Saturday, November 24, 2007

The power comes from Jesus

This morning when I woke up I saw Jesus right by me so I reached out to Him in the spirit and I put my arms around Him. I said, "Jesus, help me today to do what will please the Father. Help me to do something to help Him." As Jesus put His arms around me, I suddenly thought, "Oh, the Holy Spirit promised that power is coming. He will help me to do the Father's will".
Suddenly, I saw an electrical cord. It looked like a Christmas electrical cord that can be attached to another so the lights run end to end. Then I saw Jesus, and He was the Master Cord. I could plug myself into Him and He would be the power source that I was relying on.
What a wonderful analogy from Jesus. We don't need to rely on ourselves, on our own power. He is here, ready to help us when we need Him. Thank you Jesus.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving message

The first thing I want to comment about was the fact that I saw in the Spirit and I saw a tree (like our cottonwoods) and it had white Christmas lights on it as ours do. Suddenly I saw the lights turned on. The tree glowed with white light and I felt power go out and the enemy pushed back. Then on Thanksgiving Day the Father spoke of that vision. He said that the lights on the tree represent power. Power from the Holy Spirit.

So then the Holy Spirit asked the question: What would power mean to you personally? I knew He meant this question to each of us. To Nikki, power will mean that she never withdraws. To Char it will be the ability to carry out what He shows: to blog, to organize, to act. To Felicia it will be the power to stand firm in the face of opposition. To OJP power will be the ability to give more to Jesus worldwide, through pictures, through obedience etc. So the promise of power is accompanied with the desire of the Holy Spirit that we submit to Him - move towards Him in areas of weakness in our life, so He can direct His power as He sees we need individually, for the greater purpose of power for OJP - power for Jesus. Wonderful promise. Yes, Holy Spirit.

The second thing the Father said to me was about Thanksgiving itself. The Father spoke of gratitude and thanksgiving. We all owe Jesus an enormous debt that we can never fully repay. His sacrifice was too deep. But out of love, we can try. Then the Father said, "Would they be thankful for what I asked them to be thankful for? Would they dedicate themselves to be thankful to what I would ask them to be thankful for?" Would you? Whatever the Father asks you to be thankful about, will you?

This is what the Father asks you to be thankful for this year: be thankful for Therese Cooper. Take a moment before the Father and consider her. Therese gives her all to OJP - all to Jesus. Be thankful for all she does. She supports Char and Silvana as they serve the Father, as they serve OJP, leading as He leads them. So take this time, the Father says, and set your heart for gratitude, and then follow your gratitude with action. Do everything you can to support Therese, in any way you can, this year, from this Thanksgiving Day.

So that is the message that the Father gave me for you on Thanksgiving Day. God bless you all. If you set your heart to please the Father in this way, power will come to you and the Father will be pleased. May Jesus be lifted high before all until the day He returns to bring the final victory over our mortal enemy whose middle name is brutality. Even so, come Lord Jesus.