Thursday, April 05, 2007

Good news about Maria!

Maria called today and said that she went to the doctors and that it was all good news. They said that her cancer is not spreading, that her red cells are increasing, and a part of a bone that was being destroyed by cancer is healing! Jesus is answering our prayers. Thank you, thank you, Lord Jesus.
The doctors had previously taken an x-ray of Maria's leg, which showed deterioration of the bone because of the cancer which was eating away at it. They took another x-ray during this visit and then they said that the bone had somehow been restored and was whole again. Maria told them, "Jesus did it!"

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oil on Europe and Larry's call

I dreamt of a map of Europe. There was golden oil all over it. The oil had run down off the high places on the map but was pooled in small areas where there were little valleys. The oil was simply resting on Europe. The Father is resting on Europe. They have been far from Him, but He is acting to give them a chance to come to the truth, to respond to His Spirit.

The other day Larry called us. Larry is the man who goes to hospitals to pray for people with the pictures of Jesus, and who put a picture of Jesus up in the room of his relative after he had been given the last rites by his priest, and then Jesus restored his relative. (As related in an earlier OJP Blog.) Well, Larry called "accidentally" he said. His cell phone had dialed our number. Of course it was not an accident, it was Jesus. When the cell phone called us, Larry was at the hospital waiting on a painful treatment for his muscle deterioration disease. Therese and Jordan prayed for Larry and afterwards Larry said that after praying for him, that he saw Jesus with him, there in the hospital. Thank you, Jesus! Please join us in praying for healing for our dear brother, Larry.