Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I had a terrible, disturbing, dream from the Holy Spirit. It has some graphic detail in it, so please be prepared before you read it. Afterwards, I will describe what the Holy Spirit said to me about it as I waited on Him in shocked horror. Please read the dream and then read the commentary that follows so you can see what the Holy Spirit was showing and all that He said about it to me. It is exactly relevant to what is happening today. Get past the repulsion and rejection you are sure to feel when reading the first two paragraphs that describe the graphic detail. The rest of the dream and the interpretation from the Holy Spirit explain why He chose to show those details through the dream.

A New World Order

In the beginning of the dream, I came down a hill to a large outdoor gathering. It was a meeting of a group called the New World Order. There was an outdoor park setting in which there were seats. I got the impression that the park was the group's idea of Paradise. Although there was grass, it was very plain. There was a service going on and I sat at the edge of the large crowd to listen and observe. There was a handbook which was given to each person in the audience so I had one before me. At first I could not see the front of the crowd where the speaker was located, but I could hear him through a microphone system. He was saying, "In, out. In, out". Then I saw that there was a row of baby girls, around six months old, in the front and they were being sexually molested. The molesters were acting in rhythm with the voice saying, "in, out". I was horrified. I picked up the book to look inside. It opened to the page where the service was at that moment and I read the words, "in, out".

Then, the girls were removed; returned to their parents who were members of the crowd. As this was occurring, the crowd sat silent, just listening and not reacting. Next, little boys around four years old, were lined up in the front, and a line of men began to rape them. Again, was the rhythmic "in, out".

I turned to the woman beside me. She was a newcomer to the group. I said, "This is horrible. Let's leave." She said, "Oh, I think I will wait and see what happens." I got up and ran away, leaving behind the New World Order book.

I ran in a large circle to get around the park and I came out into a business section of town. There was a home depot and a wal-mart and other stores. There was also a store among the shopping center that belonged to the New World Order. I decided that I wanted to warn people about the group and I regretted that I left the book behind because I wanted to be able to prove what I was saying about them. I decided to go inside the bookstore and see if I could get another copy of the book.

I went inside and there was a long counter with several young men standing behind it. They reminded me of the youth in service to Hitler. They were dedicated and young and strong and ready to act on a moment's notice. There were several different booklets around but I did not see the larger book that had been at the outdoor service. I did not want to ask for the book because I did not want to draw attention to myself. I did not want them to know who I was or know anything about me, so I just browsed for a moment among the racks with booklets. Then, I woke up.

I woke up horrified. I was shaking because the dream was so terrible. I waited on the Father all day and the next day, and then the Holy Spirit showed me what He wanted to show through the dream, and showed me something else as well, that I will explain in a subsequent post.

When I woke up, I thought that maybe the man at the microphone was the Antichrist, but the Holy Spirit told me, "No, it was Satan himself". What was happening in the dream is what Satan has been doing in the world, as he moves invisibly in the background, trying to bring the world to a dependence on mans' thoughts and philosophies and a rejection of the Father and His loving will for mankind. The meaning of the molestation of the little girls was the desensitizing of girls to sexual things, taking away their innocence and the protection that covers them when they are not exposed to sexuality, as the Father wants for them, particularly as children. But, by the thinking engineered by our great enemy in the spirit, society is exposing them at younger and younger ages, leaving them to be hardened in spirit and prey to many sufferings through their lives. This grieves the Father's loving heart. He has shown His kind and caring will for men and women, as they wait for adulthood and marriage to be united with one another in this way.

The Holy Spirit spoke of the rape of the boys. He said that boys are being brought to a wrong place about sexuality as well. He said that boys, from a younger and younger age, are being exposed to teachings that being gay is just an alternate lifestyle, and other sexual ideas that are wrong. For example, in the Obama administration, the czar for safety in school has an association with NAMBLA (North America Man-Boy Love Association) which is an organization that thinks that men should have sex with boys because it will be good for them. How wrong can you be! How much deeper can you hurt a child, and wound the heart of our Creator, who has a good and loving plan for us, as He showed in the Scriptures, which He deliberately gave to mankind for our good, to show us the wise and loving way to live on this earth.

The Holy Spirit said that these false teachings are already happening, as Satan moves with greater and greater deception. In the dream, the children being molested were the children of the people in the audience. In other words, the people who are being deceived by this alternate reality, this alternate way to live, are allowing their own children to live by these wrong and terrible deceptions. The more society claims that there are no right or wrong sexual standards to live by, the less fathers and mothers teach their children to be pure, to wait to have sex, that real love is deeper than can be satisfied by quick sexual alliances or attractions to others. Satan's deception is widespread and accepted far and wide.

Then, the Holy Spirit showed me what was meant about the fact that the New World Order building was amidst other businesses, right by home depot and many others. He said that is because this new world order already exists. The false philosophy already is established among our society. Already many are deceived by the lies and philosophy that Satan is bringing in rejection of God's laws and love. Satan's deception has not come to fulfillment, but a strong foundation is already laid, already in existence.
The following links contain material that is very disturbing. Since I had this dream, many details have been revealed about the safe school czar, Kevin Jennings, and his involvement with bringing sexual perversion to teenagers, and younger children. I put the links here so you can see that what the Holy Spirit was showing through the dream is true and is happening now. WARNING: very graphic details.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

From the enemy: discouragement. From God: strength and encouragement

Yesterday, Silvana Lupetti saw something from the Holy Spirit concerning the plans of the enemy, who is Satan. She saw his plans to discourage Tea Partiers and patriotic Americans. She saw that what the enemy was putting out in the spirit was the feeling of weariness with the war, with the fight. She saw the feelings come over people that they would wish there was no war, wish there was no fight for good and for freedom. Then, after they were pushed down, she saw him run his hand over the top of them, to keep them down. The message that was given from him with the hand running over them to smooth them down was a lie, and here is the lie that was being said: "Rest. The cause is secure."

Shortly after Silvana described what she saw, I saw Jesus reach out a hand towards a woman on the ground. As He reached towards her, I saw that not only would He pull her to her feet, but that she would feel strength flow into her from Jesus' hand as He lifted her up.

A moment later, I saw the Father reach out and take the woman by the hand. As He pulled her up, I saw a crowd of people pulled to their feet at the same time as she was pulled up, as though they were all attached to each other. The crowd was shaped like the lower 48 states of the USA. Clearly the Father is going to encourage and raise up Americans.

Thank you, Father, and thank you, Holy Spirit, for showing us what is coming and what is at hand. Help Americans to throw off the lie, and to join together and rise up against tyranny and socialism and the assault on our freedom. We are a nation under You, and we ask You to help us to stand, to fight, to endure until the end. We ask in the name of Your Son, Jesus, because He died for our freedom, and He leads the way towards the loving will of God for all mankind.