Monday, July 16, 2007

Fast with us on Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tomorrow Pastor Jean has to go back before the authorities to hear their decision about passing out the free pictures of Jesus in certain areas in Rwanda. Some have threatened that they will put him in jail. Others have listened to him and his explanation of why he passes out the free pictures of Jesus and they are more sympathetic, recognizing him for what he is: an honest man. Tomorrow we are all going to fast and stand with Jean as he goes before this assembled group of authorities. We met with Jean in Yahoo Conference the other day and while there the Father promised to bring a victory at that meeting, so we have full confidence that Jesus will work this for good.
Join us in fasting tomorrow for Rwanda's sake. They have suffered so greatly at the hands of the mortal enemy of all mankind. Stand for them and pray for them now, as the Father is moving to restore them to a place of healing in their spirits. He loves Rwanda, and so do we.
The Rwandan Ambassador to the USA is coming to New Mexico to speak at the University of New Mexico Business School later this month. We have tickets to his speech at the main table so we can talk to him afterwards of all that OJP is doing in Rwanda, and of our plans and hopes for the school for the street children. We want to acquaint him with all that Jesus has been doing for Rwanda, and also of the opposition that has arisen to challenge Pastor Jean. We look forward to hearing his comments about education, which is the focus of this gathering.