Saturday, November 17, 2007


I dreamt that Jordan and I were on a bike together. We were on our way home, and passed through the middle of a park. I was pedaling on the bicycle and Jordan was behind me. On the right side of the park was a cemetery with crosses and gravestones.

On the left were some woods. There were many people seated on blankets, each having a picnic. We passed through the middle of the park. As we neared the end, the road we were on narrowed to a path. It swung towards the right and skirted by the edge of the cemetery. At the end, it was so narrow that you had to go on the path in single file.

As we approached the final path home, we came to a steep cliff which brought an abrupt end to the park, The path went by the right side of the cliff to reach our home. Jordan and I rode up to the edge of the cliff and swung around to look over. Down below we could see Satan, standing on a ledge, waiting for people to fall over. Twice we drove up to the edge and both times we swung our bike around, parallel to the edge, and looked down.

end of dream

I told Silvana about the dream and she described it perfectly. She drew a sketch of the dream, and she was accurate in every detail including many things that I had not yet mentioned. Then, she spoke of what the things in the dream symbolized. The cemetery represents the reality of death. She said that "home" represents heaven. The path is narrow to arrive there. She said that the picnickers on the blankets are the oblivious, and among them is the church. The cliff lies ahead, the cemetery is filling, yet they remain oblivious. She went on to say that Jordan and I were swinging by the cliff to point it out to the people.

After I woke up, I saw a hand sweep through the picnickers and many of them were swept off the cliff. The Father is giving a warning. The times are serious and they will get more so.

11-14-07 Today I saw Satan talking to the strongman of China. They were sitting together (they were sort of squatting down) and plotting. I didn't know what to say to the Father, except to ask Him to come against their plans. The strongman of China was dressed entirely in armor and he had many weapons. The armor covered him from head to toe. The armor looked like a robe that an ancient Chinese man might wear. It looked like off white cloth but I knew it was armor. He wore a helmet that covered his whole head. The cloth (armor) was in horizontal rows, and in each row he had many different weapons.

The Holy Spirit said that He will come to anyone who seeks Him, anyone who does His will. All the power we need to do His will is with Him.