Friday, June 02, 2006

Pray for Jordan Cooper

Please pray for Jordan Cooper. Last night he was jumping on the trampoline with his brother and cousin and he broke his arm. He had to have surgery to put the bone back together, but he is coming home today. Although he was in a lot of pain at the hospital, he prayed for a baby and for a man who was admitted to the hospital. Jesus, please help Jordan to recover quickly. Also, please pray for Barbara, who is suffering with heart problems.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I wanted to write a little more about what the Holy Spirit was showing me after the Father said, "MY WILL BE DONE".

The Holy Spirit used Kenneth Ezra as an example. He said that Kenneth DID the Father's will. Kenneth made sure that the Father's will was accomplished. First, he said he would take the pictures to Rwanda himself. He patiently pursued the package that was supposed to take 3-5 days, but took 15. He talked to a supervisor at the Post Office, he had them show him around and he gave his phone number to another postal employee. He sought after (and worried about and prayed for) that package until it was safe in his hands. Upon agreeing to go, he immediately got sick, with two different things, and was in the hospital, as he were attacked in his body by Satan. He got hit by a car the day before he left for Rwanda. Political tensions were high between Rwanda and Uganda, and there was distrust from one to the other, and he could have suffered serious harm just crossing the border. Off he went, trusting the Father.

He got the pictures of Jesus into the hands of the Rwandans, just what the Father wanted to happen. He showed them THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. The Father's will was done on earth. That is what He is trying to show us. DO my will.

Kenneth was instrumental in getting THE PASSION to be shown to the Rwandans. The Father said that for those who have suffered, seeing murder and bloodshed, to see the suffering of Jesus, will brings healing to their spirit. The image of suffering that was done by Jesus for their sakes, will bring healing to that deep, deep wound that is in the spirit of the Rwandese people. Jesus was beaten, and then crucified, for our sakes. He didn't have to be up there. No one would ever do it for nothing. It was incredibly painful. But he wanted us to come back. He missed us, He loves us. He wanted the Father to be reunited with us, and be able to go and talk with people, just as He did with His friend, Adam. So, as their spirits are being healed, and balm applied by the Holy Spirit by what they see, doors are opening for them to talk to the Father, to enter His presence. The effect of having the picture of Jesus, after seeing the film, is deep and powerful. When they look in His face in the picture, they feel. Their spirit feels what they felt as they watched the movie. Their spirit feels His presence. What balm, what peace, what hope, Jesus brings. We need Him more than anything on earth. When we rest in His presence, or look in His face and feel Him looking back as you so often do as you look at His picture, taken from the Shroud, your spirit is comforted and strengthened.

There are only a few of us here in New Mexico at OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES, and because there are so few to make the pictures, to send the pictures, we work extra hard, as hard as we can, to carry out the Father's will. Silvana used a poker term the other day to describe our lives and what we do: we are ALL-IN for Jesus. All-in lays everything on the line. It is win the hand, or you are out of the game. We live for Jesus with all we have, as Satan opposes everything we do. Satan opposes, the Father rescues and leads us forward. There is great travail in the world and there is no better place to be than in the will of the Father, seeing that His will (for He is the One of great love - it was His Son He offered to the world to crucify) is done. And we pray for every one who joins us, who sees Jesus' will and acts. God bless all who act with the presence of Jesus, closer and closer.

Monday, May 29, 2006



Because the world is in travail, we must know the Father well enough to hear His voice. Then we can see the earth and all the goings on of man through His eyes. There is a battle raging all around us. Sometimes we see the effects in the physical realm, and sometimes in the spiritual realm. If you have put on the mind of Jesus, then you can see what is beyond the veil. That means that you see what He sees and He shows the significance of everything, what His purpose is, and how to keep going forward. Forward into the darkness of this war.

My hope is that any who love Jesus as a Bride to a Bridegroom, HEAR HIS VOICE. Nothing else will do. His voice can be understood by any language any culture, as long as man has a spirit within him. "My sheep hear My voice, and know Me". He wants you to hear what He is saying and know what He is doing about the terror and evil all around the world. And He wants us all to help Him.

I am appealing to you today, to consider the Father's will. As evil reveals itself through murder, and tries to destroy everything and everyone, what is the Father doing about it? What does He want us who love Him to do? Well, that is an easy question to answer. It is to lift up Jesus as the light in the darkness. We do that because He first loved us and gave Himself to us.

There is a tool that the world became aware of a short time ago. It is the film, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. When this film was revealed, the longed for revival began. People weeping out loud in the theaters, convicted of their selfishness, which is the beginning of all sin. A murderer turned himself over to the police, confessing his murder. Feuds between neighbors stopped. Jews came to the cross, and realized their Messiah. Now the Father has turned the minds of the whole world to Jesus, and the ripples are widening. Couple the PASSION with the free pictures of Jesus, and you have a powerful tool with global impact, with angels on our side helping to drive away the enemy and offer the blood of love from our Bridegroom, freely given. There is the Hope of all the world: Jesus.

Please show the film to any the Father would ask of you; to any you can. Request pictures to give to those both near and far. The Father knows the way in the dark, to those who are suicidal, desperate, lonely and with no hope for the future. He IS the future and by His power there will be victory in the end.

Look for a good price on dvd's of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, such as at Wal-mart, Sam's Club, or on E-bay. What He is asking can be done with maximum impact for Him, and is such a small thing on our side to do. Pass out pictures, show a film. Big deal. But it really IS a big deal to Him, and revival will and is coming through it.

The film and the pictures are seeds. There is evidence with THE PASSION film, and there is evidence with the picture from the Shroud. This evidence, of repentance, of healing, of restoration to Jesus, which have come through the film and the pictures show the presence of the Father. There is fruit from the seeds, from this tool that the Father is entrusting into the hands of those who love Him. The fruit now is a beginning and the fruit that is coming is a greater and greater harvest for Jesus, our Bridegroom.

Father, may all who seek You, find You. And may all who find You, love You above everything, above themselves. And may they bear fruit and bring the lost into Your arms. In Jesus' name, thank You, Father, we love You. May we make you glad to call us YOURS.

Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
May 29th, 2006

Char Tierney: Yesterday the Father said to me, "On earth, My Will Be Done". I saw that He meant, "My will be accomplished." The angels do the will of the Father. Whatever He tells them to do, they accomplish. This is what He wants from us: to see what He wants and then, by our actions, for it to be done. This is the task that He lays before us, as we live on this earth awaiting the arrival of our Bridegroom, His Son. He wants us to show the film THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, and to give out the pictures of Jesus, all over the world, as described by Silvana above.

Ask Him where you fit in, and what you can do, to help in accomplishing His will for this earth. Remember, for today is Memorial Day, that Jesus gave everything, even His life, in accomplishing the will of the Father, and remember the soldiers over time who have given everything in the struggles on earth against evil, and take your stand now, to act and to carry out the will of the Father, here on earth.