Friday, July 21, 2006


Here is an email that Char Tierney sent to a brother in response to a letter from him. Don't you agree with everything in this letter? Isn't it an honor to serve Jesus today?!

Dear Brother,

Reading the Bible verses that your pastor preached about at church today reminds me of how I felt as a child. I always wished I could have been alive in the days when Jesus was on earth, or when Samuel was the prophet in Israel, or when Samson did mighty works for the Father and for Israel, or in any of the times mentioned in the Bible. I always thought it would be the best thing in the world to be alive on earth, doing the will of the Father, and knowing Him. Miracles were done by God, and people talked to Him and He talked to them.

I grew up in a home that went to church so I was familiar with the stories from the Bible and I loved them. However, as a teenager, I turned away from seeking the Father. I continued to believe in Him, but I just thought I wasn't going to be able to get to know Him until I died. He sent an angel to speak to me when I was 24, and I listened to what the angel came to say (he came to warn me about my life) and I started seeking the Father, because I was so happy that He had wanted to contact me. I was so glad that He cared enough to contact me. I remember spending all my time waiting on Him, telling Him thank you for reaching out to me. After three days of waiting on Him, on my face before Him, He spoke to me! I didn't expect that He would speak to me. He told me right away that He loves me and that I can ask Him anything that I want to - He will answer! That is when my relationship with Him really began: when I found out that He speaks to men and women today. That was in 1980, so it has been a wonderful time since then, getting to know Him better, and loving Him and being loved by Him. He has done many miracles, especially since we started making and giving away the pictures of Jesus. People have been healed, as I said, and people have been delivered from death. One woman had an electrical line fall on her house while she was in the shower. The water was very, very hot and she got out of the water, but the plumbers told her over and over and over that they could not understand why she was not dead. This was about a week after she received the pictures and started giving them out.

Another woman received the pictures of Jesus and gave one to her son. He put it in his car, and the next day he got in a car accident and his car was totally smashed up. She said that after the accident the boy was totally unhurt and the picture of Jesus was just sitting there on his car seat. The police who came to the accident to help were amazed that he was okay. We know that Jesus protected him.

Other people have said that Jesus smiled at them from the picture or he talked to them from the picture. We have seen the same thing ourselves. One time a little boy in India, (he as about 7 or 8) the son of a family we know, was kidnapped by Muslims who hate his family because of Jesus. They broke both of his legs. He was held by them for two weeks, and as he lay in a bed where they held him, he had his picture of Jesus that he was wearing when they grabbed him. After he was free, he told his parents that Jesus spoke to him from the picture and told him that he would be free and that he would be okay. Can you imagine lying there, just a little boy, afraid that they will kill you and worried about your family, and then Jesus speaks to you. What a great God we serve!

So now, thanks to Jesus, and His love, and the call of the Holy Spirit, and the friendship of the Father, we are participating in times that are just the same as Bible times. We are doing His will and we know Him and we love Him, and I couldn't be happier, unless Jesus had actually returned to the earth, and all mankind knew that He is God, and He loves them, and Satan was captured and his works put to an end.

Well, God bless you, Brother. It is good to talk to you, and I pray you will enjoy your day in the park with the Father.

Love in Jesus,

A question from the Holy Spirit

In the last few days, the Holy Spirit asked a question for all of us: "What is the difference between the relationship with God that Abraham had and the relationship with God that the church teaches?" The Holy Spirit has said repeatedly that He wants to have a relationship with each believer such as Abraham had with Him, and He has criticized the church for their lack of love and for not teaching the lambs to know Jesus. Since He is asking us to know Him as Abraham did, what difference do you see from what Abraham had and what the church offers and teaches? (Note: don't think of Abraham as though he was "special" for that is not the case. Abraham was a servant of God, human, just as we are, with his sins and faults, yet with love and trust for the Father.)

Deep thanks to Mary and Dinna and Yvonne who are joining Felicia and Dana in helping us string the free pictures of Jesus. Also, sometimes the people to whom we are sending larger packages of pictures agree to help string them. For instance, we sent 1000 pictures to Kenneth Ezra's cousin, Rose, in Entebbe, Uganda (200 strung and 800 unstrung) because she was willing to finish adding the string. We also sent another 5000 pictures to Kenneth Ezra with string for him to add, to pass out all over in Kampala, Uganda and other places throughout that nation.

Felicia was praying about what Silvana saw when she saw the Father with a watering can, watering freedom, in one hand and a flaming sword in the other. As she was praying, Felicia saw the Father with the sword on fire in His hand, and then she saw a row of heads, and the Father swung the sword (almost like swinging a baseball bat) and cut off the row of heads. She said that the heads seemed to be of powerful beings, such as strongmen or strongholds, or humans in powerful places.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Father opens a door

Silvana saw the Father this morning. He had His hand on a door to open it. On the other side of the door were many people, trying to hold the door shut. She said that the Father gave a great pull and the people went flying and the door flew open. As we were waiting on the Father, we asked Him, "What does this mean?" I heard His reply: "It means FREEDOM", He said with emphasis. Although there are those who are resisting freedom and democracy in the world, and particularly in the Middle East, they will not prevail, for the Father will prevail.

The Father told Silvana for us to take the rock that represents Iran (that the Father told us to put before Jesus in the past - click here to see picture and here) and to split it apart into two pieces. He said that this was to represent separating the Iranian people from their government, a government that brings harm to them. It is as though it is a separation of tares and wheat. Doug and Therese Cooper took the rock to separate it. As they took it out to the driveway, I saw Jesus with a sword in His hand. He raised the sword and brought it down on the rock right down the middle and split it in half. When Doug went to separate it, he said that it went easily into two equal pieces.

Pray for the Iranian people to get freedom. Pray for the Lebanese people to be restored to freedom. Pray for Israel. And look up, for events on earth are leading to Jesus' soon return.

Would you like to help OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES? Felicia and Dana and Emily are helping us by stringing pictures of Jesus. We mail them the pictures and the string and then they mail the strung pictures back. If you have time and the willingness to string pictures, please let us know and we will send some to you, so you can join us in preparing the free pictures of Jesus to give all over the world. Of course you should keep some to give out in your neighborhood. It is the stringing that slows us down the most as we get the packages ready, but it is too valuable for people to be able to put Jesus' picture on, and be with Him, so we just do the best we can to string as quickly as possible. Emily has stringing parties and invites her friends. We take pictures with us to string whenever we go to town, but we usually end up giving them all away to people we meet. When Brother Nelson was here from Pakistan he strung many pictures for us. When he left I offered to give him the ones he had strung (along with the 5000+ that he was taking) but he said, "With my own hands I prepared those for others. I could take them all, but I want others to receive them." When we sent a package to Botswana, Africa recently with 2000 pictures, we had a package of strung pictures that Felicia had just sent to us. She provided half of what we sent to that Pastor. Thank you, Felicia, and God bless you.


I have to take some of our photos off our computer since they use so much memory, so I am putting some of them on a website online. You are welcome to browse through them, though I have not spent much time adding captions etc. I will continue to add photos in the next week, as I finish clearing them from our computer: Let me know if you have questions about any of the pictures.

More commentary about Israel

July 16, 2006

Today the Father told us to set out a rock for Israel on our patio before Jesus. Silvana saw blood on the rock. She said that the blood represents Jesus' blood. As we were praying for Israel and looking at the rock, I heard this, "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall rise up with wings as eagles". After I heard this, I saw a spirit rise up from the Father. When I told Silvana about it, the Holy Spirit showed her that it was "the spirit of Samson". The Father has been showing the Bridge that He is building between the Old Testament and the New Testament, with names in the bridge, and He continues to show more stones and more names. For instance, a few days ago, He showed another stone for the bridge and on the stone was the name "David". Now we see the representation of "Samson" and rise up.

Samson represents strength and the Father is going to give strength to the Jews. Not only the Jews within Israel, but also the Jews in America and all over the world. Now is the time for them to rise up in defense of the nation Israel. We ordered 105,000 more pictures of Jesus the other day and when we did I noted again the cross streets at the printers. One is Guadalupe (that is another name for Jesus' mother, Mary) and the other is Aliyah. Here is a definition from for Aliyah: Aliyah (Hebrew: עלייה, "ascent" or "going up") is a term widely used to mean Jewish immigration to the Land of Israel (and since its establishment in 1948, the State of Israel).

If the Jews in America wanted to do so, they could do a hostile takeover of Hollywood, simply because they have so much influence there. If they chose to support Israel, to support the war, they could greatly influence all of America. Pray for the Jews and for Israel as the Holy Spirit moves to raise them up. They are the tree into which we are grafted, and now the time is arriving for them to be grafted back in to their own heritage, their own tree. As the Holy Spirit said in Silvana's hearing recently:

Here is a quote from Isaiah 11: A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit. The Spirit of the LORD will rest on him - the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of power, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD and he will delight in the fear of the LORD. He will not judge by what he sees with his eyes, or decide by what he hears with his ears.

The Holy Spirit is talking about Jesus. He is the root - He was there first - Israel comes from Him, for He is God, and He is the branch, for He comes from them, by being Jewish. The branch bears fruit. The reason that Jesus cursed the fig tree as recorded in the Scriptures is because it bore no fruit. The Holy Spirit has been warning Christians that they must hear Jesus, they must do the Father's will, they must have fruit, to be Jesus' Bride, and now the Father speaks to Israel of their return and their own fruit. The end of all the turmoil that is stirring now, and the events to come, will be the return of Jesus to the earth, to Israel.

When America was a growing nation, there was an idea called "manifest destiny". It was put into words by one man, and then by many others. It was the idea that God intended for America to stretch from sea to sea. Many Americans believed the idea and it was put into effect. This was from the Holy Spirit, not to harm or come against the native Americans, but to establish America as a free nation, from one side of the continent to the other. (The native Americans should have been assimilated with respect, as much as they were willing, just as immigrants are assimilated into America. Out of many, one.)

In the same manner, the Holy Spirit is moving now to cause the Jews to return to their native land and to Him. "To return" does not necessarily denote moving to Israel, but the Jews should strongly support Israel in its time of need. Every supporter of Israel, Jewish or Christian, or lover of freedom, should give their money (thus the representation of tithe in the stones for the bridge) and any other help that they have to offer in this time of need. And of course, we wait continuously on the Father for His favor and help for them.

Arabs for Israel

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