Monday, July 23, 2007


As the Father shows the prophet Silvana about Satan and his nature and his plans, she has been talking about the antichrist and what he will be like. One thing that the Holy Spirit said as we were talking about this topic, "Don't think of the anti-christ. Think of what it really is: the anti-Jesus". Of course anti-christ is another way to say anti-Jesus but it makes a difference in your understanding if you realize that what is coming is personal and against Jesus.

As Silvana spoke of Satan rallying different religions around himself, pretending to be for peace, for good, we could see how many are eager for anything but Jesus. At first the anti-Jesus will pretend to be for the religions, for peace, for unity. Christians will be blamed if they do not want to join into this coalition for peace, realizing that there is no peace without the resolution of the evil that brought about the war. The world will be deceived because they want to be deceived. They did not love the truth when it was said to them, so the Father will allow them to be deceived by the great deception. How many refuse now to view the war on terror or the war in Iraq as a good thing. However, even this deception will come to an end, and Jesus will return, and the earth will be chastised for their love of evil, their rejection of the Father and His ways, and their rejection of Jesus, who has never done anything but good. The Jews are eager for a Messiah who is not Jesus.

Silvana said that Hitler is almost like a trial run of the anti-christ because Hitler was persuasive with what he said. The antichrist will be charismatic and believable as well, but Satan will be with him, with lying words and brutal heart. To see the true nature of Satan, to see his heart, look to Stalin and Saddam Hussein. Murder of millions lies behind their apparent civility as they meet with leaders of the world. As Satan maneuvers mankind by claiming to want peace, death will come. As the Scriptures say, "Peace and safety, and then comes sudden destruction". Israel will never be in greater danger than at this time. Her very existence as a nation is at stake. And unless she repents of rejecting Jesus, and receives Him, the nation Israel will be no more. (Although Jewish people will remain, for they live all over the world. Millions are in America.)

Praying for Amy

We were praying for Amy who had tried to take her own life. The enemy loves to bring despair to mankind. As we were praying for her, we saw a demon pressing against her the whole length of her body. No wonder she feels depressed! Demons are masters at affecting our emotions, our thoughts, in any negative way that they can. We called out to Jesus to come against this demon and he was forced up and away from Amy, whom Jesus loves so deeply. Later we heard from people around Amy that she was doing much better that day than she had been in some time. When we despair, Jesus can help us. When we despair, and demons are present, it is very hard to bear what we feel, and the lies that come pouring to us from the spiritual realm. Thank you, Jesus, for what you are doing for Amy.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


What a complete and wonderful victory for Pastor Jean as the enemy tried to cause harm to him for giving out the free pictures of Jesus in Reanda. We have been rejoicing since Jean came home safely from his hearing before the authorities. Thank you, Father!

Good news also from Maria, who came over to Tonio and Nikki's house yesterday. Maria said she had been to the doctors for a MRI and that the drs looked at the MRI and told her that there is no cancer in her body! Jesus, you are so great! Click here to read about going to pray for Maria on March 12, 2007

We are hoping Jesus will do as spectacular a healing for Sandra. Silvana said we should go over and pray for Sandra (Silvana also sent us to Maria's) after Sandra's granddaughter called us asking for pictures of Jesus so Therese and Jordan and Char went over there on Friday night and met Sandra and her family and talked with them about Jesus and prayed for Sandra, who has had open heart surgery. One of her arms has been very sore since the surgery and she was not able to lift it without deep pain so she has not been using it much. Sandra told us that after we laid hands on her with oil to pray for her, "My arm feels good. My whole arm feels warm. I have been having pain in my upper arm and it is gone". Thank you, Jesus! We will keep you updated as we hear more from Sandra in the future.

Pray for Amy who feels despair and wishes she was no longer on this earth. She is hospitalized just now. We know that despair kills, and the enemy presses despair and hopelessness without mercy. Jesus, please help Amy.

Pray for Herb and Weema who are homeless in Hawaii. They have three children and Weema is pregnant with their fourth child.
We just picked up the new printing from Mark and Natasha. 105,000 pictures of Jesus, to which we will add string so people can wear them around their neck or hang them in their cars. We also got 2000 8x10 pictures of Jesus on waterproof paper so they can be put outside in the dark alleys and bad areas of towns, so people who need Jesus can see Jesus. If you are interested in putting pictures up in bad areas of your town, contact us for waterproof 8x10s. We also ordered another batch of 2000 waterproof 8x10s, which should be ready in the next week or so.