Friday, December 15, 2006

Year of transformation

I was just looking at some notes I made as we were talking about the dream of the bloodless heart, and I noticed that I had written, "the American church" when speaking of the church being without blood, but I forgot to put that in the interpretation from the Holy Spirit. The notes I made at the time will be accurate, because they are based on what the Holy Spirit was showing as we talked about the dream. What a shame! They think they are rich but they are poor. They need eye salve to take away their blindness so they can see how they dishonor their Savior by their insistence on focusing always on self. He came and died for us, not for Himself.
The Holy Spirit was talking today about following His leading, and not lagging behind because of our own flesh, or our own thoughts. He wants to lead us. He does not want to engage in babying us, as we focus only on self, but He wants to turn our steps towards His plans and His works. We should not be little children (except in our innocent love for one another) but we need to come to maturity so we can carry out His will effectively. We need to be quick to hear and quick to act, and to look to Him, day by day, hour by hour.
The Father's prophet, Silvana Lupetti, said at the beginning of 2006 that it would be "a year of transformation" and we can see how this was fulfilled, as there were many changes this year for OJP.
- We posted a new, transformed website for OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES online
- We had the writing JESUS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME translated into Arabic, Spanish, Swahili, Kinyarwandan, and French, to add to the English, Ewe, and Urdu translations, so this vital message from the Holy Spirit can be spread to many people in their own language.
- The Father talked about the Gathering of the Murdered in the heavenlies and pictures of Jesus were taken into Rwanda at Easter time.
- The Father gave a plan for giving pictures of Jesus in Rwanda called, The Four Corners of Rwanda
- Pictures of Jesus are being distributed by OJP in Rwanda, which is headed by Pastor Miruho Jean de Dieu and his wife Beathy
- Pictures of Jesus are being given in Ghana by OJP in Ghana, which is headed by Brother Joseph Robert and the Believer's Ministry
- We went from printing pictures of Jesus ourselves to having them done by a printer. We have finished three printings: one for 90,000 pictures, and two for 105,000 each.
The Father has called this year a "year of expansion" so we look forward to seeing His will being carried out in a greater manner. Thank you, Father. May Jesus be lifted up all over the earth!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Dream of bloodless heart and the bones of James

Dream of bloodless heart

I had a dream from the Holy Spirit. I was standing outside on a street, looking around the world. I saw people in a bus going by. I saw restaurants and stores and streets and buildings and people. A woman who is a believer in Jesus came and gave me an object, that was large and round and had three tube-like things coming off of it. The color of my of the object was something near to antique white. I saw the Father's prophet, Silvana, in the dream and she was angry about the object and I heard her speaking about it with passion.

I looked down a street and saw a second believer come out of a building which has many books inside. She had a few books in her hands as she came out. She stepped out to the stoop of the building, and then out to the street, and looked over towards me.

In the third part of the dream I was with people from OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES. Several of us were sitting around a table. There was another believer who was getting ready to go to a prom and I was going to drive her. She was wearing a dark pink taffeta dress. She was stood back in uncertainty, but when I called her, she stepped forward to come towards us.

End of dream.

When I woke up, the Holy Spirit spoke of the dream, mostly through His prophet, Silvana. She said that in the dream the object brought to me was a heart. It was antique white because it was bloodless. It was totally drained of blood and had been so for some time, so it was very dry. The Holy Spirit said that this represents the heart of the church. No wonder a prophet was angry in the dream! Where is their love for Jesus, and their love for the world? They are in their own world, not caring about what is happening all around them, as war in the spirit and war in the natural realm rages. The believer who brought me the heart in the dream is someone who came out of the church, and who is grieved about their condition. This dream is a serious warning. There is judgment coming to the church, for their barrenness, just as surely as judgment came to Israel at times in the past.

The second believer, who came out of the building, represents believers leaving what they think, coming out to look into the world by the Holy Spirit, instead of relying on what has been taught to them in the past. This believer carried books, which represent what she believes. What she believes may or may not be true. We all have things we think that are true and other things we think that are not true, but if we can be led by the Holy Spirit, it won't matter if we are wrong or right about something, because He knows the truth in all things, and He will always lead us with perfect wisdom. She came out of the building, out of theories and doctrines, to see what is happening in the world, which is exactly what the Holy Spirit wants us to do.

The third believer who was going to a prom, represents the believers ready to go to the Wedding Feast. Her dark pink dress represents the good health she is in, because of Jesus' healing in her life. At one time she withdrew into her own problems, but she has learned to draw near to the Holy Spirit for what is on His mind, on His table, rather than staying with the narrow outlook found when one only thinks of self and what is happening to you and around you.

The bones of James

There was a news story in the last few months about the discovery of an ossuary containing the remains of James, the Brother of Jesus. I was thinking about these bones the other day, which I believe to truly be the remains of James, and I thought about the fact that when we are taken to the Wedding Feast, that the Holy Spirit will take our bodies, so they can be transformed into the glorified body that awaits those who are the Bride of Jesus. No matter what form our body is in, it will be taken and changed. This means that the bones will disappear out of that box. As I was thinking about this, the Holy Spirit said, "It is not the first time that someone has disappeared out of their midst", meaning the midst of the Jews, and He showed me Enoch, and Elijah, and Jesus, who all ascended into heaven, thus disappearing from the earth.