Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sharing pictures as seeds

I wanted to share with you what was being said in Yahoo Messenger yesterday (May 21, 2007) as Nikki and I met with Pastor Jean, because I was describing what the Holy Spirit had been showing in the last few days. First, I will post two dreams that were given from the Holy Spirit the night before, and what the Holy Spirit showed about them, because they are mentioned in my comments and they relevant to what the Holy Spirit is showing.

I dreamt that people were building a larger church for OJP. In the dream, I looked back at the church we had, which was the size of a house, and then I looked at the beautiful new structure that was much larger, that was being constructed out of pink/red brick. It seemed to be an open church. There were walls but the front and back were open so many people could come in and out. It was an elegant structure, roomy and beautiful.

In actuality, OJP does not have a church building. The Holy Spirit is showing the Church, the body of Jesus, who are doing His will. The pink/red bricks show healing and the blood of Jesus. This new Church is one that is being established by the Holy Spirit, and it will he powerful to reach people and to help the Holy Spirit as many lives are being changed.

I dreamt that Char Tierney and I were standing outside on a corner in the street. There was a man there and his shoes were sitting on the side of the road. Char told me, "Take those shoes". I replied, "Oh, but he will be angry". Char said, "Just trust Jesus and take the shoes". So, I did, and then the dream shifted. Suddenly we were outside a car with the back up, giving out pictures of Jesus from the back of our vehicle. We took the shoes that had come from the man and put them into a bag with some pictures of Jesus and gave them to someone.

Nikki and Char are out on the street - out in the world - reaching out to people where they are, just as the Body of Jesus should be doing. The shoes represent going out with the good news of Jesus. "How lovely on the mountain are the feet of those who bring good news". The shoes had belonged to the traditional church, but they are being taken from this unresponsive church (unresponsive to the Holy Spirit) and given to those who will use them. The pictures of Jesus are being given out to people and as the people receive the pictures of Jesus, they pass them on to others, thus reaching out to the world with Jesus, as the Holy Spirit wants us all to do, as the shoes were given to do.

Yahoo Messenger: May 21, 2007
Char Tierney: I told you about the dream that I had, where I saw a new larger church building
and Nikki dreamt about shoes, and about giving shoes with the pictures of Jesus
shoes represent going out for Jesus, "how lovely on the mountains are the feet of them who bring good news" said the prophet Isaiah
they represent going out... acting... and what we have to go out with is Jesus - and in the dream
the shoes were given with the pictures
in other words, go out and share the pictures of Jesus, share Jesus
and yesterday I was working out in my yard
pulling weeds from around the flowers
and suddenly I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit
and I saw a plant that has little white fluffy seeds
that blow away when the wind comes and each little bit of fluff is a seed
and I saw how easily and how far the plant could spread as the wind blows
each plant is capable of making many more seeds
and the seeds blow away and each seed can grow a plant
so from one seed
will come many, many seeds
and each of those many seeds will grow more and more seeds can spread
and by the Holy SpiritI saw the field next to ours
and that the seeds that grow in our yard will blow next door
and there they will grow also
and then, the seeds that grow from that yard will blow to the next and so on and so on
and I looked at a plant
with only one flower - it has many seeds
and then the Holy Spirit showed me -sharing the picture of Jesus
and each one we share the picture with
is like another plantand we do not know where the wind will blow on that person
or where they will share Jesus
but each one is capable of sharing with many, just as each plant is capable
of producing many seeds and that the person with whom they share the picture, will be a plant as well
growing seeds and the wind will come to them as well (the wind is the Holy Spirit)
and they will spread their seeds as the wind blows
and so the seeds will go further and further from the original field
and this is what the Father has planned
for people to share the pictures - and to share Jesus - really Jesus
not just a belief in Jesus, but to really know Him
as we describe
just as Abraham did
and each one who really knows Him, who hears His voice, who sees Him
each one will share with others - the same Jesus
that He can be known
that people can talk to Him
that people can hear His voice
a true returning to our Creator
and our Creator will spread this good news - this wonderful message, for which Jesus died
through us - by all who hear Him, who see Him, who love Him
and so the Holy Spirit was showing something real
which is in His mind
as the dream I had, and the dream that Nikki had
so this is what the Holy Spirit is saying to us
it is good news!
as Silvana has prophetically said, "advancement"
into the fields where the enemy has held sway
now, comes Jesus through our reaching out
and we are so glad, Jean, that you moved into the field where you have
where there are the wounded, who have suffered so greatly,
so you can present Jesus simply,
with a picture and a smile
and the good news that Jesus will speak to them
and will help them
which He will prove to be true - by acting by His Holy Spirit with miracles
as we see so often, as He answers our prayers when we ask Him to help people -
and they know it is Jesus
so that is what He showed me, and that is what I see by the Holy Spirit

Note: Jean and Beathy have recently (May 17th) moved into a new house in Kigali. They are now renting from a widow from the genocide in Rwanda and they now live among other widows and orphans of that terrible time. The Father has moved them directly into the midst of those suffering people. The cruel field of Satan has become the Father's neighborhood, as He moves through Pastor Jean and Beathy to reach out with love and with Jesus, as they give out pictures of Jesus as representatives of OJP in Rwanda.