Sunday, September 23, 2007

A life of contentment and joy and help

Here is an email we received from Jean this morning and my reply, minus personal sections:
I am praising Lord because persons continue to receive Jesus pictures and to lift Him up. Yesterday i spread 186 Jesus pictures together with 22 big ones and 84 JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME tracts with some dvds of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. Some children (about 15) also were requesting Jesus pictures when I arrived at home last evening and Beathy was giving to them Jesus pictures, they were glad for that. Today we shared also the JESUS IS ALIVE tracts at the church sunday gathering (we shared those ones corrected in Kinyarwanda) and those who were interested received more than 50 tracts there. See you soon.
In Jesus,
son Jean
Dear Jean,
That is wonderful news. Thank you for telling us. And to each person who receives a picture, Jesus will come. How near He will be to them! When they talk to Him, He will be right there to talk to them. If they have trouble, He will be there to help them. If they see another in need, He will be there to help them to help the person in need and to listen as they pray for them. Not only are you spreading Jesus' pictures, but you are spreading Jesus Himself. God bless everyone who received a picture of Jesus from you. God bless you and Beathy for spreading Jesus to many people.

This morning the Holy Spirit was speaking to me of the church. He talked about churches who never help anyone. They have their sermons and their Sunday School lessons but they never lift their eyes to what is around and help those who are around. He said, "When do they say to their congregation: these are the calls we got for help this week. Who can help? This is what we saw on the news this week, who can take them food and help them. Who can give money? Who can baby-sit the children of the one who is hurt? Who can give them a picture of Jesus?" The church has many sermons to themselves and they listen and then they leave the church. The Holy Spirit went on to say that this is like a body that just lays there. It never moves. It takes food in but it does not act.

Then, the Holy Spirit showed me your church. It is up on its feet now and it is moving and it is starting to act. It is moving to help the children for Jesus' sake. There is a school coming and they are doing it, by Jesus' leading, with Jesus' help, and with our help and with your help. THIS is a Body of Jesus. This is a Body of Christ, just as He wants. A Body that moves, that acts, that goes where He wants us to go. And we do it together. And the God we serve does miracles! He heals, He helps, He listens, He cares, He responds! Yes, what joy to serve this loving God. And how deep is His love for us. He sees our wounds, He tenderly heals us. He sees our past, our pain, He soothes with love.

THANK YOU, JESUS! From service to Jesus, service with Jesus, comes joy. There is excitement, there is joy, there is satisfaction, to partake in what the Father does, because everything He does is from love and everything He does helps. The deepest answer to our spirit is to know Him. We hear His voice, we feel His Spirit, we love His Son. And then, we serve Him. This is a happy life, no matter the problems that arise. No matter the troubles facing, this life is happy because this person is united with God, our Creator.

So, God bless you, Jean. God bless your church. Now they are on their feet, they are awake, and Jesus is among them. Yes, they still have problems, but Jesus will help them. Yes, they are poor, but Jesus has plans for their future. (Learning English is one thing that will lead to help in the future.) The children are poor too, but together let's teach them, and we will see what Jesus will do for them as they grow. Not only will they be learning to read and write and the countries of the world, but they will be learning to care, to help one another, to trust in Jesus, who is near to them and loves them so.
Love in Jesus,
end of email
I had a dream this last week and in the dream I was inside a large house (like a manor house in England or a mansion in America) and there was a table there and people were sitting at the table and their hands were busy and they were all working together. After I woke up, the Holy Spirit said that the house was OJP. The table is the Father's Table and the people inside were those of us who have gathered in Jesus' name to do His will and our hands are busy as we do whatever it is that He leads us to do. Together we are always praying for people. We go out to pray for people whenever we have the opportunity. We have a connection through text messaging to pass on messages to pray for people and we all join together to pray for many things. (If you would like to receive text messages whenever we are praying for something or sharing something that the Father has said, please contact us with your mobile phone number. If you join us in praying for people, we want a response when we send out a text. If you receive the message, we want you to send back what you are saying to Jesus so we can join each other in support of what is said to Him. Texts are sent out and responses monitored and passed on by Silvana Lupetti.) We string the pictures of Jesus, we give out the pictures of Jesus. Our hands are busy for Him. This is what makes the house large and like a mansion. It is the Father's place (OJP) and there is room for many.
In the last few weeks, the Father said to me that no one can be happy if they live only for self. Man was not created to live for self. We were created to be like Him, and like the angels. We were created to love one another, and to love Him and to join Him in what He does, helping one another (one another being the whole world, as Jesus leads, because the whole world are our brothers and sisters) and helping Him. Living for self is a very tiny place to be. The only thing you can see is that which involves yourself or affects yourself. How narrow and unhappy and unfulfilling is this tiny place! It seems big to those within it. It seems tremendously important, that which is happening to you, and around you, but there is no lasting joy, no lasting happiness, no lasting contentment because self is like the grave, always demanding more, while nothing lasts. But true joy is found in a relationship with God, who created you and who has good work for you to join Him in carrying out. Read the supertract and see where life begins and how Jesus comes into the picture, and then go from there and you will be beginning a life of contentment and joy and help and eternal rewards and fellowship with God, as you have only dreamed of and longed for from your spirit.