Friday, July 04, 2008

The whole world needs to be told the truth

The Father often shows truths in the Spirit through symbolism. He has always done this, as you can see by reading the Scriptures where there are examples and representations shown through God's prophets. Jesus, who did what He saw from His Father in heaven, followed the same pattern with the parables he told. So, recently when the Father was showing an example about trouble with gums and teeth I asked the Father about the symbolism that it was showing and He said that it represented trouble with eating; trouble with eating the food from the Father, which is the truth from the Father. The Father created this world with wisdom and loves mankind. The rules He has made for us are wise and loving. Love one another. Treat your neighbor as yourself: do not murder, do not covet what he has, do not falsely accuse others. David saw the wisdom of the Father and he praised His law and its eternal beauty.

Yet, look at the struggle for mankind today to eat the truths from the Father. Some will not allow God to lay the rules for their own personal lives and what they should or should not do. Many crimes are committed as man lives selfishly, not obeying the laws of the day. Families are destroyed as adults live for self, rather than for one another and for their children. America, and the whole world, was attacked by people believing they should kill the innocent in the name of their religion, yet when America fought back, and war on terror was declared, the world chooses not to believe, declaring that "all war is bad". The truth from the Father is not received, not eaten, to defend the innocent, to stand for what is right and good and true. The strong meat of the Father will not be chewed and digested and believed by many.

Standing in the Spirit, looking at what the Father was showing, I saw the enemy opposing the Father, opposing His truth. This fallen being, this monstrous liar, deceives. Some are deceived to think that their murderous actions will bring reward from God, while others are deceived into believing that good is evil, that defending against evil is evil also. There is a great war in the spirit revolving around good versus evil raging over the earth today. As I looked at the deceiver, and his wicked plans and actions against the world, I saw the Father's plans for good, plans to bring mankind to being able to receive the truth (the food) from the Father, and to eat it, to act on it. It is a plan to bring mankind away from the great liar and the many falsehoods he has spread across the world, to bring mankind to a place of willingness to stand against evil and to stand for what is truly good, and to care about things that are eternal. This is the Father's plan as He prepares the world for Jesus' return.

What a powerful and amazing thing it is to be God, to have a world of people who need You, who need the truth, and to act with love to return them to You on a global scale, all the while opposing an invisible and cruel being who lies to them and oppresses them and moves among them with bloody hands with mayhem and murder in mind. Above all, the deceiver lies. Any truth from the Father is opposed or twisted or thrown to the ground. Selfishness and cruelty replace love. Shallowness and vanity replace truth and care. And this is what he spreads through a world of people who cannot discern his evil presence and who do not go to the Father about everything they see around them.

What a great price Jesus paid to return this world to the Father, and how little this message gets carried out by those who claim they love Him. With the complicity of the enemy, religion replaces relationship with God, doctrines replace every word that proceeds out of His mouth. Words that were written by Him thousands of years ago replace what He says to an individual now. That which He said in the past should never be rejected, never overlooked, but He is alive and what He says now is equally important, for He is leading the war against evil, leading the great stand against the enemy of mankind. The whole world needs to be told the truth: talk to the Father, your Creator. He is no respecter of persons, for He created all and He knows each of us and He loves each of us. And He who is Love can be known, as Abraham knew Him and talked to Him, as friends, one to one.

The many disasters happening in the natural realm are a part of this plan from the Father, as He allows them to bring mankind to seeing the eternal beyond the temporary. Life does not go on as before. Houses and possessions are swept away by floods, earthquakes cause great damage to this natural world. As foretold in Holy Scripture, more and more disasters will come just as birthpangs increase leading to the birth of a child. And we can see by the daily news that this is exactly what is happening in the world. But there is no reason to fear for the Father is in charge and everything from the Father is love. These disasters are to help us to come to a deeper place in our spirit, as we leave the shallow love of this world brought by the enemy, and as we act in love to help those who are harmed by the disasters.

Wars increase. Cruelty and abuses abound. The end approaches. What can you do? The war between the Father and the enemy has begun, it will not lessen. Evil seeks to destroy and Satan seeks to deceive, while the Father acts globally and looks locally to see who will stand with Him, who will seek Him, who cares.

What you can do begins simply. It starts with love, your love for Jesus and your love for others. Love takes us to the Father to seek Him, for it is He who gave His Son, it is He who saved the world from flood, so the billions unborn could have their chance at life too. It starts with going beyond the Bible, (the Holy Scriptures) to hearing God yourself, to your friendship with Him, upon which your relationship with Him and your actions will rest. From there, He will lead you, for He has a plan, one which leads to the highways and byways and alleyways, and to the whole world. Ask Him today for He loves you and He will be glad to hear from you and glad to show you what is on His mind and His heart.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fellowship with the Father

Early yesterday morning, I was working out in the yard, weeding behind my house. It was quiet and pleasant to work with the plants. Suddenly I felt the presence of the Father. He came up behind me and stayed with me for awhile. Then He told me, "This is what I had in mind when I created man." He wanted each person to have their own place in nature, something to tend as Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden, so He could come and fellowship with them on a regular basis. This is why we were created, and why Jesus came to die: to return us to the Father. If you have a favorite place in nature, go and be there with the Father.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fierce opposition

This has been an incredible week. For one, we are all pretty much exhausted by the amount of work there was and is to do to prepare for this gathering. We were working in the yard this week and the cleaning, sorting, weeding, we are doing is substantial. We also had painting projects, and Therese has been incredible in her accomplishments. But above that, has been the fierce opposition we see in the spiritual realm. This week, as Silvana was in the Spirit, speaking of the enemy and his nature as a serial killer, I saw him as she spoke, and he glories in his evil. With every evil thing she mentioned he preened and threatened. I saw him as though he was already captured and caged, though I know he is free and has evil plans which will cause much damage. But when I told Silvana what I saw, she said, "it is because his place has become so small" and that is right. As the Father said, "The war in Iraq is won" and "the war with Satan is won". It only now needs to be carried out. (We will have to leave the war in Iraq for war at home, but we will go back after we win the war at home, with the help of Jesus.)

In the last few days, seeing the demons was like seeing an enormous army gathered in the distance. They are gathering to oppose us as we go out in the RV, as the Father sends us. In the last two days, wrestling with the spiritual realm was like entering into hell. I was actually saying to the people around me, "if you go to hell, then you can overcome the demons there. Yes, perhaps you are in hell, as they will mock you to say, but what did they do with their existence? They torture those in hell, but because we know the truth, what we say will torture them."

Last night Therese told me about seeing the demons who have come close to the property to oppose us at the gathering on Monday. She said, "They are very big, bigger than normal". How dare they come to the Father to oppose him? What arrogance they possess that they would approach the Father and His plans and His will. Their place is hell for they are hellish. Their embrace of sin and evildoing is now their nature. How fallen they are and far from the angels from whom they came. This morning when I woke up thinking of them and the war they are waging against what the Father chooses to do as He sends us out, the Holy Spirit spoke of them and said, "Jesus is alive and knows their name". Every name, every one of them. And I saw us going out to war, and the Father who leads us knows every single one and He wars with them individually, as He wars with them overall and with the places they have set up their strongholds to bring harm to humanity.

Imagine a war - the Civil War, for instance - where you knew each person in the opposing army. You knew their name, their background, their family, their fears and their joys. Imagine fighting them as you knew how to fight each one personally at the same time that you fought them all. They are facing God, who created individual blades of grass, billions of animals, insects, humans, trees, clouds, etc. That all work together in nature. Yes indeed, Jesus is alive and knows their name and the Father wages war with them as they oppose the return of His Son, and the loving good that the Father wants for the earth and for mankind.

Last night Nikki was not feeling well, as many of you know by praying for her from the text message we sent out to the OJP text message list. (We send texts to pray for one another and for situations as Jesus shows them.) As we are advancing in Jesus, those around will feel the effect of the fight. Everything is geared towards stopping us and stopping those who support this movement from the Father. Don't fail now to pray for one another. Especially pray for Silvana, every day, as you wake up. She is a foundation, and the Father uses her to lay out the truth and to bring about cataclysmic events. She is opposed as fiercely as the enemy can get away with. So, help to keep him at bay by asking Jesus to stand between, and bring health and strength as we go on from here.

God bless you all. Each of you is loved. Deeply, loved by your God who has a world to return to Himself. Yesterday I was singing in the Spirit, and it went out to the spiritual realm with waves of power. The song said, "It is a new day. The Son of God has risen and He is returning. It is a new day and the world is Mine." The words went out as though the Father were singing them to the whole demonic spiritual realm around the earth. It is a new day and Jesus is nearer then before and the world is reeling under the effect and demons must fall back, though they are full of evil plans. They have done enough evil and may the world soon see their end.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


A woman rescued a malnourished lion and then
put him in a zoo in Colombia. Six years after the
resuce she went to visit him:

Even so, the Lion of Judah loves us.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Char: about 2 news articles, Silvana: about the nations

I was reading a different article a few days ago about the refusal of this mosque to bury a cop-killing Muslim. As I read it, I was reminded of the Father showing recently about pushing the enemy away from Muslims. They are people, whom He loves, and the Father wants to win them over to good - to freedom, to treating others with love. So, as I read the article, which is almost the first I have seen since 9/11 in which Muslims speak out about doing the right thing, I saw this possibility of the Father moving in and taking over Satan's place. What an irony that would be! Satan has pretended to be god, and what if the real God came and took his place and then turned the people towards good, as the Father would surely do. Of course there would be the extremists within who want murder and mayhem. But what if other Muslims turned against them and refused to join them and said, "We don't agree with this. Islam is the religion of peace and we should treat people better, no matter their religion". Only the Father would be capable of pulling this off! Father, soften their hearts and let them think clearly of good versus evil. In Jesus' name, we ask You, Father, for the sake of these millions of people, whom you love.

The following is also an interesting article. The Father is changing the world and preparing it for the return of Jesus. He is preparing Europe for the stand they must make in the future, against the Muslim extremists and the destruction they bring. Even Serbia has elected a more pro-western government. It was interesting to see these comments about Asia and the changes there.,25197,23599516-7583,00.html
Yesterday Silvana was talking about the Father and what He has done and is doing in the nations. She commented about the Father saying in 1996 that He wold bring godly men to government in the USA, and how this was fulfilled when George W Bush and Dick Cheney came to office. No wonder Satan so fiercely opposed them. This was in preparation for 9/11, which was like a wake-up call to the world: EVIL IS WRONG. STAND AGAINST IT. She said that terror is not new. We have an enemy in this world. Israel has suffered from this evil for a long time. But the attack was a wake-up call to the world and in response, G.W. Bush, and America, lifted up a standard before the world.

The Father has been dealing with the nations of the world. After 9/11, America had so much on our plates with Afghanistan and Iraq, we would not have been able to easily handle plans that were being laid in Indonesia, which had many, many Muslim extremists within. The tsunami changed everything, which is why the Father had shown Silvana that circle on the map of that area of the world, telling her, "something big is coming there". He was showing that He was going to act. The tsunami changed everything and pushed the enemy back. It literally changed the landscape. The Father stepped down so hard on the earth there, that scientists said that it affected earth's gravity. Now, China has had the 7.9 earthquake right after Silvana said they need a natural disaster there, such as a large earthquake. Burma, who had the earthquake recently, and has refused western aid, is being forced to receive some, as the government is being held up before its own people as an oppressive regime because of their lack of care for their citizens and what they are suffering. The whole world is a stage.

She spoke of Iran. She said that the leadership is like a faulty handle on a curling stone. A curling stone is a sports item. It is heavy and you slide it into the position you want it. She said that the stone is heavy, which is like the people of Iran. The leasdership is like a plastic handle that has been put on it. If you try to move the stone - the people - and you tried to pick it up, the handle would come off. The leadership in Iran has many plans, but they cannot take the stone and hurl it at someone, for the stone would break away and not allow it. She said there has been advances in Iran that do not show on the surface. There is a greater balance for freedom in Iran than there is for what they currently have.

The Father is holding China back. North Korea is like the deepest, darkest place on earth. They are the embodiment of a darkest place. There are terrorist nations who want to kill, but in North Korea the enemy's brutality comes to roost. People are so destroyed there that they have NO hope of freedom. They would not be able to rally to a fight for freedom. Children are starving. People are starving. The leader is insane and a puppet of Satan. Asian terror and atrocities come together there. There is nothing having to do with Jesus there - it is void of awareness, void of mention of Jesus. In Russia, they are still in a spiral. Which way will they turn? They have opportunity to leave brutality, to leave the KGB, which is a state of mind. Brutal tyranny over the people is the mindset of the KGB, which was the mindset that the Gestapo had as well. The new Russian leader did not come from the KGB. He is only 42 years old. Putin may hope that this leader that he handpicked will follow in his footsteps but his mindset is not the same because of his youth. He was not there. He views things differently. So there remains a spiral in Russia. What will they do? Will they call evil, "evil"? There are two faces in China. One rejects capitalism and the others benefits from capitalism within its borders. They need and want the money from the capitalism within the nation yet with the other face they hate it. China wants Russia. They claim to stand alone but they want Russia to stand with them. Tienanmen Square was a light that came on in China. It showed how things are there, the lack of freedom there.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Silvana was in the Spirit talking about China

Recently Silvana was in the Spirit talking about China. (Both Therese and I were present when Silvana was speaking of them. We estimate that it was about a month ago.) She said that China is pushing the world with their agenda,and that they are trying to muscle their way forward. She said, "We can't do anything to China until the time comes from the Father. He has to do something. China needs something to keep them occupied, like a natural disaster. They need to be hit by a disaster, such as a large earthquake, to give them something else to keep them busy."

Here is the news story of a 7.9 earthquake that struck in China. We pray for the innocent and for the little children and for the students. Jesus, help them and their families, whom You love.

Before the tsunami in Indonesia, Silvana drew a circle on the map in that area and said, "Something big is coming here". Through that tsunami and its aftermath, the Father stopped many evil plans that were being formed there. Without the Father's help we could not stand against the enemy. He has to push back nations and push back the enemy so we are not overwhelmed. We have had enough on our plates in the war against evil without having to contend with the many terrorists inside Indonesia and in that area of the world.

The Father is acting in the world today. He is preparing the earth for the return of Jesus. Disasters are increasing, which forces people to think beyond their daily lives. Evil and good confront one another, such as is happening in the Middle East as the Coalition for freedom stands against the terrorists there.

The enemy is moving all over the world also; moving to increase violence and anger and evil deeds. Every day we see grief and suffering and sorrow as the struggle intensifies. We need Jesus to lead us every moment. We need the Father to intervene and to act world-wide, even as we look to Him to lead us to people in the highways and byways and alleyways to bring Jesus to them.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Father is speaking of Israel

We have been waiting on the Father for Israel and looking into their news and praying for them, as the Holy Spirit asked us to do. I had a vision while praying for them. Pray for Israel. Pray for their health, for their protection, for wisdom, for the softening of their hearts. This is an area in which the angels will help, as described by Silvana in A SEASON OF THE ANGELS. This vision was described by Char Tierney in a Yahoo Conference on April 7, 2008

Yahoo Conference
April 7, 2008:
Here is the address to a news station in Israel:

People can save it and look at the news in Israel for two weeks. Just go and look and ask Jesus about everything happening there.Today is the 7th, so if we look until the 21st and pray for them just whenever you get a chance, go and see what is happening and talk to Jesus about everything. And if He says anything or shows anything, then share it with the rest of us. I will tell you what happened while I was watching a show and praying for them.

I was watching the news on this Internet station broadcast from Israel, and they were talking about an attack that had happened in the Gaza strip and one person was killed. They said that more would have been killed, but Israeli snipers defended and fought off the attack and they talked about the courage of those living in that neighborhood. And I was watching it and I admired them. I admired their fortitude and their camaraderie towards one another and then, I was thinking that it was like it was in the days of Nehemiah when they tried to build the wall in Jerusalem and they had to wear swords as they built. With one hand they built, and with the other they defended and fought off those who tried to stop it so it seemed the same to me. So I thought about how much the Palestinians would love to tear them down and entirely destroy them. And so, as I thought that, I also thought of the fact that only Jesus will (and can) deliver them from that trouble and when I thought of Jesus I looked at them and I was thinking how far would they go to defend?

The Jews in Nehemiah's day were prepared to give their lives and I thought the same is true, they would all die rather than give up their nation. It is like the Alamo, and like the movie "300". They would die to the last man rather than give up Israel as a nation, and I thought, would they defend Jerusalem the same? Then I thought, yes, I think they would. That thought brought me back to Jesus again because we know that Jerusalem will be attacked with nuclear weapons, but Jesus returns to put an end to that warfare. And so I looked at them again with the thought of Jesus and when I looked at them, there in Israel, I saw what looked like a cage around their minds. It looked like a steel (stainless steel) cage with prongs inside. It was like a mesh, with prongs woven together, like a nest or something, but it was a cage around their minds to keep them from thinking deeply of Jesus and of Jesus as the Messiah.

As I looked, the Holy Spirit showed me the cage as though it was like unto a "crown of thorns" - around their minds. How wise He is! What justice after what they put on His Son's head (though we are all responsible) but the cage keeps them from thinking clearly when it comes to Jesus. Then I saw the Father and He reached out to remove it from their minds, and as He reached out, Satan reached out also and as the Father's hand reached their minds, Satan's hand was right behind. The Father's left hand was on the cage, and Satan's right hand was just behind His hand. Then the Father threw back Satan's hand and Satan staggered back. I saw the look on Satan's face and he was shocked. I looked at Satan for a moment, but then I saw angels taking cages off many minds in Israel. And the Holy Spirit wants us to take two weeks and watch the news there, and pray for them and NOT BE religious about what we see, but practical with common sense and let Him show what He thinks and stand by them and with them as we identify by watching, always knowing that the Father is taking off the cages, so we can hope and pray that they will see Jesus.

I looked again at Satan, and I said to him, "Why do you refuse to come face to face with the Father?" and when I said it the Father came behind me and spoke through me, and it was repeated: "Why do you refuse to come face to face with the Father?" Then the Father said to Satan, "Don't you see the cage around you?" and I saw the cage and Satan saw the cage too. Recently I have talked about seeing Satan on the earth, no longer up in the heavenlies but over the earth and I said, by the Holy Spirit, "he can't go back". He (Satan) cannot go back up to where he was because he is now barred. Then I saw the barrier to that, and I saw the barrier at the sides of the earth and the total barrier surrounding Satan was like the cage around the minds of the Israelis. As I looked, Satan looked too and he saw it, he said nothing, but I could see that he saw and knew it was true. Then the Father moved back over, away from behind me, and I could see the Father was speaking to Satan, but I could not see nor hear what was being said. I could see it coming out of the Father, and I said to Jesus, who was there as well, "What is Satan going to do? Run away?" Where would he run? Then I saw a tugging on that which was coming out of the Father by Satan.

It was as though the Father and Satan were connected by what was coming out from the Father and going to Satan, without words. Satan was tugging and I said, "He is trying the Father's strength!!" And he was. Then I said to Satan, "He is the Creator of strength! There was no strength until God made it" and Satan stopped tugging and of course I had no idea what to say so I just stood and waited. I saw the Father go to an Israeli to take off the cage from his mind, and the Father stooped down to pick the man up. The Father's hands were sure and strong, and He was gentle as He lifted the man as you would a child.

The Father told me to go and write to Mercy Ciniraj about taking the picture to the Wailing Wall. He said to write to her as though Paul was healed. So I went to the other computer because I did not have her email on my laptop and when I got to the main computer, there was an email from her saying that Paul was healed! (Note: And now, Mercy writes to say that she and Paul are going to Jerusalem from May 1-9, 2008 and they will take the picture of Jesus and put it in the Wailing Wall, wrapped in tissue, as people do when they leave a prayer request. And Jesus will be there!)

Before I even finished reading the email from Mercy, I ran in to tell Silvana. I woke her up - it was 8 am - and told her that Jesus had done it - He had healed Paul - and we rejoiced! Then I told her about the things I had seen about Satan, and she commented about Satan liking to cut off heads, as we know he does, first because Jesus is the Head, and second because of the minds of the people. Then I saw, when she said that, that Satan wanted to be the head, but Jesus is the heart of the Father while Satan is more about the mind, and the head is the heart, not the mind. The Spirit leads and Silvana said, the mind can lead the spirit or the spirit can lead the mind. We follow the Holy Spirit with our spirit and our minds follow, and Jesus leads, and He is the heart – He cares. He is the exact representation of the Father who so loved the whole world that He gave His Son.

On April 19, Silvana was in the Spirit and she was talking about Israel. She said there are three problems that the Father sees with Israel today:

1. Rebellion - their ongoing rebellion that has caused them to reject Jesus for 2000 years. They go so far in rejecting Him that they put people out of the congregation for believing in Him. They go further to reject Jesus than even the Muslims, who believe that Jesus is a prophet. The Jews raise their children to reject Jesus. Don't they remember how Abraham was sent up the mountain to offer his son as a sacrifice, and the Father said, "I WILL PROVIDE". This was because the Father was going to send His own Son. Since the Jews ally themselves with the enemy so strongly by rejecting the Father's Son, how shall the Father reach them?

2. Judgment - they judge the Father for the Messiah that He sent, and reject Jesus, or they judge God for not sending one, (which is what they think) and they also judge God for allowing the Holocaust. But they don't talk to Him and hear what He has to say about any of this: they just judge Him.

3. Love of the world - some Jews wish that they were not Jews at all. They are tired of being rejected by the world. They want to fit in, to be received, so they have lost their desire to be God's chosen people.

The other day while talking about Israel, Silvana spoke to Moses, who is in the Cloud of Witnesses. She said, "What would you say to Israel today, Moses?" Then today, while watching a court case on TV about a Muslim who shot five Jewish women, killing one, Silvana saw Moses. She saw the woman who had been killed by this wretched murderer and she wondered, what happens now with her? Then, in the Spirit, she saw the woman ascending, and she saw Moses before the woman. In Moses' hand was a staff, and the staff was the shape of a cross. So, when the Jews leave this earth, that is what they are confronted with: Moses and the cross. The shock to them is almost overwhelming. (Click here for a post on Silvana's blog about what she saw.)

About a week ago, I saw King David in the Cloud of Witnesses. I was reading on an Israeli news site and they mentioned King David. But I know that David loves Jesus, and I looked up and saw him. David would not and does not approve of their rejection of Jesus. He would say to them today, "Come to Jesus. Don't reject Him."

Here is a prophecy called A NEW PSALM OF DAVID from Silvana Lupetti, prophet of the Father in the United States.

A NEW PSALM OF DAVID - August 3, 2006:
Just recently I saw the Cloud of Witnesses gathered together. Someone was singing and the Cloud of Witnesses were listening, as were the angels. I saw who was singing. It was David, with Isaiah and Jeremiah on either side of him. David was singing a new psalm. Then today, in a rush I heard the words. Here they are:

There is a land called Israel
The land of the Father's heart
The Father's heart is given to you
And nailed to the tree

If you, the children of Abraham,
Will come to the Father's heart
Messiah and friend will gather you up
In His arms that are open to you.

His heart is beating for his chosen ones
He wept for Jerusalem
And promised a land would be given
To the apple of His eye.

And now the land is Jesus Himself
The Messiah who was foretold
And I, David, am singing my song
With the blood of the Lamb upon me

Come to Him who waits for you
My song is my appeal
And make the journey through the cross
To the land of the Father's heart.

Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
August 2nd, 2006

Read more with Silvana in the Spirit, speaking of Israel

A note from Therese Cooper: While I was reading what is written here, when I got to the part that says, "so we hope and pray they will see Jesus" , (in the fourth paragraph under the heading Yahoo Conference), I saw something in the Spirit: suddenly I saw time move forward. I saw a young Jewish girl sitting in a chair and she was smiling. She was in her late teens or early twenty's, and she knew Jesus was the Messiah. Then I looked and saw all the Jews, and they knew Jesus was the Messiah. They were with Him, and heard Him speak to them, and they acted on what He said. They were happy and healthy in their spirits.

Pastor Jean in Cyangugu, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo

God bless you Char, I had a good time there and I see that Jesus with me all journey long. I could spread Jesus pictures and supertracts in buses, among mini motos drivers, at hotels and on the road. The second day I visted the prisoners in Cyangugu and I could share with prisoners many supertracts, about 1000 supertracts. Pastor Evarist was a facilitator there and I gave out about 500 Jesus pictures afterwards gave many other pictures to Pastor Evarist so he will continue giving a picture of Jesus to every one who may request for one.

There at the prison 3 security guards of the jail have received Jesus pictures and the supertracts. They were so much interested when I told them, "Read this because here it is written that Jesus is alive and knows everyone's name." They said they love the word of God. One guard who is Jehovah witness congregation member did not oppose and he himself received Jesus picture and supertract.

On the 19th I crossed the border (from Rwanda into the Democratic Republic of Congo) and I arrived in Bukavu, a very wonderful city! I could travel until Kaduku market and I spread many Jesus pictures and supertracts. About the supertracts they said they do not understand very well kinyarwanda, even when they try so next time I will take Swahili Supertracts. There is one restaurant where I deposited 5 big pictures of Jesus and they were glad and said that they will give out to others. I spent there 3 hours and came back in Rwanda arriving on the border. On the CONGO side I had a problem because there was a stamp that was not put in my passport (Congolese stamp, in triangle form) but after a while they let me go and everything was regularized in my passort. I crossed again to Rwanda.

I could share Jesus pictures and supertracts when I spent nights at La Petite Colline guest house. On Sunday I shared the remaining Jesus pictures and tracts in the main market of Cyangugu and at 8:00 am I went to take the bus for Kigali. I arrived at Kigali at 2:30 PM.

I was not allowed to take a picture in the prison because it obliges possessing a special permission. At Bukavu also I could not because I was seen as a foreinger even though I was using swahili as well, but they were asking me if I am not a Ugandan or a Tanzanian accordingly to my Swahili. I said that I am not but that I am a Rwandan. It was good in general and if I get other opportunities I will go there again. It is really a place where they love Jesus as well, in Cyangugu. I am thankful for all who helped by prayers or in other way to help me spreading pictures of Jesus there.

I was trying to get pictures from my camera but it shows it has a problem and the file does not open. I have very good pictures if Jesus come to allow us to get from camera. I could travel in Bukavu and I spread there well. There were many UN peace keepers I saw. I saw many soldiers from Pakistan and the security is strong for sure there. I could not take any picture with persons but pray for my camera so we can get those which are in here. As I told you my passport helped me to travel there and I feel free so that in October if I will be able I will go spread in Tanzania too near our border. The problem I got when I was back to cross the border was not very big and they helped resolve. I praise Jesus for that, I had fear for a few minutes but after Jesus comforted me and it was done quickly as I said below, so the matter remaining is that I need to get pics from camera, but it refuses open file. But I hope Jesus will help in this too. I trust in Him and I see how he helped you with Emily's car so I know He is able in everything. I trust in Him, He will be helping the school too.

May God sincerely bless all of you.
In Jesus,

Brother and son

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pastor Jean in Cyangugu, Rwanda

There was an earthquake in Cyangugu, Rwanda on February 8, 2008. Pastor Jean traveled there this weekend on the bus to take them some free pictures of Jesus. Here is an email we received from him today:

I am just there in Cyangugu. The bus arrived at 2:04 right after 6 hours nonstop high speed traveling. I could take many pictures from the national park of Nyungwe (it is a natural reserve) I try to forward some pictures but the antivirus refuses me to arrange. I will send some photos when I get back to Kigali.

So, I started spreading Jesus pictures to a girl who came in the same bus. She received about 100 supertracts and some Jesus pictures. She said that she will be sharing with others. After 3:00 pm I will be visiting some persons in jail here in Cyangugu. Tomorrow I will be spreading Jesus pictures and the tracts of Jesus is alive and supertracts.

I may take Lake Kivu photos too, and if I can I will cross the borders and spread some in Bukavu so I shall see what is possible tomorrow. Elizaphan will be leading me and I am sure all will be okay.

See you soon.
In Jesus,
Pastor Jean

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter. This weekend is the anniversary of the weekend that Jesus spent being tortured to death. How do we go on after realizing that? Jesus, there are no words to say thanks. All we can do is give everything to you. God bless you all today as we go forward with the plans of the Father. After what Jesus did, let's not let anything stop us from what the Father calls us to do. He will lead us. Let's work together. ALL FOR JESUS IN JESUS' NAME.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Father breaking up the ground

Silvana saw the earth being broken up from underneath, as though there were a plow under the earth. We can only do so much to break up the fallow ground, but the Father can do mighty and powerful things on this earth.

I saw myself climb over the edge of something and then climb down. There were little rungs for a ladder. Then I saw that I was in a swiming pool and it was empty. The sides of the pool were cement. The pool was in the ground and I was down in it but there was no water. I got out and shortly after this, I heard a sound and turned my head to look behind me. I saw the pool and it was full of water and Jesus was splashing in it. He will POUR OUT His Spirit on all mankind. Jesus was splashing and playing in the water. To see Jesus playing is to see Jesus as He really is - to know Him as a friend.

Windows clear


The prophet Silvana has been talking about getting together and washing all the windows in all three houses here in New Mexico. Tomorrow we are scheduled to gather together and do so. This morning the Father was speaking to me of the significance of this.

Imagine, He said, that you could see the Father. Imagine that you could see what He is doing, and what He is thinking. Imagine that you saw Him and He was thinking of Rwanda, or thinking of the hearts of man, or thinking of war, or of your neighbor, whose son killed himself. Imagine that you could see Him and His thoughts and you could therefore participate in caring about what He was caring about. If your windows were clear, you could see the Father clearly.

In the same way, imagine that if the Father showed you something, you would see it. When He wanted to show you what you have done, or why people have done the acts they do, or what you should do, imagine that you could see it, you could hear Him; your windows were clean. Your spirit was open and aware, and you heard Him perfectly, and saw exactly whatever it is that He shows you. This is what the cleaning of the windows symbolizes. It symbolizes hearing from Him, and seeing Him.

The Father said that we should fast in preparation for tomorrow. If you would like to participate in spirit in this, then fast today. He said not to worry if you already ate, just switch to liquids only and this liquids only fast will be acceptable to Him. If you haven't eaten, then you are welcome to participate by having only liquids today.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A short path to Jesus' return

I was looking at what the Holy Spirit showed Silvana about a season of the angels, and I saw angels outside. I saw them stand on both sides of a walkway, outlining a path. Then I saw Jesus suddenly appear at the end of the path. He took a step forward towards us on the path between the angels. The path was not long at all, which I am convinced represents the fact that Jesus' return is very near. The path was only about twelve feet long. A few days later, I saw Jesus take another step (between the angels) closer to us.

I have seen the Father speaking to Satan and the demons saying again, "mankind is not your business". Since they refused the Father's plan to help Him in loving us and leading us to Jesus, then they have no business with us. We are not their business and they should leave us alone. I saw a demon strongman beheaded for moving in Rwanda after the Father told him not to move there. Silvana saw Satan with his hands burned badly after he threatened children in Rwanda. I saw Satan ordered out of a yard, with a rapier to run him through.

Today I was wrestling in the Spirit, and I pushed forward against the enemy's forces. I saw a sword before me. Then, it was as though we (OJP or whoever was with Jesus) went up over a mountaintop and we were now heading down. We started to speed up as we went down the mountain. It was very easy to move forward.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Satan on the earth

I saw Satan on the earth. Many times I have seen Satan in his camp, up over the earth, with global influence from his great power. I have seen demons in his camp, and Satan himself. Once I saw Jesus go up to Satan's camp and put a timer there. (That was in 1990, I think) Recently the Father has given some incredibly powerful blows to Satan and his followers. It is clear that the return of Jesus draws nearer by the hour. This war in the heavenlies will result in the return of Jesus, for the Father is preparing the earth and the heavenlies for His Son to dwell here without the interference of the enemy. Recently, the Holy Spirit has been saying to demons, as we pray for people, "this person is not your business". The Holy Spirit said that since Satan and his host refuse to do the will of the Father concerning man, which was a wonderful plan of governing together with the Father, and for this they were created; since they reject that plan, then they should stay out of mankind's business entirely. Last week I saw a demon beheaded when he tried to come back to a woman in Rwanda after he had been ordered to leave her. His head and body were thrown back in Satan's camp, causing consternation to the whole camp.

Now, in the last few days, I have seen Satan on earth. It is the result of the Father's forward movement against him. First, I saw him in New Mexico, here to oppose OJP, as we go forward doing the will of the Father. Satan looked different on earth than in the heavenlies. When seeing him up over the earth, one gets an impression of global power. You see his anger and his hatred for the Father. You see his demons and their sinful attitudes. His demons fear him because of the width and scope of his power. Demons are fallen angels, more powerful than man, but he is a greater being, one who was made to be the administrator over the earth.

What I see when I look at him now, is a mind. I see him listening and thinking, ready to have a reply to everything he hears. He is ready to persuade, ready to lead others away from the truth, away from the Father. He is on earth, ready to cause great harm. Oh, what a liar he is! Silvana says that his best trick is to mix truth with his lies so that it becomes believable. The bad news of him being so close on the earth is that he will cause great harm. The good news is that now he can be captured. He is smaller than when he dwelt in the heavenlies. He was a being somewhat like the wind - large and capable of occupying large spaces at once. How do you capture the wind? But now, he is much smaller. Already I see the angels eager to capture him and put him in the jail that is prepared for him, as described in the holy Scriptures. Soon Satan will come and take his place with a human being where he feels he can exert the most influence. How long until he does this, I do not know. In the meantime, I ask the Father to put up roadblocks to everything that Satan plans, to every lie he raises in the minds of humanity. Father, please swiftly open the doors to Jesus' return. Help us, Father, to stand against this wicked liar. Let the truth be shown and loved by those who see it. Help us through the tumultuous days ahead, in Jesus' name.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

A resolution to support

One resolution that you can make for Jesus is to support OJP with that which they are doing for Jesus, such as supporting the children in Kigali, Rwanda, who cannot afford to attend public school. Pastor Jean and his church are going to provide classes, though they have very low resources. They are trusting Jesus to provide. Why not help Jesus answer their prayers?

The new school will open on January 11, 2008. Pastor Jean Miruho de Dieu is the School Administrator. OJP is a sponsor. They still need twelve desks for the remaining children to attend. Each desk costs $20 and holds three children. A total of around 65 children will attend. A lunch meal each day will be provided for the children. The school needs money for food, for notebooks, for a blackboard or dry erase boards, and many other needs.

Along with books, we have sent them dvds of children's shows, which will be very useful as the children learn to read and speak English. They really could use a good dvd projector so they could project the shows on the wall so the whole class can see them clearly. I have seen good dvd projectors on ebay for around $300. Why not donate a dvd projector to help these children for Jesus' sake? Donations of money for meals would be so welcome. Dry erase boards would be a wonderful tool for the school. A donation for the widow who lives in the church/school would be a good thing to give. This year, Pastor Jean needs a car so he can get around with the pictures of Jesus, and make it back to the school to supervise there as necessary. With this car, he could reach the 16 cities in Rwanda, where the Father wants to send 5000 pictures of Jesus to each city. A good used car in Rwanda costs about $6000.

We would like to purchase a million pictures of Jesus from our printer. This would cost about $8500. Pray for these needs. Make a resolution to act for Jesus' sake. ALL FOR JESUS IN JESUS' NAME, as the Holy Spirit says. Let us support the wonderful work that the Father is doing in Rwanda. Once the enemy roared through there with hate and murder. Now, let us join the Father, and His holy angels, to move there with love and support and healing giving our prayers and our donations, and any help that He calls us to give.


The Holy Spirit asked me, "What do you want to be doing when Jesus returns?" He meant physically, at that moment, what do I want to be doing?

Reader, what do you want to be doing? Where were you on 9/11? Where do you want to be when Jesus returns?

I want to be serving Him. I want to be giving a picture of Jesus, I want to be teaching of knowing Him, I want to be standing against Satan and his lies. I want to be in the presence of the Father, waiting on Him. I want to be doing the will of the Holy Spirit, whatever He wants me to be doing, at that very moment.

The Holy Spirit said, "then do everything you can to be found doing that".

Later, Jesus commented to me about a "new year's resolutions". At first, I was a little surprised because that idea seems to come from the world. But Jesus showed me, look and see what would keep you from being found acting to carry out the will of the Holy Spirit. Is it your health? Do you need to eat better? Exercise more? Do you need to avoid procrastinating? Whatever you need to do, to follow instantly the Holy Spirit as he leads, then make a resolution to Me and I will give you the power to carry it out. You make the resolution with all your heart, and the supernatural power to act will come from Me.

In light of this message from the Holy Spirit, I urge you to seriously seek the Father, realizing that He is saying, "where do you want to be when Jesus returns" (what can this mean but that it is close - now is the time to act) and then make a resolution to Him concerning yourself, and He will help you to overcome any obstacle that stops you through your resolution to do His will.

The Father said that all the lights we put up (more than ever before out in our yards) represented something from Him. He said that all the lights, all the electricity, represents POWER. Power to carry out resolutions for Jesus' sake, power to follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit, power to stand against our relentless enemy, power to see Jesus, power to hear Him, power to connect with our Creator as never before. Power for strongmen to fall, power for lives to change, power for Jesus to be lifted up world-wide.