Thursday, April 28, 2005

Media Player movie about making the pictures of Jesus

Please pray for OPERATION JESUS PICTURES and for people who want to make the pictures of Jesus and distribute them from their own neighborhood. We put a Media Player movie online today on how to make them. For those of you interested to see the movie: click here

Standing against Satan for the sake of the world

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I wanted to make it clear that the comment about the demons as "an alien race" is not meant literally, but is only used as an example of a way to view their influence on mankind. Demons are fallen angels. They are usually invisible, so therefore they are not easily discernible by people, and because of this they have gotten away with greatly influencing people's thoughts and actions. Their intent has been evil, and they have caused great harm in the earth, without the realization of those who were directly influenced by their presence and actions.

Vision of great idol toppling

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