Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More truth from the Holy Spirit

In a recent blog, on Sept 16, 2006, I posted a serious warning from the Holy Spirit that we must be very careful, and that Satan plans our deaths. I gave as an example the deaths of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, and the son of Anna Nicole Smith. The Father said that each of their deaths was caused by Satan. Today I was sent a news story about the death of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. His wife said that he knew that he was going to die young, and that it would be an accident. He thought he would die in a car accident and she thought he would fall out of a tree or something like that. (This was so gracious of the Holy Spirit to give the warning to them! At least they were somewhat prepared because of this warning to them. Pray for Terri, Steve's widow. They were deeply in love and they have two children.) Here is the article that was sent to me:
After I received this article this morning, I was talking to Silvana and I said, "The Holy Spirit warned us about being careful, about accidents. I don't know what happened to Anna Nicole Smith's son, but maybe his death was caused by him accidentally taking too many drugs, since the Father is warning of this, and He specifically named these two men". Here is another article I came across since then:
..."The fact that we have these drugs and the levels of the drugs overwhelmingly and most logically point to this being a tragic, accidental, drug-related death," Wecht told The Associated Press from his home near Pittsburgh.

Remember BE CAREFUL, and watch out for accidents to you and your family. Read on Felicia's blog what Jesus said to her about being careful.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

They need Jesus there

T0day I was reading this article about the Sudan and the persecution of Christians by Arab Muslims and the genocide which is happening there. I told Jesus, "They need You there". This is a problem spot, and there is so much happening elsewhere in the war against terror, that we have not been able to devote the time to strongly intervene. I see the people who are suffering, and I know, they need Jesus, my Friend, their God, the Prince of Peace, the Defender of the oppressed. They need Him to walk among them. They need Him to bring His angels, who oppose the spiritual forces that rejoice over death. They need HIM to intervene. So, Jesus, dear Jesus, will you please move in Darfur, and bring an end to the slaughter, and bring a solution to the problems there. Oppose those that believe the lies that Satan has taught them, especially the Muslims who believe that they must subjugate others in his name. Help the children and the women who are fearful, and bring food and help to them. Bring freedom, Jesus just as You are bringing it all over the world. We love you, we look to You.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Truth about hell

The Lord Jesus Christ did not go "to Hell" - God forbid! He descended into Hades where the Old Testament saints were waiting for Him.(I Pet. 3:19.) As our Orthodox (New Testament) hymns teach on Holy Saturday: His Body in the Grave, His Soul in Hades routing Satan and defeating Death, and with the Father on the Throne! Because He is God as well as Man, He descended into the lowest parts of the earth and reigns in all points in His Universe. Those who believed in Him (in His coming) in Hades, were led into Paradise which He opened for all of us.

My answer:

Jesus did go to hell, and preached to those there and ascended with some in His train. He not only has victory over death, but he has the keys to hell too. This is great news, which is one reason why His followers were willing to suffer the persecution that they did and to keep telling others about him and his greatness. The people in hell were not Christians or Jews, just people - the world whom he loves - who had been alive when the judgment of the flood came. If you think he did not descend to hell, then ask him. He will assure you that he did and he will assure you also that the people who were there came there because of violence. That is a message that the Muslims would do well to take to heart, because he never changes: he is always for good, always against evil. It is shaping up, final battles, good versus evil, just as foretold thousands of years earlier. We know who wins.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Brotherhood in Iraq

On September 15, I was watching FoxNews and I froze the screen on a scene from Iraq, where there had been a homicide bombing or a car bomb: Here is my description from an earlier blog: I saw something very powerful yesterday. I was watching the news on FoxNews and there was a story of a suicide bombing in Baghdad. I stopped the tv (wonderful invention, the DVR. Get one if you can. It is a great tool for you and the Holy Spirit.) and I cried out in the spirit into Baghdad, "STOP IT". "Stop this violence. Remember that you are brothers". As I said this, I saw the Holy Spirit behind my words, and I saw Him move to the people, to move on their spirits to restore to them feelings of brotherhood. The violence in Iraq is Muslim on Muslim, Sunni on Shite. Then, I heard the enemy, who was listening to what was said. He said, "They won't feel it because I have never allowed them to feel it. They grew up without feeling of brotherhood." Immediately the Father spoke. He said, "They WILL feel it because they were created to feel it. They were created with feelings of brotherhood, one towards another." It doesn't matter how deeply that is buried, it is there.

Today there are two news articles that show that the Father is doing exactly what He showed He would do:

.....Mr Maliki said Iraqis could either live side by side as brothers, or see their country turned into an arena for the settling of political accounts. ....."I call on Iraqis to take advantage of this sacred month to reinforce brotherly ties to reject division and anything that threatens the Iraqi social fabric," he said.......threatens the Iraqi social fabric," he said. ....."Either we live side by side in a spirit of brotherhood, not separated by ethnic or sectarian identifies, or Iraq becomes a battlefield for different groups to settle their scores."

....A lawmaker loyal to radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, whose stronghold is in Sadr City, demanded that Sunni Arabs take action against the group behind the bombing. "All our brothers in religion should declare their innocence from such acts in order to isolate those criminals," Falah Hassan Shanshal said in a statement to parliament.