Thursday, March 16, 2006

Miss Deaf Texas dies - Miss Deaf Texas is killed as she walked by the railroad tracks, when hit by the cowcatcher on a train. The Father said that this is a sign of what He was saying earlier: deafness leads to death. He told me that He did not cause this accident to make a point, but that He knew ahead of time that it was going to happen, and He is using it to illustrate His very real point that being deaf leads to death. We need Him. We MUST be able to hear Him, for the times are perilous now, and they are going to get worse.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Cloud of Witnesses

On 3-11-06, Silvana Lupetti said, "Something is happening in the heavens: the Cloud of Witnesses is filling the heavens. The Cloud of Witnesses stand at the edge of heaven to look towards the earth. More are walking towards them. All those who have gone before are walking towards the Cloud of Witnesses, who watch, in order to join them. Heaven is vast, the crowd walking is vast. They are all singing. The Cloud of Witnesses that has always been there watching the earth, are now standing. They are one mind with the Father. There is no debate in heaven. All agree that Jesus is Lord. All agree that the Father is right. They are all singing the same song together. There is great movement as many join the Cloud of Witnesses to look towards the earth."

Monday, March 13, 2006

Returning with Jesus and the Holy Spirit uses movies

Yesterday, Silvana Lupetti was in the Spirit and by Him she said that when we return with Jesus, that it will be to rescue. She used an example from the movie, THE RETURN OF THE KING (the third and final movie in The Lord of the Rings series). At the end of that movie, Frodo and Sam are marooned in Mordor (the enemy's territory) and some eagles come swooping in and rescue them. If they had not been rescued they would have died, by the destruction of Mordor. She said that is what it will be like when we return with Jesus. Mankind will be in dire straits, and Jesus, with our participation, will rescue them. That time is approaching.

When she was saying this, I remembered the example that the Holy Spirit gave in the past about the those three movies: the first one: THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RINGS, represents the Coalition of the Willing: those who united together against terror, whether nations or individuals. There were nine in the fellowship, and the number nine represents mankind with God, with fruit. That movie talks about the origins of the fellowship, and shows how the various players got involved with it. The second movie, THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS, represents the twin towers of the World Trade Center, which were struck by Satan as he engaged against the whole world (the Father said it is significant that they were the WORLD trade centers), striking at America first. That movie shows the fellowship being opposed and the hardships they faced, just as the Coalition of the Willing has been opposed, and especially President GW Bush. The third movie is THE LORD OF THE RINGS, THE RETURN OF THE KING, and the Holy Spirit said that it represents the return of Jesus. The first two have occurred, the war on evil is ongoing, and the third is coming.

The war on evil is not a game, nor religious beliefs that we hold. It is deadly serious and the Father is intent that those who are in His fellowship will look to Him, and hear His voice, because these are deadly times, soon to get more deadly. When we first started to call our internet ministry, "The Table of the Remnant", the Father said of it, "It is a fellowship in the Holy Spirit". (The name also came from Him. After He gave us the name, He said, "I will prepare a table for you in the midst of your enemies", and that has certainly come true. On the table is teaching and understanding from Him - through a prophet and an apostle - as to what is happening now in the spiritual realm, and the earth, and what the Father is saying about it. Above all we say, "You must ask Him yourself".) The name from the Father was given before the movies, and it perfectly describes what we have: fellowship with the Holy Spirit and with those who are also seeking Him, finding Him, and doing His will. The fellowship is like the church: it is not based on buildings, nor denomination, but only on people who love Jesus, no matter where they live in the world. It is not a physical gathering, though we can gather physically, and there are some who live here in New Mexico with us, but it is in the Spirit world-wide.

If you haven't already done so: watch the movies. You can rent them anywhere. Get the three and watch them and look to the Holy Spirit who will speak to you of the significance in them. Orcs represent demons, etc. They will help your spirit as you stand in warfare.

The Father was speaking of movies yesterday. There are three recent writers that He has used to bring across the fight between good and evil, and they have each had their books made into movies. These three writers in particular have been used to reach children, but their writings are profitable for all of us. The Father said that they are like scribes for Him. He moved with the Holy Spirit and gave the ideas for their writings. One is JRR Tolkien with THE LORD OF THE RINGS series. Another is CS Lewis and his books about Narnia. Did you know that the Narnia movie is popular in Israel? They wouldn't watch THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, but they like the Narnia movie, and some are now reading the books. Of course the books really are about Jesus, who is represented by Aslan. Thank you, Father! The two men were friends. The Father said that they were like brothers: they both had the gift of imagining. The third writer is JK Rowling, who wrote the Harry Potter books, which are clear stories about standing against evil. People criticize the Harry Potter books, saying that they are getting darker, but the reason they are getting darker is because the world is getting darker and the fight with evil is getting more intense. In this day and hour, even children need to know to stand for good, no matter how you are opposed. JK Rowling conceived these stories while she was on a train. She did not have a pencil so she could not write down what she was seeing, but she said she saw the whole story before her, from beginning to end, and then she went home and started writing it. It was the Holy Spirit who came to her on the train and showed her the story. If she had had a pencil it would have slowed her down and not allowed Him to lay the whole thing out to her. She never dishonors Jesus. She even mentions Christmas, which is celebrated at the school, just as it is celebrated all over the world. It is only a world of imagination, which is designed to appeal to children, but the real story is the stand against evil.

Silvana was telling me yesterday what the Father was saying about these writers as scribes, and the Father showed me that the books (and movies) are like parables. He said that parables reach people's spirits. Your mind may not comprehend what He means, but your spirit does. Your spirit understands about standing against evil. Your spirit understands when Jesus says, "The kingdom of heaven is like this..." Your mind can catch up with what your spirit hears and knows.

Silvana was also saying that the enemy is influencing the world. He moves in many nations to turn people against the war on terror, against President Bush, against America, against the Jews, etc. The Father said that Satan wants to reach men's minds only, but the Father moves to influence also. The Father wants to reach our hearts and consciences and our spirits. To reach our hearts and minds and spirits, the Father has brought forth THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, 80 nations gathering at Turin, Italy, THE LORD OF THE RINGS, HARRY POTTER, NARNIA, and the news in the world. These are all signs and parables from Him. Any of the movies you haven't seen yet (I haven't seen the Narnia one) then go and see it, and see what the Father is saying and then talk to Him about it.

The next movies we will be addressing are the ones about Rwanda, and they are serious. Because of what happened there, the Father is filled with wrath. There is a response coming from Him, and He wants your participation in looking into what happened so you can join Him in caring about it, praying about it, and standing for good and for justice.