Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rwandan Ambassador in New Mexico

Rwandan Ambassador to the USA
speaks at Anderson University in NM

Antonio Jaramillo, Ambassador Kimonyo, Nicole Jaramillo

First Secretary Doreen Kagarama, Nicole and Antonio Jaramillo of OJP

Antonio and Nikki Jaramillo, representing OJP, had the opportunity to meet with Ambassador James Kimonyo and First Secretary Doreen Kagarama in Albuquerque on July 27, 2007 when he spoke at the UNM business school, (Anderson University) about the crucial need for education in the world today. Antonio and Nikki were able to give them our fond greetings to Rwanda and tell them about the work of OJP in Rwanda.
Therese also had the opportunity to talk to Secretary Kagarama on the phone and tell her details about Pastor Jean and his wife Beathy and the difficulties they have faced and the faithfulness they have exhibited in lifting up Jesus in that nation. Secretary Kagarama promised the help of the Rwandan Embassy if Pastor Jean faces legal problems again as he did recently when false charges were brought against him by those who opposed Jesus. May God bless Rwanda.