Friday, November 10, 2006

17 year anniversary

Today is the 17 year anniversary of the forty day fast to which the Father called us in 1989. The Father's prophet, Silvana Lupetti, and I, fasted for forty days and then the prophecies in BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION (God's Warning To The Church and God's Word to the Remnant) were given shortly after. The Holy Spirit was moving so powerfully in the earth at that time. The Berlin wall came down the day before the fast started and in just a few months seven nations left the communist bloc. This fast was the starting point for OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES.


I saw a countdown from the Father the other day. First I saw 8,9,9, then 10,9,8,7,6. The Holy Spirit woke me up the day after the election to show these numbers to me and to call them "a countdown". This is the first portion of the countdown and then the 5,4,3,2,1 will resume at a time of His choosing.


I was standing against the enemy, who wants to use the election results and the events in the world to bring widespread death. This will call for patient endurance from all of us and a constant connection to the Father. All day I kept seeing Satan's murderous insistence on death, and more death. Why is he so full of violence and murder? I saw the Father looking at the enemy as this question was being asked. He took the enemy by the throat and lifted him in the air and shook him. Something fell out of the clothing on the enemy. It looked like an old fashioned camera, like a black box camera. It fell to the ground with a clunking sound. I don't know what this signifies. In the evening I was sitting at my desk, weary from the day's wrestling over the enemy's nature, and I put my head down at my desk. The Father came and laid His hand gently on my back. I could feel His sympathy. He was glad that I cared.

I thought of what the Father showed about the demons in America who have encouraged women to be liberal, to be immoral, and I said, "I guess this means these demons will be come against". "Yes", said the Father.


The Father said something to Silvana today. "They can't throw Me out of office". To me, this election feels like that. To reject the war on evil, is to reject the Father. It reminds me of the time that the Israelis wanted a king. Though they had the Father to lead them, and prophets that He sent, yet they told the prophet Samuel that they wanted to have a king. Samuel was deeply grieved about it, but the Father told him, "It is not you that they have rejected, but Me". And this seems the same to me. But, the Father is in control and He is absolutely right. They cannot throw Him out, they cannot stop Him as he continues to prepare the world for the return of Jesus.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

America is greater than one election


We had really strong feelings after the election, naturally enough, since the implied retreat in the war on terror. I was walking outside today and the Father said to me, "America is greater than one election". I was so glad to hear His comment and feel His smiling, loving, presence. There will be serious consequences, but He is still on the throne, as Silvana commented by the Holy Spirit while we were in a yahoo conference with Pastor Jean and Felicia, Therese, and Nikki, later in the day. She also spoke of seeing high places crumbled into dust. I saved the transcript of the conference and edited it somewhat for clarity, and posted it on the OJP web site. If you would like to read it, click here. We also laid out some needs for Rwanda and for Brother Joseph in Ghana. We normally meet in the conference room on Mondays at noon EST

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Report from Brother Joseph in Ghana

Today we received a lovely letter from our brother Joseph in Ghana. He tells a little more detail about their situation on the farm, and also lays out some needs they have. We received donations today from Robert and Catherine, and from Dana, so we are going to send the money that Joseph and his brethren need to their ikobo account. It was great timing to receive these offerings of help to OJP! When we received the gifts in the mail we rejoiced and said, "We can make a payment to the printer!" but then we opened our email and saw the greater needs of those in Ghana. Please pray for our provision to make a payment to the printer. The Father said He will provide so we konw we can trust Him to do that very thing.

Dear sister Char & Silvana and everyone,

We greet you all in the great name of Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you very much for your email. We are glad to fellowship together in the Christmas day! To make our feast more similar and real with yours and with that of our brethren at Rwanda, we will also be eating rice, macaroni, desserts made from fruit and soda to drink! In addition to this, we will also prepare our children's favorite snack, i.e. fried ripe plantain chips! Yes a gift of $100 will be sufficient for this feast - thanks in advance for enabling us to make a Christmas feast which we have missed for several years due to hardship and difficult situations!

We all live in the same house as a small Christian community of 6 families and 8 singles. There are total of 15 adults, and 13 children. The house consist 5 rooms, kitchen, and a living room. The living room is now serving as a bedroom for two families, the kitchen too is also serving as a bedroom now. We constructed a small structure with mud & wood at the backyard which now serve as the kitchen!Our hearts are filled with joy for the good news about the monthly gift that you planned to bless us with! We pray that Jesus will make the approval process to be very smooth! When we also start receiving the gift, we will set aside some portion for the spread of gospel here in Ghana.

Though the building we are living is being wired, it had not been connected to the mains power supply. We are still in darkness, and the building being a bit isolated from others, makes our feelings of the darkness to be more intense! The landlord have told us that when once we pay the remaining renting balance of $280, that he will use part of it to subscribe for electric power new service supply for us. There are several things that we need to do with electricity, especially for the lightings, playing the "hooked of Phonics" audio tapes for the children to learn, etc. We are presently using locally made lamp that uses kerosene, but it is not good for the eyes nor for reading. There are also little renovations that the landlord will only be capable to do when he received the remaining balance. Please, pray with us and ask Jesus to provide for this as soon as possible!

From next week, we will start to transplant the seedlings to the garden. We will keep you updated as it goes. There is a great sign that our crops will flourish here! Since our crops are yet to mature, we still need much food supply and other basic needs. About $150 will sustain us for some weeks, before we will be able to get some little incomes from the vegetables that we have raised in the farm here. Since yesterday, we had very little to live on, please, ask Jesus to provide for our food today and for the coming days. The family of Assiongbo who also lives here with us needs your prayers as sister Mensah Assiongbo, the wife of Kennedy Assiongbo is expecting a baby in couple of months. Sister Mensah needs pre-natal medical checkups, she have not yet been able to register with a "child delivery home" here, which cost is equivalent of $25. When she registered, she will receive checkups, advice, care, etc, till she got delivered. Please, pray for the needs of this family and for God's protection of the mother and the expecting baby!

Now may the One Who is able to keep us from falling and is able to supply all our needs far more abundantly that we can possibly imagine, may He guide, correct, keep and uphold us as we continue to put our trust in Him! Extend our greetings, love and thanks to your families and to the rest of the brethren there at Operation Jesus Pictures. We look forward to hearing from you.

Your brother, Joseph & the brethren here


We have the wonderful news to report that our sister in Jesus, Nikki, and her husband have bought the house across the street from us! So now we have three houses together for OJP where we are serving Jesus together. It was a miracle that they were able to get the house. The Father worked it out with perfect timing.

The Father was talking about how hard it is to stand against the liar who opposes us as he moves with evil intent all over the earth. The Father said that what it takes is commitment. As the enemy moves to try and get us to stop our loving obedience to Jesus, he pressures us in every way. Our commitment to Jesus, our commitment to the truth, gives us the strength to stand.