Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fierce opposition

This has been an incredible week. For one, we are all pretty much exhausted by the amount of work there was and is to do to prepare for this gathering. We were working in the yard this week and the cleaning, sorting, weeding, we are doing is substantial. We also had painting projects, and Therese has been incredible in her accomplishments. But above that, has been the fierce opposition we see in the spiritual realm. This week, as Silvana was in the Spirit, speaking of the enemy and his nature as a serial killer, I saw him as she spoke, and he glories in his evil. With every evil thing she mentioned he preened and threatened. I saw him as though he was already captured and caged, though I know he is free and has evil plans which will cause much damage. But when I told Silvana what I saw, she said, "it is because his place has become so small" and that is right. As the Father said, "The war in Iraq is won" and "the war with Satan is won". It only now needs to be carried out. (We will have to leave the war in Iraq for war at home, but we will go back after we win the war at home, with the help of Jesus.)

In the last few days, seeing the demons was like seeing an enormous army gathered in the distance. They are gathering to oppose us as we go out in the RV, as the Father sends us. In the last two days, wrestling with the spiritual realm was like entering into hell. I was actually saying to the people around me, "if you go to hell, then you can overcome the demons there. Yes, perhaps you are in hell, as they will mock you to say, but what did they do with their existence? They torture those in hell, but because we know the truth, what we say will torture them."

Last night Therese told me about seeing the demons who have come close to the property to oppose us at the gathering on Monday. She said, "They are very big, bigger than normal". How dare they come to the Father to oppose him? What arrogance they possess that they would approach the Father and His plans and His will. Their place is hell for they are hellish. Their embrace of sin and evildoing is now their nature. How fallen they are and far from the angels from whom they came. This morning when I woke up thinking of them and the war they are waging against what the Father chooses to do as He sends us out, the Holy Spirit spoke of them and said, "Jesus is alive and knows their name". Every name, every one of them. And I saw us going out to war, and the Father who leads us knows every single one and He wars with them individually, as He wars with them overall and with the places they have set up their strongholds to bring harm to humanity.

Imagine a war - the Civil War, for instance - where you knew each person in the opposing army. You knew their name, their background, their family, their fears and their joys. Imagine fighting them as you knew how to fight each one personally at the same time that you fought them all. They are facing God, who created individual blades of grass, billions of animals, insects, humans, trees, clouds, etc. That all work together in nature. Yes indeed, Jesus is alive and knows their name and the Father wages war with them as they oppose the return of His Son, and the loving good that the Father wants for the earth and for mankind.

Last night Nikki was not feeling well, as many of you know by praying for her from the text message we sent out to the OJP text message list. (We send texts to pray for one another and for situations as Jesus shows them.) As we are advancing in Jesus, those around will feel the effect of the fight. Everything is geared towards stopping us and stopping those who support this movement from the Father. Don't fail now to pray for one another. Especially pray for Silvana, every day, as you wake up. She is a foundation, and the Father uses her to lay out the truth and to bring about cataclysmic events. She is opposed as fiercely as the enemy can get away with. So, help to keep him at bay by asking Jesus to stand between, and bring health and strength as we go on from here.

God bless you all. Each of you is loved. Deeply, loved by your God who has a world to return to Himself. Yesterday I was singing in the Spirit, and it went out to the spiritual realm with waves of power. The song said, "It is a new day. The Son of God has risen and He is returning. It is a new day and the world is Mine." The words went out as though the Father were singing them to the whole demonic spiritual realm around the earth. It is a new day and Jesus is nearer then before and the world is reeling under the effect and demons must fall back, though they are full of evil plans. They have done enough evil and may the world soon see their end.