Thursday, November 23, 2006


Here are the farolitas (luminarias) that we put out by our front patio for Christmas. This is a traditon in the southwest USA, and particularly in New Mexico. The Father told us to put these farolitas ("little lanterns") up on Thanksgiving Day, so we did. Some say that the farolitas light the way for the Christ Child and some say that they light the way to the Christmas Service. It is like the King's Feast on Christmas Day: a feast for the King, a feast from the King.

Here is a powerful video to honor Jesus for Christmas:

Sunday, November 19, 2006



The other day the Father reminded me that He had shown the prophet Silvana for the people in the Believer's Ministry to move from where they were in Ghana. She said by the Holy Spirit that demons were opposing them were they were and that they should move somewhere else. We told Joseph about it and asked him to ask the Father about it. Joseph and the people went to the Father and He showed them that it was from Him that they move and He showed them the farm. After He said that they should move, He provided the money to do so. Since then He is providing the money to pay the balance of the two year rent money, so the landlord will turn on the elctricity at the farm, and He has provided the money for their Christmas feast, something they have not had for several years becasue of hard circumstances. Also, one of the women among them needed maternity money for her unborn child. Jesus provided. The Father commented to me that Joseph trusted Him when Silvana saw from Him what they should do, and that since then He has blessed them. The Father said, "My will came first from OJP in America and then they trusted and acted. They trusted Me and believed Me and blessing has come because of it."

Jean in Rwanda trusted Him too, and now the Father has provided for him and is blessing him also. The Father's will is to expand what He is doing in the world. We trust Him and look to Him also for OJP.


"They can't throw Me out of office", said the Father to Silvana. She asked the angels what they would do about the recent elections. What did they think and what would they do? They answered her. They said, "We look ahead". They see what is coming from the Father and they do not despair. They are a good example for us.

The Father has been speaking of us going out in the RV. He called the RV, "a portable church". He wants to go outside the walls of the church, outside the walls of our own places, to reach out to the world. Wherever the church who loves Him, who hears Him, who obeys Him, goes, He goes too. He goes to lead, He goes to set up opportunities to reach out with Jesus.


It is so such a blessing to work together in OJP for the Father! Our service to Him, and His blood to cover us and to provide for all the world. Serious times lie ahead, but He will lead us and empower us to reach out to others. The Father's mind is full of ideas of how He can reach out to the world through us, and through all who are looking to Him, who can be led by His Spirit. What lies ahead for OJP is expansion.

We have been given the opportunity to give out free pictures to needy people who come to get a free turkey offered by a church in Albuquerque. The reason we got this wonderful opportunity is because Silvana saw a commercial on a local TV channel about their great turkey giveaway, and the Father said to call the church and talk to the pastor about giving pictures of Jesus to the people who came to get the free turkeys. The Pastor had seen the Shroud of Turin personally and he welcomed us to give out the free pictures.

So, last night, Therese and I, Nikki and Antonio, and Jordan and Neeko met together at the Sandia Church to give out free pictures of Jesus to the people who came for the turkey. First the people listened to a short message and then they went through a line in the parking lot, where we stood and offered the pictures to all. Everyone wanted them, and most took more to give out to friend and family. Even some of the church people took pictures of Jesus. One assistant pastor there had received several pictures from us one time when we met in a restaurant and he said he had given them all out. One women wanted to pass them out to homeless people on the street so we gave her extra pictures. We gave away every large picture, every medium pictures and every DVD of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST that we had with us. Therese is planning to laminate today so we have more of the larger pictures. We cannot tell you what a blessing the pictures from Mary, Dana, Felicia, and Emily were at this time! We handed out a few thousand pictures last night and we are going back on Mon, Tues, and Wed nights to give out more. We will be stringing pictures every Mon, Tues, and Wed morning!

At the second service that night (they have 2 per night) they asked Therese and I to participate in the counseling, which is to take the information of people who raised their hands and prayed the sinner's prayer, and to talk to them and pray with them, while Nikki and Antonio waited outside to give the people pictures of Jesus as they come out. Being in the service gave us the opportunity to pray with different people! Thank you, Father! I saw Him moving among the people, from pew to pew, looking at them, loving them, and desiring to bring them to know Him. Jesus was present to heal and help. One woman came stumbling out of the service (we were in the back) saying, "I just got out of the hospital today and I don't feel well". She went to kneel down at a chair in the foyer and laid her head down on the chair, since there was no place else to rest. Jordan came and knelt beside her and prayed for her along with his mother, Therese. We met another woman named Teresa who was grieving because of her autistic 14 year old daughter and 25 year old son with HIV and a husband who is depressed because of the circumstances. Also, her mother in Mexico is supporting her brothers who have deep physical problems. We laid hands on Teresa to pray for her (and gave her Jesus' picture!) and I saw Jesus listening, ready to act, so I told her and Therese told her what she saw from Jesus. Jordan and I laid hands on her and prayed for her children and for everything she was bringing to Jesus, that burdened her heart so deeply. Join us in lifting her (and her family) to the Father. He loves them so deeply and how glad He is that she brought this grief and troubles to Him. He is going to act on her behalf.

Thank you, Father, for your leading, for giving us a chance to reach out to the needy with Jesus' pictures!. We were able to give pictures to thousands of people and tell them, "talk to Jesus and He will talk to you" just as we tell everyone, and we also got to pray with some of them. I laid hands on a baby with an oxygen tube in its nose. We took the address of seven people who requested more pictures (or a larger picture, or THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST). One woman whispered to ask if we could send pictures to her daughter in prison. She was so glad when I told her that we often send them to prisons. People labor under shame. While praying for the woman inside the church, she whispered to me with anguish about her son, "he has HIV". There is suffering in the world and the Father understands the source, but His heart is always to help. As I prayed for the man with HIV, I said to the Father, "For this woman's son, for the sake of Your Son". Pray for us as we go back on Mon, Tues, and Wed night to give out more pictures.

God bless all of you, dear Brothers and Sisters. Remember how the Holy Spirit showed an example of strong grass, growing deep and united in their roots under the ground. This prophecy is being fulfilled. We feel so supported by all of you. We know you trust and hear Jesus and you are praying with us for the events on earth and for the people of the world, and for the will of the Father and many of you have joined us to help to meet the needs financially of the service of OJP to Jesus.