Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This morning I woke up and I was in the Spirit. Suddenly, I saw in the Spirit as though I was in the ground and I came bursting up, resurrecting up out of the ground. I thought, "What does this mean?" Immediately an answer came back, "It means what Therese Cooper said it means: it means POWER".

(Yesterday I told Therese more details about the dream in which I was working in a garden field and how the person came back to life and I had opened the mound they were buried in and they came out. More details included people in the dream, such as Silvana and Antonio and Anthony and Therese and others here at OJP. The person in the mound in the dream was a man, but I don't know who he is. In the dream I only knew that he was a part of OJP and that as his body was changing - getting well and getting stronger and stronger until death couldn't hold him - that the bodies of all of us at OJP were the same. I said to her after relating the dream, "I don't know what it means." She replied,"it means power".)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Father wants a relationship with you like He had with Abraham

I woke up this morning (after dreaming that we were being resurrected - I opened a mound that was a grave to move it since it was in the midst of a garden field where I was working, and the person inside, who was with OJP, was alive) thinking about Lowell (a man who is gifted from the Holy Spirit with wisdom about numbers) saying that the number 11 is representative of Abraham. Since this is so, then the number 9/11 is the Father bringing man - fruitful man - to a relationship with Him. To America first - FREEDOM - and also to the whole world.

This fits perfectly into what the Holy Spirit has shown us. Mankind coming to nine, to fruit, has been an ongoing theme from Him. And the message, "The Father wants a relationship with you like He had with Abraham" is one that He has shown me personally to share with others, over and over.

In fact, recently the Father said something of this while I was talking to a friend about the Father and doing His will and living for Him. (Which is the only way to live!) The angels go wherever the Father goes, or wherever the Father sends them, and their lives are full as they live for others and for the will of God. They know Him, they love Him, and they are happy in what they are doing. And how we are the same: our lives are to revolve totally around the Father and what He is doing and what He wants us to do to reach others, and to teach others to know Him. Whether we have a family or not makes no difference when it comes to knowing the Father. Abraham had a wife and a household and I am sure he was very busy, but he was friends with the Father. The same is true for us: knowing Him is what matters. What is He thinking? What does He want us to do? What is happening in the world and in the Spirit around us? These are the questions on which we lay a foundation of relationship and service to Jesus our Savior and our friend.

As I was talking to this friend, we stepped outside. When we did, it was as though the Father filled the whole sky, as though the throne room opened and now our sky was part of the throne room, in the presence of the Father. My friend also felt His presence. He said, "Jesus is here". I walked home in the presence of the Father and He spoke. He said, "I am the God who called Abraham".

What an honor. What exciting times, to be called to come to the Creator, to the God of history, to the Father who sent His Son to die for us, to friendship with Abraham's God. Yes, there is terrible war in the spirit. The enemy, who is cruel, is bent on destroying many and the world is being prepared for deception of great depth, but the Father is in control. On a personal level, He wants each of us to come to friendship with Him. This means hearing His voice, following His Spirit, depth with Jesus, and answers to the problems in our own lives. On a wider scale, this means wisdom as to what the Father is doing in the world, leaving our lives that center around ourselves and what is happening to us, guaranteed opposition from Satan who is the enemy of our great Friend and of the whole world, and a call to action, so our wallet and our time match what is on our lips and in our heart. Our lives are eternal. Our relationship with God is real. Eternity starts now. What difference does it make to us whether we are in heaven, in service to Him, or still on earth? The angels don't care and nor should we. To those who seek the Father, to those who leave self for Him, He will send the Holy Spirit to pour over them, to lift them up to do His will, and He will draw near so their relationship with Him will deepen and develop over time. Thank you, Father. Nothing is more fulfilling, nothing can be better, than our relationship with You.