Saturday, September 22, 2007


Our printer, Mark, is putting together a brochure for us which will have WHERE LIFE BEGINS and JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME and a picture of Jesus. We can give them out everywhere we go in the RV and send them to everyone who requests a picture of Jesus from us. The Father showed His prophet, Silvana, the two writings together as though they were two sticks of dynamite in the form of a cross. I saw Jesus standing by the dynamite cross with a lighter, lighting the fuses. They will have a powerful effect on people's spirit. Together they lay a foundation for a relationship with the Father and then the picture of Jesus brings His presence. What a powerful weapon for Jesus!

The other day someone came and asked me for a "word" from God. I was going to say, "I don't know about "words" from God. I can only say if I see something from Jesus." But before I could say this, I saw the Father. And He said, "Jesus is the Word. Jesus is the word that is always on My mind." And I saw, as though I could see into the Father's head, into His mind, and He was thinking of Jesus. And He always is. In everything He does, He thinks of Jesus. He loves Him so.

So, as Silvana said, we have this opportunity with this powerful weapon added to our arsenal for the cross, in our arsenal for Jesus. Silvana also talked about the Father sending us out in the RV. She said that He could show us something on the news and then He could send us there with the pictures of Jesus. Last night on the news we saw a story about a security guard at a car lot. Someone came to steal tires off a mustang there and beat her viciously. She is now in a coma. We are taking pictures of Jesus to the family and asking Jesus to heal her.

What a horrific attack! She did not deserve that. The people who did this deed did it only for violence's sake. They did not need to go so far. Our only hope is Jesus. He sees. He cares. He would rush to help, if only His feet would move, His arms would reach out with His pictures. As the Body of Jesus, we reach out to poor beaten Susan, whom Jesus loves. We can trust Jesus to heal. Can He trust us to act? Yes, in Jesus' name, yes. Yes a thousand times, yes. The war gets bloody. The enemy holds nothing back.

Thank you Jesus for this Supertract, to reach out to the hurting, the suicidal, the grieving, the lost, the hopeless, the drug addicts, the angry, the families of those wounded. Thank you for this weapon of truth. May many, many people receive them soon, all over the world and may they hear Your voice and see You. And then, may they respond to Your Spirit, as the Church would not, and reach out to others as well.

We planted the second of two new trees in the back of our house this week. The first one the Father called, "Advance". The second He called "Forward". Advance is the movement of the Father in the whole spiritual realm. Forward is the army of Jesus, the Body of Jesus, moving forward with the Father and with His advance. These two tracts, combined into one brochure with Jesus' picture, will help take forward the advance of the Father. Thank you, Father.
This supertract is the good thing that Jesus said was coming after I saw Him in a kitchen preparing food on August 29th. The food is provision, the wisdom in these tracts.