this time, and against the evil one who takes such pride in anything that will separate man from God. The timing of this strike was aimed directly at what the Father is promising of bringing the Jews to Jesus. The Father will do what He has promised, but this is war, and pain will come through Satan's actions, Satan's strike. Pray earnestly for the Jews. Right now they need friends and if they cannot count on Christians, then they are truly alone, except for the Father. It is because there are so many believers (Christians) and Jews in America that America supports Israel now, as we should.

Speaking of Catholicism, the new Pope has also come out with an immediate cease-fire statement for the Israeli-Hezballah situation, which shows a lack of understanding of the will of God. The Pope, and many Catholics, have a predisposed belief in "peace". Jesus is the Prince of Peace. They should trust in Him and look for His peace, when He brings it. They do not take into account the doves that Pope John II put out the window as an expression of peace, who then flew back in the window, rather than taking the normal course of flying to their home, as they do by instinct. The Holy Spirit was making a point by having the birds not act according to instinct, and the point is this: (as He said to us at the time) THIS IS NOT A TIME FOR PEACE. Remember the time in Old Testament history when those who had taken the Ark of the Covenant sent the Ark back towards Israel on a wagon, with cows who had calves at home. Under normal circumstances the cows, when left to themselves, would go back to their calves, but they did not act on their normal instincts in this case, but on what angels around them were compelling them to do.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


The Father said to put oil on the flag and on the prophet of the Father in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, on July 25, 2006, on her mind and her heart and her spirit, so we did. We put the flag of Israel on Silvana and the second that it touched her, she was in the Spirit and began to speak to Israel from the Father.


"I will lead you to the cross, to the fulfillment. The third piece put in place. Come back to all I gave to you: the festivals, the Sabbath, to the Messiah who was given to you first to bring you freedom from sin. The prophet promised that there would be a child. How long do you think I was going to make you wait? I have been faithful. Look into the book of Hebrews. Look into Me, into Abraham's father, your father."

There is a prophet praying for you today, wearing your flag as a prayer shawl, praying that you will come back to your Father, the Originator. Come to the Father and He will lead you to the Messiah. You killed the prophets. Now is your opportunity to believe. He is there with you. He is there among you. Believe - first in the Father. Jesus is His heart, your Messiah, our Messiah.

Beyond the tent of friendship, from border to border, will be the blood of Jesus, the sacrificial lamb. The Father has never broken a promise to you.How long do you think He would leave before speaking to you again. He has been speaking to you, but you have not heard.

Father, give them hope. Hope to know that You have not abandoned them.

The Father wants you to be fulfilled. Put on your prayer shawls. He will lead you to the Messiah, He will overcome every barrier. You don't think that He loves you, but come to His heart. There will be a day where there is no Jew or Gentile. All will love the Father, through Jesus the Messiah. Those who are in the Cloud of Witnesses know the Father. Abraham, Moses, Mary, are in the forefront. "Come to the Father" they call out. "It is He who gave you His Son."

He was always your friend. Every promise He gives you comes to pass. Sit down with Him, to your fulfillment. He loves you, He has never stopped. Come into the tent of friendship, where promises are answered. You think He doesn't love you, but He has never stopped loving you. Look into Abraham's Friend, Abraham's Father, your Father. Look into the book of Hebrews which was written to you.

I see prophets under the tree, praying for Israel. The white in your flag represents martyrdom, the martyrdom of the prophets. The blue represents the truth, the truth that they were giving you. The Father will give supernatural help to you to help you to remember the Father. There is a prophet (Silvana) praying for you, wearing a prayer shawl. She prays that you will come back to the Originator. Come to the Father, who will lead you to the Messiah. You killed all the prophets. Now is your opportunity to believe. He is there among you. Believe. Believe first in the Father. Jesus is His heart. He is your Messiah. He is our Messiah. The prophet prays that He gives you hope; hope to know that He has not abandoned you. He wants you to be fulfilled. Put on your prayer shawls. He will lead you to the Messiah. He will overcome the barrier that you don't think that He loves you. Come to His heart. There will be a day with no Jew and no Gentile. All will love the Father, through Jesus the Messiah.

The shield of David is in the flag, with its six pointed star, representing six directions: north south east and west, and up and down. Surrounded in every direction, safe in the Father, just as the Apostle Paul expressed, "In Him we live and move and have our being".

I see David, and Jeremiah is on one side of him and Isaiah is on the other, and the Host of Heaven are behind. David is singing a new psalm. A hallmark of David is his praise for the Father. David in his psalms spoke of the coming Savior. Now he is with that Savior, now singing of Jesus. He is singing to Israel. No matter what happened, David praised the Father and now he has written a psalm about the Messiah Jesus, about the cross, about His suffering, and about THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, which is what Jesus suffered when He took on Himself the sins of Israel and the sins of the world, at Passover.

The lie will be broken that God doesn't speak.The Jews were with Him before, He who is the Originator of all. The Apple of His eye will return to the Father.
(END of transcription of Silvana speaking of Israel.)
President Bush says that terrorists are brutal. This after the Holy Spirit said through Silvana that Satan's middle name is brutality. President GW Bush often says the same as we hear the Holy Spirit say. Watch and see. Look for what the Father says of situations all over the world, and then look to see what President Bush has to say about it, and you will see that he is consistently where the Father is, even down to the phrasing that the Holy Spirit uses.
Char: I saw someone put on a backpack and stand up. There was someone already standing there with a similar pack on his or her back. The two walked off together. The Holy Spirit said that it represents "shouldering the burden".
Indonesia wanted to send troops to Hezballah. The prophet Silvana has commented about Indonesia and the area being like a hornet's nest of terrorism. The Father has acted personally to interfere with their plans to go forward in wickedness, by striking them with many disasters. We need His help.
When Silvana was talking about the Tent of Meetings, I saw the Father with a person. He was holding both of the person's hands, and He led them to a small table, and sat on one side and the person sat on the other side of the table. They sat down to talk. "Come, let us reason together", says the Father.
Char: When I saw the Father with the people around His legs, I also saw the Father surrounding them. I saw Him surround the people of Israel with His Holy Spirit. I saw Him surround the soldiers. I saw Him singing over the people. He showed me later that He was singing the song that David wrote, that David is singing. He is singing over His people. One time a prophet was asked what the Father's will was. He said, "bring me some music." They did and he was able to see what the Father wanted. Churches use organ music as the pastor speaks of a personal relationship with Jesus. The Father is leading them back to freedom. He sings, He uses music as He moves on their spirits.
Felicia sent us a t-shirt from Dog, the Bounty Hunter, that she bought from him on July 4th at Pearl Harbor. The picture of Dog on the front of the shirt shows him rolling up his sleeves, just as Silvana saw the Father doing recently. (Yesterday when she saw the wheat being sown by the Father, His sleeves were still rolled up.) Here is a picture of GW Bush rolling up his sleeves, that was posted on the website, the day after Silvana saw the Father rolling up his sleeves.
Regarding Silvana seeing the raven with his beak fastened shut: we talked to our brother Robert in Florida this last week. He said that his mother and his wife and he are all passing out the pictures of Jesus. He said that at first his mother did not fully support the free pictures of Jesus. She grew up Catholic and therefore she is used to pictures and statues of Jesus, and she thought that this is just more of the same. However, when her husband, Robert's father, was in the hospital recently, the doctors said that he might not survive. We all prayed for him and he was given one of the pictures of Jesus. Not only did her husband not die, but he said that he felt Jesus' presence with him the whole time. Now, she sees the value of the beautiful pictures, where Jesus is present with each one, and she shares them with others. The raven was not able to take the seed of Jesus and His presence from her.
When you feel darkness, say Jesus' name. The enemy hates to hear it. Jesus will help you. He will draw near as you call out His name.
Char: While praying for Israel, with the flag as a prayer shawl around my shoulders, I saw the Cloud of Witnesses. I saw an enormous array of people, stretching far off in the distance in the spiritual realm, where the Cloud of Witnesses were gathered at the edge of heaven, up over the earth. As I was praying aloud for Israel, they all bowed their heads. I saw a sea of heads bowing, as they joined in a heartfelt prayer for all of Israel. Felicia is mailing us a real prayer shawl from Israel, so we will use it as we pray for Israel, rather than the Israeli flag, which is now flying with the American flag in the back by the arbor. We encourage you to get a flag of Israel and to pray for them and support them in the days ahead.
I saw the Father groaning after the newsstory broke that Mel Gibson had made some angry remarks against the Jews. I saw pain in His heart. I saw the hurt that He sees that this will bring to the Jews. I felt as though I had a sword embedded in my chest, looking at the cruel timing of Satan in this. Satan maneuvered Mel to do this, by moving on him so strongly that he felt miserable and found refuge, as he has before, in alcohol. From there, he expressed a frustration about the Jews that was inappropriate, and not what he truly feels. Satan wants to make the Jews feel separated from Christians, and from Jesus, and from THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. What Satan wants to revive, and what will cause such pain, is the charge that the film is anti-Semite, which it is not. This will stir up fears and resentments and generate a lack of trust.
Two people died of a heart attack at Haifa the other day, during a bomb attack. One man was running to a bomb shelter when he had the attack and died. The other was a woman who also died of a heart attack. It was foretold by the Holy Spirit that there would come a time when men's hearts would fail them for fear. That time has arrived.
We held the Sabbath for Israel's sake, as the Father said to do so this last week, because they could not stop their fight to have it themselves. The 17th day of conflict led to the Sabbath, which begins the 18th day. The Father showed me the number 18 as 6,6,6. That is the 666 that is from the Father, not the one that the enemy has taken to himself to the harm of mankind. I asked the Father what it meant and He showed me three sixes. The three is Him, the sixes are mankind. He said that it represents "rest". Man resting in God. The Feast of Tabernacles is a feast of rest. There is a rest that is promised to the people of God, where man rests from his works, and trusts in God for His works, His righteousness. The Father said that He will come to the Jews who are praying to Him in Israel on the Sabbaths. He said that they will feel His presence. This is the greatest gift possible! David said that one day in the Father's courts is worth 1,000 elsewhere and he is so right. You can spend 1,000 days, oppressed and assaulted by the enemy, but just a few moments in the Father's presence makes it all worth it. One effect that the Father showed that will come from the Jews feeling His presence as they pray is very personal. When you feel the Father, you feel cared about. You feel honored that He is showing Himself to you, or that He is spending time with you. Each person in Israel who feels His presence as they pray, will feel hope because they will know that He hears them. As they feel His presence, as they call out to Him, the Father will lead them to His Son, their Savior, their Messiah.

The Father said this morning to keep the Sabbath on Saturday as the Jews do, to show unity with them. This way our prayers will be rising to Him at the same time as our Jewish brothers and sisters prayers come to Him. Our prayers will temper theirs, as we trust in the Father, whom we know and love, and their prayers will bring depth to ours, as they face the threat of destruction, and cry out to Him as David did, when surrounded by danger.
Really, it is brilliant to withdraw from the towns that Israel had entered earlier in Southern Lebanon. Israel does not want to occupy Lebanon. They want to stop Hezballah. Withdrawing from the town forces the people to decide, "Which do we want? Freedom or terror?" If they choose to embrace terror, and allow Hezballah to set up amongst them again, then they further the violence that will occur in their neighborhoods.

THOU SHALT NOT KILL. The Father will bring an end to terrorism on the earth. This is the final fight, that has not yet reached its culmination, but which will end with freedom for Israel, and for the whole world. Even so, come Lord Jesus.


More from the Father

I still have more to write about what the Father was saying about Israel the other day. It was so powerful. He told us to raise Israel's flag along with our American flag, and before we did, we put the flag on each of us as a prayer shawl. I took the Israeli flag to Silvana and put it over her. The moment it touched her body she began to weep and she was instantly in the Spirit. She began to speak about Israel and to Israel, and I will finish typing what was said soon. When the flag was put on me, I also was instantly in the Spirit. I put it over my head, as some do when they pray. The Father said that I could ask Him anything for Israel so I began to pray for them concerning the two things that the Holy Spirit had shown me earlier in the day: for their fear and their guilt. I saw the Father come between them and Satan as I prayed. I know He will help them, just as we all need supernatural help when Satan opposes us. It is hard to stand when your feelings and your thoughts are so powerfully affected, but trust and patiently looking to the Holy Spirit gives the grace to withstand the onslaught.

For the first time I saw clearly the end of this conflict and the end of the war with Satan. I saw what is happening, that the Father is doing on earth. I saw His meaning, His plans, which are utterly sensible and achievable. I saw that He is intent on putting an end to terrorism. He insists. Mankind, and demons, must stop. And Israel and America and any who ally with them are His tools. There will be complete victory. Of course the fight ahead is fierce, but it will be won, because the Father, the God of Israel, the God of America, leads the fight. He is the God who parts the sea, whom no one can oppose.

Yesterday I heard it said to Satan, "Stop your violence in Jesus' name". After I heard this, I thought, "he won't stop". Immediately the Father said, "He will wish he did".

Today, Silvana saw the Father with something that looked like a large burlap sack. He was taking grain out of the sack and sowing it liberally. The grain looked like grains of wheat. The Holy Spirit showed her that it represents the sowing of common sense. The Father is sowing among the Palestinians and the Lebanese people. Right now they are caught up in what is happening, and in their many thoughts that have been so enormously affected, as they have been brainwashed by the beliefs of many within their culture. But what is the truth? What sort of life do they want for themselves and their children? Do they want peace? Do they want to raise their children with hope, with a future? Somewhere in their spirits they do, and the Father is sowing grain that will grow and strengthen these thoughts and desires; the thoughts and desires that free people have. When the victory comes, there will be a harvest from among the people where He is sowing now.