Saturday, August 18, 2007

Help us with the new school in Rwanda

We are all praying for the school in Kigali, Rwanda which will start in January. The school is for children who cannot afford to attend public school. Pastor Jean's church has agreed to allow them to meet in the school building, which is a rental house. They believe they can have classes for 60 children. On August 19th, there will be a feast and gathering for the children and families of those who plan to attend.
Right now the school building does not have electricity. For about $70 (USD) more a month they could meet in a building that does have electricity. We are asking Jesus for the money to buy them a computer for use in the schooling. If you would like to help by paying the extra price for electricity, we would value your help. If you have any school supplies you can donate, they would be welcomed with joy. Mail school supplies to

Pastor Miruho Jean de Dieu
PO Box 1957
Kigali, Rwanda