Saturday, April 23, 2005

America and the war

Here is a good page to read. Click on all the links so you can see the whole picture.

The Holy Spirit wants the remnant to come to maturity. These pages are good pages to read that show His viewpoint about America. The more you learn from Him and have His viewpoint on the church, on the world, on people, on America, on heaven, and many other topics, then the readier you are to be instant in acting on His leading as He continues to teach us how to overcome the enemy, and do the will of the Father. Our beloved Jesus wants us to learn from the Holy Spirit, so we shall.

Letter about pictures to prisoners and Silvana's beautiful answer

Hi. I would like to request a picture for myself but also if you could send extras as I have recently gotten involved in the local jail ministry and I know that the men and women there would love to see his face daily as a positive reminder! Thank You. They will allow laminated pictures for the minimum security inmates! Isnt that wonderful. Its a horrible place to be but the Lord is really working in there!!!

Good. We are being flooded by requests since we were put on some free items site. So we will put your request at the top of the list of expedited pictures. Since we were all prisoners until Jesus freed us, we know that the prisoners need hope. Jesus really does use these pictures, measured and painted from the Shroud, to reach people quickly. A prisoner wrote to us that a fellow inmate had given him a very small picture of Jesus that had been sent to him by his sister. She had written to us for pictures. He took this picture and taped it to the ceiling. He said that for a long, long time since his incarceration, he had been angry and bitter, consumed by thoughts about self. He had a wife and children, but never really gave much thought to them. Day after day he would fret and fume and be angry. But then, he said, looking at the picture of Jesus day by day, his heart began to soften. He began to look outside of himself and see the harm and pain he had caused to so many. And then, (this is the most important part) he began to talk to Jesus and pour out his troubles to Him. And Jesus began to answer him. He began to want to do something for his loved ones. And so his journey begins, Jesus leading the way.

The pictures are a tool that the Holy Spirit uses to break through swiftly, into the spirit and into the heart. A tool that causes people to feel moved, and want to do something about it. The Passion film is the same. They create an highway to cause people to see their sin and leave it with whole hearts. And not just that, but to begin to talk to Jesus, their friend, their Bridegroom. And He, with gladness, talks to His Bride. And the words He says bring relief, truth, peace. In a world at war, with the despairing and hopeless and suicidal all around us, what a great tool He has given us. Any help you can give is appreciated, a book of stamps, or printing pictures for us, or just praying for our needs as we will pray for yours. God bless you, and I will let you know when your pictures and the DVD's are sent. Show the film to whomsoever, as He leads.

In Jesus
Silvana Lupetti
April 21, 2005

More of Satan's plans to accuse us

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Satan's plans to call us stupid

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Sketch of force field around the earth to keep demons from going wherever they want in space

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This is a brief sketch of what I saw when the Holy Spirit took me to the New Jerusalem. I was surprised when I discovered that the New Jerusalem is in space, but the Holy Spirit said, "Well it had to be somewhere". That's true. The other city I heard called, "Celestial City". It was shining, like the streets and buildings were made of diamonds. The New Jerusalem was gleaming like gold, with skyscrapers. We passed through space, out of our solar system to get there. We passed through some demons who tried to hinder us. As we went by them, I felt unbelief being launched at me. Then we crossed a clear force field that kept them close to earth. They cannot simply leave. I saw that the Celestial City had angels all over inside it. It was very close to heaven, near the edge of heaven. Paradise was next to heaven, connected, a part of heaven. The Father's throne room and house is in heaven itself. Posted by Hello
This confinement to earth affects Satan and all the demon's outlook. They do not see what the Father sees. They see self and what is happening to them, just as they try to bring man to the same narrow outlook and selfish concerns.

Pray for the heart of man to soften: there is honey in the rock for you

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Satan was created for good/chose evil

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Satan's reasoning

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Long dream: glimpse of church/remnant goes on ahead

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Dream of building-dream of church

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Dream of snake/ Father overturns the tables: warning to the church

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Pages of interest on the Table of the Remnant web site

That web page is called "The enemy's plans in the coming days". It is from a vision from the Father, given to me (Char Tierney) on June 12, 2003. I found it interesting and relevant to read the page again. Click on all the links and read each page. Here is a quote from that page: "The current pope will die, and a new pope will come to power. This new pope will be a liberal, and Lucifer will deceive him and speak through him. The blasphemer will pretend to speak by the Holy Spirit. Many will be deceived, and will oppose the will of God because they did not love Jesus enough to know Him well enough themselves personally, so they might never be deceived about His voice and who He is."