Monday, October 15, 2007

Standing for the SuperTract

I was standing in the Spirit at the end of September and twice I saw the enemy near where we are at OJP. Both times, in the Spirit, I jumped over a little table to my left to lunge at him. The second time it happened, I saw more in the spirit. I saw a row of desks in the shape of a square in front of us. The little table I jumped over was part of a square of tables. The Father was sitting to my right and He and I and where we sat formed the front of the square. Then there were a row of tables on each side of us and a row on the back, directly across from us. Together, we and the individual tables (they looked like school desks) seemed to form a larger table. The lunging at the enemy was really the Holy Spirit, pushing him back from the people at the desks. After the enemy was pushed back, then each person at a desk had a walk-space behind them so they could get up and move around freely. It is a time to serve the Father together and to learn. The Holy Spirit is eager to teach us to follow Him better. He moves like the wind. How quickly can we move to follow Him? To serve the Holy Spirit, you must be able to run.

There has been intense warfare in the spirit lately. I woke in the night last night and the enemy and I were standing at the top of a precipice at the top of the world. (over the world) We had something in both our hands and we were wrestling over it, both trying to take it from the other. It was flat and square, shaped like our paper cutter that we use to cut the tracts and trim some pictures of Jesus. What I was seeing represents the fight over the SuperTracts.

We got a quote from our printers for the SuperTract, which is the picture of Jesus, plus WHERE LIFE BEGINS and JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME, printed in black and white. Here are the prices we received for front and back printing:

5,000 $495.00
10,000 $720.00
50,000 $1770.00

Will you ask Jesus with us for the money to make and send these Supertracts into all the world? The enemy is opposing. Will you help us go forward in Jesus' name?

Jesus, please help us to move forward to all the world with your picture and with these writings from the Holy Spirit. Do not let the enemy interfere but help us to send out these truths, so people can come to you, and hear your voice and get to know you as they were created to do. Bless all who join you in this endeavor. Let the Holy Spirit move, and your people respond.