Thursday, October 19, 2006

Two dreams

Dream from Felicia
October 17, 2006

I dreamt I was in front of a library in Hawaii (it seems like it was in the city, like Honolulu maybe). The library was kind of up high, on a platform, raised above the rest of the city, and the people of the city were down below us, almost like we were overlooking a big street, where the people would walk, and go about doing whatever they were doing. All of the sudden, there was an eruption, from what looked kind of like a volcano, but it had grass growing on it. What shot out from the volcano was some foliage. The first explosion was a big bush with green leaves on it, and it catapulted out of the volcano. The second thing that came out was another bush, but a little bigger. And the third thing was even bigger, a giant tree branch, with a few leaves. As this third branch was falling, and I was watching it catapulted out, and falling with great force down below, to where the people were, I was concerned about the people on the ground, because I knew people would be hurt by it when it fell to the ground, so my first inclination was, let's go see if anybody's hurt, and what can we do to help? In fact, as we were still standing there, in front of the library, a girl walked up the stairs, who had already been hurt on her arm by the falling debris. There were some people at the entrance to the library, watching what was happening, and they started helping her. There was a person in my dream who seemed to be a church person. This man was not even thinking about what was happening, but just kept to himself, pondering his thoughts, even as all this was happening right before our eyes. He really wasn't even noticing.

Dream from Char
October 17, 2006

I dreamt that I climbed up onto a platform that was over a city or over the earth. On this platform, which was in the air over the earth, there was spiritual warfare and I joined a battle that was going on there. At one point as the battle raged there seemed to be a struggle over France and I saw Joan of Arc from the Cloud of Witnesses.

Felicia and I both dreamt on the same night about a platform in the air. She dreamt of a library, which signifies your history, while I dreamt of warfare, and then of warfare over France. What she dreamt, erupting from the earth, seems to have to do with what I saw in the spirit about the struggle between the Father and Satan that was under Hawaii, under the earth. America's history is one of freedom. Is France's freedom at risk? The Holy Spirit will be faithful to show what these dreams mean as we wait on Him.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Underground wrestling

After the earthquake hit in Hawaii, I saw the Father and Satan. It was as though they were deep under the ground in Hawaii and there was a struggle about the earthquake, or about more earthquakes. I don't know what it means, but I noticed that since the Hawaii earthquake there was another one under the ocean.
M6.5 undersea quake hits near Papua New Guinea:

I wondered if any of these quakes could have been triggered by what North Korea did. Not a direct result, but triggered by the tests they are making, sending shockwaves underground. There is really no point in guessing, but there is clearly a fight over these events between the Father and Satan.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Councils of War Picture

I had a vision several years ago (in 1998 or 1999) of going to a room in the Father's house with the Father. I followed Him down a corridor from the throne room, to a room that seemed like a college classroom. We went in and there was a blackboard with the words, COUNCILS OF WAR written on the board. There were people in the room. I saw Abraham standing in the back of the room. There were prophets in the room. They were passionate, involved, and outspoken. They were all gathered before the Father for this council of war. They had been called by Him to come to the council. (Click here to read the vision.) In the vision, Jesus came into the room, with colors around Him. The reason I am posting this is because just recently Felix D in England sent to me a picture (that he worked hard to make) that reflects very closely what I saw in the vision. In actuality, I saw colors in the mist around Jesus, and in the picture that Felix gave to me the colors are on Jesus' clothing, but it does look very close to what I saw. Click here to see the picture that Felix made. Thank you, Felix.

This vision was seen during the time of the church, when the Father was warning them by His Holy Spirit and trying to get them to repent. You can read the prophecies to the church on our website that were given through the Father's prophet in the United States, Silvana Lupetti. The Holy Spirit pointed out how shallow they are, how they don't hear Jesus and they don't teach others to hear Him, or even to know Him, and they don't love Him. Now, the time of the fallen church is over. He said that the time of the church was over in 2000, when He said to take the crosses down from the churches without love and then He said that He would go around them, as He has done. Later that year the election was held in which President George W. Bush was elected and there was a huge opposition to it in the spirit, as the enemy opposed him with all his strength. The Father intended for President Bush to lead the war on terror, which is war against the enemy's forces.

The Father is not speaking to the church about themselves now. He is speaking of the war and if they want to hear Him, then they need to come to Him about the war and listen and seek His view and His thoughts. This is the greatest fight with evil the whole world has seen. Everyone is involved. Satan's war is with every human being. He will kill indiscrimiately, at any time, wherever he can, on every field. This is why we warn to be careful, very careful. Satan is in a murderous rage. If the pastors don't know this, and don't see about the war, and are not teaching the people to seek Jesus and talk to Him and hear Him and know Him and to stand for good and for freedom, then they are failing their flocks. However, some are looking to hear what the Father says.

The vision showed the colors blue and pink (and green too, not in the pictures, but faintly seen at the time) and it is true. Blue is revelation: Jesus wants His people to know Him, and pink, healing and health for us, particularly in our spirits. (And green, to come to maturity.) When the film, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, was being made, the actor playing the part of Jesus was struck by lightning while on the cross. He said that when struck he saw a pink haze surrounding him. Yes, our healing comes through Jesus' stripes.