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Exchange with Brother Joseph in Ghana and a note from Felicia

Here is an email exchange with Brother Joseph with the Believers in Ghana. Ask Jesus if you should join in and help them to set up a business for themselves.
Hello sister Char,
Warmest greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The package you sent several days ago finally gets to us yesterday. We rejoice for its arrival! And we are so thankful for the pictures, Tracts, Bible and the DVD's. Moreso, we do appreciate the gift of $20 you sent alongside with the pictures. Thanks too for the hand written letter from you all there at the table. How precious it is that you wrote part in our vernacular! May God bless you all for always remembering us! All these items that you provided for us will be great blessing to us and for those we will reach with the gospel. And it shall bear fruit, the darkness will be defeated and the victory will be ours! Extend our greetings, love and thanks to Silvana, Jordan, Therese, Felicia, Emily, Doug, and the rest of the brethren there at the OperationJesusPictures. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Your brother,Joseph & the brethren here

Dear Brother Joseph,

We were so glad to hear that the package arrived safely. We prayed for it every day. We are going to send another packet when we can, with more Ewe tracts. Actually, we made some changes in the tract that we think explain sin a little better. How would you feel about making the changes in your language, so I could make the change in the Ewe tract before sending more to you? I will send another email with the changes so you can take a look at it and see what you think about it.

Also, Brother, the Holy Spirit told me to send you a handkerchief that Jordan Cooper and I lay hands on with oil and pray over, so you can pray for people's healing with it. He has been healing many people when we asked Him, out of His great love for all of us, so we want to be obedient to Him and send the handkerchief to you, if you are willing, so that He will have even more opportunity to help you by healing many people there.

Joseph, we want to pray for your provision, and we would like to know how much it would cost for you to open your own business, or to get some land so you can farm for yourselves, or whatever would be the most useful for you to provide for your needs. We do not have any money, but we know that our God can provide, and we especially want to pray for the provision for all of you. If you could talk to each other, and to Jesus, and let us know what type of business would be good for you, and how much it might cost in American dollars, we will go to the Father with that figure to see if He will provide it for you. We are very concerned for all of you, because we know that you are hungry and you have children with you, and we love you all very much.

Have you had a chance to listen to some of the audio blogs I have been making lately? I had not made any for a few months, but I have started to talk the things that the Father has been saying to us. He is teaching so much, that I want others to hear so they can talk to Him about these many important topics, and see the world through His loving eyes, and be encouraged that the end is certain: our Father will bring the victory for us, for the sake of His beautiful Son, Jesus, whom we all love.

Greet all the brothers and sisters with you in Jesus' name, and tell the children that we love them. Are any of your children going to school? Please let us know if they need paper and pencils to do schoolwork, for we could send some to them.

Jesus, please bless Joseph and all the Believers with him. Provide food for this week, Jesus, and keep them all safe. Let people help them, and let the pictures and tracts be a blessing to many. And Jesus, above all, let the people come to know You. Let them hear Your voice, as Abraham did, and love You. Bless the entire village, for the sake of the believers who live there.

Love in Yesu,

Dear sister Char,
Greetings to you in the name of our precious Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We are so grateful to received your letter, and we are more grateful to hear that you will send another packet when you are able. I have read the tract and noticed the changes, we will make the changes in Ewe and send it to you. Thank you very much for the gift you have sent through iKobo, it will be very helpful to us. May God continue to bless you all.
Please, as the Lord leads, go ahead and send the blessed handkerchief to me! That idea had been in my mind for the past few days, even before you told me this. I know that Jesus wants to do great things here in Ghana. We are so pleased that He has choosen us as His vessel. I have listened few times to the audio blogs in your website, including the audio prayers for us. We are so thankful that the Father is passing great messages through you to the world. whenever you are able, we will appreciate if you can be able to make a cassatte tape with prayers and words from the Father and send to us. Because of our present situation, we are unable to afford sending our kids to school. But we are certain that Jesus will soon provide for us so that we can try our best to educate our children. There are other children here that don't have sufficient writing materials, they need paper and pencils to do schoolwork, meanwhile, we can pass such gift along to them.
Thank you very much for praying for the Lord to provide for us to open a business to help us. Some of us have experience in producing washing soap locally using available raw materials (like lye-water, animal fat, etc). Washing soap that is being produced locally is affordable by the population here, and it have good market for the producers and profitable. To setup this business venture, including the capital and raw materials, will cost approximately US$400. The profit from this business will be enough for our food, and to apply for other needs. Please, pray that the Lord Jesus will bless us with resources to start this business soon.
Please, pray that we shall continue to Keep in mind to aim for His glory and honor above all things, to walk together in love and unity, and to always strive to be instruments of righteousness in the hands of our God. Everyone here sends greetings, love and thanks to you and to all the brethren there at the OperationJesusPictures. We look forward to hear from you soon.
Your brother,Joseph & the brethren here
Dear Char,
I read the letter from Joseph, so glad to know Jesus is helping them. I asked Jesus if He would give them the $400 they need to start their business, and He said He would. God bless you, Char. I just heard the audio posts - and I am about to listen to them again. Glad you have been able to post. Praying for you, and everyone there.
Love, Felicia

What Satan saw in the river

Here is a sketch that Silvana drew of what Satan saw as he looked into the river of evil, as described in the earlier audio blog. He desired the power he saw, so he drank. Like a serial killer, he lusted after the power to take life or not take life. Each evil does have power: fear brings power to those who wield it as a weapon, and hate brings power to those who endulge in it. It is power, but it is not an eternal power; only God has eternal power.
The following drawing is from Lydia, the four year old daughter of Felicia. Lydia is the girl who asked her mommy if she could fill her backpack with pictures of Jesus so she could give one to everyone at preschool. It is a self-portrait of Lydia with Jesus. See how loving Jesus is as He holds her hand. He loves us just the same as He loves little Lydia. Jesus, please bless Lydia, and all who love you. Thank you, for holding our hands. Help us to stand in the whirlwind of war which surrounds us - to stand for you and with you.

Power over life/power of fear/power of hate

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Branches without fruit will be burned

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When Sunday School is commended/the beginning of natural disasters on mighty scale

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