Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dream: "We are at war"

9-23-06 I dreamt last night that I was traveling around to different places. I went to a building where there were many people. People were standing around in groups, or seated at tables, talking among themselves. The women were in dresses. I moved around among them and to every group I would say the same thing, in reply to whatever they were talking about, I would say, "But we are at war". I spoke in a loud voice so my voice carried to all the groups. People continued to talk quietly in groups and no one responded directly to my comments. I saw President GW Bush come in and he went and talked to a group of people at one of the small groups of tables. He heard me and he looked up and smiled at me and nodded his head at me, as I continued to talk to people, proclaiming again and again, "but we are at war and while at war we must...." I don't remember what I said we must do, but whatever the topic, I would remind again that we were at war. I was barely within the realm of polite behavior. I could tell that sooner or later that if I kept raising my voice, that someone would probably come and ask me to quiet down, or to leave. Heads were starting to turn to look at me.

I went down the street and I came to another building, Many people were inside. I was walking with a young child in front of me, and behind me were two men, who I knew to be thieves. In the dream, my office, my place of business was inside the building. There were two doors and most of the people were inside, near the front door. The child in front of me opened the second door, which I had expected to be locked. I stepped inside quickly to try and shut the door and an alarm went off, so everyone looked up at me. Most were sitting at tables or on couches. Before I could call out or shut the door, the two men followed me into the business. They came in and went to the central part of the building, where there was a small open kitchen. They started to tinker with things in the kitchen. The whole business was like one huge room with the kitchen in the middle. I said loudly, "these men are thieves" but no one reacted. One of the two men didn't like me to say that, so he came towards me in a threatening manner. One or two of the men in the room moved closer to me to see what was happening but they made no move yet to stop it. I said again, in the same loud voice that I had been using throughout the whole dream, "These men are thieves".

The second time I said this, the threatening thief grabbed a hose connected to the sink and sprayed me with water. There wasn't much force, but I fell backwards. In fact, I tripped and fell down. The man who sprayed me roared at me, but I got up, and was turning around to face him, wondering if the people in the room were going to respond to the danger that they were in. Then I woke up.

This is what I see by the Holy Spirit about the dream: The people in the first set of buildings are like the church, or people in general. They were living their lives as though everything was the same as always, while I was trying to warn them of the fact that we are at war. President George W. Bush was doing the same: going around speaking of the war and the seriousness of the times. In the church, there was not much response. People looked at me, and they heard me, but although there was some temptation to act, mainly they felt that I was breaking social barriers by my "rudeness" in speaking louder than normal. (I was not shouting, I was just speaking loud.)

In the second portion of the dream, the child opened a door that should have been locked and the thieves were able to get in because of it. This dream reflects the warning that the Holy Spirit is giving us: be careful. It is exactly how the enemy would work: moving through a child, who knows no better. Accidents will happen that will come through innocent situations. Be alert, be careful, in all situations. The people in the second portion of the dream were at my place of business. The business is the Father's business. The people inside could be considered to be "the remnant". They have business to do, unlike the first people who only talked. So the people with business, have some idea of working, of doing the will of the Father. The "thieves" were demons, there to steal. The one demon who was threatening me did not harm me but he tried to intimidate me and when that did not work, he sprayed me with a hose.

Now, the truth about me in real life is that I am sort of a spoilsport when it comes to water games. We have an aboveground pool and we have all sorts of water battles and water games for relaxation in the summer. We also like to have water balloon fights, but everyone here knows that I am no fun. The one you want to water fight with is Silvana and also Therese and Doug and Anthony. They all give and take, while I have to be forced into a water game. The reason that I don't enjoy it so much is because I used to have a very high internal temperature and water thrown on me would almost sizzle on my skin, and I never cared much for it. If you threw water on me, I screamed. (Which was kind of fun for them, but mostly they were all pretty nice to me about it, and they just tend to just leave me out of the water games.)

The Holy Spirit showed me that this is relevant to the dream. The demon first moved threatening on me. Second, he sprayed water on me, and then he tried to frighten me by roaring at me. The water did not really hurt me. I moved backwards in surprise and probably backed off a little because it was water spraying on me, but I was not hurt. However, the demon used what is particular to me, to threaten me and to act against me. We who are about the Father's business can look to Him for our safety, but the enemy will come against us personally, with knowledge of what affects us and what does not. Do you worry about your daughter? Then, be sure that your feelings and emotions will be pressed in that area. Do you fear for your health? All sorts of fears will arise over it. I wish I had not awakened until I saw that the men and women in the room were going to stand up and defend me and themselves and throw the demons out, but that did not happen. Would it? Do you who are trying to do the will of the Father see by the Holy Spirit what is happening around you? Do you know it is war? Are you careful? Do you see when the enemy truly moves against you, or are you guessing? Are you about the Father's business? To whom have you given pictures of Jesus, or shown THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST this week? What news story did you follow and take it to the Father?

After I woke up, I was waiting on Jesus about the dream, and I saw the demon who was in the dream. Angels surrounded him, like they did to the other demons who were kidnapped recently by angels. I questioned the demon, "What were you there to steal? Joy? Peace?" The demon kept averting his head to avoid my questions, but I persisted. Finally, he said, "Things. We were there to take things: whatever we could". THINGS. He means things we have: our provision, but he is a liar. Really, I think the questions I asked came from the Holy Spirit and that they were there to steal our joy, our hope, everything that we receive from Jesus, which is far greater than our provision in the natural realm. What we have in the natural realm is to be used by Jesus, but we have learned to be content in all situations, as Paul did, and we look to the Father for what we need to give out pictures of Jesus. But when we are opposed in our hope, our joy, we are truly affected, and it will push us back from our service to Jesus faster than anything.

After I saw what I did about the dream, the Holy Spirit showed something else to me. He said to tell everyone to read the blogs in the morning, to go to the OJP web site and read the news stories that we post every day or two. Go to the links on our Home Page sidebar and read there whenever you can. This will bring you to where the Father is, to what He is saying, to what He is caring about, and it will invigorate you and give you energy during the day, because as you do this, you will start your day with something to stand for: your attention and your heart will be centered on what the Father is doing and that will give you purpose, which will push the enemy back and help you to serve the Father well.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Speaking of the war on the lowest level

Speaking of the war on the lowest level

August 2002
Char Tierney speaking in Yahoo

the fact that we (so many of the remnant) have weakened bodies is part of the war
the war on the bottom level - the war at home, within ourselves
the war within our spirits, our body,
the Father will win this war
we will end up with glorified bodies, we know
and there will be no death in them,
so His victory will be complete
not only will Jesus have raised Himself from the dead
but He will have returned to man
- to us - His remnant
the body He had given Adam
the curse lifted, death swallowed up in victory
and that battle
will be won by the Father
so we keep looking to Him
and trusting Him
in our weakness
loving Him
not caring whether we go or stay
wanting to be with Him, but longing to do His will on earth
knowing He and Satan have years of history that had nothing to do with us
and the Father will justify all His actions
for He is always right
and always loving
so the war will be won
with love
and we are glad to be vessels for that war


I had a dream a few weeks ago: I dreamt that Therese and I were walking through the woods. I had a club (a baseball bat) in my right hand. We were on a path in the woods and she was slightly behind me. I told her to hand me another club for my left hand and she did, so I immediately began beating with the clubs a creature on the path in front of me. When I did, the creature turned into a reporter. Suddenly, we were seated at a table and I was still beating him. The reported repented so I quit hitting him, because that is why I was beating him. He turned to speak to the public. I thought he would be sorry for himself and blaming me for what I had done to him with the clubs but he took full responsibility for what had been done to him. He said that he deserved it and he began to powerfully expound the truth to the people: support the war, turn from evil, etc.

Jordan had a dream just a day or two before my dream: he dreamt that he was on a roller coaster with his family that went all over the world. The roller coaster was going 800 miles per hour. Suddenly, they sped up and began going 1500 miles per hour. He said the pressure of the increased speed pushed him back in his chair in the roller coaster. After they started going 1500 mph, they were going up a second hill (a big ramp) and they were almost to the crest of the hill and he knew that there was a third hill ahead.

In my dream, the Holy Spirit is showing that some of the media are going to be supportive of the war, rather than what has been in the past, with constant opposition to it, and opposition to President Bush, with little real support. Let me give an example: now that Israel is in such danger, some people are supportive of the war on terror who never spoke up before. But, they face a formidable stronghold now, because they never spoke up in the past. Because they were silent, keeping to themselves in the face of constant assault on President Bush, and the war on terror, a huge world-wide stronghold has been able to be put in place by Satan. So, those who were silent, deserve the blows they received in the dream. The media in particular deserves blows. We all deserve it, though, don't we? At the end of the film, Shindler's List, Herr Shindler weeps when he sees the ring he wears: I could have gotten one more Jewish person free, he laments. Each of us can lament for what more we could do for Jesus. The dream is good news. May many speak up loud and clear through their news articles, their news stories: the war can be won! The war must be supported! President Bush is supporting America and fighting terrorism!

Jordan's dream shows the times: 8 is the number of man with God and the hundreds place showed the level we had reached. (Satan's number is 600 - remember the 600, 60, and 6 in the Scriptures. That is Satan, Lucifer and man united together.) So, we had reached a fight with Satan, on his level. Now, in the dream, the 800 leaps up to 1500, which is the remnant - 5, (5,5,5 or 15) at the thousands level. The thousands level can only be entered with God. It is too high for man on his own, it is high for the enemy's realm. The second hill being crested, leads to the third hill, which is the third phase, as we have been mentioning. We are leaving the second phase, we are at the very crest of the second, ready to race down and begin the third.

I am trusting that you will ask the Father about the dreams, just as you must ask Him about everything you read here so you can understand what is being shown by the Spirit of God, who is leading us in this war against evil, as the return of Jesus draws nearer with every second.

From my notes

9-19-06: I was thinking of Pakistan and the persecution that is coming there. I was concerned for them and I was praying for them. The Father spoke and He said, "The Church in Pakistan will be the Church Triumphant". I saw that persecutions will come, but victory is sure for those who endure and trust Jesus to the end. What a beautiful phrase the Father used to describe them: Church Triumphant! Satan cannot overcome if we will trust in Jesus. He may persecute us, he may kill us, but he cannot overcome us.

9-21-06: I was thinking of playing poker, because I wanted to win some money for Jesus. (I played in a little tournament online and won $30.) Then, I saw a quick vision of myself in a casino. I was wearing an Operation Jesus Pictures hat and sitting at a table with other poker players. Jesus had come with me, but when I looked up, He was not by me, but walking around in the midst of the people. I expected Him to be by me, because I was there (in the vision) to try and win some money for Operation Jesus Pictures. But then I saw, Jesus knew that I am okay. It was the people that He was glad to reach. He walked among them with love, touching them, wanting to reach out to them and help them. I don't think the vision was showing something real that is coming true in reality, but that it was to show Jesus and how He is. He would be so glad to get with people whom He doesn't normally get to be near. In the vision, it was as though many of the people felt guilty because they were in a casino, or because they played poker. They felt like this because some church members think that all gambling is wrong. I said (still in the vision), "The Father minds murder. He minds adultery. He minds taking advantage of the poor, taking advantage of people. Poker is not one of his peeves, not something that matters or is wrong." Of course if someone harms their family by excessive gambling, or gambling with the funds that the family needs, then that is wrong. But playing games together, for money or not for money, is not wrong.

When we give out the pictures of Jesus, we always encourage people to tell others as they give the pictures, "Talk to Jesus. He will talk to you". Sometimes if you have come from the church, you have ideas in your head about who He will talk to and who He will not talk to. The Holy Spirit reminds that the Father talked to Cain both before and after he murdered his brother, Abel. The Father WILL talk to anyone who comes to Him, who speaks to Him, if they believe that He will, and they wait for Him to answer. This is important. The Holy Spirit does not want us to limit Him by what we think. We are not Him. Just as Jesus was walking around in the casino, when I expected Him to be by my side, just the same, the Holy Spirit will be about the business of bringing people to know Jesus, and we should not interfere by our religious judgments, but we should turn all people to Jesus without judgment.

9-22-06 Today I saw the Father bare His arm and flex His muscles. He has a very large and powerful arm. He held His arm in that position, with muscles flexed.

Serious warning: death

From an email post that we sent on July 7, 2005: The Father is warning us and showing us how things look from His perspective. On June 29, 2005, Char Tierney saw a vision from the Father. She saw the Father sitting on a bench on the edge of the heavenlies. He said to her, "Come up here". Suddenly she saw herself standing by the bench and she sat down. As she looked out from the bench over the earth, she could see down below in the distance, the enemy's camp up over the earth. Then, on the earth, she saw a plain. The Father commented, "I have a higher vantage point than the enemy". On the plain, she saw a being that looked like a shark. It had its mouth open, and jagged teeth were showing. Before it was a fish, which it was pursuing. Today, the Father reminded Char of that vision, and He said that the fish represents people: the people that we are striving to reach as we become fishers of men for Jesus' sake. The shark was Satan, who is striving with all his might to kill mankind, whether they are in England, or America, or Jordan, or Iraq, or in your neighborhood. It is war on every level: global, national, state-wide and right to our very doors, seeking to destroy our neighbors, seeking to kill our children. It is war over humanity. Silvana was asking the Father to bring justice to the murderers of the Egyptian Ambassador that was kidnapped and then killed today in Iraq, she saw the vision that I saw: she saw a fish with a shark behind with open mouth, then she saw a larger shark with its mouth open, right behind the first shark. The larger shark is the Father.

The other day, Sept 20, 2006, Jesus said to me, "Warn them to be careful. This stage of the enemy's campaign will bring death". We see death all over the world, of course, but Jesus was speaking of us. Many of you have had car accidents in your family (so many that it is just astounding) or other mishaps. Jesus has protected, Jesus has helped. Jesus is warning that now is the time to be very serious about the enemy's plans. It involves you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, and every person on earth. It is death, it is suicide, it is pain and horror and suffering that he has in mind. If you are careful and look to Jesus, you will be safe. Don't ignore warnings. Use wisdom as you are out in the world.

Of course we don't care about death itself, knowing how much better it would be personally to be in the heavenlies, to be with the Cloud of Witnesses who are watching the war on earth. Our friends are there: David, Adam, Job, Abraham, Paul, Samson, Ruth, Esther, and so many others, besides Jesus our beloved. But pain will come to our families, and we don't want to lose our effectiveness in reaching our neighbors, our townsmen and women, and people around the world for Jesus' sake. So, take the warning. Yesterday I was sternly telling Anthony this warning and telling him to be careful as he drives, and then I walked home. While I was walking, Jesus came up to me and smiled and said, "I have plans for Anthony that are good. He just needs to be warned, not scared to death." I went back to Therese's house and told Anthony what Jesus said, and Anthony said, "I am glad you told me. I was thinking, maybe I better not drive at all." I don't mean to frighten, but I do want to give the warning with all earnestness because it is true.

A dear friend of ours, of Operation Jesus Pictures, broke her nose in an accident in her house, and Jesus showed me: this is how it is with us: we are nose to nose with the enemy, just as Silvana foretold last year that it would be. (I am working to get the old mailing posts up on our new site so you can see what has been said. There are many powerful posts, and we can see how they are coming true, or have come true by events in the world.)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Escalating violence

I dreamt that I was back in the house I lived in as a child. There were people there and we were going to watch a show on a small TV about Russia. I mention this dream because of what the Holy Spirit showed about using the TV to show us truths from Him, to show us what is happening in the world. What is happening within Russia?

I saw something in the Spirit today. I saw angels facing the enemy's camp. I saw a demon come out of the camp. The angels spoke to him so he came closer, then they kidnapped him. They pulled him away from the camp and they were circling him and speaking to him. He said a few things but the angels were more persuasive, since they spoke the truth and he just said what he believed, which is wrong and faulty in its logic, and then they took him away and locked him up. Then, the same crowd of angels went back to face the enemy's camp again. I heard them calling out to Satan's camp, telling them that they had kidnapped the demon. The angels said that there was no loyalty, that no one would defend him. One demon cried out, "I will. You claim that there is nothing good within us (fallen angels) but I will fight for him." Then this demon jumped out of the camp and crouched down, in a defensive position, facing the angels who were by him in a half circle. There was a very brief pause, and then the angels jumped on him and surrounded him and I heard the same arguing as with the first, a give and take in what was said, but again, the angels were persuasive, while the demon was not. Then they took him away, and I saw the Father standing in the background. The kidnapping came from Him. This is real war with real troops. It is fallen angels fighting angels who never fell, with the Father facing off with Satan. Satan is in a murderous mode, while the Father intends to rescue.

Today the Holy Spirit said that we should give some money to Pastor Jean each month so he can help us with the pictures of Jesus is Rwanda. The first thing we want to do is get him a motor scooter so he can get around. There are two available for sale: one is $500 US dollars and the other is $625. The one that is more is a better model, with parts that are easier to get, so we want to buy it. Then we would need to keep Pastor Jean supplied with gas money, which he estimates at just under $80 per month, pictures of Jesus, and some food and misc money. Rusty has already promised to provide his rent, which is $25 per month. Pray for Jean, and if you would like to join in this monthly support, we welcome you. Pictures of Jesus being taken around Rwanda! How wonderful. Jean could eventually take them to all the sixteen cities that the Father showed in His plan for Rwanda. (Which we will be re-posting on the website soon.) I see the Father walking around in Rwanda and I know that He will bring good, and His Son Jesus, wherever He goes.

Silvana and I were talking. We were in the Spirit. I saw the Father as we spoke. He was in a chariot that was moving at a fast speed. The Father switched the reins to one hand. Then, continuing at the same speed, He held out His hand and there was a scroll in it. He either held the scroll out towards us or set it on the seat behind Him in the chariot.

Oh, I see what the Father means. The scroll is something that was written in the past. It is what the Pope quoted in his speech, that is being protested across the world by Muslims. Seven churches in the Palestinian churches have been burned. A nun in Somalia is dead, shot in the back while she was praying because of the speech. There have been riots in many nations because of the Pope's comments. The speeding chariot is to show how fast events on earth are moving. The scroll, the speech, is what is causing the speed of escalating violence. Muslims are now being told by Satan that they must convert the world. I wonder what the kidnapping of the demons has to do with the events on earth? I know the Father always has good reasons for what He does. The war is real and it is fought in the natural realm and in the spiritual realm.

Kenneth Ezra's dreams of the Jews

Hello Char, Good Morning. Hope you are Ok. I had 2 dreams last night.
9-8-06 The First dream: I was in either Russia or Germany, or dictatorial regime in Uganda of Idi Amin Dada (the late), it puzzles me up to now were exactly it was, most probably it was Russia because of the historical monuments I was seeing around me-such as the soviet socialist symbols, there was kind of a great general assembly of top politicians but the one speaking as their leader was black who looked to be like Amin, Martin Luther or Denzel Washington (Hollywood actor) or Hitler(but when he is black).

The speaker of the congregation (mostly black people) was standing on a top pulpit from the rest of the audience. I then heard him announce that there was going to be a take over/ some kind of coup, that the leadership in power was through with the JEWS, that enough was enough with the JEWS, the take over was then announced and it was said that all JEWS in top political positions were demoted from Power, that it was time up for them; within the congregation I saw blacks standing up (these were supposedly the demoted JEWS) and approaching the pulpit, however when about three of them approached the main speaker to shake his hands as a sign of fare well, he was so fierce/angry with them, he slapped one on the cheek so hard and he pressed the others hand so hard he caused him terrible pain. The JEWS were to be gathered and taken to what seemed like concentration camps where they would be killed. I then saw many of them being lined up (these were Black People but in my dream I knew them as JEWS) mostly were elderly women.

Cars (vans/wagons) came in carrying trays of eggs, the eggs were then of loaded from them to create space for packing the awaiting people, I then saw an Iraqi man putting on a white shirt with blue stripes, he wasn’t saying any thing but he was moving up and down. I then saw a very angry black man packing up the elderly black women in the cars after the eggs had been off loaded, the elderly women were crying but the fierce man didn’t care as he piled them into the vans/wagons, fixing them hard like they couldn’t fit, it was a horrible site to see people being packed like logs in levels, one level of people after another with sack cloth separating each level of people that were packed, leaving no room for them to breath. It was so terrible.

The Second Dream: I was in a Bus with about three Friends, we didn’t know were we were going, after some while the bus stopped, we saw a mammoth/massive troop of aggressive people coming our direction(they were running down a hill to our bus) when they reached the bus they told us to move out and give them room, we moved out, as we moved out they were forcefully entering, it was a struggle, only the strong could survive not being crushed by this fierce/angry mob as they made their way into the bus, I was forcefully struggling to make my way through this mob but it wasn’t easy, suddenly I felt the need to know were my friends were but I couldn’t see them in all this confusion, I then heard the Voice……….”The Wheat will be Separated from the Whey……..” After I managed to free my self from the mammoth fierce crowd, I ran and I found my self in the valley, just next to where the hill started from, before I could climb the hill, I stopped to look back in search of my friends and I saw them just close behind me and we were all Happy.
I have to go now, hope you can help to interpret the dreams if at all its possible-Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU. Yours In Christ, Kenneth Ezra.

Thank you for sending the dreams, Kenneth Ezra. I always appreciate seeing what the Holy Spirit is showing us through the dreams that He gives. I see from the first dream a picture of persecution of Jews that comes from people in the world. It is as though the UN opposed Israel and came against the Jews by their actions. The fact that you could not tell who exactly it was in the dream, finally settling on Russia, is because it is different leaders, different sources in the world, but there is only one opposing really, and that is Satan. Communist and socialist and liberal forces are his forces, as are Muslim forces. He is behind the persecution and opposition.

The eggs have a significance having to do with our DNA, or changes to our bodies. We will see how that plays out in the days ahead. If I see in more detail what it signifies I will comment here. The cars/vans/ etc that the eggs were in, and which were used to transport the Jews signifies the vehicles (means) that Satan uses. At least the eggs were removed from the one car before the Jews were loaded in. May they be safe from that terrible deception to mankind coming from the liar!

In the second dream, the bus represents the vehicle used by Al Queda and Muslim forces. I have seen this bus before. One time Satan came to me on a bus filled with Muslims where I sat quietly in the back. He came and looked into my face to see if I understood what I saw seeing, what I was dreaming. At the time, I did not. Although there was a big crowd, they do not have the power that the first group has, but they will work together in a sense, because the first will weaken Israel, while the second directly attacks. The Valley you dreamt of is the Valley of Armageddon, because the Muslims will take us to the gathering there. Y0u come out of the dream happy with your friends, because we will all be happy after Jesus our Savior returns, as He will when the events in the dream are fulfilled.