Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tea Party America

I attended a Tea Party meeting at the Independence Grill in Albuquerque last night. God bless everyone involved as people move forward to organize the Independence Day rally.

No one expected 7000-10,000 people to show up at the Albuquerque Tax Day Tea Party in New Mexico. They came to express their strong protest based on their own patriotic feelings that are being stirred up by the actions and the direction this administration is taking. President Obama is determined to remake America in the image found in his mind, backed by the support he receives through an often corrupt and dishonest Congress. Though the people who came last night to the meeting have places in leadership, the real Tea Party is found in the people who came to the rally. WE THE PEOPLE are the Tea Party. They flocked to the Tax Day Tea Party and expressed what they felt through their signs and presence and it was diverse and powerful, and people driving by engaged and supported them, which shows that the same feelings are shared by so many in America today. I believe that the basic function of the Tea Party is to provide a forum, an avenue, for people to rise up and band together and express themselves. That is the spirit of Tea Party. That day so long ago in Boston, it wasn't only about tea or taxes, it was about protest and revolution.

And that is what is needed. Revolution. Legal - the American way - protest of the government. Protest so loud that it brings change. Obama wants change and is going to force it on us. We MUST stand up against his unAmerican change and the Tea Parties provide a forum for people to do so.

One of the ways you and I can help the movement is to post the flyers anouncing the rallies around town. We want every American to know, from the campuses, to the people downtown, to the churches and businesses, and everyone all over America, that there is a nonpartisan place to speak up to the government and it is at their local Tea Party!

One suggestion is to let the smaller towns have morning rallies, and pick one place to have a statewide rally in the evening, so you can make the voice coming from there as loud as possible. Attend your local rally in the morning and travel to the statewide protest in the evening. The more people, the harder to ignore.