Friday, August 25, 2006

Hope for the suicidal

One thing that the Holy Spirit has promised over and over is that He will get the pictures of Jesus into the hands of the suicidal. Today we got a phone call from a brother who is suffering terribly from the ever-present, lying, manipulative, enemy who has caused him to feel such despair and unhappiness, coupled with images of self destruction, that he is deeply tempted to kill himself. The caller said that he has been carrying around the picture of Jesus that we sent to him for two days and today he phoned us to tell us about his suicidal feelings. Words cannot express how glad we are that he called.
What a war on humanity is being carried out all around us. How vulnerable we are to that which is in the spiritual realm and therefore invisible to our natural eyes. How the enemy preys on mankind, causing us to feel worthless and hopeless, and then how he presses the idea of death, as a solution to the depth of feelings which he himself has engineered.
At first, as we spoke on the phone with this brother, we could see the walls up in the atmosphere around him, and who could blame him. So often one effect of the enemy's pressure is to isolate us, so we feel alone. His purpose is to keep us from receiving any hope or help from others. But, as we spoke with the wisdom that the Holy Spirit promises to give to us as we do His will, the walls begin to go down, and then we saw in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit draw near until He stood right by this wounded and unhappy person. We know that the Holy Spirit will help him. As gently as we could we pointed to the truth of Jesus' love and the falseness of the picture painted by the enemy, though it feels so real.
Pray for your neighbors, pray for the world. Give out pictures of Jesus wherever and whenever you can. As we spoke with the brother on the phone, we all prayed for him and everyone praying saw the demons involved. However, as the Holy Spirit showed, even though the demons can be pushed back, (and they were, and they will not be able to return, because the Father will stand vigil against them) still the person will suffer, and still be in deep pain, because they believe what the demons have been presenting about themselves. And this is what it is all about: war over us. Our feelings, our view of ourselves, can be devastating.
"No bystanders in My army" said the Father. "This is your world. I gave it to you", He said. Let us - all of us who love Jesus - join Him in reaching out to the world that He loves. No judgment, just love and whatever help we can give.
No bystanders in My army," says the Father.
"This is your world. I gave it to you.
You must stand with Me to help Me in this war.
I speak to My body
I travel through paths of warfare
I engage and push back the enemy
Who seeks your destruction
While evil shouts its presence
And moves in the earth
With death its intent
I call to you
Be silent no more
Be inactive no more
His sacrifice deserves more."

Silvana Lupetti
Prophet of the Father in the United States
August 16, 2004

Thursday, August 24, 2006

About Mary

I was reading one of your Blogs and it was talking about Mary being seen, It would be beyond me to try and say what the Father will use or not use in His plans, but you have to help me with (Mary) being seen in different places. I trust you guys and that does not come easy with me. It's just there are so many people out saying this and that so I'm leerier of the voice I hear often times. So I've said all this to say this HELP me with the Mary thing. Thanks Bill
Dear Bill,

I am so glad that you wrote to us about this, and I know that if you ask the Father about it He will make it clear as to His purposes.

Why did Moses and Elijah appear before the disciples with Jesus? What was the point of appearing on earth? What can a human add or take away from the Father's will? Jesus said, "But in the account of the bush, even Moses showed that the dead rise, for he calls the Lord 'the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.' He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive." (Luke 20:37,38)

Moses and Elijah and Mary and Moses and Abraham and everyone who has ever loved the Father have not ceased to be His servants just because they are no longer on earth. When Jesus returns with Him will be many servants of God, both human and angel. Even though there are many ideas out there (and some very strange and many wrong) this is actually somewhat common in Christian belief, even though people don't think it through to a conclusion. People who believes in the rapture believe that man (kind) is to be reunited with Jesus and live with Him forever. If Jesus comes to earth, we will come to earth. If Jesus goes back and forth to heaven, so shall we, and we will be able to do so, because we will have a body like His.

Earth and heaven are dwelling places. The Father's home is in heaven and humans live on earth. Moses and Elijah came back to earth, and then went back. The great Cloud of Witnesses are humans that once dwelled on earth. I know this seems sort of obvious, Bill, but I lay it out because it helps your mind to see what is true from the Father and to see what you actually already do believe. (Since I know you are a believer in the Scriptures, which are the word of God.)

Mary is honored because she was chosen to be Jesus' mother. One time the Father showed me Mary's heart which is filled with love; love for Jesus and love for people. When it is really her, she turns people always to Jesus. I remember reading one time of an account of someone who was taken to heaven for a time and they asked the Father, "Do you mind if people talk to Mary". The Father said, "No". I knew by the Holy Spirit that the Father really did say that, but it seemed so unusual to me. Does the Father care if people believe that Mary can take their sin? Yes, He does because that is not true. There is only one who took our sin, because only one was without sin, and that is Jesus. Mary herself would be the first one to want everyone to know that she is a sinner, only a handmaiden to God.

There are many, many people on earth who would be encouraged and helped by seeing Mary or hearing her. I get great encouragement from those in the Cloud of Witnesses. I know that they understand our service to Jesus and the warfare against us. I know that they went through this life and are now with Him as I will be. I feel that they are far superior to me because they are not in sin any longer and I am in my sinful body, as I have demonstrated many times. But one thing we share in common, we love Jesus, we love the Father, and we want His will on earth. We want Israel to repent and be restored and rescued from the deadly peril that faces them. We want humans all over the world to realize that they are loved and that they can know their wonderful Creator, and we want Jesus honored by all.

So, dear Brother. I encourage you not to worry about the many people who are wrong and the different bizarre things that are taught and believed, but to simply trust the Father and talk to Him about everything that you hear and see. As you said, what is it to you or me who the Father chooses to use or how He acts to reach the world. He can be trusted and that we know to be so. Earth and heaven are drawing closer because the time of restoration is so very, very near. We just have to finish this war, and it will be done and all the great changes on earth can begin, because our King and our God will be back on earth.

The Father is going to rescue Israel. It will be as powerful and as great as when He took them from Egypt. No longer will people be anti-semite, as they have been for centuries and centuries. Instead, it will be an honor to be Jewish and all the nations will marvel at a country whose God came to live among them.

I am not doing Mary justice. She deserves a much more rousing defense, for she is truly lovely. You would love her, Bill, if you knew her. I hope, and I know I will, to follow in her footsteps of serving the Father throughout eternity, and not end my service to Him because I happened to leave this earth.

God bless you. Please let me know if there is anything further I can say to help you to set this right in your mind. Of course I trust that you will ask the Father, for He is the source of all truth.

In Jesus, whom I love,
Char Tierney

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


When the terrorist threat in England involving planes was uncovered, the Holy Spirit showed me that this is the fulfillment of something that He had shown to me in the past. In 2002, I saw a vision where there was a chemical attack in England that was blown away from England and ended up in France or mainland Europe.
Recently I saw the Father and Satan pushing against each other and a great wind like a hurricane swirled around them. The Holy Spirit showed me that the wind that I saw blowing away the attack from England was the Father pushing away the atttack that was planned in England.
When I saw this vision in 2002, I thought the chemical attack was something different. I remember the Father telling me one time when I was talking about this that I didn't understand what I was saying and He was so right. The attack was chemical, because they were planning to use chemicals to explode the planes. (I was thinking more along the lines of Saddam Hussein with the Kurds.) The attack - the Muslim attack - was pushed away from England by the Father, but France, or Europe will not fare so well.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Resolution 1701: the beginning

The Father said that Resolution 1701 is the beginning, just as the numbers indicate. (From understanding numbers from the Holy Spirit.) This is the resolution that the Father will enforce. Hezballah must disarm. Of course we know that there will be a huge fight until it is carried out, but it will be carried out, because the Father is going to see to it that it is. I saw the Father yesterday and I saw Hezballah and their violence. I saw the Father reach out with one hand and put His hand around the neck of a stongman of hezballah. "Stop", He said with anger. If they do not stop, the Father will destroy them.
Tares and wheat are being separated, and tares are being gathered together to be burned. And most of the gathering will be around His people Israel, as the enemy and the tares seek to destroy them. That which is foretold is happening before our eyes.
This is an extremely dangerous time. The enemy is out to kill and destroy. He is furious and he is after you and me and our friends and families and Israel and all mankind. Our sister, Mary B, wrote to us this week and commented about coming home from going out to dinner with her husband. She saw a rainbow in the sky and felt Jesus' peace and calm. And this is right and from the Holy Spirit. He wants us to be reminded that He is faithful and that great good is coming, among which is the restoration of Israel and Jesus back on earth. (Could there be better news?!) That is all true. But the firestorm that we are going through to get there is severe.
We are having another 105,000 pictures of Jesus printed, as we mentioned before. Since we ordered them, our printer, Mark, has has multiple problems with his machines. Someone came to help him and while they were working on the machine a piece of metal flew out and embedded itself in the helper's arm. He went to see about having it removed, but the doctors said that it would cause more danger to try and remove it because it is inside the arm just where your arm bends and there are many nerve connections there that might be harmed. So, the man is going to have metal in his arm from now on. We are praying for Mark, whom we love, and he said that since then problems keep arising but somehow he keeps seeing how to solve them. I saw angels with him when I heard of this. Thank you, Jesus. We pray for the man who showed courage, and who even helped Mark finish the repair they were doing together.
We bought the flag of Israel to fly with our American flag and to use as a prayer shawl as we stand with Israel. We got an email from the people we bought the flag from ( and they have had many things go wrong with their business since then, and we know by the Holy Spirit that it is because Satan struck them. The post office lost 23 packages in two days, their system went down, and other problems as well. Felicia is waiting to get her computer fixed so she can join us more effectively with OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES. She should be able to get the computer fixed quickly for free, however the people who work at the company that fixes it keep having problems so she still is not back online. One person was scheduled to come and now he is in the hospital. Another was coming but had a serious family emergency. I would take this very seriously if I were you. The Holy Spirit is warning. We have often been under attack at OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES because of our service to Jesus, but now the stakes are raised and people's lives are in danger.
Dog Chapman (the Bounty Hunter) decided to marry his common law wife, "in the Christian way" he said, and to televise it because he wanted to be right before the Father. On his wedding day, his daughter was killed in a car accident. Dog was doing the right thing before the Father and before the world and this made Satan angry and he acted when he saw the opportunity. What a horrible enemy the world has in this fallen beast.

Powerful events

It is so amazing and sobering to see these powerful events unfold on the earth as they have continued to this week. Recently the Holy Spirit told me that the terrorist threat that was discovered in England (the planes going to different cities to blow up enroute) fulfilled a vision that He gave to me in 2002, which I had posted on the website. I am working on putting that vision with commentary onto the blog site. It will be a long post, so I will put it on another page and put a link here.
We are remaking the website. The Father told Silvana that it will be phase three. She said that phase one was BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION, which contained the Warning to the Church, and the 40 day fast which began on November 10,1989. (The day after the Berlin Wall fell, which was significant. Seven nations left communism at that time, supernaturally helped by the Holy Spirit.) The second phase was THE TABLE OF THE REMNANT and the third phase will be OPERATION: JESUS PICTURES.
8-13-06 The Father said "from Sabbath to Sabbath" to have the candles lit on our table surrounding the prayer shawl for Israel with the items for Jesus folded inside. On the second Sabbath, ran the picture of our two flags all day on her excellent website. Here is the photo of the flags:

I dreamt earlier this month (Aug 4th) of an old friend of mine, a Jewish woman, coming to visit us. She came to the house that the Father's prophet, Silvana, and I share and she ate at our table. There was another woman there with blond hair who was also visiting us. In the dream I had two new dresses. One was black and grey in color and one had many colors in it. They were both business dresses. They were new. They had been ordered for me but we were going to give one or both of them away. We thought about giving one to the blond woman but it didn't seem that she needed them. She didn't have a job and she was basically mooning around the house in between meals. We gave one to the Jewish woman. At first it seemed black and grey but then I saw the many colors in it on a white background when she put it on. She was going to leave because she had a job to get back to, but she was going to come back in the future. I thought she would take the dress with her but she put it on immediately and left wearing it.

The reason I include this dream on the blog is because it is relevant to what is happening in the world and because of what the Holy Spirit said about it: the blond woman represents the church and the Jewish woman represents Israel. The church had no job and was just mooning around. (For those with English as a second language: mooning means to walk around moodily with no real purpose.) Although there is war the church does not participate much, but is lost in thoughts of self. Although she eats at the Father's table (food from Him is available readily) she does not work for Him. The Jewish woman, representing Israel, does have a job: she is standing against terrorism, which is the Father's will. She wanted the dress: which is what Silvana and I have to offer from the Father - knowing Him and what He is doing and what He has to say in the world today. Pray for Israel and if you are a part of the church, examine yourself. Do you hear the Father's voice? Are you doing His will, since there is war, or are you consumed with interest in self and what is happening to you?

The Holy Spirit showed something about Elijah at the table, as mentioned in an earlier blog: Elijah represents those who go to heaven but did not die: in other words, those who are raptured. That day is near.

In fact, Jordan Cooper had a dream about this also and since the Holy Spirit has said since Jordan's birth that he represents the Remnant I will post it also. (JORDAN WINTER COOPER: Jordan Winter represents "FAITH (the Jordan River where the priests walked into the water at flood season and it parted) IN THE DARKNESS" (winter, the season on earth before Jesus returns).

Jordan dreamt that he was going somewhere with his mother, Therese. They were going to go where Jesus is. He was with another boy his age and they were in a food fight. Then he and his mother left the scene of the food fight and went together past a forest, then past a field. He noticed three buildings in the field. Each had a sign on them. The largest building's sign said: HELP JORDAN. The second largest building had a sign saying, HELP JORDAN'S CLASSMATES. He does not remember the sign on the last building. While the dream was being recounted, the Holy Spirit said that the signs are what is out in the spirit from Him: angels are told to help Jordan. Angels are told to help Jordan's classmates: other children and people that Jordan cares about and prays for. Each person, each remnant, in the world has their own circle of family or friends or others with whom they come in contaact. Pray for them. Pray for the people you know and the people you meet or the people you see on TV. The Father is listening and there are already orders to help them. The forest represents the world which we are leaving and the field the spiritual realm. In the forest you cannot see the sky clearly, in the field if you look up you can see the sky. Seeing the sky enables you to see what the Father is saying or showing or what is true in the spirit.

At the end of the dream, Jordan and his mom entered a building and climbed up in it until they reached the top. The building was made out of rock or large stones. At the top of the building was Jesus and Therese and Jordan joined Him. End of dream. The Holy Spirit said that this was Jordan and Therese coming to Jesus to go with Him to the wedding feast. It is so near! The food in the food fight represents thoughts and ideas. The other boy represented the world and its thinking and Jordan represented the truth from Jesus. There is a war (fight) about the truth in the world today.

8-14-06 I saw the table with the people mentioned earlier in another blog all gathered around it - Gabriel, Mary, Elijah and Adam, and with them many angels with green wings. The Father came and poured out a large sack on the table. (A bag like Santa Claus might carry.) The people were picking up items and looking at them and I could hear rejoicing. Gabriel had a plane in his hands: it looked like a bi-plane.

Later, in the next day or two, there was a report on FoxNews about a bi-plane that landed on the medium strip by a highway and the pilot got out safely. The Holy Spirit said that this was one of the examples of the gifts from the Father: it is helps. The man in the plane was helped. There will be help for those crying out to Him, as He sends the angels with green wings (the green represents the earth) to help them and as those gathered and watching the earth cry out to Him. Mary is going to make herself known and felt and seen. She can help Catholics, who do not have a problem about seeing her. She always points everyone to Jesus, her Son, our Saviour. They all will help in whichever way they have gifts to help. President George Washington had a vision about America (I will post it on website later this week) and the angel of unity in the dream is Gabriel, the strongman of America. (Michael is the strongman of Israel.) He will help powerfully.

I had a dream one time about Mary moving in Cuba. We received a request for pictures of Jesus from Cuba this week. Pray for everyone who receives one. How much Jesus loves that nation!