Sunday, July 08, 2007


This last week Pastor Jean in Rwanda was called before the authorites from some towns in Rwanda because he has been passing out the pictures of Jesus. False accusations were brought against him and he had to stand before a gathering of authorities and answer questions about giving out the free pictures of Jesus. He sent us a text messge as he was on the way to meet with them. When we received the message, Silvana saw a huge gathering of demons, there to oppose Jean for what he is doing for Jesus, and to oppose the free pictures of Jesus. Therese and I both saw many angels with swords drawn surrounding Jean, so we knew a battle was brewing over Jean and the pictures of Jesus, but we did not know the details until Jean and Char were able to meet in Yahoo Messenger the next day. We put their Yahoo conversation here so you can read Jean's comments and pray for him this coming Tuesday when he has to go back before the committee again. The notes in green were added later to clarify.
Isn't this how the apostles and the early servants of Jesus were opposed? The enemy has not changed. He is still determined to come against Jesus and to cause harm to anyone who is doing the will of our loving God. God bless Jean and his wife Beathy for their service to Jesus in Rwanda. Pray for them, and pray for all of Rwanda, where the Father wants to move to heal their wounds and lead them gently into relationships with His Son, Jesus.

Char Tierney and Pastor Miruho Jean de Dieu
Meeting in Yahoo Messenger
July 4, 2007

Pastor Jean: I am sorry to be late like this
the ceremony of liberation day was so long and i am coming from there right now
after stadium pastors were invited to feast the day somewhere so i spent a long time there
the persons who would listen to Faith Comes By Hearing (Note: Faith Comes By Hearing is the NIV Bible on audio tapes, which OJP

sent to Pastor Jean to share with his neighbors and others in Rwanda)
are invited to come back tomorrow because for today it was not possible and some of them were there too.
Char Tierney: now you have your fan?
Pastor Jean: yes fan and fridge now we have them
Char Tierney: that is good
(OJP provided a fridge and a fan for Pastor Jean and OJP in Rwanda to help with the hospitality of those who come to Jean's house for pictures of Jesus or to watch THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, or to listen to the Bible Audio Tapes

we hope they work well and are good tools for the Father
and for you
Pastor Jean: yes
Pastor Jean: For yesterday char, it was a hard day for me
Char Tierney: yes, we could see that
Pastor Jean: persons of bad will had accused me falsely
Char Tierney: there is a reaction to being attacked, very hard
Char Tierney: what did they say?
Pastor Jean: that i spread jesus pictures in their area without permission
Pastor Jean: but normally when someone requests for jesus pictures i must give to him without asking permission
Char Tierney: yes
Pastor Jean: and it was for good intentions not bad
Char Tierney: were they the leaders in a village? is that why they said you must get their permission?
Pastor Jean: not pushing people to sins but to salvation
Char Tierney: Jean, did you receive our text message?
Pastor Jean: i could give my opinions authorities listened to me
Char Tierney: where Silvana said that the enemy had a big gathering against you?
Char Tierney: that is good that the authorities listened
Pastor Jean: yes i saw it when i was on the road
Char Tierney: did you receive that sms?
Pastor Jean: yes I saw it, and it was a hard obligation for me to go there
because i was called by authorities to give explainations to them
Char Tierney: so you were only going to face the authorities
because you had to do so
Pastor Jean: here in Africa it is not easy when authorities call you not to go there is considered as a crime
Char Tierney: I see, Jean
we understand
tell us more who called you and why and where it was
Pastor Jean: it was in Rubingo near my native village
and i was called by the local authorities
because they had received false information that something strange come in their area
so they wanted ask me how Jesus picture works
the authorities who called me are Gahire, Beli,Gasangwa and Gatambiye
Char Tierney: oh, so those towns gathered together - all in one meeting?
Pastor Jean: those who asked me many questions
Pastor Jean: yes
Char Tierney: God bless you, Jean
Char Tierney: go on
Pastor Jean: but at the end i saw God presence they began to say contradiction ideas
even they had well planned for me for a jail
some were saying it is not a fault..
others saying they never seen me there spreading so the fault is for some one who bring there Jesus pictures himself
but i continued explain how that picture they are regreting
that Jesus made many miracles through it
some were well convinced, others continued to resist
and they told me i must go there again next tuesday
so now i see no matter because Jesus stand with me
Char Tierney: yes, the purpose of the pictures is for people to see Jesus' picture and to start having a relationship with Him and to comfort them
Pastor Jean: yes i explained
in general it was a great attack from satan
Char Tierney: yes, it was
Pastor Jean: but Jesus stood with me
Char Tierney: do you see how powerful Jesus is with the pictures that Satan tried to stop you like this?
it is like Bible times
the real thing with God, being opposed
thank you, Jesus for helping Jean
Pastor Jean: yes
Char Tierney: Silvana saw exactly what was happening - with many demons there
Char Tierney: to try and cause you harm and many angels with Jesus and you
Pastor Jean: i thank Jesus so much
Char Tierney: to help you
Char Tierney: we do too
Char Tierney: we are so grateful to Jesus
Pastor Jean: as you pray pray for me for next tuesday as they call me again there
Char Tierney: were these village officials?
who are bringing the accusations
did they think it was a scam or magic of some kind or what?? what did they think about the free pictures of Jesus?
Char Tierney: we will be praying for you
Char Tierney: and asking others to pray too
Pastor Jean: the accusations came from those persons i said up and few others
but they are also officials some how they are chiefs in villages
so they complain against OJP to thei superiors
Char Tierney: some are wicked ones, Satan trying to oppose
Pastor Jean: yes
Char Tierney: OJP helps and prays for people
we have been talking about you being alone,
not having help
Pastor Jean: they were thinking that it was the own pictures of mine
made by me
and they attacked me because they know me
as the bible say there is no prophet in his own town
Char Tierney: yes
Char Tierney: we understand that
Pastor Jean: i showed them that OJP is from USA
Char Tierney: yes, we send them all over the world
Char Tierney: over 80 nations we have given pictures of Jesus
Pastor Jean: they accepted but continued to resist asking me if it may be a Church or not
Char Tierney: we have a pastor in Pakistan and we printed 30,000 JEUSS IS ALIVE AND KNOWS YOUR NAME in Urdu with Jesus pictures on it
and he gave it away
(they printed it in Pakistan so we did not have to mail it)
Pastor Jean: i said it is not a church but a ministry of good will persons who love Rwanda and who love its people
Char Tierney: we are not a church, but we fellowship in Jesus with anyone who loves Him
Char Tierney: that was a good and true thing to say, Jean
Char Tierney: that is right
Char Tierney: we love Rwanda and Rwandans
Pastor Jean: yes
Pastor Jean: i think they will accept
Char Tierney: the ambassador to the USA from Rwanda is coming to New Mexico this month to speak at the UNM (business school - on July 27th) because we talked about Rwanda to people at that university
Char Tierney: so they invited him to come and talk to the students who want to come hear him
Char Tierney: at the University of New Mexico
Char Tierney: that was because we talk to people of Rwanda
Char Tierney: when we had the sale of clothes we said, "to support in Rwanda - for pastor there who lives among genocide widows"
Pastor Jean: it is only satan who wanted to resist
but satan will fail its plans i know
Char Tierney: yes
Pastor Jean: Jesus is powerful
Char Tierney: yes, Jesus, please work this for good
let great good come out of this, Jesus
Pastor Jean: yes pray for me especially on that tuesday satan will fail completely
Char Tierney: absolutely we will
Pastor Jean: i can not fear as i know that Jesus stand with me
Char Tierney: yes, dear Jean, we will be with you in spirit - all of us
Char Tierney: I told Anthony on the phone just now (Therese's son - he is 19) and he said he will pray for you and he thanked me for telling him about you
Pastor Jean: bless stood with me
Char Tierney: yes, we did
Char Tierney: and the Holy Spirit showed
Char Tierney: both Therese and I saw the angels around you
Char Tierney: and they had swords drawn
Char Tierney: and it was clear you were going to be attacked
Char Tierney: as you were
Pastor Jean: yes
Char Tierney: and Silvana saw the huge cloud of demons gathered, because they hope to stop Jesus
Char Tierney: on Tuesday do you have to go and answer more questions?
Pastor Jean: not more questions but to hear for difinitive resolution
Char Tierney: to give permission on whether or not you have give out the free pictures?
Pastor Jean: if we continue spreading there or if they stop OJP or if they saw any fault to me
so it will be a final decision
but i think those who wanted me down will be ashamed as Jesus still stand with me
Char Tierney: yes
Char Tierney: Silvana is here
she saw many angels with you - she said there are so many angels that they make the demons look like only a few
the angels surround totally
the Father will be there as well
Jesus will support you
Pastor Jean: thank you Jesusj

Pastor Jean: as you did yesterday
Char Tierney: Rwanda does not belong to the enemy, it belongs to the Creator of the world
beautiful lakes and mountains, they came from the Creator, not from demons
and the Creator is with You,
loving you
loving Rwanda
thank you, Jesus, for your great support for Jean
Pastor Jean: yes
Char Tierney: be with Him in power on Tuesday
and let them want the pictures themselves
Pastor Jean: i always witness his love
Char Tierney: yes, His love never ends
Pastor Jean: true

Char Tierney: we all love you
have more good food if Beathy can cook it
Pastor Jean: and yesterday i stand there all the day being bombarded of question
Char Tierney: I could feel you afterwards
and you were so drained and exhausted in spirit from the attack
Pastor Jean: but Jesus always was giving me what to say
Char Tierney: yes, Jesus
thank you Jesus
God bless you