Tuesday, February 15, 2005

American flag with trip planner in preparation for going out in the RV

The Father told us to go to the Very Large Array and to other sites in New Mexico. One time the Father told His prophet in the United States, Silvana Lupetti, that the Very Large Array would be among the first to track the return of Jesus as He came towards the earth. The Very Large Array is a series of radio towers that monitor things in space. Pray for us as we finalize preparations for this trip, and others, in the RV. The shape of the trip planned looks like a waving flag. Posted by Hello

Rock for Iran in wine and water and oil: Feb 5, 2005

The Father said to soak the rock for Iran in water, and wine, and oil before we set it out at 6 pm on February 5, 2005. On February 10th, the Father breathed into the Iranian people. May freedom come to them soon, in Jesus' name! Posted by Hello

Rock for Iran before Jesus with liberty bell

Rock for Iran before Jesus, with Liberty Bell on top, put out at 6 pm on February 5, 2005. God bless the Iranian people. Posted by Hello

Monday, February 14, 2005

From February 13, 14, 2005

The Father has been speaking of China. He showed the strongman once again, and then showed the people and why they are as they are, under his influence. We put a rock out before Jesus (to the right of the Iran rock and the rock that Jesus stands on) for the people of China. We are praying for them. We see the Chinese leadership and how much needs to be done to oppose them, to bring their people to freedom. There is a card that the Father holds in His hands, which He can use if He chooses, and that card is drought. Just as He brought physical problems to Egypt for the sake of Israel, He can bring physical problems to nations for the sake of freedom. He will know the wise and good thing to do, for He is leading this march towards freedom.
The Father spoke also today of suicide. There is a suicide in America every 17 minutes. That is twice the rate of homicide. The Father cares deeply for the despairing. He sees their pain and grieves for them, and wants to bring Jesus to them; to bring hope to them. The Father says to us, "Go forward". He wants us to prepare the RV and to go out, and He will lead us to the suicidal and despairing.
Char saw a building in the spirit, and it represented CNN. It shook, and then it shook so greatly that it looked as though it might implode and collapse. The Father is not going to allow this scandal about Eason Jordan to pass. What was CNN doing by having such an anti-American liberal in charge of their news department? The media must come to the truth, or be shown to be liars and underminers. What is happening with this is the same as is happening in Fallujah, in Iraq, and all over the world: the Father is separating the tares from the wheat before our eyes.
Pray for people every day. As the Father moves, the enemy moves with anger and frustration. He is lethal. Pray for one another, daily. It is important.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

From February 11, 12, 2005

We received an email from Brother Joseph in Togo, who described what has happened since the dictator there died and his son was put into his place: (From February 9, 2005) Hello sister Char, Warmest greetings to you and to your family in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. we hope and pray that all is well with you. Please, we need your prayers, our president who have ruled us with iron hands for about 38 yeard passed away last weekend, and the rest of the people in his dictatorship government bypass the law and appointed the late president son as the new president, and later amend the constitution to suite that illegal act. The principal muslims opposition party have condemned this act, and there have been unrest especially in where we lived since it is the stronghold of the opposition. We got the information of the unrest on that saturday, thus we and our families were able to sneak out of the border into Ghana, before they ordered the borders closed because of the violence. We are here in Ghana with a known family, we couldn't escaped with any belonging from Togo in that emergency exit, please, pray that the Lord will provide for us while here in Ghana. I hope you can imagine, how our situation may looks like at this moment here in Ghana. By faith, we shall live, and we pray that the Lord will restore peace in our country so that we might be back home soon. Please, we are in dire need of your help, whatever help you can afford to send to us by the way of Western Union money transfer will help greatly in our survival for the next few days here in Ghana.
(From February 11, 2005) Greetings. We are staying in a village accross the Ghana/Togo border called Agbosume. We took motorbike (normally used in Togo like Taxi) to the border, then we crosss over to Ghana, from there we walked down to the village we are staying. In Togo, our ethnic group and where our house is located is a stronghold opposition of the former and present regime, fights usually burst out and start from our village. Many people being muslim, they have the heart to fight till their death whether they succeed or not, so on the death on the president and the illegal appointment of his son, the people are planning war against the government, and there ahd been serious crisis, though all that happened are not mentioned in the news. We had to fled to Ghana because we found it risky and dangerous to stay at home at this time.

After Wednesday meeting of several Africa presidents and diplomats, a delegation consisting of 5 regional president was to meet with Togolese Authorities today, to urge the new llegally elected president to step down, and the electorate to organize election in shortest possible time. Nigerian president who is also the chairman of OAU was among the delegation, but we heard that Togo government have refused Nigerian plane carrying the president's team sent to help to solve the crisis from landing in Lome. This means that our government is frustrating the efforts of ECOWAS to resolve the conflict which may likely result in civil war. And we are informed that there had been great riot this morning in Togo, and very high at our area which is the main opposition stronghold. I have just found a news link about the present conflict in Togo, you can click on the following;

As things are going on now, we only depend on God to intervene for us, and bring peace into our land. Please, let me know if you are able to send anything by Western Union. Please, pray that there will be no fall out from us leaving our homes during this time. Also pray that when we go back to Togo, we will be able to find our homes as we left them and that angels will surround our belongings and we will find our homes just as we left them.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Your brother,Joseph

Please pray with us for Brother Joseph and the Believers with him. Jesus told me that He got them to safety, so we are so grateful for His protection. Felicia and I prayed for them and for all the people of Togo. In this day and hour, as the Spirit of Freedom moves across the world, may the Father also bring freedom to Togo. As we prayed, Felicia saw in the Spirit, the hearts of the people of Togo. They desire freedom. Join us in asking the Father to help them to acheive their heart's desire.

Joseph and his brothers and sisters in Jesus are now refugees in Ghana. If you can help them in any way financially, please contact us for information on how to send money to them by Western Union. Father, please provide for their needs and be close to them by Your Spirit.

Jordan Cooper has been learning at an astonishing rate. Since the time he was born, Silvana Lupetti has been saying that he has a capacity for learning and knowledge in his spirit. Last year he was in first grade, this year he is doing fifth grade work. He reads well and he understands what he is reading. As a teacher, it is a joy to work with him. Jordan loves Jesus and is eager to help Him, by giving out pictures, by praying for people, by helping his family. The Holy Spirit told me that He is teaching us (the remnant - pouring oil into our lamps) and that we will jump in understanding just as Jordan has. As we continue to listen to Him, and learn what He shows us, we will be more and more able to stand with Him in the war, and to know His heart and His will. The wonderful benefit also that comes from obedience to Him and love for Him is that we will get to know our wonderful Bridegroom better and better, and be ready to join Him when He returns for us. Even so, Jesus, we look forward to the day of Your return!

The Father is moving into the Universities. Ward Churchill, the professor who claimed that the people who died on 9/11 are "little Eichmanns" has opened a door through which the Father is moving to bring our colleges, and the wicked anti-Americanism that is rampant there, into the open. The Father is acting as a judge: before the court of the world, He is acting as a judge. Colleges and universities and schools will be held up to be examined as to what they are teaching our children. Join the Father, and pray for the exposure of the liberalism, for the exposure of the hatred against the good that abounds there. The Father said to Silvana this word: audit. He wants an audit of the universities.

Felicic and I prayed for the nation's meth problems. This drug is causing harm among many Americans and we ask Him to help us to solve this terrible problem.

A woman came out of a coma after 20 years. The Father is forging men's minds. Jordan Cooper and I (Char) prayed for Terry Schiavo (in a coma in Florida) a few months ago. Now, the Father is bringing to light this debate over a person who is in a coma. There is always hope! Not long ago, a man was in a coma and was expected the die that day or the next. His former boss heard of it and said, "go tell him to come back to work". So, co-workers went to the hospital and one of them leaned over the hospital bed and whispered in his ear: "The boss says to get back to work". A few hours later the man came out of the coma and said, "I need to get back to work!" America, come back to your senses, before God, and value those whom He has created.

"I am forging men's minds" and the tares and the wheat

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